Crank this soundtrack

Good Lo’ People.

You and your sound tracks. [shaking head]

OK, without further ado, please check out the anerable "Uni" the Hedge, with his moist nosicle, love of TP tubes, and hilarious leg kicks.


Exxxxxcellent submishe, Michele F. 😉

// UPDATE — video is from Kaija and Charlotte‘s YouTube page //



  1. Courtney says:


    Hedgie feet!

    That’s one moist nosicle.

  2. OMG Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genises music!! 1991!!

  3. Lovely ^^

  4. Yay indeed! What a perfect way to start my morning. Love those hedgies and their tiny little feet.

  5. Haha! I’m in love! That hedge is just as helpless as a turtle stuck on it’s back! Love love love the flailing leggies!

  6. The most perfect wiggly moist nosicle!


  7. SeaBreeze says:

    What a cute little hedgie!!! The whole video was almost sweet … methinks he … she … couldn’t turn over on those cushions so that part is not fun at all. But the rest of the vid was great!!! 😀

    And, further sound effects, I got to listen to squirrels gallomping around on my roof while the vid was playing!! 😀

  8. I think hodges are cute as all get-out, but I’m still astounded that people keep them as pets.

    Are these specially bred creatures or just your common or er… garden variety hedgehog?

  9. Meg, as I sit here with the goofy grin on my face after looking a sweet hedge antics, I must tell you. I think I am a happier person, period, simply because of the posts at your site. Thank you for your contribution toward world peace. Not kidding. Mary

  10. So that’s how they keep their nosicles moist… by licking them 🙂

  11. OMG, I seriously burst out giggling in my cubicle. How adorable.

  12. Heh-heh, the cutest part is at the end, when the hedgie and his tp roll head off into the sunset (or at least the den) together, for more adventures!

  13. It’s the cheesy soundtrack that makes this art.

  14. Is that Hedge Hog Kung Fu he’s doing on his back?

    Well done Grasshoppa!

    So cuuuuute! My first post for CO! Thanks!

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! Just a few minutes ago I was sent this. Meg and Theo is spying on me.

  16. I would name a pet hedgehog, Rosebud, for it’s leetle pink nose. Even a rose has thorns.

  17. Oh no, send me to apostrophe school.

  18. I love ur website. I used to own a hedgehog of my own. they are sooo cute. I’m going to post a link to ur site from my blog if that’s ok.
    Take care

  19. 'pyrit' says:

    It is good that hedgehogs’ quills do not impale their owners’ with deep holes. I am thankful about that. Unlike, say, a porcupine would, on a dog; a persistant canine, possessing determination beyond the bounds of common sense, though a dozen quills be sticking out of the dog’s nose and another dozen quills on its’ paws, like little hors d’oeurves toothpicks except they have to pulled out with pliers. So, yay for hedgehogs.

  20. Starlight Zone!

    I love Sonic the Hedgehog. And I love Uni the Hedgehog.

  21. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hedgehog aerobics! SUBLIME!!!

  22. lol ‘pyrit’ – I’m an apostrophe nerd too. But ya know, ya get so used to seeing people use them wrong, that I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out…

  23. He’s all “What the heck I can never seem to get to the end of this tunnel! Must reach the light!”

  24. py’rit’s a ri’ot!

    And Uni’s adorable! This video could win over even the most hard-hearted hedge-hater.

  25. SarahP: Are you from the UK? I’ve seen peeps from over there post about hedgies in their hedges. I’ve only seen pet hedgies (here in the US); I didn’t even think there were wild hedgies. (Duh, where else would they have come from?) I dunno if we have wild ones here.

  26. Hehe.
    [waits for P’y’r’i’t to notice]

  27. Teho, what have you done? *smacks knuckles with wooden ruler*

  28. Lovelylisa says:

    Awwww doesn’t he look like a microphone when he tries to get in the tube!

  29. Theo – Y’re messin’ wi’ my head!
    (‘K, I noticed! Been o’wise occupie’d ’til ‘moment ‘go.)

  30. [looks down at hands]
    Brinn — whose knuckles were you aiming for?

