As sender-inner Emily C. says;"So posed… so precious… so…wrong?" Wayle, the eyeballs match.






  1. It ain’t easy bein’ green. 🙂

  2. ZOMG!


  3. Forget the frog – it’s Betty Davis Cat!!

  4. The spice must flow…

  5. it’s the blue couch of faboo again!

  6. weensicka says:

    Oh noes! It almost looks like teh bebbeh is about to do a face plant goin’ after the froggie and Mr. Hand is like, “Noes!” Yoink!

  7. Bronze Dog, you owe me a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, shirt…and a replacement for one large blueberry-cranberry-pomegranate protein smoothie!

    For he IS the Kitsatz Hadercat! ^__^


  8. newmoonpie says:

    wow… that kittehhh has gorgeous eyes. which came first, the kittehh or the couch cushions?

  9. Ohhh!! Dune References you are the bomb Bronze Dog. I love those books.

  10. I love the Ketteh Face he is all What is that Thing? and Get it away from me. Nmeow!

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    Kitty sorta looks like his eyes are bulging cuz he’s being scruffed. I had to scruff and hold down a baby for a leukemia test this weekend, and I thought her eyes would pop out of her head.

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ya know, it DOES look like this kitteh face is being scruffed….YM steals kitten & snorgles it & pets it until it calms down & cuddles in her arms & purrs.

  13. Bronze, you owe me lunch, since I just spit mine all over the monitor, keyboard, desk…

  14. Wahahahahahaha! That just made my Monday.

  15. Say, isn’t that the same kitty from the Cats ‘n’ Racks pic the other day? This one:

    Poor kit is shocked, SHOCKED, I say! First boobs and now frogs? The audacity!

  16. Um...NO says:

    A kitten having its skin pinched back so hard its eyes are bugging out is NOT CUTE.

  17. Chomp!

  18. I don’t get the sense that he’s getting really scruffed. He doesn’t have that botox-can’t smile expression and the fur between his ears doing look like it’s being pulled back.

    He doesn’t look like a Trophy Wife after one too many face lifts.

  19. leah b. says:

    Poor pitty being compared to a frogies eyes argh!!!
    Sorry but in my book kittes rule over frogs !!!!
    Kitteh looks kindaa scared by the camera shot anyway, just don’t name it yoda , lol

  20. Yes, Cwankypants, that’s exactly what I thought too – I recognize those crazy kitten eyes! Then, I looked, and the sender-inner’s name is the same – Emily. So I suspect that this is indeed the same crazy-eyed kitten, back for his closeup. I’m so glad, he was my favorite. I looooove brown tabbies! 🙂

  21. pritikiti412 says:

    I think its cute….He’s not pinching the kitteh, just holdink its head up 🙂

  22. Well, someone is grabbing his neck… Shouldn´t this be an animalfriendly site?

  23. Yes, because everyone KNOWS kittens aren’t carried around by the skin of their necks by their mothers…

    *rolls eyes*


  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    Just WHAT are those two staring at?

  25. He’s so adorable! This MUST be the same wide-eyed kitteh from the Cat’s ‘n Racks photo the other day. Same sender-inner and all. I wanna snorgle him but he doesn’t look like he’s in the mood just yet! 😉

  26. BTW, peeps, didja see the new C.O. buttons available up there? Left hand margin? Here’s the link. I’m gonna go shopping…(sing song)

  27. acelightning says:

    D2D – *splort*!

    (And this pic is just *begging* to be made into a Cat Macro…)

  28. Shandrews says:

    Isn’t this the same kitty that is in the “rack” with two other kitties further down the page? Its eyes are gorgeous, no white but blue on green 🙂

  29. Um...NO says:

    D2D, is that hand the kitten’s mother? No? Then STFU.

  30. If this kitten were being pinched or having his/her skin pulled back, wouldn’t it be in pain and squealing or struggling to get away? The look on the wee face doesn’t really reflect that. Just sayin

  31. Love it! Har, har! ;D

  32. Ahem, but what about the thumb directly in the frog´s jugular? I thought this was an animal friendly site!

  33. Sabella says:

    Not sure what to think about kitties’ expression. The hand is doing something there..just not sure what!

    … actually made me guffaw! XD

  34. metsakins says:

    Kitty looks okay to me, not in pain. So is someone goin to tell us if this is the same Emily C’s kitteh?????

