What is this?

I Can Has Cheezburger.com?

I was just on the C.O. chat and the topic of ‘LOLCATS" came up. The consensus was we needed an LOL section of the site. Hmmmm. What do you think?

Delicious cannnn [slurp]



  1. i support this

  2. sure

  3. I don’t know about that. I frequent both Cute Overload and icanhascheezburger.com (for their lolcats) and I’m inclined to believe that each has its own place on the internet. I love your site and wouldn’t change a thing.

  4. Big, resounding YES!!! We love you, Meg!

    Whoa … C.O. & ICHC. Casting coup of the decade. I’m sooo for it!

  5. Spryte808 says:

    I support whatever makes me Squeee with delight, bleen, laugh, awwww and explode with the cuteness!!!

  6. Note though, that I wouldn’t mind if CO didn’t have a LOLpix section …

    Oh wait, I see we have a LOLPIX category already.

  7. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please do not infect Cute Overload with LOLcats!! They are funny SOMETIMES, but mostly are incredibly stupid, annoying and have disgusting typography and irritating intentional grammatical errors.

  8. NO NO NO

    Terrible idea. The LOLcat as a concept is completely played out. Cute Overload is unique and perfect just the way it is, and bringing in a tired old meme like LOLcats can do nothing but dilute the cute.

    DON’T DO IT.

  9. lil_cutey says:

    um that doesn’t look very cute to me. It actually looks quite cruel. More kitty. Some one should help it out. Whoever put that kitty in must have been cruel. That iz not cute to me and ‘no thanks, I’m stuffed doesn’t sound appropriate. Instead, I think that ‘O oh, I’m stuck! Help!’ would be funnier and cuter

  10. acelightning says:

    Please, no LOLcats. There are plenty of other places for them. Just stick to over-the-top cuteness!

  11. Makes me wonder how comfortable that would be for the kitty.
    Or is it trick photography?

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    There’s a ton of Sites for this kind of thing, there’s only one Site for unaltered pics of cute animals that I know of. Link to the LOLcats Pages, but refrain from making it a regular part of this Site, please.

  13. Oh, please don’t.

  14. Please not – lots off cats are not happy on those pictures, I`m not sure if stupid guys do bad things with kitties to make stupid photos …

    Please noooo – cry – only cuties !

  15. Generally, I like innovation, but I agree with those who stay stick with teh cute and leave others to lol elsewhere.

  16. Avoid LOLcats please. I enjoy the occasional LOLcat but I enjoy your site every single day because it is so much better the way it is.

  17. trying to think deeply …

    I thought NO until I saw the Kitler kitty here: http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/in-ur-yardz-starten-a-gang.jpg

    Maybe an occasional LOLpet verrrrry selectively chosen by Meg will make everyone happy …

  18. I visit C.O. and icanhascheezburger.com DAILY and there are rarely overlapping images. Its nice, keeping them separate.

    Besides, there are SOOOO MANY LOLCATS that I think it would clog C.O. as opposed to paring down to ABSOLUTE CUTEST CUTENESS!!

    C.O. and ICHC are 2 different flavors of icecream. Mix and you’ll lose the uniqueness of each.

  19. We can’t forget my very own LOLCat site!


    Agreed, though, there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. CO should stay cute, not LOL.

  20. Animals are best au natural, in my opinion. No clothes, no text–just them and, when possible, also a smaller version of them.

  21. I found a song by a nearly famous funny musician about cat macros… I’m fairly new to the experience and I found the song hilarious… ICHC talked about it here;


    … and showed where you can download it free.

  22. tangerine says:

    i also visit both CO and cheezburger daily, and while i love both, the only lol cats i’d want to see here are ones like this — good (cute!) images, actually funny not-inside-joke, good looking text, etc. one of the reasons i love CO is that it’s so well put together and polished! any lolcats that show up here should be the same, i think.

