Pardon moi, but…

I’m looking for Mr. Ear Tufts. Have you seen ‘eem?

[Flops outrageously prosh foot over edge]

Thank you. [Paws in respectful posishe]



Sender-inners Erin and Nathan, you are OOC. [out-of-control! say in Dana Carvey doing Regis Philbin voice]



  1. bleen and OMG~!!~~

  2. I’m speechless. It’s like Beatrix Potter come to life.

  3. Shandrews says:

    He looks like he should have an eye spectacle, he is so refined and respectful.

  4. I am *so* jealous – none of my squirrelees have ear tufts!

    I have herds of squirrels – zippy black ones, leetle red ones, fatty brown ones – but *no* ear tufts!

  5. I am ded from teh Qte!!! I luff heem!

  6. ezreader says:

    Luvin those tufts…my sources say that you can have scurries or drays (not herds) of squirrels. Anyone know why a “dray”?

  7. it seems that squirrels are as respectful as bunnies are dissaproving! anerable.

  8. karebear says:

    so what kind of squirrels are these, and where can I get one for a pet?

  9. Even the title is too cute for me ^^

    Hi from france, and thx for all the cuteness ! Keep-it up !

  10. I love the meek.. yet enquiring.. look on his face!

  11. Heck with the ear tufts, those leetle toes are killing me.

    I wonder if he has time for a pedicure?

  12. I loff how his tufts are blurred, like they are blowing in the wind. He is like a squirrel super model. The Breck Squirrel.

  13. i want to give him a peanut butter croissant.

  14. Meg! You are KEEEEELING me with these tufty-eared skwerls!
    Thank you.

  15. Rosalynde says:

    the white belly, the dainty paws, the beady eyes, the swept back tufts . . . what a gentleman!!!

    (Though his ear tufts do remind me of Wolverine’s sideburns or jowls or whatevah they are . . . )

  16. *sigh*
    *re-assembles squee proof chamber*
    Darn it!
    TOO QTE.

  17. What kind of special critter is this?! I’ve never seen a squirrel with ear tufts!

    I find the fat grey squirrels at the local park have more “attitude” than the black or the bitty red ones. They walk towards you like “You wanna piece of me, human?!”


    *grabby hands*

  19. SeaBreeze says:

    This little guy is tewtally all “Beggin’ ur pardon, but please, suh, might I ‘ave some mo’e?”

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    He is obviously British with that well mannered reticent approach. “I am awfully sorry to bother you but would you mind terribly if I asked for a nut or some such comestible, that would be jolly kind of you”

  21. The feet! The little feets are soooo long! hahhaah!

  22. Now *that’s* a British red skwerl! 😀

    I fancy that the first Mr Ear Tufts is some other kind, possibly a new species… “tuftius maximus”…

  23. Kiragirl says:

    “Son of Squabbit”

  24. What is UP with the ‘properness’ of these squirrels? How can they just look like that and .. and.. get away with it? His feeets.. omg.

  25. ezreader: I’ve only ever heard ‘dray’ or ‘drey’ used to describe the nest of the squirrel… thank goodness for reading Redwall novels when I was younger! I’m not sure where that comes from, though. Sorry!

    And AW. This little guy totally made my day. I wish we had little tufty-eared ‘squiddles’ here.

  26. ThreeCatNight says:

    Squirrel Nutkin, replete in his burnished copper and brown coat, and sporting the latest in proper British squirrel buzz-earcuts. His liquid eyes and little nosicle hesitantly surveying everything around him; so precious!

  27. my cat is a sphere says:

    He definently needs some specs and a little waist-coat, ala beatrix potter.

    Anyone ever read The Tailor of Gloucester? That is my favorite.

  28. what a sweet little smile.
    so demure.

  29. hee! a baby squirrel is called a kitten!

    and yes, a group of squirrels is a dray. Who knew…

  30. Aw he’s smiling!

  31. And this is why there should be non L0Limals on CO. MEg is too cute n’ funny. If this were on icanhas… it would be all, “I can haz a nutzzz” or “Invizibul muzik stand” or something.

    Have we discussed the proshness of the delicately illuminated whiskers?

  32. Please suh, if it isn’t ever so much bother, would you mind awfully if there were to be MORE SQUIRRELS I WANT I WANT I WANT GIMME SQUIRRELS NOW!!!! if you have a moment at some point in the future? I should be terribly grateful.

  33. Oh, and my favorite is Hunka Munka and the Tale of 2 Bad Mice. I have always wanted to start a band called Punkamunka.

  34. Shannon Johnson says:

    I love it. the squirrel is funny looking.

  35. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You all described him to a T. I never see proper looking squirrels in my yard. Just the silly ones running from one tree to another looking for them nuts.


