Over-snorgle of delicious buns

Um, sometimes, I think people take videos ESPECIALLY for this site. Please get a load of this kitteh, with his dee-leee-shous baby bun appetizers.

Love the passive-agressive ‘Here’s-a-bun-no-don’t-eat-it!" action, Peperroflaflaco!



  1. *dies*

  2. OMG! I love it when the kitteh gets a little “smak” on the nose when he/she tries to eat the bunnehs. LOL (literally)!

  3. *dies*

  4. BlueFairy says:

    I think there were four bunnies but Scooby licked one a little too hard.

  5. Jupiter Star says:

    I thought my heart stopped when the kitty bit the white baby bun hard enough that he reacted…but then Mommy came and started in with the nose bopping and I felt better. No hurt comin’ to the bebehs when she’s around, nope!

    And that is not a kitty. That is a floppy baby bunneh playground disguised as a kitty ^_^.

  6. it’s like the ultimate stuff on my cat.

    scooby. with scooby snacks!




  7. They forgot “I shall leeck you”

  8. chelle07 says:

    Wow, that wasn’t cool.

    The poor cat clearly was not impressed with the bunnies being dropped on him, and he got in trouble when he reacted the way a cat would.

    I felt sorry for all the animals in this video.

  9. I felt sorry for chelle for hating fun.

  10. this is too much.

    i am now ded.

  11. warrior rabbit says:

    Sigh. Prepare for commentroversy. Shall we take bets? Will it go over 300? 500?

  12. Hey! I recognize this- It’s the torture method of cat training. My brothers used to take my kitteh, put her on the table and then yell at her, Get off the table! They also liked to hold her out of the second story window claiming that if they dropped her, she would land on her feet, no problem, but I think they did that to torture *me*.

  13. Totally gonna be like 651, warrior rabbit.

  14. Ok I am the only one disturbed by the fact that this person is practically shoving buns in this cats face but when they start getting on his nerves and he bites he gets smacked for it? I mean what do you expect of an old cat who has things crawling on his face? “Here, I know you already bit this one twice but I’m gonna put ’em in your face again.”

  15. hananza says:

    Whuuuuuuut?? As in, whuut kind of tranquilizer is that cat on that keeps him from devouring those squirmy little snacks that are repeatedly shoved in his face?

    Pardon me for extrapolating here, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if the woman in this video has a few frustrated/confused men in her life, too… 😉

  16. Yep, the bunnies were cute. But definitely not awesome. I mean, c’mon lady, your cat is made to eat bunnehs. Bunnehs are prey animals and are scared of things that move fast, like kids, dogs and cats.

  17. I don’t think kitteh was trying to eat them. That was the “Hold still so I can clean you” bite. I’ve seen my cat do this to my dog often.

  18. Sorry, this video is just disturbing. The baby buns are clearly in danger. I don’t find anything cute about a large cat biting a baby bunny repeatedly.

    Sick. Sick. and Wrong.

  19. AngiePangie says:

    Meg must’ve had that extra expresso today… she knows exactly which pics/vids will start the rumble!! LOL **sitting back to watch the posts roll in**

  20. It would be lovely-er if the kitteh just leecked, and cuddled the bunnies. But ya know, my kittehs occasionally bite when they’re grooming each other, like “stay still, dag-nab-it!”

  21. *sigh* Great, it’s gonna be like pit bulls and bebeh chicks all over again. Obvy, the kitteh is okay with the bunnehs, otherwise, dontcha think he would’ve MOVED?

  22. Proud Owner of Cats says:

    Sorry, Meg. Love your site, hate the commentroversies.

    But I’ll agree with people who think this video is a tad disturbing. What the HELL was the owner thinking? She SHOVES bunnies into a cat’s face and then reprehends the cat for not liking it? I squirmed a little when the bun reacted.

    Way to go on making a cat neurotic, eh? I have four cats and what she’s doing is simply ridiculous. All in the name of “cute”.

  23. “I felt sorry for chelle for hating fun.

    Posted by: Sarah”

    If having fun means torturing bun buns and kittehs at the same time then we have very different views of what fun is. I feel sorry for all of the animals in this video and especially the poor little white bun bun who keeps getting kitty bites. This video does not belong on this site.

  24. brinnann-I totally agree. The cat would have moved if he had a problem, and also, those bites didnt look like they hurt the buns, otherwise THEY would have run away.

  25. Meh.

    The kitty didn’t seem to like it too much, but could’ve jumped down just as well.

    Yes, it bit the bunnies. But like brinnann said, that was more of a “hold still so I can lick you” bite. I’ve seen our cats do that to each other. I’ve also seen them go after a mouse. Whomever was bopping the kitty’s nose wouldn’t have had a chance to get there before the bunny’s neck was already broken 😛

  26. Wow, this is as inhumane as a slice of cheese on the face or a kitteh sittin’ in a pringles can.

  27. katerpie says:

    My cats and rabbits play together all the time, and the world does not end over a little nipping.

    If you think this is “torture” then I highly doubt you have ever had cats OR buns of your own. It’s normal behavior, not agressive behavior.

    CHILL. sheesh. People don’t need a peanut gallery to tell them how to treat their animals!

  28. englishwoman says:

    hold on…

    *goes to get popcorn*

    *sits back to watch the fun*


  29. Nice Christine says:

    I’m on the fence on this one. The video is suuuuuper cute and I don’t think any of the buns were in ANY danger. Nor was the kitty really pissed off, I think the bite was harmless. I touch my bunnies in harmless ways and they still squirm. Trust me, they are afraid of EVERYTHING.

    But I’m a little annoyed at the owner for doing some confusing parenting. Meg was right with the passive aggressive comment. That doesn’t work for animals!

  30. “This video does not belong on this site.

    Posted by: Steph | May 24, 2007 at 11:33 AM”

    Gee, I thought Meg made those decisions. Silly me.

  31. “Geez, Mom! Don’t plop these fluffballs in my dinner zone if I can’t dinner them!”

  32. Proud Owner of Cats says:

    It’s not inhumane, brinnan. Thankfully no one got hurt. I just think the owner has some, hm, retarded views on how to educate her pets. I mean, she’s piling up BUNS on a CAT’S BELLEH. A CAT. An animal that DOES NOT obey you like a dog would. A… cat. And then she rebukes him for trying to bite bunnehs. And keeps piling them on.

    Oh, the humanity.

  33. I agree, Meg was right on with her comments. “I’m shoving a delicious bunny in your mouth but when you bite it, I’ll smack you.”

  34. hehehehe, I’m evil and my fave part is when the white bunny freaks out cause of the whole canines in the back thing.

    hehehehehehehe!!! he squirms so fast it looks like a bunyy seizure. YAY!

  35. Brinnan… You don’t have to be a smarta** towards folks for having a different opinion than you. Some of us think that shoving a bunny in a cats face the POPPING him for biting is not cute. Yeah sure kitty licking a bun is cute but getting on to him after YOU just shoved a bunny in his face is a little overboard. You don’t want him to bite don’t shove it in his face.

  36. if i had a dollar for every time someone said ‘i feel sorry for these animals.’ i wouldn’t need a job

    if the cat was annoyed it would be hissing. if the rabbits were in pain they would be squealing. for “animal lovers” some people sure dont know much about animals.

  37. Um, passive-aggresive is a huge understatement. Cute animals, dumb owner. :\

  38. Bunnies are very high-strung. Think about it, everything eats a bunny! It’s really cruel to subject the poor bunny babies to this, it could very well cause a heart attack.

  39. Proud Owner, I was being sarcastic, referring to a comment recently made on the LOLcat post.

  40. How ridiculous that the person keeps smacking the cat when the cat nibbles on the bunnies that the person keeps putting on his face.

  41. My rabbit beats up my cats…so he is just getting his “licks” in now before they are as big as he is. Folks this is just like TV, if you don’t like what is on then don’t watch it.

  42. Damien McKenna says:

    That kitteh looks just like one of ours that ran away in 2005 :,-(
    /me misses Sowies kitteh

  43. Proud Owner of Cats says:

    Yeah, Jessen, but some of us are trying to say what the lady is doing TO HER CAT is simply ridiculous.

    If I saw a mom repeatedly forcing a child to react nicely to something she she doesn’t want to touch and punishing her for reacting and CONTINUE FORCING her child etc etc I’d say she’s f’ing neurotic and she’s trying to make her kid neurotic. Same applies to pets.

  44. Sunshine says:

    Kitty’s gonna chomp those bunnies as soon as that woman turns her back…

  45. kitteh is not biting, she is just “tasting”…hehehe

  46. Caroline says:

    Oh, I’m sure all the animals on this video are scarred for life and will need years of therapy. Yep…layin on the sarcasm..if you couldn’t tell. Some people need to lighten up.

  47. fluidstatic says:



  48. lymerae says:

    I really don’t think this is torture or the end of the world, and it did make me go “awwww.” At the same time, though, what the heck is that woman thinking? The cat has a tendency to nip the bunnies, so of course I’ll keeping shoving the bunnies right in his face!? Best possible course of action, right…

  49. Having a different opinion and having a smug, self-righteous opinion that rains on everyone else’s parade aren’t the same. I think it should be pretty clear by now that nuffing gets you nothing but snark. Knock it off, already.