  23. trixieleitz says:

    I’m another who visits both sites frequently, and I’d prefer to see CO stay as it is. If I want lolcats, I can go to cheeseburger for ’em. If I get bored of ’em, CO will be my haven 🙂

  24. We already have “I Can Has Cheezburger”, I think cute overload should stick with traditional cute pics.

  25. I love cute animals (especially kittens), and I LOVE lolcats… but I agree with most people above, that they should be kept separate. I come here when I want my cute (which is 100 times a day, duh), and I go to icanhascheezburger when I want to get my lol on.

  26. BrianMPLS says:

    Only when it’s INCREDIBLY cute. Otherwise, stick to linking to them in captions.

  27. Please no lolkatz. I hate those things. Give me my cute without bad grammar superimposed on it.

  28. I’d agree with the commenters who say “Stick with what you do so well”. I visit both here and ICHC – some people like the cute, some like the LULZ, and those of us who like both know where to look.

  29. I vote no. The humor on CO is the unique Meg Frost Brand of Humor, which is separate from (and superior to) the LOLcat brand of humor.

    The Meg Frost Brand of Humor also does not involve stuffing kittehs into small containers, and I appreciate that.

  30. Please no. I visit both sites and enjoy them both and it would be a shame if CO lost it’s uniqueness adding in LOLCATS.

  31. Yikes, no no no no no. The addition of idiotic words does not make the pictures any cuter.

  32. First time commenter chiming in to say “NO – please no Lolcats here at C.O.!!”

    I love ICHC, but I go there for Lolcats, and I come here for the Cute. Please keep C.O. merely for the Cute!

  33. adrianna says:

    plenty of peeps at the cat_macros lj community yank pics from cute overload quite frequently. some win, but most don’t, but those that win do so very much with a hint of flavr.

  34. I’ve had a quick look at the cheezeburger site and it’s pretty ordinary compared to CO. Not much cuteness and not very funny either. The other site is definately not one I would visit twice a day like a do with CO. (oh my, hope my family doesnt read this).
    SO I vote NO, keep CO as it is, although I could do with less pugs with sqwishd noses..eew.

  35. I gotta chime in with the “NO LOLCATS ON CO!” crowd. I visit both Cuteoverload and I Can Has Cheezburger regularly, and the reason I love both sites so much is that they are so DIFFERENT.

    Let Meg’s sense of humor remain Meg’s, and let Cheezburger’s sense of humor remain Cheezburger’s. They each have their own special place on teh Intartubes. Let us keep it that way.



  36. Yes! I totally support this. I love lolcats. 🙂

  37. I would vote no. The two sites are both great, and are each set up to do what they do well. Trying to be everything to everybody often results in being not much for anybody. Beware the restaurant that does both burritos and fried chicken!

  38. elizabells says:

    Count me as another huge fan of both CO and ICHC (both are among my home page tabs on Firefox) who thinks that LOLz are not really right for CO. Occasionally, maybe (remember I’m in ur macaronis, warming my feetz? Good times.) but let them stay separate. CO is for my awwww, ICHC is for my heeee. YMMV.

  39. I go to both for different reasons! I say, don’t fix what’s not broken! 🙂

  40. Snowpea says:

    Please don’t. They’re sometimes funny, sometimes cute, but we don’t need further infection with this meme. I go to cuteoverload for cute pix, I *sometimes* go to lolcat-type sites for a shot of the absurd. I don’t think they should mix.

  41. Another vote for no – keep them separate. CO has its own thing and it does it SO well, why mess with it?

  42. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  43. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  44. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  45. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  46. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  47. China's Mom says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, what happened when Coke tried to be more like Pepsi? I am a daily visitor to both sites. I come here for cute and go there for funny. Don’t change your format! There is no need. Don’t compromise what makes your site unique!

  48. I am going to join the chorus of NO THANK YOUs. The internet is saturated with macro sites, but there is only ONE CUTE OVERLOAD!!

  49. I’m in ur commentz supportin ur lolcatz. Only the best, cutest, paw-picked lolcatz, obviously – as if you’d post anything else! The captions and comments here are one of the few things on the internet that really do make me laugh out loud on a regular basis, and I’m sure if you were to do it you’d do it very well. Plzkthx.

  50. Another CO and cheezburger fan here, and I agree with the votes to keep them separate. I like having the totally different vibe from both places; when I’m feeling the need for cute and cuddly I come here. When I need a little more edginess and hip intarwebs geekiness, I hit up cheezburger.