    ;’) — for Pyrit”’

  31. metsakins says:

    that nosicle looks delishe
    must kiss eeet

  32. Oh! This is soooo cute.

  33. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I love the squirm and kick routine.

  34. Okay up until now I was thinking what ever do those hedgie people see in those pincusions on legs. But now I get it. OMG PONI1ES!!!1!! his face his little legs.

  35. Jealous! I was going to video tape my hedgie (Zenglebert) getting himself out of a ball! I’ve been outwitted!

    Sadly, however, my Zenglebert does not approve of tubing. 😦

  36. up until now I couldn’t figure out the attraction to these pin cusions with legs but the face and those feet squirming are just too cute!

  37. Such a cute video=) Love the old school electronic keyboard stylings as well! Makes me want a hedgehog, even though they’re illegal where I live.

  38. That’s kinda like what I resemble when I’m doing those crunches where you start with arms out and fold them in, and legs out and fold them in…. just takes too much coordination.

  39. THeo How did that happen? I posted and it like did the captcha delay and dumped me out. and I didn’t see my post so I posted again and now I am there twice. HEhe so sorry

    [dunno… wasn’t me – Ed.]

  40. Uni is apparently cruising around Starlight Zone the sloooooowest we’ve ever seen it played. But also the cutest. 😀

  41. Snowmonkeyplum says:

    Adorable! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who recognized this as the soundtrack from one of the levels of Sega’s “Sonic the Hedgehog”, or I would be feeling even more nerdy right now.

  42. I have a strong urge to save up my TP and paper towel tubes and send them to a hedgehog sanctuary.

  43. AmyH: You could check with these guys; they might need them.

  44. I forgot about that post. We could do a CO TP & PT Tube Drive for St. Tiggywinkles! Great idea!

  45. JayDT: It’s Hedge Fu! xD

    Krr: Zenglebert! Zenglerbert Bumbledack, yes?! ::dances!::

  46. Starlight Zone! WEE

  47. so, i think “Uni” means sea urchine, if sushi menus have taught me anything…reminds me of when people name their dog “Bear”.

  48. thedistractor says:

    Anner- I know down here in
    Alabama, naming a dog Bear has pretty much only one meaning.

  49. Lol I love the music!! Isn’t that from Sonic the Hedgehog? Very appropriate. 😉

  50. vanessa says:

    omg, he’s so cute with his little quivering nose and the feet flailing about in the air. but it’s the sticking-out-of-the-tongue and the little air bites that kill me!

  51. BrianMPLS says:

    theo, pyrit, thanks to you i think i might start using apostrophes when i want to exclaim without making a point.
    like this:
    I want a hedgehog”’

    yesterday I replied to a political email to correct their use of “then” where they meant “than.” 🙂
    is that going too far?

  52. I never realized how many people had hedgies for pets until I started getting CO in my Google reader. Tell me…are they good pets? Affectionate? Do they bite? How do they get along with dogs? Cats? This little one sure looks like a treat to have around!

  53. thedistractor: What meaning is that?

    /not from Alabama

  54. pat_the_bunny says:

    Oh my garshk!! This is the first time I have seen one of those in action! Would someone please stuff that little guy into the paper tube before he keels over from frustration! And the flailing around on its back for extended periods of time. What’s that about! Lastly, the hyperactive nosicle!

    Now I know why people keep these little goobers as pets. So entertaining!

  55. pat_the_bunny says:

    marmar: just don’t p*ss Theo off or he will harsh the peace buzz.

    [snippy snipey, Pat – Ed.]

  56. WiccanWolf says:

    This so makes me miss my hedgies. *sniff*

    There are two different types of hedgehogs. The European hedgehog is about as big as a cat and it’s illegal over there for anyone to own one as a pet, although I hear people put food out for them and stuff.

    The ones in the pet trade are African Pygmy Hedgehogs. They are very docile and enjoy human company if socialize properly. They make wonderful pets.