  50. warrior rabbit says:

    Sarah, the potential for 600+ is there, but I’m going to take the long Memorial Day weekend into account and lowball it at 342.

  51. Of course the kitty’s not going to jump down or be mad, he’s got a bunny buffet right in front of him. And it looks like to me that those buns don’t want to be near that kitty’s mouth, otherwise that lady wouldn’t have to keep piling them on the kitty’s face after they hop to the couch cushions.

  52. fluidstatic says:

    P.S… seriously lady, if you don’t want the cat to snack on the bunnies, stop pushing them closer to his MOUTH. XP

  53. Karebear says:

    MMMMMMMM Cadbury, milk chocoleet, and white chocoleet!

  54. Hmmm.. I can definitely see both sides of the issue. However, my head has officially exploded from teh kyoot so I really can’t see much of anything right now.

    I thought the “‘Here’s-a-bun-no-don’t-eat-it!’ action” was kinda funny, but yeah, if I was the cat I’d be annoyed as hell. 😛

  55. Proud Owner of Cats says:

    Brinnann, I know you were. I was refuting the irony. ^^

  56. I think it’s supercute, and I know for a fact my cat would just take off and hide if she was bothered by a pile of bunnies.

    The fact the cat hung around and took it shows that he was not at all irritated or inspired to commit bunnicide.

  57. a different Laura says:

    Pass the popcorn, please..

    *sits down with englishwoman to watch the fun*

  58. Giving something to an animal that will cause its natural instincts to CHEW on said object, then chastising it for chewing is plain idiotic. Bad cat owner, bad bunny owner, bad choice for CO to post this clip.

    Give me the buns instead. And the cat.

  59. I just laughed so hard but gut hurts.

  60. Um, that’s the equivalent of someone rubbing a bacon cheeseburger all over my face and then smacking me when I tried to eat it. Not cool.

  61. Wow. That owner is just asking for some dead bunnies and a well-fed cat at some point in the future. “Let us drop helpless baby animals on another animal that happens to be carnivorous! And think it’s cute when the meat-eating animal reacts the way nature intended – a little smack on the nose will dissuade the kitty from wanting to eat them *for sure*!” God, people are stupid.

  62. “Um, that’s the equivalent of someone rubbing a bacon cheeseburger all over my face and then smacking me when I tried to eat it. Not cool.

    Posted by: Beth S | May 24, 2007 at 12:02 PM “

    hi-larious!!! 😀

  63. Karebear- best comment yet. Cute video, crazy owner.

  64. gloom raider says:

    I don’t think this is particularly odd, especially if these bunnies are going to be around this cat again. Isn’t it basically saying “Here is a bunny, it squirms in delightful ways that make you want to bite it, but sadly, you should not.”?

    Rather like, “Here is a quiet corner. it would be an ideal spot for pooping if only you paid rent on this place, but sadly…”

    Training, in other words.

  65. i want to roll all of them up into a big interspecies-snorgling sandwich with chips on the side! *chomp*

  66. I can just hear the kitty saying “But moooooommmm….they taste so GOOOOOOOOD!”

    My kitties bite each other when licking too – stay still and let me lick your head dang it all! I’m TRYING to CLEAN you! 🙂 I’m just glad the mom is watching over her bebehs.

    To all you controversials – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And there’s no need to comment on it if you don’t like it either. Didn’t your momma teach you that if you can’t say something nice, shut it and say nothing?! If not, she should have.

  67. yes, let’s shove the buns it kitty’s face and smack it for getting annoyed.

    poor kitty.

    poor buns.

    cute though when they were just on it’s tummeh

  68. lurkingsmirk says:

    Owner lady is creepy. This is much cuter with the sound turned OFF!

  69. Does anyknow know of a site besides youtube where this is posted? My work computer blocks youtube.

  70. Cute bunnies.

    Cute, but grossly overfed cat.

    Stupid, idiotic and shortsighted owner.

    I don’t care if the cat was or wasn’t hissing, or whether or not a gajillion people have gotten on their high horse about “mistreated animals,” it’s a true dimwit that shoves wriggling prey animals on top of a cat (propped into an unnatural position) then pops the cat on the nose when it bites the rabbits. What an idjit. I don’t think the bunnies are going to get killed, I don’t think the cat is being horribly mistreated (it’s probably going to die of kidney failure soon enough tho) but watching an owner who’s stupid enough to video herself punishing a cat for a acting naturally in a staged situation is pretty excruciating and in no way amusing. And not at all cute.

  71. Wow, I bet that pit bull from a couple of weeks ago had devoured those baby chicks by now. And I suppose since this video was filmed on April 30 that ALL 3 BUNNIES ARE DEAD, then the owners decided they’d send in a video of the dead animals during one of their last moments on Earth.

  72. amandajoy says:

    you haters are crazy! that cat is so floofy, and those buns look so soft! seems to me like ol’ scooby is acting towards the bunnies just like he would towards a bunch of kittens piles on him, and you can bet there would be no controversy over that amazing cuteness. he’s lying on his back, for chrissakes! WITH HIS ADORABLE FLUFFY BELLY ALL EXPOSED JUST ASKING FOR TINY BUN BUNS TO BE PILES ON IT!! i know if I had a cat with a belly like that, and a bunch of bunnies, I WOULD DO THE SAME THING.
    also, if you have cats and bunnies in the same house, isn’t it a good idea to teach the cat not to eat them??

  73. I agree that that cat was just tryign to clean the buns. But someone commented on the buns could have run away. They kinda were thats why the cat had to hold them with her arms or the pet owner was constently puttign them back.

    However eithre the pet owner herself didnt understand the grooming bites or they were harder than we could see in this video. At first I thought this was adorable.. but whenever the pet owner has to become involved and has to force the cuteness. it kills it for me.

  74. o.m.g. kitty wanted to chomp bigtime. what torture for everyone! kitty wwas def NOT trying to clean bunnykins. it was preparation for a big muncheroo.

  75. Natalie says:

    Hmmm, well, I am assuming with that many baby bunnies around the cat is probably accustomed to them. This is probably something the cat grew up with, because my cats certainly wouldn’t tolerate it. As far as the “nibbling” goes, it really did just look like a grooming nibble. My cat’s tend to get forceful about the nibble when the nibblee get’s squirmy.

  76. To all you controversials – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And there’s no need to comment on it if you don’t like it either. Didn’t your momma teach you that if you can’t say something nice, shut it and say nothing?! If not, she should have.

    Posted by: tigger | May 24, 2007 at 12:09 PM

    Wow. I didn’t know that someone with a different opinion wasn’t allowed to say something.

  77. I hate how the poor kitty flinches when his neurotic owner smacks him on his most sensitive body part.

    Someone should put a tasty snack in front of that woman and pull out her nose hairs when she goes to eat it. And then put the snack closer and then tweak her nose hairs again.

  78. Hmm, seeing how this would play out in my house.

    1. Cat would be delighted.

    2. Cat would jump down from couch.

    3. Bunny count would be down by one.

    4. Something ugly to clean up under the couch, or possibly I would have to finish the kill of the badly mutilated bunny. My male (who looks identical to the cat in the video) does not make the cleanest kills.

  79. It ate the first part of my post! ACK!

    It’s not that you aren’t allowed to say anything – it’s that there’s so many of you! We know you don’t like it – we get it already. Is there really a need to jump Meg all the time? Sheesh!

  80. Caroline says:

    I love the bacon cheeseburger comment. Ha!

  81. Tigger, I think you’re missing your own mama’s advice.

  82. englishwoman says:

    *passes round popcorn*

    Commentroversy bingo, anyone?

  83. Englishwoman, you forgot the pudding.

  84. OY. When are peeps gonna see that all DOMESTIC animals have the potential of getting along and not harming one another?? It’s as if those who complain about these videos actually know nothing of domestic pet ownership. There are a few cats out there, yes, that would not be able to do this without harming a bun (such as my Mary Beth – she’s a stellar mole and bunny hunter) BUT WITH THIS ONE THAT’S OBVIOUSLY NOT THE CASE.

    and as for Hananza who said: “Pardon me for extrapolating here, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if the woman in this video has a few frustrated/confused men in her life, too… ;)” God – What a mean-spirited thing to say.

  85. To all you controversials – if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. And there’s no need to comment on it if you don’t like it either. Didn’t your momma teach you that if you can’t say something nice, shut it and say nothing?! If not, she should have.

    Comments are open to public, AFAIK you are not a moderator, I’ve never read a policy on site that says comments to the contrary of the majority shouldn’t be posted- can you point if out if one exists?

    While I post infrequently, I
    I visit the site three or four times a day, click on advertisers, and in general, as much as a lot of people, am a “customer” of the cuteness. When something is aggravating and not cute, I feel free to comment on it. If it harshes your mellow, don’t read my comment.

  86. ThreeCatNight says:

    There are obviously some morons who own animals. Having three cats of my own; I don’t think that this rather overweight animal meant to hurt the bunnies, but he was getting annoyed, and that little white rabbit’s reaction, in particular, bothered me. It was genuinely frightened, and it wanted to get away at one point, even though it may have felt safe enough to come back later. And I only tap my cats on the nose if they are displaying some aggressive behavior to each other, or to me. This woman overstimulated the cat by continually placing them back on his lap, and then reacted with the nose-tap because the animal was bothered. There are some idiots who shouldn’t have children, and there are some who shouldn’t have animals, either. And Tigger, if you don’t like dissenting opinions; shut YOUR mouth, and find another site to post on.