    Lions don’t try to be cheetahs. Please don’t change a thing, Meg!

  51. i also vote no. i love teh cute and i love teh cheez, but i love that they don’t overlap.

    i’m also not sure how well the lolcatz type of speakins wood blend wif the redonkulous fronche accents and soft cronshe.

  52. PLEASE, no…..

  53. morecatslesslol says:

    I think it spoils the picture to stick text directly on it.

    It’s better beneath the picture, so we can read, but still use the picture unadulterated for wallpaper.

  54. Artruria says:

    I also frequent both ICHC and CO daily. We don’t need LOLcats here because of the great text that accompanies the pictures when presented. I vote for leaving CO as is.

  55. Absolutely not! I like Can I has Cheezburger, but I wouldn’t want it infecting the cuteness of this site. Sometimes, the lolcats are NOT cute.

    Plus, you’re totally overstepping another popular site. Stick to what you do best: CUTE!

  56. “sigh” I am a relatively new comer to CO and I have to say I like the LOL cats for a laugh They are posed and funny. But what is really fun about CO are the animals being themselves and the Meg Frost Wit. The icing on this cuteness cake is the commentary from the peeps. Some days when I am sad or tired or a really bad thing has happened in the world I come here to see the cutest animal pictures and read everyones comments. It can be very comforting. The other two sites are funny but not the same. I come here daily. So I guess I am voting please only an occasional LOL cat.
    On the other hand I recognize that it is Megs’ site and Meg can do what she wants.

  57. As much as I love LOLcats, I think CO is fine the way it is.

  58. YES

  59. Hehehe!

  60. i join the resounding chorus of no. (i wanted to make that plural, but i couldn’t figure out if it was noes, no’s, nos? they all looked so stupid. i think it’s noes, but it seems so dan quayle. ahem, anyway…) i have both sites in my bloglines feed and i enjoy them separately. i love the meg frost brand of humor, especially for the reason that it is unique. the lolcats stuff is a little more common, a little more broad. plus, the comments are atrocious, and are completely written in lolcat-speak. i would prefer to see teh qte remain unadulterated.

  61. While I love kitty macros, I don’t think they belong here. A link to ICHC somewhere would be good, but I like CO the way it is. Just pure, unadulterated cuteness. An overload of kitty macros gets very, very annoying very, very quickly.

  62. I’m for it only if it’s done CO style and normal CO pics that may have a laugh your arse off factor are used!! It has to be Meg-style, otherwise, fuhgetabawtit!

  63. metsakins says:


    or simply said, No sir, I don’t like it, I don’t approve (to quote a favor of my other websites)

  64. I must say… I like ICHC and I like CO. And I like that one is one and the other is the other. I don’t need them mooshed together; this isn’t a Reese’s commercial.

    Mets — Birdchick FTW. 😉

  65. Lady Di says:

    LOLcats on CO? I ran that idea past a panel of bunnies. Result: total disapproval.

  66. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so funny. How’d he fit in there?

  67. Jennifer says:

    Please don’t. This site’s brilliance is that the cute speaks for itself; Your captions are awesome but they don’t compete with the unadorned cute; they compliment it.

  68. Don’t mean to be rude, but I have to vote NO. This seems like copycatting to me. There’s already an LOLcats website, which I look at sometimes (mostly when bored), but not nearly half as much as CO, which I definitely like better. CuteOverload is great the way it is!! Leave LOLcats to the LOLcats people at ICHC.

  69. Theresa says:

    If Meg comes across a LOLcat that makes her laugh and squee, why on earth should she not put it here?

  70. NO! Please no. If people want to see pictures of cats with silly writing all over them, there are tons of places to go on the internet to see them. People come to your site to see things that are just plain cute; things that are cute without having been altered by humans. Everything on here is cute of its own accord. Please, PLEASE, don’t make us cute purists have to sift through a bunch of LOLCats crap. I (and I’m sure many, many others) love your site as it is. Please don’t add something you can find on just about any other “cute” page.

    Please don’t.