  35. Frankie says:

    Those popped-out eyes are a perfectly normal (though delightfully goofy) expression for some kittens. When my sweet Lulu was a baby, her eyes looked like that ALL the time. I coined the phrase “Boo Face” in response. Lulu still gets a boo face (even though she’s 16, still my sweet baby) when surprised or just feeling intense.

  36. Good point Dale, The frog’s life is clearly in danger. Kind of like “give me all your kibble or the frog gets it!”

  37. We’re being faced with a hostage situation. This frog has been kermit-napped.

  38. “Um…NO”, if you want to get really technical…I doubt that kitten sees the human hand as anything worse than the same steadying grip that he feels when his Mama is carrying him. He is a kitten, yes–but he is neither a helpless newborn, nor is he so restrained that he can’t squirm out of the person’s grip, most likely leaving them with a lovely set of scratches in the process. And anyone who has handled an unhappy kitten knows that their claws are a dozen times sharper than any adult’s drape-hooks.


  39. Emily C’s perpetually shocked tabby kitten!! I used to do this with my cat Sammie to make her look shocked…it was hilarious. You can do it really gently by taking the scruff of the neck without pinching. Sammie used to purr when I did it…which made it even funnier…

    This guy, however, looks like he’s just got Emily’s hand holding him lightly on the scruff. So cute!

  40. Yes, same Emily C and same kitty! Just saw this post! Thanks Aunt Peg for calling my attention to it!

    And dear LORD, I am NOT hurting Hershel (his name). I’ve been bootle feeding (and pooping as you may recall) those kittens for weeks now! And all to get them adopted to a loving home. Jeeze people.

    And yes, I have man hands. LOL! I do! Really. At least in this post you can’t see my “wrong-coloured” shirt that offended some folks.

    FYI: The other kitties are Worm and BigUn. AND, a bit of science trivia, they look all wide-eyed because they are so little their eyes don’t work 100% yet. They were 4 weeks old in these pictures.

    I’m super glad y’all likey the pic.s. I LOVE this site and have been trying to get on 4-ever!!

    I should give a shout out to evelyn who took all these great pic.s. Way to go Eve!

  41. I agree, we need a LOlcat.

    Or maybe just a text line at the bottom, “The Spice Must Flow!1!”

    PS: You might be right about that frog. Check out that thin-lipped grimace. Obviously under duress.

  42. Busted – that is my finger on the frog’s jugular. He was harmed in the taking of this picture…very, very harmed. Only I know where his little tiny body is buried in a matchbox. The kitty was NOT harmed. He always looks like that. PS – he’s up for adoption if anyone is really serious about getting him away from the “crazy lady in the bad tank”

  43. “Okay, kitten. Now do a frog. Frog! Do eet! Good kitty.”

  44. oaklandcat says:

    His eyes are a perfect bleen color.

  45. Oh, Emily and Pinny, if I could I would take home crazy-eyed tabby in a second! I, however, live in a no pets building…with one pet. I don’t think I could get away with two. 🙂

    Oh, and Emily? Your hands are fine!!

  46. I was just about to post and say “I don’t think it’s the same kitty–that’s not Emily C’s hand holding the frog, anyway”. I’m an illustrator, drawing hands and feet are my particular passion and Emily, you have beautiful hands, I’m telling you. Thanks for clearing that up. Now I can live a normal life. arr arr

  47. gailf548 says:

    Talk about resemblance – compare this kitty with
    “It’s been awhile”

  48. GailF — it’s the same kitten; he’s named Herschel. See Emily’s comment, above.

  49. So wrong! I love it!

  50. I’m coming late, but when I saw this, I thought the conversation went like this:
    Mom: have you been gnawing on Mr. Frogpants again? Fess Up!
    Kitteh: crap, I’m busted, think of a lie, think. of. a. lie…

  51. Man, I was gonna make a cool Clockwork Orange reference but someone made a much bettah Dune reference.
    Ok I’m over it now. 🙂

  52. I know I’m really late saying this, but a vet once told me that when you scruff a kitten, it releases endorphins and they kind of get high, so if that kitten were being scruffed, those ginormbulous eyes would be happy little purring kitty ones.

  53. Lurks — srsly?? Whoa.

  54. This kitten kinda looks like he’s been in a staring contest with the goldfish.