  87. BRAVO BHV!

  88. Yay, commentroversy! Let me add some fuel to the fire.
    First of all, those buns weren’t trying too hard to get away, if at all. I’ve seen little buns on the run (when I’m trying to snorgle them) and they’re FAST! Second, the cat is totally just doing the “bear hug and soft kronshe” of grooming that cats do to other cats. The buns could’ve kicked her in the throat if it was too much. Third, although the owner is clearly trying to train the cat, it is super annoying how she keeps basically putting the buns in the cat’s mouth and then bopping it on the nose. I would just let them all chill out together.
    Beth S – best comment so far. And I’m done. 🙂

  89. I don’t usually post to commentroversies… but people, really now! If Scooby and the Buns are going to live together, they have to know each other and what they can and can’t do! I agree with GR- training. I have a Papillion and 3 cats- I had to teach the Papillion not to bark at the cats when they walked around her… it was edgy around the house for a while, but now they all live together happily!

  90. oaklandcat says:

    it’s just that nuffs seem to feel like they’re going to CHANGE something with their complaints. Like, I’m so sure that woman is just lurking in the comments, hoping for a ton of advice on how to treat her pets. Like, I’m soooo sure [valley girl voice].
    Plus, this is a VIDEO. That means, it HAPPENED IN THE PAST. Once again, negative comments not gonna change a thing.

    p.s. that cat is cleaning them. CLEANING! She gets a little carried away, and the owner gives her a correctional tap. Sheesh.

  91. TracyFlick says:

    Kitteh is a wonderful sweetheart, but even a baby bite from a kitteh is a big bite to a baby bunneh! Ouchies.

  92. Um seriously people…get a life.

    Cats do not snack on bunnys. Bunnys and cats are known for getting ALONG. If the cat were in “hunt” mode it wouldnt be laying on it’s back relaxed like that.
    It is not like a sea otter, I can see how the mixup was made though if you assume cats will devour bunnehs.

    Especially a house cat like this one. If it feels like it’s something it needs to eat it will be showing a totally different set of behavioral traits.

    Now, let us reach behind *demonstrates* Grab ahold of the stick, begin a pulling motion, and remove the stick from your behind.


  93. Kimberly says:

    I think the fact that the cat is showing its belly says a lot. A cat that’s in predator mode doesn’t show its belly. My two cats groom each other just like this, occasionally biting too hard. If I’m within reaching distance, I give the offending cat a little tap on the nose to tell him/her to go easy, same as this woman’s doing.

  94. RevWaldo says:

    Don’t bite the bunnies?
    What the hell else am I supposed to do with them!?

  95. Patrick says:

    There is nothing even remotely cute or funny about this video. The cat and rabbits are all victims to someones depraved sense of what is “cute”. Shame on Meg for giving this vid ANY sort of exposure.

  96. I agree with bhv, that everyone who comes to this site has the right to post a comment, majority or minority view. And for people say if you don’t like it don’t watch it, don’t you need to whatch the video before you know if you like it or not?

    I think it is good that people are posting thier views, so that everyone can see both sides of the ‘controversy’ here. It allows us to see the whole picture instead of blindly sticking to one side, and instead come closer to a middle ground.

  97. Shannon says:

    On its way to 100!!! Not even gonna read all the comments on this one. My thoughts…

    Bunnies didn’t seem scared of BIG kitteh. He looked like he was chomping ’em pretty good but they didn’t react much. I know wild bunnehs have VERY fragile skin tho. He tries so hard to just lick them, lol.

  98. Right, so the kitteh’s fine and the bunnehs are fine. The owner is not, however! This reeks of attention-hungry, canned, AFV-ness. If the cat does this sometimes, and the bun’s hold still and be licked, great, bust out the camera and film it. The forcible creation of a bun pile is VERY annoying. What’s wrong with just letting the animals be cute on their own without posing/staging?

  99. oaklandcat says:

    it’s one thing when you don’t like a post, but when you start calling the owner cruel and inhumane, that’s quite another.

  100. a different Laura says:

    aaaaand…we’re at 100!


  101. Laurie did you PURPOSELY shove the cats into the dog? I doubt it. You let it happen naturally. If the “bad thing” happens you stop it and repremand. It’s the same with kids, you don’t TELL them to climb on the table then get onto them for it. You stop them when they have one foot up there and get on to them. They should have just been allowed to hang out and mom should have been standing by “in case”

  102. This pet owner is disgusting.

    Someone should sit her down, shove a cheeseburger under her nose then punch her in the face everytime she takes a bite (or thinks about it).

  103. Cute cat, cute bunnies. Idiotic human.

    The human deserves a smack in the nose.

  104. Cute cat, cute bunnies. Idiotic human.

    The human deserves a smack in the nose.

  105. Am I the only one that has issues with her putting the bunnies back on the cat that is biting them?

  106. Looks like Confuse-a-Cat Ltd.

  107. I agree with anyone who said what’s up with the woman bopping the cat on the nose when he didn’t want bunnies on him anymore. All of the controversy could have been avoided by a shorter video and no cat nose bopping and bunny stacking when the animals were blatantly tired of each other. That’s all I’m gonna say. Oh yea, I never bop my cats on their noses and I have no bunnies.

  108. Not the Same says:

    “If I saw a mom repeatedly forcing a child to react nicely to something she she doesn’t want to touch and punishing her for reacting and CONTINUE FORCING her child etc etc I’d say she’s f’ing neurotic and she’s trying to make her kid neurotic. Same applies to pets.

    Posted by: Proud Owner of Cats”

    Um, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

    *raises hands and uses them as scales*

    Human children. Cats and bunnies. Human children, cats and buns. Human Babies… Kittehs and bun-tastics…



    I’m pretty sure “the same does not apply to pets.”

  109. wow. just wow.

  110. Heather S.- Whoa! I did have the cats and dog on my lap together and when they reacted negatively I petted them and told them no… I did this whenever I introduced a new cat and when we got the dog. It worked. If it was on video and showed when they were reacting inappropriately to each other, there would be 104 posts claiming me to be a bad pet owner… Anyone visiting my home comments on how well they all get along together- can’t we all do the same- just get along?

  111. Nuffland!

  112. Jennifer says:

    Little bunnies crawling on fat cat = Cute
    I loved this video until the forceful bunny flopping started. The fat cat was all chill and licking until he became crowded by the bunnies, why would you keep forcing the bunnies on the kitty and then punish him. so silly

  113. They are animals, people, animals !! (shakes fists at sky)
    Do they need to be taught to co-habitate? Are you going to have cats and rabbits running free throughout your house? I hope not (the smell alone…) It’s a cat, they don’t frolick with friggin bunnies in the wild, they aren’t going to do it in your living room either. The second that owner leaves the room the little “bunnehs” are going to be slightly devoured and not as cute or “kronshe-able”. There’s no reason to forcibly put rabbits in front of a cat’s face, unless, like dave said, you’re going for that $10,000 prize…

  114. Jennifer says:

    in reaction to Not the Same’s comment
    “I’m pretty sure “the same does not apply to pets.”
    This is the attitude that allows fur coats, Veal, and fois gras.
    I don’t want to preach but this an animal loving site right?

  115. I personally could not watch past the initial crunching of the little white bun, but I’m shocked that the Commentroversy has only garned 114 comments so far. Peeps must be busy today.

  116. AuntieMame says:

    Oh Lord…

    As soon as I saw the count was over 100, and the post is barely two hours old, I figured it was either spam or a commentroversy.

    I haven’t seen the video yet (I’m at work) so I can’t say whether I think it’s cute or not.

    However, I AM tired of the sniping. It used to be amusing, but now it’s just tiresome. And both sides are equally at fault. If EVERYONE would simply stop jumping on everyone else, there would be no commentroversy.


  117. Not the Same says:

    Nope. It’s a cute loving site.

  118. Fuzzybutt says:

    This really isn’t cool. My cats “play bite” while cleaning each other, but quite often it turns into more of a “play fight.” All the cats are on a level-playing field– they all have teeth and claws to protect themselves.

    These bunnies have nothing, other than a human to scold the cat (for BEING a cat, I might add). Do you know how fast a cat can bite one of those buns and cause real damage? Even if it appears to be a superficial bite, cats’ mouths harbor bacteria and can cause a nasty staph infection (trust me, I know this literally first hand).

  119. And for a different example of interspecies co-existence: When my cockatiel is out of his cage, only one of my 3 cats reacts when he flies by. Her reaction is “lunch! must chase!”. Followed immediately by a sheepish look and a “oh yeah. He’s family. Soooorrrry!” Now, mind you, the bird is never out when I’m not around, and if he’s just walking around on the floor, the cats ignore him. So, yes, natural prey and predators can coexist. And, yes, there are instincts that have to be overcome. But then, I also know some people who could use a friendly whack on the nose to remind them to behave.

  120. Startle-a-Thompson’s Gazelle?

    Okay, about all the people who say the nuffs have the right to express their opinions and we should all just sit back and take it, fine. But they shouldn’t pass judgement the way they do. That is just silly. Meg shouldn’t be ashamed, people who thought this was cute aren’t evil, and I personally don’t usually wish pain or torture on other people unless they actaully hurt their animals. This isn’t abuse. There is real abouse out there to get all huffy about. This, at best, deserves a facepalm and a sigh, and then hope this woman stops being a (probably) good-natured idiot eventually.