  71. sunshineshashi says:

    totally. mostly hilarious.

  72. Katy with a Capital K says:

    Yeah, no lolcats, please. That’s what Cheezburger’s for. Let them have their spotlight for the LOLnimals while CO continues to enjoy its own spotlight for the good, old-fashioned cute.

  73. ahslinagh says:

    I’m with those voting no. Leave the lolcats to ICHC (which I love), but CO is for killing me ded wif cute

  74. snorgler says:

    I vote no as well. I like sushi and I like ice cream, but I don’t think I’d like sushi ice cream. Besides, lolspeak might take over Meg’s wonderful captions and the readers’ hilarious commentary. Keep them separate!

  75. useta hada kitteh says:

    I like my CO the way it is, actually. Make that, I love CO the way it is…, I like lolcats and cheezburger, but I *love* CO. Meg’s brand of humor, with a lot of Snorglish around the edges and in the comments, with the occasional touch of Teho is wonderful. When I want lolcatz I can go elsewhere, but CO is just right the way it is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ‘Kay? Pleeeze?

  76. ICHC has its niche, and C.O. has ours. I vote a resounding no. Let’s keep C.O. unique. We have the fabulous Meg Frost wit, and the cutest submissions and commenters in the known universe! Why would we want to be a carbon copy of somebody else? There’s room on the interwebs for bofe of us.


  78. Galactic Chick says:

    Make sure you check out icanhascheesebuger?.com to see the latest lolcat macros. Join the fun and caption cute, fun, interesting pix of stuff. See what they really look like.

  79. Galactic Chick says:

    M’I bad. Been up all night sewing. That b

  80. jamrock says:

    “dilute the cute” hehe that made me laugh.

  81. kel13123 says:

    Well I’ve never heard of lolcats before, but if that is an example i’m thinking not so much. On first glance it was hilarious and cute, but then i started to wonder how it happened. There is no possible way that cat managed to get in there by himself. He would have to have backed in, and cats don’t tend to back into chip cans very much in the wild i don’t think, at least not on the discovery channel 🙂 And I have two cats, so I know when I’m getting that really pissed off look (like when I steal their seat on the couch) That cat’s not so happy I don’t think. Sorry to nuff but I call em the way I see em. And quite frankly, the text isn’t that funny either, so I say a capital NO to lolcats.

  82. CO is great without LOLcats… and LOLcats is a different skinny yo.

  83. I just checked out that other site, the poor grammar is annoying to say the least. What the heck is up with the picture of the cat on the other site with the cat with pasta spilled all over his head? And all people were commenting on was the pasta not the cat which looked upset.
    Yes, that cat does not look happy in the pringles can. Animal cruelty?

  84. thanks for seeking to be flexible, but while I frequent the icancheezburger site, I also vote NO to adding LOLcats to this site for several reasons:
    1a. This site has its own brand of cute. There are many, many other LOLcat sites (icanhascheezburger, memecats, various LiveJournal sites), but only one CuteOverload. Why be a copycat?
    1b. I see LOLcats everywhere else. I enjoy them, but it’s awfully nice to have a Cute Site without them!
    2. The humor is different. Do not obscure the voice of Meg, plz k thx. I’ll take snorgles and soft kronches any day!
    3. Most importantly: LOLcats are a bit of a fad, but Cute is Forever.

  85. TukaWuvy says:

    actually I wouldn’t change a single thing.
    A little over a year ago I discoverd CUTE OVERLOAD and now I am addicted to it and check it out daily.
    When I say this kitty in the pringels container I rememberd the time when my kitten was 3 months old did the same thing. I don’t5 lnow if it backed in or it went in head first and turned around but my wife went to pick up the container an out poped loveys head spooking her and I laughed so hard I bout split my guts.
    Anyway keep up the good work and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

  86. TukaWuvy says:

    actually I wouldn’t change a single thing.
    A little over a year ago I discoverd CUTE OVERLOAD and now I am addicted to it and check it out daily.
    When I say this kitty in the pringels container I rememberd the time when my kitten was 3 months old did the same thing. I don’t know if it backed in or it went in head first and turned around but my wife went to pick up the container an out poped loveys head spooking her and I laughed so hard I bout split my guts.
    Anyway keep up the good work and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

