Bok! cuteoverload Bok! [say in bird voice]

[Bird ‘mimic’ voice] Bak! snorgle some ‘tocks, snorgle some ‘tocks Baaaaak!


Lexi F., nice work… 😉



  1. Look a real Peep at Cute OVerload!!!

  2. lol, annie!

    *gaw-jus* bird!!

  3. JessLynn says:

    What a beautiful bird! I love the colors!
    BTW, this is my first post; I’ve been visiting CO for a while. Thanks for all the Cute! Keep up the good work!

  4. Is the bird pointing at us? With both feets?

    I get the feeling we’re being flipped off. 🙂

    Regardless, I wanna nuzzle the little beak/forehead spot.

  5. Should it be a rule that if an animal is looking at Cute Overload it’s cute? Or maybe have a new category for it as it has happened more than three times now?

  6. What IS he? He’s gorgeous!

  7. just gotta lurve them peachy cheeks…..

  8. I luv lovebirds! They’re so cute! And easy to tame too! Dunno what kind of lovebird it is though.

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    He’s like a little rainbow!

  10. he is wondering why people feel that cats and dogs are cute

  11. So vibrantly beeuteefull!
    The colors! Look at the colors!

  12. Wow! Beautiful colors. What kind of bird is that?


  13. Lovely plumage. I wonder if he is pinin’ for the chat boards?

  14. R. Moore says:

    This bird is only a little cute–it’s mostly beautiful 🙂

    Also, CO buttons?! Must… Not… Impulse… Buy…

  15. R. Moore — SUCCUMB! SUBMIT! BUUUYYY!!!
    resistance is cutile

  16. Did God really create a beak and plumage that colorful? Beautiful job.

    That ‘tude though, that’s even better.

  17. R. Moore says:

    Theo, are you a CO Dalek?

  18. Forget the bird, I’m more curious about that vertical Firefox toolbar. Ehn! Must have! /nerdgasm

  19. iBran: Check out

    Everyone else–can you tell the vintage of the pic by what the CO background looks like? I can’t, but I bet someone can.

    ps gor-juss birdie!

  20. ps I want a button, but a Butt-in? Hmmmm.

  21. TFMS:

    I think he’s resting. Remarkable bird, though.

  22. leah b. says:

    Is that a love bird ? that is a beautiful bird!!!!
    what wonderful coloring on you liitle birdie!!!!!!

    that should be a spokesperson or spokespet for cute overload make that into a sticker it would sell like hotcakes.

  23. resistance is cutile, LOL

  24. R. Moore — Borg, Dalek, Imperial Stormtrooper, Cylon, Shadow, Grue, army of Fuzzy clones, wave of mutilation, RIAA… pick your poison

    Tor — it was this year’s spring background (second-most recent).

  25. I don’t know if anyone’s posted this yet, but it’s a peach faced lovebird.

  26. DejaMew says:

    Teho-Don’t forget BrownCoat. hehe

  27. Martha in Washington says:

    I want to taste the rainbow! I could just eat him up he’s so beautiful!

  28. Every software pirate should have a parrot, I think.

    “SQUWRAAAAAAWK! Pieces of eight-bit!”

  29. DejaMew — I was listing bad guys, you Alliance apologist!

    two by two, hands of blue…

  30. Aubrey I bet they bought him in Notlob.

    Oh lawdy I am a dork.

  31. hrh.squeak says:

    Don’t worry, TFMS, we’re all dorks on this bus. But *cute* dorks.

  32. hrh.squeak says:

    Don’t worry, TFMS, we’re all dorks on this bus. But *cute* dorks.

  33. well… some of us are double dorks.

  34. Stop with the repeats! Stop parroting yourselves!

    You all deserve to be bereft of life!

  35. Psstt…. Martha in Washington? Have you heard about what’s happening Labor Day weekend? Email me, ‘k? ‘Tanks!

    AND Beeyootiful boid-ey! He should have his own bu-in. I bet a double dork could create one, fer shur!