    I don’t want you to stop posting. I do want you to calm down. Everything you don’t like doesn’t deserve panic-mode.

  121. That was NOT cute! Poor cat! AND poor bunnies!
    People that don´t realise what´s wrong in this video doesn´t have the right to call themselfs animal lovers!

  122. Wow. Just wow.

    I liked this page a lot better when it was a 404 error message.

  123. Bad day, bad week actually….loved the vid and then made the mistake of reading the comments.

    There are some very hateful people out there with access to computers.

  124. ebba-

    I really don’t see anything ‘wrong’ with the video. I wouldn’t have done what the woman’s doing, but I don’t see any kind of abuse here. She might not be thinking clearly, but she’s not abusing either. Therefore, nothing really ‘wrong’.

    And I call myself an animal lover and will continue to do so, because that’s what I am.

  125. “Over-snorgling” — I get it now…

  126. I thought it was cute until the owner started throwing bunnehs at kittehs. Cats should never be hit. Period. I don’t blame the kitteh for biting the babeh bunny. He was being suffocated by bunnehs. There is something totally contrived and unfunny about this.

  127. I agree with Teri!

    It’s super cute. Anyone who knows cats knows those bites aren’t attacking/eating bites.

  128. TenFriendliestBunnies says:

    I’m a bunny lover, and while I can see in this video that the cat and bunnies obviously have a relationship with each other (even though I am nervous for the super cute bunnies).

    I am worried when there are videos like this posted, in that I fear that other people will try it and something tragic could happen.

  129. She’s just trying to acclimate them to each other. The tap on the nose means “kitteh you bit a leetle to hard.” Any lesson must be taught by repetition, thus the repiling of the buns on the cat.

  130. Oh, and have you ever seen a rabbit’s teeth? Just as formidable as a cats, only not as pointy. Same thing with claws – not quite as sharp but still very capable of damage.

  131. boanderey says:

    hmmmmm over 120 comments after 2 hours add in a long weekend. I’m guessing 529

  132. “deci-bleen”
    Nice big gold star for A Different Laura.

  133. “But then, I also know some people who could use a friendly whack on the nose to remind them to behave.”
    YES! I couldn’t put it better myself! Thanks Lindr!

  134. Thank you Brinnann- that was what I was trying to say but couldn’t think of how to phrase it!! Training is a good thing!

  135. gravyboat says:

    Hee hee! That puddy is so tubby he can fit three buns on his tum! That sure is coot.

  136. Theo, how’s your elevator doing?

  137. Kitty confused. Kitty dont know if he should eat or bathe the bunny.

  138. Helene — what elevator?

  139. HeidStar says:

    I’m with Redzilla. Had to shut it off after the first bun got nipped/cronshed/bit and the videographer started in with the “hey!” and nose smacks. The whole forced scenario just made me feel queasy.

  140. oaklandcat says:

    Just try to remember that when Meg posts something, it doesn’t mean that she endorses that behavior!

  141. Methinks McCatterson has a taste for hasenpfeffer. Does one serve red or white wine with that?

  142. NO ONE SAID Meg should be ashamed. People are AGREEING that it’s passive-aggressive behavior (her own comment). Why is any comment other than “aww” being percieved as hating and bashing? Confused now.

  143. doubleh says:

    wow, CO, you blew it with this one. I’m all for fun, and cute and interspecies goofiness, but no. You don’t discipline an animal for doing what comes naturally, especially when you set it up for them to do just that! Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Bad choice to share this one, CO. Bad choice.

  144. There must be some sort of perk for number of hits on a website, as that is
    clearly the intention in posting this horrible video clip.

    Shady shady shady.

  145. doubleh — if you really believe that, you should never have pets. Or children.

  146. blackeyedblonde says:

    No, I didn’t like this either.
    VERY dodgy behaviour imho.
    I couldn’t care less who disagrees.

  147. oaklandcat says:

    Mira– LOTS of people said that! Do I have to scroll up and name names??

  148. The cheeseburger metaphors are making me hungry.

    *adds to comment count*

    *goes to find something to eat*

  149. Cat’s don’t snack on bunnies, B8?

    Darned right. That’s like a full meal: http://www.obrienscafe.com/photos/dscf0020.jpg

  150. Clay, would you like a pat on the back for adding that fuel? That cat was obviously not taught to cohabitate, which is the point of this vid, IMHO.

  151. not god says:

    This is really a ridiculous video, that cat’s mouth is open in the way that cats’ mouths gape when they’re pissed, it’s clearly pissed off, FOR GOOD REASON, and please, while cats are cute and so are bunnies, cats are still predators and eat bunnies (despite the occasional bunny that may hold its own), and please let us not be ridiculous and allow our love of cuteness to make up stories about how the cat is just being cute. That cat is not just holding the bunnies still, all the better to clean them with. That cat is thinking “these irritating things would stop being irritating if I could kill them”. Animals are cute. I love cuteness. But they’re animals. Let’s not be ridiculous and precious and anthropomorphize them too much. And plenty of people said this, so I know my post is redundant, but really…

  152. Them be bunbuns, not bonbons!

  153. I agree with all the people that said this woman shouldn’t have pets. I didn’t like this video either — it’s totally wrong for her to hit the cat on the nose after she piles bunnies on top of it. Someone ought to smack her in the nose for making this video.

  154. MargeAggedon says:

    Who thought this was a good idea?

  155. Rebecca says:

    This is not cool. It’s not okay to give a cat a bunny and then whack it when it tries to eat the bunny. That’s what cats do!!! Not cute!!

  156. blackeyedblonde says:

    Aimee – haha!
    I’ll do it!

  157. Hey, look everyone! God has joined us. And He even forgot to capitalize His own name. Wow, God, of course you’d be the one who would know what the cat’s thinking.

  158. Brinn — already fixted

  159. Ok, here’s my theory:
    Cat regularly “cleans” buns, but the videographer wanted to capture the action so created a somewhat artificial scene.They all looked pretty mellow.

  160. Wow Brinnann, you’re a bit of an instigator huh?

  161. “I can has bunneh?”
    But on a side note, have Siegfried and Roy not taught us anything?

  162. Dude, if you were to actually watch the video, and know how a cat acts, you would see that the kitteh is just treating the buns like a mother cat would kittens. If the kitteh wanted to pummel a bun into non existance, it would have been done a long time ago, and very graphically. That cat would have been posturing and pouncing, not on it’s back with it’s belly up in the air. Sheesh people. Not a single animal was harmed in the making of this film. It was cute.

  163. englishwoman says:

    Brinnan’s after puddin!

  164. Raegan — I can confirm that. It’s a little startling to see how rough momcats are with their kittens… but then the kittens are pretty rough with mama too. It’s all fine, though.

    Pet cats *can* learn how to behave around other pets, too. Bunnies aren’t kittens, of course; hence the nose-bop. Kitty gets the hint. Similarly, I’m training the fosters not to attack shoelaces, or use human legs as treetrunks. Again, it’s all fine.

  165. Now I wait for an atheist to attack…

    [let’s let the cleanup stay relatively clean, if you don’t mind… – Ed.]

  166. Beth S — yes… Siegfried and Roy have taught us that full-grown tigers don’t make good pets.

  167. happymeal says:

    i don’t find this all that cute =[

  168. I just skipped to the bottom of this commentroversy to agree with whomever said “I bet this woman has a few frustrated/confused men in her life.” LOL! No doubt!
    Yeah, it reminds me of the old Bill Cosby bit about women and men, and the woman is all “come here, go away, come here, go away”

  169. englishwoman says:

    “Now I wait for an atheist to attack”

    Awww, I’ve already brushed my teeth…

  170. Noelegy says:

    I was having a particularly crappy day, and this really made me smile. Thanks!

  171. Did anybody click the link to “Peperroflaflaco”‘s YouTube site at the end of the post? If we want to raise controversy, having a link to THAT should be the thing your feathers are all ruffled over.

  172. If THIS cat can refrain from eating THESE babies, I’m sure our cat here can stick to just licking the bunnies without inflicting pain.


  173. I don’t think the cat was going to chomp down on the bunnies, but hey, if someone kept sticking a chocolate donut in your face wouldn’t you want a little taste?!!

  174. Noelegy says:

    The cat’s mouth is gaping? I just thought the kitty had a dark chin.

  175. He’s licking them to taste which one he wants to eat first!

  176. I can’t believe how many people here actually know what the kitteh and buns are thinking! I’m amongst a bunch of animal psychics. Cool!

  177. Count me on the side who thought this was cute. The kit-tay was saying “Let Mommy clean you!” not …. “I shall keeeeel you!!” This is a fat house cat laying on it’s back, not a tiger in the wild. If the bunnies really felt threatened, they would not have calmly laid on The Belly after being kronshed.

  178. BHV: Propped up in an unnatural position? You’re nuts. My cat sits like that every single day. Nobody puts him there, nobody has to persuade him to stay, that’s just how he sits. I have an entire photostream on Flickr to prove it.

    And to all you commentroversy idjits. How else are you going to train a cat to be in a house with bunnies, and not eat the bunnies? It’s like me squirting my cat with a water bottle when he jumps on the gerbil cage.