  87. first time commenter, long time SQUEEer says:

    I like both sites, but wouldnt want to see CO overrrun with LOLcats (or LOLwalrus — as much as i lurv walruses)! Like elizabells said, select images (I loved ‘I’m in ur macaroniz!’ too!) are cool. But Meg, you are teh awesome the way you are — keep on keepin’ on wit da SQUEEalicious pictures and captions! 🙂 <3, First Time Commenter, Long Time SQUEEer

  88. Please NO! I look at ICHC on occaision anyway, and while sometimes it’s funny, for the most part they’re just stupid and not cute at all. I want the CUTE to stay here and the inane to stay THERE.

  89. Please, please NO. I can handle cheeze-whatever for maybe 30 seconds. The bad grammar and type all over the photos is incredibly annoying.

    I guess it’s supposed to be cute baby-talk. Personally, my cats, though impossibly cute, wouldn’t sound like that. Mine are more diginified. I imagine a cultured British hint to my cats’ “voices”.

    Please don’t dilute/ruin CO with that other stuff.

    I’m glad we had this little chat.

  90. Sabella says:

    I vote no as well. Besides, that picture isn’t cute. The poor kitty looks uncomfortable and sad.

  91. Another Angela says:

    Another long-time regular here with a resounding NO to lolpix here! I visit cheezburger for that. You have thousands of emails with cute in your inbox, and your humor is your own, so why the need to expand into someone else’s territory? And it would definitely feel like CO was stepping on other people’s websites by expanding to cover lolpix. Your stuff is special Meg.

  92. NO.

    Most are not cute, but this one is the exception 😀


  93. No. Who do you think you are, Wal-Mart? Don’t use your (somewhat undeserved, considering how infrequent and unreliable your posting schedule is) award-winning site status to overtake a smaller site that is only trying to make a buck, just like you.

  94. I think it cheapens the whole atmosphere of cuteoverload…

  95. R. Moore says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the LOLcatz thing, so I would say NO to the LOLcatz unless it’s especially funny and only less than once a month.

    I like your captions; if I want someone else’s captions I’ll go somewhere else! Please keep the uncaptioned pictures coming!

  96. Do it!! I visit CO more than I do icanhascheezburger and I love to laugh at animal pics!

  97. JNO — LOL! yez u can has catnipz. That’s an RCF pic right there that I didn’t have to make!

  98. Wow!

    The People have spoken!!!


    Thanks, everyone…


  99. I love the lolcats, but its a bit much already. I love C.O. just the way it is!

  100. Theo: What is an RCF?

  101. -ONLY if it’s on a subsite or stream that is separated from the normal CO content, so that users can differentiate visits. (Ex:lolpix.cuteoverload.com, cuteoverlol.com)
    -AND if it takes NO effort/resources away from CO.

    You’re so great & I think your LOL captions would be even funnier than lolcats/ichc. But you’re already so unique.

    I like and visit CO, ICHC, and StuffOnMyCat pretty regularly.


  102. NO, no, no, a thousand bazillion times no.

    Like everybody said, CO is unique. Leave the LOLcats (and lolruses, etc) to ICHC.

  103. A lot of the unedited versions of LOLCATS pictures have been on CO. I love LOLCATS for what it is, but at CO I prefer pure, unedited, and uncaptioned cuteness.

  104. I say stick with the one that won ya all your awards!

  105. I agree with those saying keep them seperate. LOLCats are a different sort of ‘cute’, and while I would enjoy having them all on one easy-to-access website, I think that CO should remain as-is.

    That’s my two cents. 😀

  106. Well, I’ll go with what you think is best. I love LOLCATS currently; don’t know if interest will wane. Probably not, since snark is a means for living through the rest of the Bush administration.

    How bout a link/links to big repositories, like the flickr groups, or Icanhazcheezburger? That makes it easy, but keeps them separate from Cute Overload’s orthodox cuteness.

