Even a small glurp will do

Look, even a teeny glurp is worth the effort of deleeeeeeeeeeeschous meelks.

[Stuffs face further in]


Keep up the Grade A work, Kosmo and Kristina 😉



  1. Bleen?

  2. thedistractor says:

    It’s like the corgi and peanut butter.

  3. Gene Simmons Cat makes you pour yourself some ice water.

  4. Love the mirror effect

  5. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I have this problem with my two tuxes.I often have to hold my dinner plate in the air to keep them off.

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Just a dinner plate, your honor? I hafta do the whole table setting, chair, bullwhip AND table to fend them off of what I’m eatin’! Especially when it comes to bread’n’buttah!

  7. Gene Simmons wishes he had a tongue like that.

    I had one who would only drink from my glass if it was on the bedside table.

    Got to the point where I had two: one for her and one with a cover so it would be fur-free. Fur-freer anyway.

  8. Got cat?

  9. Kar, you get your milk fur free? I have to pay $3 for a carton!

  10. Pink lapping tongue and white kitteh toes! Thank goodness I’m not lap-toes intolerant!

  11. LOL! I love how his face is flattened and the ruff around his neck is pushed out of the glass! He looks like some sort of Marquis.

  12. Oh, and how about some milk rap? (Thanks to Brownamazon for the orginial link!)

  13. Ha…my cat does that with my glass of water every chance she gets. I’ve resigned myself to sharing it.

  14. Ha! “lap-toes intolerant” Ha! Good one!

  15. I have two cats who always jumps on my wife every time she has a glass of water. Never on me though. I don’t share my water…

  16. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Juniper Jupiter. I thought my two were unusual when they stole a slice of bread from the bag last Saturday, as I thought they can’t digest this sort of thing.

  17. I’ve seen this scene many times….oh, ice tea is quite the target, also!

  18. leah b. says:

    that is a long tougue there kitty, soon it will be the dunk the foot action here…

  19. WiccanWolf says:

    I just found out one of our new kitties likes to drink out of a cup. I’ve been sick and keeping a cup of water next to the bed to help get rid of dry mouth at night and she’s drank most of it. Yesterday she had her head so far in trying to get at the water I was afraid she was going to spill it so I refilled it for her now that I don’t need it anymore. This same cat also loves bread too! She will forgo the meat on a sandwich to eat the bread!


  20. heheh… no glass of water or piece of food is safe in my house… with ten kittehs, there is bound to be someone who will eat/drink whatever it is…
    I even have one kitteh that goes nuts trying to get at the romaine lettuce that I have for the guinea piggehs…

  21. Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Must. Leeeek. Teh Meeelk.

  22. What a beautiful kitteh!

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    A straw just wouldn’t cut it. It has to be good to the last LICK!

  24. rpennefe says:

    Speaking of…

    We had a going away party on Sunday. I had all this lovely food out for the guests. I even put out wine and a plate of some gorgeous smoked gouda. I leave the room for a minute…for ONE MINUTE…and when I return my tortie is licking the cheese.

    So, I’m in a quandry – should I serve the cheese as is or should we forgo the cheese?

    I’ll leave it to your imaginations to decide the course of action I took.

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yeah, seriously! My two upstairs cats love bread! I don’t know why, maybe cuz they have that stray kitten thing ingrained in them where it’s eat while you get or starve, but they just can’t get enough of it. But trust me, I don’t willingly feed it to them on a regular basis, maybe a nibble or two, but sometimes they get like the whole side of crust! Sneaky little runts! 😛

  26. I would definitely serve the cheese! but I’m a bad person.

    LOVE long kitteh tongueQ!

  27. Dale, I don’t have lofty goals like fur-free milk. Just maybe not so much hair in my Cherry Coke. Usually I’ll put a plastic take-out bowl upside down over my glass to keep furry tongues out of it. My cat Chiaro used to love to lick the icecubes especially.

  28. Tell us! Dija serve the cheese? I must know!!

  29. Shandrews says:

    Shouldn’t this fall under the “I Shall Leek You” category? LOL, too cute 🙂

  30. OMG that tongue.

  31. My God rpennefe, I ate that cheese! I’m never coming over again.

  32. eeehhhnnnn!!!!lol

  33. Karen in Toronto says:

    LOL. LMAO. ROTFLMAO. It just gets better and better. “Lap-toes intolerant” — gsnerk (milk comes out nose).

  34. Theresa says:

    Yum! Everything tastes better with kitty spit!

  35. No fair! I sent in a picture of my cat doing this over a year ago and it never got put up.

    Plus, my cat is soooooooooooo much cuter than this one.

  36. My aunt has to keep a glass of water on the table with a straw in it for the cat. This way everyone knows whose glass it is.

  37. My mom’s cat had to have a glass of ice water in front of the TV every night after dinner.

    His tongue was not nearly this impressive, though.