  179. Business Talk says:

    All right, to everyone who’s engaging in nuffosity, let’s have a little lesson in business.

    I’m not sure what business model Meg follows, but there are a couple ways ad banners work. Some campaigns work on CPA (cost per action — i.e. how many people click on an ad), while others work on CPM (cost per thousand exposures). It’s about half and half for my company.

    With the latter, which is very likely (at least partially) in place, every time an ad banner is seen 1K times, the site owner gets paid.

    So, erm … all you nuffs who complain about how horrible and cruel this site is and keep on coming back to complain, just bear in mind that you’re driving up the CPM on, bare minimum, seven ad campaigns. That is, you’re putting money in the pocket of someone you think is an animal-hater.

    Not that I mind, since I love this site and think she deserves the monies for it … I just thought it was fair to tell you what you’re actually accomplishing by griping so much.

    That said, OMGBUNNIES!!!!!two

  180. Theresa says:

    If buns were scared, they wouldn’t crawl all over kitty. If kitty was gonna kill buns, he/she could do it very efficiently. They all look like friends to me.

    It is possible for animals raised in special circumstances to have their predator-prey drives reassigned, so to speak. Otherwise, you couldn’t have herding dogs, for example. And you couldn’t have most of the interspecies snorgles so lovingly depicted on CO.

    So there.

  181. That’s the most horrifying thing that’s ever been posted. 😦

  182. Rassemfrassem. Sorry about the double post. Internet issues. I still contend the video is not cruel to cat or bunny, and people who participate in commentroversy need offline hobbies.

  183. Alice Shortcake says:

    I just hope the owner had enough brain cells not to leave the cat alone with the buns. Domestic cats can and do kill baby rabbits, as the little white one would have found out if it had been left to Kitty’s tender mercies.

  184. ooooo, just live the cat alone!, on the other hand, the cat stayed there…no problem..mmmm…

  185. The bites looked like play bites, the way cats chomp on each other while wrestling and playing together. My cats and ferrets used to do that together, too.

  186. None of us said we hated Meg. We all love Meg.

  187. Meg, I got your back on this one. I love the video and I am glad you shared it with us. My two comments to all the haters: 1) Do you think this cat has missed many meals? or has to work for his supper? He can’t think they are food and 2) Please don’t think the buns are totally defenseless. I STILL have a scar on my leg from our family bun about 20 years ago.

  188. Elizabeth says:

    I confess this one upset me a little. It seems mean to both the bunnies and the kitty, who has a feast laid on his belly but isn’t allowed to partake. Can you imagine getting smacked every time you tried to take a bite of the delicious hamburger by the person who gave it to you? And the bunnies had to be a little scared of the biting predator.

  189. What a crazy idea! Who would think of plopping bunnies on a relaxing kitty?

  190. CatViccER says:

    Dr. Evil: “No, Mini-Me, we do not gnaw on our bunneh, we just stroke him and love him”

  191. Acutally, I think this is the first thing on your site that I have NOT been totally in love with! I have rabbits as pets now, and it is actually very dangerous for them to even get a scratch from a cat. Bunnies cannot be given antibiotices due to their unique digestive system, and even a small scratch could mean their painful death! Not too cute or funny really…sorry to be a bummer today! 😦

  192. Jennifer says:

    Generally, I am down with The Cute completely; this post just made me want to smack the human.

  193. Helllloooo? How many times does the cat have to take a nibble (and a couple of pretty hard ones) before this lady realizes, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be putting live food right in front of his mouth?”

  194. Suda Nim says:

    2.01 Centi-bleens!

  195. Am I the only one that clicked on that link & got a prostate massage video?

  196. This cat is sitting up with his belly exposed, which is a very submissive position for a cat – not one you can persuade a cat into if he doesn’t want to be there, and not one in which he is likely to stay if he is annoyed or attacking prey. The passive-aggressive owner is pretty bizarre, but as a long-time cat owner, I don’t read the cat as being much fussed about it. Can’t comment on how it is for the prey…er buns…

  197. I’m so annoyed: don’t shove a bunny in a cat’s mouth then smack it’s nose for eating it. That person attached to that bun-proffering arm should get a smack. But only after she tries to eat a cookie I’ve shoved in her/his mouth.

  198. Jen, that’s not true. Rabbits can (and do) inflict more damage upon each other than a cat scratch, and some surface scratches can be treated with antibiotic ointment. Some internal infections can be treated by SOME antibiotics, and yes there are those that are harmful to rabbits, but vets can and do give bunnies antibiotics to heal. It’s not impossible, someone just has to know what they’re doing. Rabbits are tougher than people give them credit for.

  199. Been a while since I posted, but I thought I’d throw in my two cents. I don’t think the cat is going to eat the bunnies. I don’t think the bunnies are terrified. I do think that the reactions here are of two sets of animals that like to go their own ways. Cats and bunnies are both animals that like to decide when and where the snorgling will happen, and the behavior of the owner in this scene, piling them up, etc, results in the inevitable.

  200. JulieRaven says:

    o_o I just wanted to say, to all of you who think that the kitty is getting “hit” and “whacked,” those words are far too harsh. The kitty is getting little bops, and I guarantee you, after owning a kitty for 17 years, little bops like that do not hurt them nor scar them for life.

    As for the other issues, I’m staying out of it, and just saying I found the video cute, if not unnerving for knowing it would cause lots of controversy.

  201. chillax says:

    as meg might say, “good lo’ peeps …” this is why i usually don’t read the comments – the animals are so much cuter than the hoomans. maybe this one needs to be filed under “cute or sad?”

  202. lurkingsmirk says:

    Sarah–I just clicked on the link too and it definitely is a prostate massage video.

  203. Guys, we’re talking about a woman who can’t differentiate between puppies, kittens and bunnies.

    We’re not dealing with a zoologist obviously.

  204. eeeeeee says:

    “Thanks for the snack, Mom!”

  205. This is so dang cute I kind of thought I was gonna die.

    The best part was her asking “did you have puppies?” We like to call our cat a puppy all the time just to confuse him. I think it’s working.

  206. *head imploding from cuteness*

  207. C Jones says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on any CO videos before, but feel compelled to do so now. Cuteness comes from simultaneously being natural and funny. This video has neither quality…at first I thought the cat was nursing the buns, but soon realized that I wanted to rescue the animals from stupidity. It would have been cute if the cat was in a natural position for grooming, not propped and posed for such an unnatural display which served only to identify the owner as someone sadly desperate to be the center of attention. Some have commented that cat could have left if annoyed… would he have been hit on his rump for trying to leave? The buns tried to leave, but kept being piled on the cat’s face. It’s a shame the owner can’t just enjoy the amazing natural beauty of animals.
    Perhaps CO could preface these types of videos with a warning: Caution, this vidio displays animals squiriming with pain and fear, and being hit while in unnatural poses.

  208. What a stupid pet owner !!!!

  209. Chris B. says:

    Here is my two cents worth. I had seven baby bunnies born about 13 weeks ago and I also have a kitty. When they where about six weeks old, I introduced the kitty to them. She wanted to ‘play hard’ with them and every time she tried, she either got her nose bopped or sprayed with water. Now she either ignores them or is very careful with them. I find this type of training very effective for my kitty. She has gone thru the same thing with my birds and rats. And if you don’t care for what Meg puts on the site, don’t watch.

  210. katerpie says:

    I came back to see the comment count, and I was not disappointed!

    The ghashing teeth, the terrified bun, the … nose bopping?

    I’m watching my rabbits chase my cat around right now. I should make a video for all the non-pet owners who seem to have *so many* thoughts on this subject and wait for their leetle heads to explode.

  211. This isn’t cute, this is stupid and cruel. Baby bunnies happen to be natural prey for cats. Forcing the buns on the cat then rapping the cat on the nose when it bites is cruel, not cute. Maybe you guys need to rethink some of what you encourage and accept.
    This is a wake up call that maybe your success has impaired your judgement.

  212. Chris B. says:

    Actually Jen, bunnies can be given antibiotics as long as they are sulfa based. Most vets might not know that and I actually had to tell mine when I brought in a bunny with an eye problem. One week and she was fine. Again Meg I love it. Keep up the good work.

  213. Geesh.

    That’s all. Just geesh.

    (I wish my Hugo only bit like that. I’d have fewer scars.)

  214. This is cute for about 5 seconds then you just feel bad for the cat AND the bunnies.

    I can see her disciplining the cat to not bite the bunnies (even though it was just trying to make them sit still) but I can’t see why she would possibly want to keep forcing them on the cat. She is breaking any trust she may (or probably didn’t) have ever had with her pet.

  215. Cassandra says:

    I’m not going to bother to comment on the video, I just want to say “Thanks” to Meg for putting in the work she does to make this site run. Whether or not we agree on all of the pictures, I think that I can safely say that the majority of site visitors would be very sad if it dissappeared from the web. So thanks Meg, and Theo, and all the other cool cats out there for keeping me up to my eyeballs in cute most of the time 😀 P.S., brinnan, the link to the tiger/piglet cubs was UNREAL! Made my day 🙂

  216. little gator says:

    k8-I’ve known at leats one cat who
    *did* snack on bunnies. It’s not common, but it does happen. I will spare you some grisly details,

  217. For everyone that says “You can train these animals to cohabitate!”: If you ever forget to feed your cat and you end up with one less bunny, you will learn that cats KILL bunnies, no matter how well they seem to get along. It is a law of nature.
    The owner is being cruel. My cats let me know if I annoy them by biting, which is what this cat is doing.