  107. JNO, You are right the catnip one is cute and funny and juuusssst a biiiiitt Scary!

  108. AnneeLizMary — “orthodox” ?!???

  109. Yes, orthodox! Meg-orthodox, or orthodox, but orthodox, meaning pure, unadulterated, good, solid Cute. Note that I didn’t capitalize the O, Theo. Meg’s othodox cuteness is not smarmy, cloying, Hallmarky, or sacchariny, all of which I would term alloyed, adulterated, un-orthodox cuteness. Yes?

  110. Theo, you might also look at the definition of Squee, on the page you linked for JNO–

    The sound your little fan-girly head makes as it implodes under the sheer unbearable burden of a classic CuteOverload. It is completely involuntary and audible only to dogs.

    Classic = orthodox

    Happy day after Caturday,
    xoxoxoxo AEM

  111. yankeebird says:

    I’m late to the game, but Nah. Cute’s enough for me.

  112. AnneeThreeNames — OK, I think I get you. (It could also mean rigid, codified, and highly traditional… none of which really seem to fit the CO context.)

    PS — you do understand that I wrote that particular definition of “squee”, right? Or are you simply attempting to use my own words against me? ‘Cause they’re my friends, y’know, and will not avail you.

  113. I would say “no” to the whole “LOL” page idea. I find myself laughing at all the pics that I find especially cute. It would be pretty hard to classify the difference between cute and silly sometimes.

  114. I LOVE LOLCATS. But I don’t think they should be on CO, icanhascheezburger does a good enough job for me!

  115. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Now, now, ya’ll…don’t hate LOLcats…I wouldn’t mind a few being integrated in to Cute Overload when they’re cute, like say…obviously a kitten! Two great examples are the kitten in a kleenex box”when out of tissues, a kitten is fine” and the two hugging saying”don’t worry…everything’s fine now!” TOO CUTE! Heck, quite a few pics that originated here meandered their way to icanhascheezburger.com! I lurvs both sites equally…FOR THE LOVE OF GODS PEOPLE PLEEZ DON’T MAKE ME CHOOZ!!!! okay I feel better now! 😛

  116. This was my roommate’s idea, but I couldn’t resist. (I like LOLcats; please note that this isn’t a slam.)

  117. Juniper J — no hatin’ the LOLcats here. (Well, not much, anyway) We mostly want CO to be CO and ICHC to be ICHC.

    Nik — LOL indeed! win

  118. Maybe we (by “we” I mean Meg) should just post the link to particularly hi-larious ones here at CODC. That other website seems to have all those silly pics covered. But damn, I loves me some cats in a can!

  119. Theo:

    Or, in CO speak, I suppose it should be Teh-o:

    Would I use your words against you? (It seems I already used them positively, affirmatively, to forge a consensus between us!

    Anne Eliz Mary is my confirmation name, indicative of my love of the freedom one has within orthodoxy . . . . such as Meg and Theo-speak.

    Squeeee! (My standard poodle, Lizzy, heard that.)

    Sorry for the time gap–phone calls, paper sorting, Sunday evening enjoyments.

    Best regards, AEM

  120. serious cat says:

    this are seriose comment
    i approves of it

  121. Theo–

    If you’re following this thread, your next question will be as to whether I named my dog after my self–my middle name Elizabeth. The answer is, of course not! My dog is named for Elizabeth Bennett!

  122. I agree with the no’s. ICHC is specifically a l33t-speak parody site (that’s why the bad spelling, gang…it’s a deliberate tweak on l33t-speak) and CO is Meglish to the extreeeem. We all know where to go for our Bukkit fix and where to go for Snorgling (TM). Let’s keep the separation of church and state on the Inter-Webs!

  123. tealeaf says:

    I’m an lolcat addict but I agree that there’s a place on the interwebs for cute photos, and a different place for lolcats.

  124. SixFootJen says:

    No, no, no, no, no. Cute Overload is wonderful just the way it is. When I want LOLcats, I go to ICHC. Don’t do it! Don’t intermix snorgling with bukkits!

  125. I’d be OK with an occasional lolcat/animal but only if it’s exceptionally cute and squee-inducing. AND not based on a photo that’s already in here. Which is time consuming to check.