  57. Bummer. Just read Hedgies are illegal in California. I remember when Ferrets became illegal too. I don’t understand why. What a bummer, they are so cute.

  58. poi-fect

  59. I’m pretty sure my head just exploded from cute.

  60. “pretty sure” your head just exploded???

    Here, I can help. Look around. Do you see any of your head?

  61. How in he heck do you obtain a hedge? I want one!!!

  62. Charlotte says:

    this is my video and I sent it in to cuteoverload a while ago but it didnt get on… im confused

  63. BrianMPLS says:

    sometime people with ‘sploded heads need a little help with that sort of thing.

  64. Charlotte — I’ve added a credit & link back to your YouTube. Nice hedgie!

  65. leah b. says:

    I did not know if I would like hegdies but I due they cute and funny love the music.. But with 3 kitties I dont think it would go over well in my house

  66. Definitely Sonic the Hedgehog Casino Zone music. So adorable.

  67. Catherine says:

    It’s not the Casino zone! It’s the starlight zone from the original Sonic game on the mega drive/ genesis!

  68. SQUEEEEEEE, just like Mocha the cute hamster!!

    BTW what happened to the Cute Overload Chat?

  69. “For the love of all that’s holy,


  70. What a sweet fair hedgie! The soundtrack is from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega genesis….for the starlight zone level, I think…. /geek

  71. thedistractor says:

    Tracey- The University of Alabama’s greatest football coach was named Paul “Bear” Bryant. Alabama fans like to name their dogs Bear in reference to the coach.

  72. I saw this on youtube the other day and then lost about half an hour to clicking on related hedgie videos and going AWW!

    Charlotte: Uni is beautiful!

  73. Shannon Johnson says:

    That was funny. I would like a little hedge.

  74. michellie says:

    sonic ftw! ah good memories 😀

    and what a precious hedgie! *chomps little feets*

  75. ohhh… this hedgie hog
    is so adorable
    especially its little
    tiny feet 😀

  76. Kaija and Charlotte – Uni is BEAUTIFUL! And so social. Great to see him. My Numo could be his pal – he loves the TP tubes and does the I’m-tired-of-being-in-a-ball kunk fu kicks too. Happy hedgie!

  77. Finally!

    A chance to experience the charms of the hedgehog up close. What total fun!!


  78. R. Moore says:

    I don’t know about hedgehogs, but I know ferrets and gerbils are illegal in CA because they’re considered agricultural pests/ could fill the niche of endangered native wildlife.

    Seeing as how California supplies a good portion of the country’s produce, I’m willing to make the sacrifice until I move away.

  79. Felicity says:

    WiccanWolf: you must have strangely tiny cats in the US if you think the European hedgehog is as big as a cat!! Now that WOULD be scary in my back garden! Years ago we had to rescue one from the hole an old washing-line pole had left..he was so far down we had to use the sponge-lined tongs from a neighbour’s ancient twin-tub washing-machine to reach him!

  80. Hee! Cute hedgie. Love the twitching nosicle!

  81. get /down/, li’l brutha!

    (i never was a fan of hedge-hop before, but this guy is pretty good)

  82. Charlotte says:

    thanks for the credit!! Now I’m just wondering if you got some of my other submissions…

  83. “Starlight Zone!”

    Heck yeah! My favorite zone. I ruled so much at sonic!

  84. “Hedge-hop”?

    Thank you. Just- thank you.

  85. When that little hedgehog started to flick his little legs around, I just fell in love. It looked like he was dancing to the Sonic the Hedgehog (How appropriate) music!! Being a fan of Sonic, this was both entertaining and cute.

  86. When that little hedgehog started to flick his little legs around, I just fell in love. It looked like he was dancing to the Sonic the Hedgehog (How appropriate) music!! Being a fan of Sonic, this was both entertaining and cute.

  87. Sorry about the double post. Computer was getting frustratingly slow. ^^’ it’s all better now, though.

  88. Ylva Blomstrand says:

    That was adorable! I totally squeed when he kicked his legs about! X3
    And to the music of Starlight Zone, too. Sonic geek happy now.