  218. what IS the point of this vid ???

    other than to elicit a debate …

    can someone please tell me ???

  219. lauowolf says:

    My old kitty used to sit on his butt all the time, taking up an entire chair, which seemed unfair since we didn’t have enough seats for cats and people both.
    (Guess who ended up left with no chair?)
    My current cat nips me just like this when I’m patting him.
    Mostly seems to mean settle down already, and doesn’t have the force of a real bite, more of a hold.

    This guy sure seems pretty mellow, considering.
    Though he might expect some serious babysitting money, if this goes on much longer.

  220. Shannon Johnson says:

    Uh that was really wierd.

  221. wtf is she thinking? it’s not good to pile ANYTHING on top of a cat, especially live bunnies who don’t want to be there! i’m not saying it’s inhumane and INCREDIBLY CRUEL OMG, it’s just kind of frustrating to watch the cat get annoyed like that, and to watch the bunny struggle. it’s really cringe-worthy to see them feel bad and they can pretty much do NOTHING ABOUT IT.

    and please don’t post sarcastic replies that basically say ‘you’re wrong and your opinion sucks’. if you think i’m wrong in any way and you feel the need to discuss it with me, (i.e. you think the cat would’ve walked off if (s)he was annoyed) please be reasonable.

    thank you.

  222. so cute so cute so cute!!!

  223. Well, both cat and bunnies are cute, but it looks like a bit of a… oh… RISKY combination. I do think it’s a little unfair to reprehend a cat for nibbling on a bunny which has been DROPPED ONTO HIS FACE.

  224. Teh trio of buns = major cute <3<3<3
    Teh fluffikins kitteh = very cute <3

    Human, not so cute but not the root of all evil either.

  225. metsakins says:

    listen guys cats will cohabibtate with whatever they’re brought up with or TRAINED to get along with.

    Mice bunnies rats…

    Looked like an introduction to me and that “no animals were harmed in the making of this movie”…

  226. None of us said we hated Meg. We all love Meg.

    EXACTLY. I haven’t seen one comment where someone said much of anything negative about Meg. (or Theo)

    Hell, I’d probably choose either of them as a write in candidate if the Presidential election were, for some reason,suddenly held tomorrow.

    This is the internet folks. There is no hair so fine that an internet forum cannot split it into infinite pieces. A person can hold several seemingly conflicting opinions at one time without being “a hater”.

  227. doubleh says:

    Thank you, Theo. I have both. My challenging the admission of a video to a site for “cute” doesn’t give you the right or knowledge of who I am to judge my parenting or pet ownership skills.

  228. When I was a child we had all kinds of animals and none of them tried to kill the other one. They were taught to tolerate one another. If they are all well fed their instint is not to kill each other.

  229. This video reminded me of “Little Nicky” when the demon ate the bunny and he said “NO! NOT THE BUNNY!”. I thought it was great. 🙂

  230. commentroversial much?

  231. Katy with a Capital K says:

    Okay, that lady is clearly not responsible enough to handle pets. This looks like something a little kid would do (and get in trouble for).

  232. poor bunbun

  233. Yay for Darcy! Way to be reasonable. You totally win the calmness prize for today.

  234. Dog lover says:

    The “kitty” looks like he/she is tasting the buns!! Appetizer? Main course? LOL!

  235. Yeesh. I really wish the commentroversy would just go away.

    As for the video, wellll…. NOT a good idea to put baby bunnies with an adult cat. Some people will swear up and down that prey species and predatory species can “all get along,” but the truth is that prey/predator behavior can’t be unlearned. It’s in the genes. *Some cats* can learn to get along with *some rabbits,* but y’know? It’s something you have to supervise all the time. And I’ve spent too much time in the past year reading about bun-dog and bun-cat encounters that turned bad. Unfortunately, it’s always the bunny who pays in those situations.

    So here’s my take: go over to http://www.rabbit.org/ for info. on caring for buns, their behavior – and some wise words on interpecies intrductions.

    BTW, one of the buns really is trying to get away from the cat.

  236. Doubleh Doubleh — I think two things:
    1) if you’re not telling the truth, what do I care? It’s the internet.
    2) if you are, then maybe you might have the class to allow as possibly you could see how some might construe your comments as a bit shrill and even, from a certain point of view, overreaction? Overstepping? Overdone? Let’s see, what have I got left… overboard?

    Over and out.

  237. By the way… I’m very tempted to start bleening some of you possers who think using the word “clearly” in a comment magically turns it into a reasoned point. I swear.

  238. I just worry about people who force these kinds of things to get videos on this site.

    I could see how somebody could try something similar and have it go very, very wrong. Whether or not this video actually put the bunnies in danger, it’s not cool to force potentially dangerous situations on animals for our entertainment.

  239. Yitzysmommie says:

    Clearly, this vid was good fodder for a commentroversy (hee hee hee YM ducks as Teho throws something, probably not puddins, at her)
    OY, I’m conflicted! I don’t like the bops on the nosie of the poor puttem tater. I’m not sure plopping wiggly potentially delish buns on said kitteh is a great idea. But we do try to train our pets to do the right thing (or at least not do the wrong)
    OY, the conflict! I must look at some kittens now to soothe my soul….

  240. Poor cat and poor bunnies. It was cute for a second, before the woman wouldn’t let the bunnies leave or the poor cat react to having them piled on. It was contrived and mean.

  241. Wow, haven’t posted in a while, but every commentroversy is the same, isn’t it?

    Cute cat, cute bunnies. Hope no-one got hurt, whether buns, kitteh, or human (when all the creatures decided to have their revenge).

    PS – bunnies can defend themselves pretty well. My boyfriend has a six-inch scar on his forearm from when he tried to prevent a none-too-grateful bun from being injured and apparently grabbed him in the wrong way.

    PPS – does the pudding have rum in it this time? If so, I am totally in.

  242. i don’t think it was inhumane, it was just stupid. It started cute, with the cat licking the bunny. but then she kept putting the bunnies on the cat and going “no!” how stupid.

  243. Ah, yup, that link goes to a prostate massage video. Just learned more than I ever wanted to on that subject, LOL!

  244. Yes, totally cruel. I mean, I’m sure when that evil owner brutally beat that cat for chomping those fragile buns in two, all animals involved were totally traumitized for life.

    By which I mean, lighten up dudes.

  245. Bioflux says:

    I’d like to smack on the nose the STOOPID BEEYATCH (!) that was droppin’ bunnies on the cat’s head. Lick, lick, lick, CHOMP – SMACK!. . . lick lick.

  246. Ok, here’s my theory. I think that this scenario was somewhat naturally occurring. I think that Scooby is caring for the baby buns and the human was like, this is anerable, I should get the cam corder so she went and got it, but by the time that she started taping the kitteh had pretty much finished cleaning the buns so the human was like, “No! Clean them on the camera so that I can watch it over and over again!” so Scooby was like, “I’m really done with cleaning these buns, but I’ve got a couple of more licks left in me, except the buns are all McSquirmersons so I’m going to have to give them a little bite to keep them still for this video.” But then the humas was like, “Oh! The kitteh is biting the buns! No! But wait! Now the kitteh is doing the cute licking and so on….” No harm. No foul.

  247. Yup, comments still not a good place for me to be in my unhappy frame of mind.

    Still too many people saying totally heartless things.

  248. As Borat would say “He bites!”

  249. YM Clearly You is in line to get Chocolate pudding on your head. (Ducks and Hides behind YM)

  250. less than impressed says:

    My initial reaction was that this just wasn’t right.

    Not so cute overload.

  251. Annie — we saves the choccy puddins for eats. For dumpings, we makes the bullistic gel goop.

  252. Shame on you!

    The abuse of these rabbits and this cat does NOT qualify as entertaining!

    These animals need to be taken away from the nut who has them in her possession!

  253. Little Nicky: “What you do is, you put it in your mouth and let the meat slide down your throathole.”

    *Demon chomps off bunny’s ear*

    Little Nicky: “NOT YOU NOT YOU!!!”

  254. Ewww Bullistic Gel Goop! And I was so Lookin forward to Choccy Puddins.

  255. SeaBreeze says:


    “Pets, not meat,” sweet kitteh, “pets, not meat.”


  256. Less Extremism, Please! says:

    Good Lo’! Okay, I have had buns and cats living together, and yes, of course, they can play together and buns can kick some kitty behind when they want to (and my bun was itty bitty, but he still dominated).

    Honestly, I do not think this kitty is really trying to hurt the bun buns. Nor do I think they are all going to end up dead or neurotic or otherwise permanently scarred.

    BUT, do not call us “haters” for saying this video was really not all that cute, and the reason it was not cute was not that any animals were being tortured (obvy), but that they (esp the kitty) were simply being used for the bemusement of their owner… past the point where they themselves seemed to be having fun.

    No, I do not think this lady is some sort of evil torturer. But I think she’s sort of shallow and selfish.

    That’s my five cents.

  257. Less Extremism, Please! says:

    p.s. I totally agree with JLWS’s theory. But, still, not so cute. meh.

  258. *clears throat & raises hand*
    Um? At the risk of furthering this commentroversy I think that judging from most everyone’s strong reactions that we’re all 100% in our own ways concerned for animal welfare. Not taking either side here just wanted to remind the most volitile posters on both sides of the fence of that fact.