  126. Hey 6FJ, I’m with you. Bukkits are for nasty walruses and whatnot. Snorgling is for buns and such. PS, what if Meg started a secondary site called ‘Cute Overlord’? It’s, like, one keystroke away. The possibilities are endless.

  127. Meg already answered with a “we got it,” and I think she means the answer is no. It’s too played out and not CO at all, but more humor-based.

    Anyway, here’s one more cute one 😀


  128. I vote no. This poor kitten looks like she is in pain!

  129. R. Moore says:

    Occula, I’m curious… Which is “church” and which is “state?”

  130. No lol. But, the cat(egory) is still there? Hm.

  131. YES, we need an LOL category, because I LOL at something every time I visit this site! It’s vegetable soup (no chickens were harmed!) for the soul!

  132. lol cats is well and good, but CO is fantabulous and stupendous!

    glad the consensus is not to dilute the Quality Qte with hit-and-miss self-referential humor.

  133. No, definitely not. I think they’re funny sometimes, but one of the best things about C.O. is the captions! This site does such a good job with that anyway that I think trying to mix the two would just be silly. If anybody wants that, they can go to ICHC, hehe.

  134. Occula – There already is a cuteoverLORD website. Nothing cute on it though. I can only think that it was named that to nab anyone who had had a finger-fart trying to type “cuteoverload”.

  135. I think it is freakin hilarious how opinionated everyone is about this- This is a website, right? That you check so you can has a chuckle? I was not aware it was a religion, or an ideology, or a political movement of some sort? Has I joined a cult or somethin and no one told me? All I gotta say: All hail to queen Meggg. I flail some ceremonial hampsters in your general direction, and say to you, do what ever the heck you like, and don’t listen to us idiots. Never conduct a poll, for pete’s sake. We like what you post, if we don’t we will go away, and you will know. I think the comments prove you have ultimate power over the interwebs. *Lights special CO incense and backs out the door on her knees*

  136. cutebabyfix – Heh, heh, I think you HAVE joined a cult in the best sense of the word (if there is one). I think we all have. And I’ll betcha Queen Meg will do what she wants but it’s a lovely gesture asking the Peeps who live here here in her web-castle what they think. And it makes for some fun reading…

  137. I agree pkeli, I just think it is funny how worried everyone is, like oh noes, the gods are angry, it is a sad day when passing ruffians can shout Ni at old ladies, no shrubs! no LOLCATS Gahh!

  138. fortesque says:

    One thing that C.O. *can* learn from ICHC are some new jokes and some new accents. The Frenchie-poo bit gets a little stale. In balance with its predictable inanity, ICHC is sometimes strikingly original. I has a bukkit? Wow. I hope LOLmeg is a reader.

  139. deedle-deedle-doo says:

    Don’t do it!

    Your comments are much sweeter and funnier and more interesting to read.

  140. Cutebabyfix – yep, I do agree with you and the worried part is the part I like best. I see it more kind of like being concerned with the interior decorating, just since Meg was asking. “Do you want LOLCATS in this room, or would that be a bit much? Honest answer now…”

  141. Swingebreech says:

    Please, for the love of all things anerable, no lolpix here. Please please please no!

  142. Cu is purrfect just the way it is. . .

  143. Please no- lolpix are obnoxious!

  144. Dee Bee says:

    Just wanted to add one more vote for “NO”.

    To me C.O. is a different genre from lolcats; I come to C.O. to get a different kick from the one I get when I go to ICHC.

  145. Trixie.In.Dixie says:

    Why not try it and see how it goes? You can always monitor the clicks per page and see if the peeps are really viewing them or not…

  146. Muffles says:

    Vote me NO. I luv ICHC and the lolcats and I visit it and CO daily but they are so different. The POVs are different and so is the humor. Each has their own unique language and as it is, it’s sort of like visiting different countries. So let’s say vive la difference!

    And P.S. Yeah, this is a cult. The cult of cute.

