The Brave Spelunker

Hot winds from the cavernous Newfoundland!

wot a brave chickeh chickeh chickeh (echo!)

Echo echo echo echo

Way to go, Sarah H-I, Nora + Jeff



  1. in search of bleener pastures?

    Looks good up thar!


  2. one sniff and that chicks a goner.

  3. joodster says:

    hello hello hellooooo…
    is there an echo in here?
    nope, just us chickens.

  4. Tee hee

  5. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  6. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  7. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  8. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  9. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  10. Suzy's Mom says:

    Are we sure the newfy didn’t just sneeze? 😮

  11. What? A hot wind off the coast of Newfoundland??

  12. fluidstatic says:

    that newfie’s nosicle is bigger than the chicky’s head! holy nostril-spelunking, batman!


    Are you serious people? You have got to be kidding me.


    Thank you for this – totally made my night. I love the dog’s expression – he is all – whatev, just don’t bite anything.

  14. ollieisthecuteness says:

    that looks just like my puppeh!

  15. absitively posolutely CLASSIC!

  16. ROFL! *dies*

  17. Ah the chickie has a newfound friend!

  18. That pup’s expression just kills me.

    We’re putting up with a lot they’re thinking.

  19. That pup’s expression just kills me.

    We’re putting up with a lot they’re thinking.

  20. Bwahahaha!! I actually LOL’d at this.

  21. oaklandcat says:

    Me too! LO fricking L.

  22. Tina Rhea says:

    Is that a baby quail or pheasant? Those stripes don’t look very chickeny.

    Our neighbor has a Newfie– when the dog puts his feet up on the fence, we’re eye to eye. Hope this one looks out where he puts his feet with a chick in the room.

  23. If that dog sneezes, someone’s going to learn to fly a lot sooner than he expected.

  24. leah b. says:

    Is tha thuge pooch even happy with this tiny freind ??? I don’t know If I can even tell. I just hope the tiny one does not get stepped on…..

  25. R. Moore says:

    Tina R., that’s a chicken 🙂

    Lots of different types of chickens.

  26. Peg of Tilling says:

    “No, really, I just dropped my quarter a second ago–mind if I look?”

  27. Maritimer says:

    Carolyn J. – that’s what I thought, too! Hot? Newfoundland? Oh, the dog! Right, right.

  28. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Lof the chickie and the newfie!

    LOL@ Aubrey.

  29. Tina Rhea says:

    R. Moore, thanks for the chicken info. The little one doesn’t look like my grandmother’s chickens.

  30. ^5 Aubs!

    The dog is like, “Oh great… another piece of the obstacle course. BIG sigh”

    The chickie, on the other hand, is like “Doh de doh….doh de doh…takin’ a little walk here… Doh de doh…WT? is THAT????

  31. Caitlin says:

    hahahahaha, Newfies are my favorite. (Look at those eyyyyes!) Chickons are my other favorite. This pic made my LIFE. 😀

    Actually, chickons + cats or dogs makes me happy. I loved the chicken babysitter the other day. I even posted it on my locker at work!

  32. Chicken: Wait, are the ones that point up the stalactites or the stalagmites…?

  33. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey and Dale –


    (is all sore from laughing at the chickie and the dawg and the peeps)

  34. Woohoo! *I* am on Cute Overload!!!

    PS. Don’t tell me the facts. They bore me.

  35. Echo — I believe you have a bright and prosperous future in politics before you.

  36. Echo- are you the chikon or the Newfie? The first part of your comment sounds like the chikon, and the second sounds like the newfie- mebbe you can has a split personality?

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I hope the dog doesn’t inhale he’ll suck the poor lil birdie up his nostrils.

  38. I love Newfies! My parents had a pup that was part Newfoundland, part black lab. Such a sweetheart. They sure do love the water!

    Such a cute picture.

  39. StormCat says:

    I’m surprised you all don’t recognize the newest thing in electronics!! This is the all new, never before offered on TV, nose hair remover by Ronco!! It requires no electricity, so it’s great for the environment!! All you need is a little corn feed and fresh water and you’ll never have to worry about your pooch having that embarrassing nose hair again!! (It can also be used for humans, however the FDA has not yet approved it…)

  40. Gray Lensman says:

    Reminds me of the teevee commercial from years ago:

    “Dog? What dog?”

  41. the bird is in high heels! ahhahahahahha…

  42. ThreeCatNight says:

    Newfoundland: “Gad, what did I have to drink last night? And now I’m seein’ baby chicks for Pete’s sake!”
    Chick: “I’ll just keep on truckin’ by!”

  43. Wow… I had a Newfie growing up. Most amazing breed of dog that’s ever walked this earth.

    Oh, and they’re like giant teddy-bears. 🙂

  44. Oh Aaaaaar-vaaaay… it’s a Newwwww-fieeeee!……

  45. I love the dog’s expression. He’s all “sigh! Not again. Here comes that little bird to bother me.”

  46. Chick: Hello, Hellllooooo in there! is anybody hoooommmmee!

    Dog: “Sigh” Rolls Eyes. Little bird That is my Nostril you are trying to enter. Now go play with the other chicks

  47. Noelegy says:

    What a handsome dog!

  48. Shannon Johnson says:

    so cute

  49. omg that picture immediately reminded me of the cover of that picture book “Are You My Mother?”…

    anyone agree?

  50. I have a Newfoundland, and one time she was playing with a large spider. Then she snorted it, and looked up at me like “Where’d my friend go?”

    They are gentle giants!

  51. novabubble says:

    Newf love *sigh*
    I want to have chickens in my yard but the town won’t let me….
    And I live near Newfoundland too.. it ain’t fair, I tell ya.
    Thank you so much for lightening my day.

  52. That’s a baby Guinea fowl. It’s a sort of chicken.

  53. Newflover says:

    Disapproving rabbits? HA!!
    You have not been disapproved of until a Newf has done it.
    My human munchkin was old enough to play in a room on her own. Yet she was young enough to still make bad choices. Newf is on the floor in the room. I am across the room when munchkin decides to try to climb the windowsill. I say, “Child, NO, you need to get down, that is not safe”, in a loud, stern, Mommy voice. Newf walks his front legs to a sitting position, looks at me with a horrible look on his face, heaves a sigh as only a 166lb Newf can. Then he turns his face to the wall, thumps back down facing the wall and heaves a sigh again. I know he was telling me “How dare you raise your voice to that darling angel?”
    You have not been disapproved of until your parenting skills have been disapproved of by a Newf.

  54. Newflover says:

    I felt the need to explain myself to and apologise to the dog.