    I’m not going to try and guess how any of you would react in a similar situation. But I think that I would probably react very strongly too if I felt someone was being intentionally cruel to an animal or person.

    That said though, I would probably just post a statement about how I feel about it but wouldn’t bother getting into a verbal war with others over it.

    Life is to short to waste flinging word bombs at someone who feels just as strongly about their view as you do about yours. And insult missles aren’t going to get them to change their minds either.

    And finally, just what the heck is Bullistic Gel Goop made out of (not the litter box scoopings I hope)? And do I have to duck for my *ahem* speech? 😉

  259. Squeee! i lurves it! i wish my cats and bunnies would clean each other like that. the bunnies won’t stop kicking kitty a** tho 🙂

  260. commentroversy post:

    all three of my buns have had antibiotics with no ill effects – oral, subcutaneous, and topical. find an exotic vet if you have bunnies.

    none of my rabbits (don’t live in cages), rats, degus, or guinea pigs over the years have ever had a cat bite needing anything more than a cleaning. kitties however have had bites that needed meds, given by rats and bunnies.

    maybe the humane society should have fired me instead of making me volunteer coordinator.

    i can has pudding too?

  261. Shannon says:

    1. Cat is not being WHACKED. Tapped, yes. Whacked, no. I won’t comment on the right or wrong of bunnies on belly, lol, but tapping on nose is fine.
    2. When I first started coming here (about a year ago) one of the best things about it was that the comments were just a funny as the pictures. They made me laugh and the pics were cute. What happened to those funny posters?

  262. As a little girl, we had a dog, a cat, one litter of kittens, and a bunners.

    The dog was in love with the kittens and the bunners, often nuzzling and carrying them around the house in his mouth.

    Momma cat was completely indifferent to bunners, until she had kittens. After the kittens were born, she nuzzled and loved on the bunners as well.

    Bunners in question was usually pleased with the attention from both big dog and mother cat. Said bunners later died of a heart-attack when we ran a new vaccuum cleaner in the room his hutch was in ;_;.

    I say, its not other pets that are a threat, or even ‘tappy’ owners.. Its totally household appliances.



  263. Lglbchck says:

    I don’t ever really post here, but just chipping in my 2 cents, this video wasn’t cute. The lady was being very mean (not the tapping but the ‘heres a small thing that’s annoying you’ over and over).

    Stuff like that only confuses your cat.

  264. What the heck is wrong with people?! How much trama can a bun take?

  265. The couch was kinda cute…

  266. I have never before dissented here, or given anyone crap for how they treat their animals, buuuut it’s really uncool for that woman to be putting scared bunnies in the cat’s mouth, and then reprimanding the cat. It’s creepy. Sorreez.

    Maybe this clip should go in the “Cute or Sad?” category.

  267. I agree with the people that said the biting was not an attempt to eat the bunnies. They weren’t really in any danger. But the cat did not look entirely happy about having them poured onto its body like that, and bunnies, unlike kittens, probably don’t use nips to communicate when they want something to stop or hold still. Cats totally do use biting as a form of communication, and usually when they do they don’t bite hard enough to break the skin (though it does depend on their agitation level). It quite often simply means “Do Not Want”.

  268. Bagatell says:

    I gotta kinda agree with the “sad” – I didn’t like seeing the kitty reprimanded repeatedly for reacting to something forced on her.

  269. This video was cute for the first few seconds and quickly became cringeworthy. The owner’s voice, the constant piling of buns, and the squirming of buns made for a decidedly noncute video.

    I had to turn my eyes away when the bun was struggling to get away. 😦

    BTW, if you go to the poster’s YouTube page, there’s an interesting video on prostate massage…

  270. The cat and the bunnies are very cute, and so was the interspecies snorgling! But I feel the owner was trying to acclimatize them to each other too soon. Kitty was happily hugging and licking the bunnies in the beginning but not afterwards. He kept biting the bunnies (yeah, they may have been affectionate bites, but these are baby bunnies) and he kept getting nose-bops for that.

    The attempt to make them friends initially worked, so I fell this should have been done a little more slowly, over time. Maybe the owner could compile a bunch of videos taken over a few weeks that the show the cat and buns gradually becoming friends or something.

  271. Cruelty is a continuum, not an absolute. And while not up there with tearing the legs off a puppy, I do believe this is cruel. Cats are hard-wired to react automatically with the right stimulus–it’s what makes them such efficient hunters. What I see here is a cat whose prey-killing reflexes are being repeatedly set off by a person who is perfectly aware of what they are doing to it and who then punishes the cat for reacting reflexively. The cat actually appears to be controlling itself remarkably well. The same cannot, unfortunately, be said of the person.

  272. Cat Feral says:

    Carrie wrote: This isn’t cute, this is stupid and cruel. Baby bunnies happen to be natural prey for cats. Forcing the buns on the cat then rapping the cat on the nose when it bites is cruel, not cute.

    I have to agree, I couldn’t quite decide if it was cute or belonged in the “Cute or Sad?” category.

  273. Of coursse, if you keep SHUVIN’ FOOD in a cat’s FACE, he’ll:
    1-get annoyed and bite
    2-try to eat it,

    Let’s just hope it won’t get to #2…

    Poor bunbuns

  274. OMG!!1PONIES!! Torture is SOOOOO cute!!! Who cares if animals get hurt, right? Obviously the bunnies LIKE being grabbed and put on the stomach of a natural predator and being bitten, else they would’ve tried to get away… (oh wait, they DO try. But the passive-aggressive owner keeps putting them back). It’s all for the entertainment of humans and the almighty TEH QTE! Get a life, ppl! That’s what God put’em here for, right? Human food and entertainment (He foresaw the rise of YouTube linkage, too). Lighten up!!! Smile!! Boo for negative comments!!!!! Interspecies!! Fluffy!!!

    Seriously, though. This is NOT cool, and as animal lovers at CuteOverload, I think we have a responsibility to not post links like this, otherwise more stupid pet owners will get ideas that could end up in the loss of the World Cuteness Population just for a chance to be (in)famous on the Internet. Nothing might have happened to these animals, but you can’t always say the same for future “experiments.”

    I’m surprised more people here have felt more sorry for the cat than for the bunnies (more cat owners than bunny owners, I guess). Yes, cats nip their kittens when grooming them, but bunnies are not kittens. Bites, even small ones, can seriously hurt them (or just traumatize them into a heart attack). I don’t mean to overreact here, but as a bunny owner, I felt the need to give a wake-up call. I really don’t want to unsubscribe from CuteOverload, but if the definition of “cute” continues to be “torture,” I may have no other choice. I’m sorry.

  275. Oh Just Shut Up says:

    Did you ever think that perhaps this cat and these bunnies had interacted quite happily before without incident, but that in an effort to capture it on camera for the twee-talking hordes here the cat tired and the bunnies began to squirm? Maybe my moral compass has hit magnetic overload, or maybe I’m just a rational person with more to do in my life than whinge endlessly about the finer points of bunny abuse or cat wrangling. Sweet Jebus.

  276. I hate this video! Lousy snorgling, crazy pet owners.

  277. Oh Just Shut Up says:

    Did you ever think that perhaps this cat and these bunnies had interacted quite happily before without incident, but that in an effort to capture it on camera for the twee-talking hordes here the cat tired and the bunnies began to squirm? Maybe my moral compass has hit magnetic overload, or maybe I’m just a rational person with more to do in my life than whinge endlessly about the finer points of bunny abuse or cat wrangling. Sweet Jebus.

  278. shollia says:

    That video wasn’t cute it just made me pissed off at the owners.
    Seriously.. if the cat starts biting the bunnies.. STOP FREAKING PUTTING THE RABBITS ON THE DAMN CAT SO IT CAN”T BITE THEM.
    Don’t just keep piling the rabbits right on top of the cats head and then get mad at the cat b/c it doesn’t like a freaking rabbit on it’s head.
    Those people need to be slapped HARD.

  279. Kirstin says:

    Look how huge the cats pupils are. That’s not a loving/maternal/grooming/whatever expression. It’s not sitting still because it likes being there, it’s sitting still for the same reason a cat will sit still if you bathe it and hover over it. The bunnies sure look like their trying to get away to me. Just because they aren’t tearing a** across the room in panicked fright doesn’t mean they aren’t scared. They’re not terribly bright creatures, bunnies. I’m not being mean here, I happen to like both cats and bunnies a lot. But I’m not going to try and box their behaviour into black & white, either.

    I can’t believe there are people on here saying we shouldn’t talk about this, that we shouldn’t go over our opinions and share thoughts, even if those thoughts are passionate one way or another. How else are we going to grow and learn, people? Discussion should ALWAYS be encouraged. having said that, I want to state that I disagree with those who are saying “if you don’t like it don’t watch it”. If they don’t like it, it’s because they think someone is mistreating animals. Would you tell someone to just ignore a video of severe abuse?

  280. that cat wasnt licking those buns, he was TASTING them. I reckon those buns wouldnt be safe if that crazy woman left the room!

  281. pistache268 says:

    The kitty would only bite them a bit so that they would keep still. If you actually watch the video properly you can see that it licks them after they settle down. Scooby loves the babies 🙂

  282. Hank & Kittekat says:

    Ze Netherlands are giving…zero points to this video.

