For mewing out lou’ [Follow Up]

As if THIS SITUATION could get any more ridiculous, a video has surfaced (From The Fabulous Ian F.) of the ‘Chicken hatches kittens‘ thing. Good Lo’, People. Please get a load of the mewing/teeny cluck action.

BEST PART is the Cat Mom at the end. She’s all "What’s on Oprah?" [can’t be bothered]



  1. AuntieMame says:

    What’s the “Gin” “Vodka” and “Rum” all about? Different flavors of chicken feed?

  2. Catluvr says:

    Did you notice the end? It looked like the mommy was right there, wandering around!

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hmm that can’t be too comfuhtable for the kittehs. Hen is getting the better end of the deal!

  4. YES! Live action! *goes to watch*

  5. zomg :*)

  6. Catluvr – I’m guessing Mom is just like any other mom: she needed a break. 🙂 She’s all like, “Sweet, naptime.” 😀

  7. I really hope Gin, Vodka and Rum are chickens’ names, because those would be the best names ever!

  8. OMG! Teeny mews and all! I think those babies are nice and snuggly warm under all those feathers:D

  9. How many kittens are in there? It seems like every time the hen moves another little head appears!

    Oh and TAJ, I think you mean “I really hope Gin, Vodka and Rum are the kittens’ names”? There’s only one chicken in the video….

  10. I actually just assumed that that laying area can accomodate multiple chickens, even though they’re not in the video.

  11. R. Moore says:

    He he, I already watched this earlier. And I pulled in at least one person who could not pull their eyes away while the baby chickittens were on 🙂

  12. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Bok Bok, now get back under me you chickittens.

  13. No guys, the table has labels on it, Gin, Tonic & Rum.

  14. Sooner or later, one of those kittens will be asking, “How do I get out of this chicken outfit?”

  15. Cat: “Hmmmm…I could swear I’d lost something…”

    Hen: “HEY. I’m gonna needs some time to re-coop my strength – help this Chicken Off Her Sea-t!

  16. Hee! That poor chooken has probably never had such a squirmy nest!

  17. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:


  18. I can’t get over the squinty-eye-ness, the kittens look so content!

  19. I can’t get over the squinty-eye-ness, the kittens look so content!

  20. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!! The tiny “mieeews” hurt.


  21. Lunch Lady says:

    Meews n clucks! I love it!

  22. Rocknrope says:

    I’m surprised Moms didn’t move her kitkits when mother hen started coming around. My kittie got very ansy when there was too much activity/nosying around the kits, and moved them twice!

  23. leah b. says:

    cute overload???? that vidio outdoes my need for anything else cute for today. but alass I will always keep looking…..

  24. The kittens have two mommies!

  25. The hen totally cracks me up. She’s like “why is this happening to me? I can’t even take a decent egg-dump with all this wiggling going on…”

  26. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEE! The kitters are all “WTF, man, I was aseepin”. I count 6 kittehs, I think. Must watch again (and again and again) to be sure. Too bad I have so much work on my desk.

  27. mandykw says:

    hahaha the kittens look so confused. “what the HELL is this thing smooshing me?”

  28. I STILL can’t believe it!

  29. violetgreen says:

    Chickitties!…(Found in nests but furrier than chickadees.)
    If it’s small and warm-blooded, incubate it: it’s what I do!
    I wanna see what she does when they try to leave..roll them back in like eggs?
    (Mockingbird singing in backgrond.)

  30. Shandrews says:

    I wonder if the wee kittehs will grow up loving birds 🙂

  31. ginevra says:

    I love how the kittens are all trying to get away and the chicken’s all “I will keep you in the box WITH MY FEATHERY BUTT”.

  32. My favorite is when the Hen stands up and… MORE KITTENS.

  33. 🙂 @ chickitten..feathery butt
    LOL omg this is so amazing

  34. How do I get a free chicken baby sitter?

  35. Aw, what a nice hen. I swear, a mother is a mother is a mother.

  36. The kittens are so cute, looking all “huh?” I bet chicken won’t be able to keep them all down much longer.

  37. Kitteh day care, that’s what.

    But. How did this situation come to be?

  38. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very Cute

  39. SeaBreeze says:

    OoooooOOOo!! How cute!!

    AND there’s a whole nest of these cat and chix vids at Youtube, too!!

  40. pat_the_bunny says:

    Is there anything more debilitatingly cute than wobbly bebeh kittoons! *sigh*

    Chicken is all like, “what do I do??”

  41. SixFootJen says:

    Would you LOOK at teh TOCKS on that CHICKEN?!?!?!

  42. I love how the chikitens are all squirming around yet content to stay in the nest.

  43. fluidstatic says:

    the kittehs are like, “Ow! you’re stepping on my belleh!” and the hen is like “oop, sorry dears.” and mommacat is just like, “Now what was I supposed to be doing again…?”

  44. LOL kittens are all “where’s the milk in this thing?”

  45. I love the cat at the end… “There’s the food dispenser, there’s a chicken with her mewing chicklets… now where did I put those baby kittehs of mine?”

  46. “the Nanny” takes care of the kitties and the mom takes a brake!