Par-donn while I schnuzzle your muzzle

This poor bebe duckles, thinks this puppeh is his Mom. The puppeh is all stoked to have a pal, but still a bebeh his own self! Please check out how this duckles schnuzzles some pup muzzle.

Eileen K., I’m not gonna even ax you what your search terms were to find this vid.



  1. thedistractor says:

    This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship/sitcom.

  2. gooeyctr says:

    The cutest part is where the little girl toddles away, with the puppy following her and the duckling following on his heels!

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    AWWW!! Dogs ‘n Ducks!

  4. Interspecies snorgling is the best! And, btw, they MUST be related! They have the same color fur! LOL!

  5. Actually, it’s been all over the news and the web for a couple weeks now — apparently both the duck and the puppy were orphans and found each other. A nice family (in China, I think) has them.

  6. So, so adorable. <3 The little girl is a cute kid, too -- and I usually can't stand peoplez. :P

  7. gooeyctr – yah, that was adorable!

    ducklings = cute!
    Puppies = cute!

    ducklings + puppies = too cute for words!


  8. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I hope so, t. I wuz gonna go over to China and adopt me sum bebeh pupling and duckling!(Hey if celebs can get away with adopting baby humanoids I can do the same with bebeh fauna, so there!) Of course there is that ever-present conundrum of all those adoptable bebeh puplings at shelters and sellable ducklings at Orschelns here in the States I should be more concerned with, but the hubby won’t let me…at least he’s a mush with cats!:P

  9. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^oh, and before anyone gets into a tizzy over me saying “baby humanoids” I call all babies that, not just the ones in China! We don’t have kids of our own(by choice, but they are cute!)we like fuzzy animal bebehs better(just a little bit more). So pweez forgive me if I offend! 🙂

  10. a puppy and a duckling in China!? please don’t tell either will end up for dinner! it’s not unheard of. I live in hope 🙂

  11. Oh no, the trifecta of duckling-puppy-child just set my biological clock into four-alarm emergency alert. If you read about any kidnappings in the New York area tomorrow, it was probably me. (My dog just wisely ran for cover into my laundry basket.)

  12. shollia says:

    That is just the cutest thing ever! The puppy is adorable and the duck is adorable and together, they’re going to rule the world with their unstoppable cuteness!!

  13. “Baby (Puppeh) Got Quack”

  14. Tooo adorable. *squee*

  15. Poor misimprinted duckling… still, it looks like he’ll be okay. I think the little girl’s tiny pigtails are what make her ESPECIALLY cute.

  16. Just what I needed to start the day off right. 😀 This cuteness should carry me through until noon at least.

  17. Cute? or Sad?

  18. I’m in love.

  19. Christine says:

    I think my heart just broke into a million pieces.

  20. This is sad. They are lost and homeless. And I don’t think it’s true that “someone in China” adopted them. That’s a rumor to make us feel better. 😦

  21. OMG!

  22. metsakins says:

    Puppeh, duckling and toddler! OMG!!!!!!!!!

  23. Check out the pigtails on the baby human.
    *is ded from teh cute*

  24. Check it, peeps, they’re cared for:

    The pet puppy and duckling have become very friendly in the city of Zibo, located in the eastern part of China’s Shangdong province.

    The owner said she bought the duck two weeks ago for her child to play with. The puppy was found abandoned by her father. The owner says she felt sorry for the puppy, and took it in as a pet.

    Soon afterwards, the owner was astonished to discover that the duck stayed by the puppy’s side as they played.

    Now the odd couple is inseparable, always playing, eating and even sunbathing together.

  25. Kind of makes me think of Courage the Cowardly Dog and the The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling. Except that these two get along.

  26. thank you, sheenanana!

    wonder what it’s like to be negative about everything all the time… to always assume the worst… what a downer…

  27. hohohohoho how cute 😉

  28. Little girl with the pigtails makes it go that extra cuteness mile…

  29. Guy Person says:

    That is PUP DUCK.

  30. Oh my good… *rolleyes*

    CONTRARY to the opinion most peope seem to have of Chinese people, THEY DO NOT EAT THEIR PETS!

    So that’s settled now, I hope.

  31. mjrchapin says:

    Hey, ceejoe, lighten up on Izzy. You leaped to a big conclusion “negative about everything…all the time”–not fair. The clip was sad, 2 obvy alone baby critters on the street and not sure until Shenanna’s post what happened to them.