    I’m betting the tortie-licked part was scraped off and the cheese was served.

  38. I have a glass of water by my bed and one by my TV chair. My cat won’t drink out of anything else. She completely ignores bowl of water on her place mat in kitchen. But.. since it’s her water.. I don’t let it get so far down that she has to dig for it or she’d probably tip it over and spill water all over.

  39. Ahhh! That reminds me of these great classics of science research!


  40. See, this looks cute. However, when you get home at 9pm after a long day of work and need to drive your cat to the emergency vet because he managed to get his head stuck in a glass jar of strawberry jelly, we’ll see if you’re amused!

    Actually, it was pretty amusing. Not for the cat, or for me at the time, but my fiance sure did get a good laugh out of it.

    And yes, the cat was fine, but I’ve since learned to not leave any jars on my kitchen counter.

  41. LOL Arvay, too funny! And, since we don’t have “beefy bovril” in the U.S. and I, at least, wouldn’t waste any of my wine on the cat, I’m glad you did the research for us!

  42. Shannon Johnson says:

    So funny, I love it.

  43. See, this looks cute. However, when you get home at 9pm after a long day of work and need to drive your cat to the emergency vet because he managed to get his head stuck in a glass jar of strawberry jelly, we’ll see if you’re amused!

    Actually, it was pretty amusing. Not for the cat, or for me at the time, but my fiance sure did get a good laugh out of it.

    And yes, the cat was fine, but I’ve since learned to not leave any jars on my kitchen counter.

  44. Mary, it’s not my site! I found it looking for something else!

  45. At my house, we would scrape the cheese, turn it upside down to hide the edit, and serve. But I’m not admitting that we have ever done that.

    We have one kitty who always begs for a leaf from the bag of salad. And then licks it. And leaves it on the floor. And we keep giving it to her!!! What are we thinking?

    The other cat is much more polite. She waits patiently for you to finish your bowl of cereal and then when you offer her the empty bowl, she licks the last little bit of milk out of the bottom.

  46. Lenore — I *know* you can come up with some sort of automated solution here.

    Post post post. Please please please?

  47. I am impressed not only by the loooong peenk tongue, but by the spotlessly clean table that is providing such a perfect reflection. However was that achieved? Nary a hair, nor a toe print, just pristine mirror-image kitty.

  48. Hehe, I would be cutting off the kitty slobber and turning it upside down and serving.

    Once I was doing Girl scout camp and had to edit the Tuna fish before I turned it into tuna salad for sandwiches. It was draining on the counter and my cat that never got on the counter did.

    Then there is magneto. You have to beat her off with a spray bottle of water to get her to leave you alone when you are eating.

  49. You people are grossing me out. Cat’s clean themselves with their tongues and you would serve something licked by that to your friend? Don’t be such a cheapskate and buy more cheese!!

  50. Yuk, germ-phobic much?

  51. Cat cooties don’t scare us.

  52. metsakins says:

    I would definitely serve the cheese. Not out of cheapness, but who wants to run to a store right before guests are coming over? For me it would not be the first time I ate food a cat licked.

  53. Cat cooties! LMAO!

  54. The other Helene says:

    Yes, calicooties 😛

  55. rpennefe says:

    LOL! Don’t tell my mother (who would faint at the suggestion), but I did cut off the kitty-licked parts and serve the cheese. Dude…I paid good money for that cheese…and it tasted delicious (before and after it was kitty licked).

    My husband tells an even better story about the time he had chicken pox. He was five or six at the time, and his grandmother was staying with him while he was sick (the ‘rents were at work). She popped him into a tub with epsom salts, or what ever it is you’re supposed to use to reduce the itching sensation. There was some commotion outside of the bathroom, she went to investigate and came back some little time later. She didn’t say what had happened.

    Later that night, after the family had finished eating a delicious beef brisket, his grandma told the family that the dog, Polly, had filched the frozen brisket from where it was thawing on the counter, dragged it upstairs and under a bed. She got it away from the dog, rinsed it off, cooked it and served it.

    After all, it was a good piece of beef and cooking it should have removed any germs, right?

  56. Theo, are you suggesting that I come up with an automated solution the problem of cat spit on food? Or doling out lettuce to cats? I haven’t even automated the granular media distribution method for my 3D fabricator!!! How can I automate a solution to cats?

    But maybe someday I’ll tell you what my mom did about the cat footprints in the frosting the morning of the golden wedding anniversary party.

  57. Lenore — all I’m sayin’ is you’re bound to get bored of the Caramelizer eventually. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…

    …well dangit, now I’m thinking about how you might improve your resolution. Green laser?

  58. Bearfoot says:

    All this talk reminds me of the time my kitty tired to drag the enitre thanksgiving turkey off of the table.

    Tried being the key word. It was about twice as big as he was and likley would’ve killed him if he succeeded…