  36. its actually a fischer’s lovebird

  37. snorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgles the flouff! And the poufy tummy frouff!

  38. DejaMew says:

    Teho- Oh, right. *bows head in reverence and returns to Sci-fi channel* 😀

  39. kit kat says:

    still can’t believe they killed Wash and Shepherd Book…

  40. DejaMew says:

    kit kat: I know!!! wahhhhhhh! :(( I want them to continue the Firefly/Serenity storyline so bad!!!! I was completely fascinated by the whole thing and need to add it to my DVD library and quit netflix’ing it over and over again.

  41. It looks like he’s tapping his toenails!

  42. My favorite things are the smile on his beak and the almost dainty way his little outer claws are sticking out like a refined litte gentlebird (think pinky and teacup). He knows he is a pretty boy.

  43. yankeebird says:

    This reminds me of Infinite Cat. Let’s get another photo of another animal looking at the bird looking at CO, and away we go!

  44. R. Moore says:

    Theo, I bow to your superior geekiness. But then I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few years on me. I got maybe half of those right off the bat.

    Were the blue hand guys ever given names besides “pure evil”?

  45. Someone above said that he is a peach faced lovebird. He is actually a Fisher’s lovebird and his name is Mishri. 🙂

  46. OMFG *raised toes* OMFGPON1ES!!!11!

  47. “Don’t worry, TFMS, we’re all dorks on this bus. But *cute* dorks.”

    HRH Squeak, is that a Firesign Theatre reference I see?! I thought I was the ONLY one around here familiar with them. Oh MAN! The MEMORIES! *falls over laughing*

    The peachie looks kinda like he’s trying for the next ViewSonic logo, don’cha think…?



    “Snorgle me! Brawwwk!”

    He looks like this little dude:

  49. hrh.squeak says:

    Subhangi, thanks! Now I must have a parrot just so I can teach him to say “Snorgle Me!”

    D2D – Yes, yes it is Firesign Theater. Don’t crush that dork, hand me the pliers!

  50. BlackheartCherry says:

    Oh, I used to have a Fischer’s lovebird. Cutest birdie ever. Rather unsnorgleable, though- she pecked REALLY hard

  51. Squeak, I’m just about weeping over here…my Mom and Dad introduced me to Firesign Theater when I was just a baby. Some of my fondest memories were listening to it and trying to understand what the grownups were laughing about…*grin*

    Squeeze the wheeze, everyone does it! *snicker*

    –Uh, Clem (reporting to de hotspitality chel-ter…)

  52. OMG! very ViewSonic! Just like the logo on my monitor!

  53. cfhistorian says:

    That is a truly gorgeous bird.

  54. anomalous4 says:

    Charlotte in Encenitas – you took the words right outta my keyboard! But there’s a diference – the 3 ittybittyboidies up in the corner of my monitor don’t do poopies. The owner of that laptop had better be careful when he/she closes the lid……….

  55. mjrchapin says:

    TFMS: This bird is much more attractive than the average Norwegian Blue parrot…
    TwoDragons: Do you remember “here in the shell we call life” or “Waiting for the electrician/or someone like him” or “Hand me the pliers”?

  56. “TwoDragons: Do you remember “here in the shell we call life” or “Waiting for the electrician/or someone like him” or “Hand me the pliers”?”

    I remember Hand Me The Pliers, but while the others sound familiar, it’s been so long ago that I don’t remember the details. Mom and Dad used to have most of the records, and would play them in the evenings while I was being rocked to sleep as a little girl. Either that, or they’d play Frank Zappa albums, or Tom Paxton’s “Vietnam Pot Luck Blues.” (Yeah, my family was weird…*grin*)


  57. Shannon Johnson says:

    that is so funny. I would like to have a parrot sit on my computer

  58. OK, so never had before but I just puked the proverbial rainbow. It was cute!
    Theo, the RIAA, L.O.L.