  37. Nice Christine says:

    If you hover on the closeup, the text says “schnozzle zoom” I love it.

    I can’t get over the color of these guys! As a redhead I admire their amber glow. I’m a nerd.

  38. R. Moore says:

    I cannot wait until I’m in Britain and can admire tufty eared squirrels 🙂

    I love ear tufts.

  39. LOL- only it should be Punkamunka and the Bad Mice!

  40. Beatrix Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin in the flesh/fur.

    What a cute lil monster!

  41. I shall name him Rusty and he shall be mine. Seriously though, I think he’s looking at a peanut or something equally tasty because he IS SMILING!!!!

  42. Theresa says:

    Ha! The squirrels where I live are *not* respectful!

  43. If you like this one you should come to Scandinavia. We have lots of them here! 🙂 Actually the ear tufts on this one aren’t that long. They can easily be twice as long. Totally adorable! And the babies! Awww. Cuter even than kitties (and I LOVE cats).

  44. pat_the_bunny says:

    Aw, him long, red widdle toesies! Wanna squeeze ’em twixt me forefinger and thumb. He prolly wouldn’t like that, though, so I’ll just worship him from afar.

  45. pat_the_bunny says:

    Um, note curled paw action here. And the little smiley muzzlepuff. Definitely a head-sploder.

  46. misterballer says:

    hey everyone I’m new here,pretty awesome

  47. Lunch Lady says:

    oooo, look at that little white belle!!! must…snorgle…tiny… fluffy…tumme….*dies*.

  48. His widdle face is the cutie-patootie-est EVER!!! Not to mention his demure widdle hands.


  49. OMG ceejoe! A group of owls is called parliament!

    Or is that *a* parliament?

    Or maybe I’ll just call them the p-funk allstars.

  50. misterballer, are you ready to explode? Be prepared, this site will do it to you.

  51. metsakins says:

    the leetle footsie is good but those curled under upper paws are luscious!

  52. Anna–‘twice as long?’ We need a link!!!

  53. Ear tufts! Is his name Nigel?

  54. cuteaddict says:

    i just saw this, but cute overload was #10 on the yahoo buzz log

  55. cuteaddict says:

    i love the squirrel, btw

  56. Madison says:


    What kind of squirrel is that? The little white belly! How cute..

  57. Squirrel: Well you see officer, it is like this. I was just minding my own business looking for nuts and romping thru the trees when that Cat over there walked right under neath me. I had no Choice but to throw my nuts at him. He was asking for it. You can see that can’t you?

  58. It’s a Red Squirrel. Found in the chillier climes of Scotland, Northern England and as mentioned above Scandanavia… though they might be bigger Tuft Cousins… who knows.
    There used to be a road safety character when I was a child called Tufty… he had a club “The Tufty Club”…. he was a red squirrel who taught littl’uns how to cross the road without getting squished!
    American Grey squirrels were introduced a to Britain (Victorians I think… bl**dy nutters!)and they are causing the demise of the Reds by overtaking their habitat… they also carry a disease which is wiping the little Reds out!

  59. R. Moore says:

    Hazel, great irony. The Red Fox wiped out the American Gray Fox.

    Love people traveling, but they should leave their furry friends at home.

  60. leah b. says:

    he almost looks like he is smiling for the camera, Cute !!!! great close up there CO……

  61. Skwerls make great butlers!

  62. pinkdonut says:

    I think we need a C.O.X.C.U. of the anerable feets!!!!!

  63. Know-it-all Buttinski here; red squirrels are found pretty much all over europe, except the really hot and treeless bits. Their range extends into the more northerly bit of asia all the way to the far far east. Eurasian red squirrels (colors may vary to almost black,something like 40 subspecies)….soo cuutiepoo, we got to see babies. Four wittle mini squirrelies zipping around a tree trunk. Local Mr. Red Squirrely makes Mr. Cat all excited by running around on the roof and outside walls. He also tried to steal my cleaning rag from the balcony, but it got caught in the wisteria.

  64. Flavia – The photo in the link to the article you sent is unbelievable!!! Those babies remind me of feline-flavored Knuts!

  65. Kathy C. says:
  66. Hazelnutbunny says:

    Awww…..He looks like Hammie in “Over the Hedge” after R.J. opened up the cheesey chip bag…. :O)

  67. happymeal says:

    and people ask why i like squirrels =D

  68. Actually, I’d been meaning to ask…

  69. lauowolf says:

    Is it just me, or does the close up look really a lot like Lisa Simpson?
    (Maybe give squirl a little saxiphone to check.)

  70. metsakins says:

    i see the Lisa resemblence now that u pointed it out

  71. Kiragirl says:

    To Kathy C.,
    great pic of the squirrel mohawk! Can they hide nuts in there?