  147. I just logged into icanhascheezburger.com for the first time. LAME site, bad grammar & sad cats. Please no.

  148. NOOOOOOO…. ICHC is *awesome* on its own… CO is *awesome* on its own… no need for interwebsite snorgling!!!

  149. I agree with what a lot of other people have said – cat macros (LOLCATS) are fun, but they’re all over the place already. I like CO for the pure, unadulterated cute it brings me.

  150. no no no

    LOLCAT is near the end of its usefulness as it’s gone from a minor meme to something overblown that has been dissected in an essay on Slate.com. CO should stick to what it does best and not get caught up in a fad that was mildly funny several months ago.

  151. I’d have to agree with most of these people. While I’m amused by icanhascheezburger.com, I’d rather CO stay separate.

    I see you already have the link set up, though, so I just hope this new addition will not impede the cuteness of the website otherwise (captionless kittens must be posted just as frequently!). Also, while I trust your judgment, I can still ask that you make sure the pictures actually are cute and funny. 😉

  152. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Its so cute! And tiny! I can’t beleive it fit into a pringles can!

  153. Jaxotea says:


    There are many places that are for LOL Cats, Why duplicate when you have your own speciallity.

    Maybe links instead? Talk to the ICHC people and have receiprical Links?

  154. That’s not an annoyed or sad look. It’s a “oh, heylerhe!” look. Or “I’m in yur can, sitting all over yur chipz” look.

  155. ClatieK says:

    NO. Keep to what you do best and let the lolcats thrive elsewhere. PLEEEEEEASE. They are very, very funny and it’s a different funny.

  156. CO is church. The Holy Church of the Immaculate Snorgle. Also the shrine to Kittens in Teacups. ICHC is state. The state of Wacky, due south of KooKoo.

  157. O, and for the record…if you let them, both sites will worm their way into your vernacular. This is a testament to the power of the Inter-webs. I not only type Meglish in all my emails, including work-related ones, I now speak Cheezburger (example: husband, ‘what do you want for dinner tonight?’ me, ‘i can has cheezburger?’)

  158. Occula — cool, too right… only I must correct you on one small point: it’s “Snorglish”.


  159. No, don’t change. I read both religiously, and I think they’ve got their thing there and you’ve got yours. Might be nice to link to their page in your “more! more! more!” list, and maybe shout them out occasionally when they post an exceptionally cute lolcat, but other than that, nah.

  160. I think the picture answers the question quite well. Without scrolling down you see the question “what do you think?” and then the big letters “no thanks”. I agree with the kitty!

  161. a lot of the lolcats/roflcats encourage people to be inhumane toward their cats just to get a redic photo to post all over the internet. (ex: putting your cat in a cake dish with the lid on it… or putting slices of cheese over your cats face… there’s no way the cat is pleased with these things…)
    even though the cats are probably only in these situations for long enough to take a quick photo, the thought is still disheartening.

  162. CRS,

    Inhumane? Oh come the eff on!

    I sure hope that you said that tongue-in-cheek.. Cruel is holding food or water, kicking the cat, leaving them outside in a raging blizzard, locking them up in a small box,etc, anything causing suffering or pain. Putting a cat in a cake dish or putting a slice of cheese on his head is not cruel. The ‘pain’ may be a few moments’ loss of dignity, but cruel? I think not.

  163. Somebody needs a reality check (sing-song voice).

    A slice of cheese is inhumane? WTF? It’s a f***ing slice of cheese. Hell, my cat would probably be quite pleased by this – she loves cheese!

  164. there are different ones, of course. i have favorite lolcats that i love, too. i’m just talking about the ones that look kinda sad and could potentially encourage people to try for similar photos.
    whereas this is adorable:
    this is not:

    thats kinda more what i was saying.

  165. 1) The cat in shower pic is ‘shopped, it,s a well known example of ‘shoppin.

    2) Dumb people don’t need lolpics to inspire them to do stupid things.

  166. Please NOOOOO!!!

    Those LOL comments are obnoxious and rarely funny. YOU, Meg are already funny, with your captions where captions SHOULD be: at the bottom of the pic!

  167. FROZENFLAME says:

    LOL! Sooo cute! In a pringles box! “No thanks, I’m stuffed” that adds a lot to the funnyness/cuteness of this picture! I loooooove it