    That’s one crazy woman. With an annoying voice.

  283. Dis Bunny has a Flavor!


  284. No. No no no. Not cute at all. I don’t understand what this clip is doing here.

  285. Just here to agree with ‘Less Extremism, Please’ and other humans of their ilk.
    I assume that site owners would want to know if loyal, grateful and polite viewers disagree with something they put up.
    I hereby smack the video on its nose.

  286. OMGZ it iz lyk torture and abuse and teh woman shud get beatz!!11!!!

    Get over it. If this is the worst kind of “abuse” you have to worry about then you lead very sheltered lives. Instead of getting needlessly angry on here, why not go spend that energy volunteering at an animal shelter or animal rescue organisation and stop some actual abuse.

    Now where is my bunny to lick? I want bunny!

  287. Belegwen says:

    Alright, so the bunny to cat size ratio looks about equivalent to the cat to human size ratio. Imagine having cat placed repeatedly on your belly/face while you’re trying to relax. (Cats are always trying to relax. Come on, you people know this. Especially a cat in that position). Not fun.

    Now imagine that you are repeatedly being placed on the belly of a large animal that on occasion might have impulses to eat you, and it is playful nibbling at/attempting to groom you, while you try to get away. But every time you managed to get away, someone came along and put you right back on the thing’s tummy. Also not fun.

    So, maybe the bunnies aren’t actually in danger and maybe the cat isn’t being cruelly punished for obeying his natural instincts to eat bunnies, but I can’t see this situation being very fun or tolerable for any of the animals involved.

    The owner isn’t doing something horribly morally wrong, but it seems a little inconsiderate of the animals.

  288. SOLUTION: Only watch it till the counter on the video counts down to 0:35. Then it’s all cute and there’s only one little “hold still” bite, and no nose-bopping.

  289. 300th!
    I had a bonded rabbit and cat and they always got along. However i never pushed the rabbit in the cat’s face. And the rabbit was bigger than the cat.

    It looks like the cat was mellow enough to not do them harm, but we have to remember that cat’s don’t really have a set of morals that tells them what’s wrong and right making them do more unpredictable things.

    Maybe not as related as i think, but think about sigfried and roy and the tiger attack. They thought they were bonded and that the tigers trusted them, but they didn’t have a sense of morals. This smaller kitty has no sense that these things are cute. (Which is hard to believe since the bunnies are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!)

  290. metsakins says:

    tri-bleen tri-bleen tri-bleen

    still like the video…

  291. metsakins says:

    Peeps have you ever heard Sigfried and Roy discuss the attack??????

    They don’t believe that the tiger attacked but was trying to carry him to safety after a possible stroke.

    Did any one notice they still live with their ‘children’

    If they aren’t worried why r u?

  292. Mmmmmmm …

    Question …

    We’re 300 posts in. Is there really anything left to say that hasn’t already been said about ten billion times?

    plz to move on wiff libes kthx?

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to keep monitoring the commentroversy. I’m sure when that lady embraces the true darkness in her heart and puts those bunnies in a blender, we’ll have ample warning before she goes on her Mad Murderous Anti-Cute Rampage.

    That’s all … I only have a limited supply of sarcasm on any given day.

  293. Rochelle says:

    As a member of and intern at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), I have to say that making animals uncomfortable for one’s amusement is simply wrong. Companion animals should be treated as such — companions, not toys.

    Check out this link to learn more about animal companions:


  294. So I thought that the prostate massage video was sort of an odd thing to post on a YouTube page but after reading all of the commentroversy here so far it kind of makes sense: if a person feels strongly about an issue he/she is apparently compelled to tell others. Prostate massage or cat with bunnies–one gets everyone’s dander up, the other, uh, ewww, never mind….

  295. Ahh! He’s eating the bunnies! 😥
    Not cool.

  296. Smiling Lurker says:

    *rubs eyes* You guys are at it again already? Where’s my pudding?! It’s morning and I’m cranky!

  297. Lurky McLurkerson says:

    lol @ PETA. Whack jobs.

  298. Bunnies, good. Cat, good. Bunnies and cat snorgling. VERY good!

  299. Rochelle, too bad PETA’s stance on making animals feel uncomfortable didnt extend too Steve Irwin’s grieving wife and 6 year old daughter. Get off your high horse.

    -former PETA member-

  300. Rochelle says:


    I feel deeply sorry for Mr. Irwin’s family, and agree that anyone’s death is tragic. However, I can not condone his actions toward animals — how would you like it if someone barged into your bedroom, started prodding you, and videotaped the whole thing?

    This is irrelevant to the topic, however, and you are welcome to email me at seashellyb@aol.com if you’d like to discuss it further.


  301. Al Wallace says:

    In the harsh struggle for snorgle, it’s cuddle or be cuddled, survival of the cutest. This video is merely a window into the harsh surreality of captive animals performing in a fabricated and sentimentalized ecosystem. As Tennyson wrote upon watching his cat Mumbles slap around a doormouse, “Nature cute in tooth and paw.”

  302. Still a pile of vicious words in this thread.

    Makes me sad for the human race that people spill vile all over the internet.

  303. Al Wallace says:

    In the harsh struggle for snorgle, it’s cuddle or be cuddled, survival of the cutest. This video is a window into the harsh surreality of captive animals performing in a fabricated and sentimentalized ecosystem. As Tennyson mused over his cat Mumbles slapping around a doormouse, “Nature cute in tooth and paw.”

  304. a different Laura says:


    *eyes stale popcorn and ruffled feathers all over the floor*

    “Who’s gonna clean up this mess?”

    But I’m bummed I missed the ticker going over 300.
    Kind of like when you see your odometer is going to click over from 99,999 to 100,000 and then you get distracted by traffic and miss it.

  305. Lilbird says:

    Did anyone notice at the very beginning when the lady says to the cat “did you have puppies?”….lol…..hellooooo crazy lady…it’s a cat! Too funny.

    I didn’t see her smack the cat, I saw a tap on the nose. And if any of you have multi-species households, you know that 99% of the time you have to train the animals to not let ‘nature’ take over and to make sure everyone plays nice-nice. I think she was de-sensitizing her mellow cat to the bunnies.

  306. Jennifer says:

    Claire Said”And to all you commentroversy idjits. How else are you going to train a cat to be in a house with bunnies, and not eat the bunnies? It’s like me squirting my cat with a water bottle when he jumps on the gerbil cage.”
    there is no need to call people with an opinion Idjits, let’s please rise above the name calling. Also just posting a reaction is adding to the commentroversy(as i am right now)so you are in a sense calling yourself an idiot
    I agree that to train a cat to not do inappropriate things you need to reprimand it. but I never put my cat on the counter on purpose and them squirt him. That sends mixed meassages

  307. weensicka says:

    I shouldna do eet… Commenting on these nuffy statements is like addin’ lighter fluid to the fire.


    Do any of you actually own pets? Like real pets? Not cyberpets or Aibos or anthing like that: actual living breathing pets? Or even more specifically, cats?

    Because if you did, it would be ABUNDANTLY clear that this cat is A) lovin’ the bunnehs, B) utterly dismissive of his owner’s attempt at discipline (whacking? brutality? sheesh…Guess no ones ever had to pill a cat before) and C) having a lurvely time.

    It’s about the body language, Nuffingtons. Angry kitteh = ears back, tailio twitchin’. Not here. Scaredy cat = ears flat, eyes wide, hunched in a ball. Not the case either. Confuse cat = “Dude, I’m outtie.” Again, not the case.

    I foster abandoned cats so they can be adopted. My organization is part of a loose association of foster homes that take in cats so they don’t have to go to shelters that will likely euthanize. I live with 3 permanent residents and have anywhere from 1-7 “guests” at a time. You could say I know cat behavior pretty well…

    Scooby is lickin’ the buns like any momma would do to to her litter. It involves a lot of yoinking and arranging on mom’s part to get them clean. Also, in defense of buns, who are not stupid and helpless as it seems some would have us believe, they often skeedaddle when they are in trouble; that’s why they are superfast. And I highly doubt these buns are infants; they look like Dwarf rabbits to me [translation: adult but tiny and not helpless!].

    And lastly, preventing animal cruelty is a truly important cause and dear to my heart. This is not cruelty. Anyone who has ever seen a cat or dog near starvation because the owner just couldn’t bother to feed it, or seen an abused cat with a broken tail and broken ribs because it’s been repeatedly kicked and beaten, or seen a one-year old female suffering through her third litter and contracting a uterine infection because her former “owners” just didn’t want to pay the $50 fee to have her spayed…well, then you know how re-damned-diculous it is to call this cruelty.

  308. This commentroversy lacks energy, people! Where is the heated debate? Where are the personal attacks that get out of control? Many potential explosive subjects have been raised (pro/con Steve Irwin, obese cats and their irresponsible owners, PETA, how to define animal cruelty, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsiepop), but no one has risen to the challenge! No one has raised their fist in anger and thrown down the gauntlet. Is it because everyone (in the US anyway) is looking forward to the 3 day weekend?

  309. weensicka says:

    Hey Ariel, I’d like to raise awareness that bunnehs are in fact not stupid.

    Bunny power!!

  310. It’s Friday, peeps, and I’m wearing a flowered shirt. Let’s move on. MFBT to commence shortly.