  32. Hey look… that duck is following that puppy around like a sick… well… puppy. Oh the irony.

  33. Little strays of cuteness…wonder what their life would have been growing up on the streets: puppy protecting duckling/duckling protecting puppy. -A saga in the making!

  34. Oh yeah, I agree: Chinese do not eat their pets…but they do eat just about everything else. Wink: I am Chinese.

  35. luvinmalssomuch says:

    sniff sniff That is soooo sweet. They make a lovely couple.

  36. SeaBreeze says:

    ……. ……

    misimprinted, yes, but CUTELY so!!!!!

    le bebeh duckling and le bebeh puppeh snorgling togetheh is de best eveh!!

    topped only by the additions of le bebeh human … ducklings and puppehs and humans, oh my!!

  37. I think the poor duckie is looking for some fledging food in that puppy muzzle. Sad/cute!

  38. now THAT deserves to be a children’s book!

  39. My own bebeh was a crabby puff this morning until she saw this! Thank you Cute Overload! I could just melt into a puddle of choco puddin’. Delicious!

  40. Actually, in my original post I mentioned they were being cared for by a family.

  41. Alice Shortcake says:

    What would we do without Cute Overload?

  42. …languish hopelessly in our low serotonin levels?

  43. I love it when the duck sidles up to the pup for a quick spoon too.

  44. Theresa says:

    Ducky snuggles! Oh noes!

  45. Noelegy says:

    The only thing I can think of after viewing this is, “Resistance is futile.”

  46. what’s the breed of that puppy? I used to have a dog exactly like that but never knew what he was..

  47. lilllbit says:


    But I tell ya, ya gotta watch those Chinese…
    They’ll turn these two cuties in to “Peking Duck” and “Peking Puppy” as soon as CNN turns off their camera….

  48. I’m sorry to be a downer, lilllbit, but I found your comment kind of offensive. We really don’t need offhand remarks like that to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Chinese people don’t eat dogs. And referring to them as “those Chinese” is especially hurtful.

  49. Cat is being too diplomatic, methinks.

    Lilllbit, you sound to me like you’re typing out of your ass.

  50. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. We need moe pictures likre that.

  51. Kendell says:

    This has to be the best cuteoverload posting I have ever seen. LOVE IT!!! I hope it’s true that they are both in a nice home now.

  52. Yes, lilllbit, Chinese people are incapable of loving animals and keeping them as pets because sooner or later an animal in the hands of a Chinese person will end up getting picked apart by a pair of chopsticks.

    Fortunately, I’m only a quarter Chinese so I’ll probably only eat 25% of the pets I’ll ever keep. Either that or I’LL EAT NONE OF THEM BECAUSE NOT ALL CHINESE PEOPLE ARE THE SAME & STEREOTYPES ARE ILLOGICAL WTFOMGKTHXBYE

    (I made myself giggle, heheh..)


    Bebeh puppy! Bebeh duckie! Bebeh human!!! Is that the new cuteness trifecta? 😉

    And to all the ignoranuses here making offensive comments about the Chinese: now that you’ve proven your stupidity and blind adherence to stereotypes, how about you go GET SOME EFFING EDUCATION WHILE YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET?

  54. “Fortunately, I’m only a quarter Chinese so I’ll probably only eat 25% of the pets I’ll ever keep.”

    LOL, tesstricks. ^_^

  55. I would like to thank “mjrchapin” for sticking up for me! Also, I am hoping that all the Chinese comments are really just unfunny “jokes.” It always surprises me when people get nasty with each other in the CO comment section. It seems like we are all here b/c we loves the cute, not to be cyber creeps!

  56. I don’t know about ducks and dogs, but I found this picture of “oriental” food in a wok that is much more cute…

    Have they no shame at all?

  57. CBF – That is ADORABLE beyond words! (Black humour, yes, but adorable!)

    Maybe you’ve seen the “pets in pots” on CO … here’s an example.

  58. bongobunny says:

    Ok, I have to say that once I read the article and was assured that they are not homeless, I enjoyed the video more. PROSH!

  59. Are you my mama?

  60. lindsey says:

    OK, I ask you: what are derogatory comments about Chinese people doing in a website about cute animals?! I mean, really, people! Are you telling me I can’t see pictures of cute kittens without coming across some idiotic comments?! Usually, I avoid reading comments because sometimes they’re so offensive, but I NEVER expected to find bad comments at a website about cute animals. *shakes head*

    Anyway, gotta love the way the duckling snuggled up with the dog. Ah, so cute!