Birdeh please!

Check out this McPuppersons. That parrot is all; "I shall eeeeat you", and the pup is all; "Birdeh pleeeeease."

That boid better step the heck off [neck all in a twist]

Aw ahn!

XOXOX, Ann F.!



  1. That doggie better watch his face. Those parrots are DEADLY!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love how puppy’s ears are straight up! Like, WTF is that thing?!

  3. SeaBreeze says:

    He looks all GET ME OUTTA HERE!!

    Good idea, puppeh – Andrea’s right … those bird beaks will take pieces outta him!

  4. Margaret says:

    Dog is saying “This squeaky toy is a kinda uppity…”

    That bird is gorgeous. Shake a ruby tail feather.

  5. WTH!! Is someone sneakin’ around mah house takin’ peekturs of mah pets?!

    But serioushly, mah puppers, King Kong, has longer hairs and my mom’s greencheek conure, Peepers, wouldn’t be all like, “I bite’chu,” he’d be all *gnash chomp roar* and the pup would be runnin’ away. Nice to see some of these animals gettin’ along. ^_^;

  6. Further proof that Interspecies Snorgling = best category. ;D

  7. R. Moore says:

    This bird looks JUST like a rescued bird I once met named Oliver. He attacked hair ties and keys 😛 Only Oliver had squished up feet because he’d been rescued from an abusive owner 😦

  8. I think this is further proof that Yorkies are by far the bestest puppehs evah! I’m in love with the look on his face. He’s all like Ummmmm Baroo?

  9. R. Moore —

    Without wishing to make light of Oliver’s plight, I first read the phrase “rescue parrot” as meaning “a parrot that participates in rescues.” My reaction: “A rescue parrot? Parrots are things people need rescuing FROM!”

  10. My lovebird lures my 7 month old, 28 kg Ridgeback pup over to him by ringing his bell, beeping (he beeps) etc then ATTACKS. No fear. This picture is like a mini version!

    “This squeaky toy is a kinda uppity…” Margaret – you kill me!

  11. Fred, shouldn´t that be ¨Margaret, yorkielling me?¨

  12. And that parrot isn’t going to budgie.

  13. zosterops says:

    hilarious body language!

  14. FACEOFF!

  15. Looks like puppy finally found out who was REALLY squawking “HEEL!” all this time …

  16. Lunch Lady says:

    Toto is thinking ” This peep is crazier then that Oz place….”

  17. leah b. says:

    that bird and dog are trying to figure each other out and they maybe good freinds in a few days…………hopefully

  18. Melissa says:

    That’s a green cheek conure, and they have an attitude of a bird the size of an ostrich. In a good way, tho.

  19. Yitzysmommie says:

    I can’t decide which is funnier, the fantastic pic or the comments this morning. I love the Baroo? look, and the cocksure look of the boid.

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Puppeh: “Ur – who are YOU?”

    Boid (in “Ratso Rizzo” voice): “Hey, I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!!”

  21. mandykw says:

    OMG “I eeeeat you” You have no idea how hard that made me laugh.

  22. mandykw says:

    ** “I shall eeeeat you” My bad.

  23. I have two small parrots (about twice the size of that green cheek). They both stalk our 75 lb lab mix and bite his nose. He’s afraid of them.

    Do not mess with the parrots!

  24. *hmph* Great, just great!
    *stalks off*
    *construction noises*
    *distant squeeeeee*
    *crashing noises*
    That’s the 5th squee sound proof chamber I’ve had to build this week! Either I got to build better ones or stop checking out this site from work.

  25. Poor parrot, he’s prolly pining for the fjords…

  26. Parrot: *sigh*
    Listen, let’s try this again we have to get this trick right to make it on Letterman, when I say “Put ’em up” it’s your PAWS that go up, not your EARS!

    Now again, from the top, “Put ’em up!”….*sigh*

  27. puppeh is all, “birdeh, please beeleeve!”

  28. Boid: So tonight, when the humans put out the cat’s food, you distract them while i slip in the poison…
    Puppersons: uh u sure this is a good idea?
    Boid: Of course….that’s the last time that cat swipes at me again…*evil laugh*

  29. Theresa says:

    Hee! Looks to me like birdy is reading puppy the riot act, and the puppy says something like “O RLY?”

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    what a funny picture

  31. R. Moore says:

    Bob, don’t worry about it. I’m allergic to feathers, so I’ve not become overly sensitive about birds 😛

  32. VitaminJ says:

    I reckon the con is the meddling gossip of that low-pile carpet.

    The greenie is all: “Yeh-esss … Your man IS stepping out on you with a norwegian elkhound named Floyd! … Everyone knows they drink from the same water bowl … Fine, be all mildly incredulous if you will.”


  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Here’s visual proof that birds don’t know they’re not dinosaurs anymore! And that yorkie is all, “Dude, wait… what?”

  34. VitaminJ – HILARIOUS! 😀

  35. Picklemom says:

    Classic conure cuteness! Personality-packed parrots.

  36. The “I shall eeeeat you”, and the pup is all; “Birdeh pleeeeease.” Is making me laugh a lot because I can totally see that bird saying that. Good times 🙂

  37. This pic made it onto for comments

  38. Texmandie says:

    Green cheek conures and their maroon-bellied cousins (like my little feathered ball of evil) fully believe that they are large macaws. Like small hyperactive dogs who want to take on the big dogs, sometimes you have to save the crazy little things from themselves!

    Mine had a visiting cockatiel cowering in the bottom of its cage. From across the room.

    The little green conures (Pyrrhura) seem to be even more aggressive than their larger, noisier Aratinga cousins (Sun conures, etc).

    Little green conure behavior-management tip: keep them from making it up to your shoulder. Once they’re eye-level, it’s over – they are now in charge.

    I love my little feathered ball of evil 🙂