Teetering on the EDGE OF INSANITY

SO, I’m at the car warsh today, mindin’ my own bizznizz, payin’ for mah carwash. At the register, I look at the counter and there is this "PerfectPetzzz" pet, "sleeping" on the counter! Rannndom! [Singsong]

I thought it was real. It’s little eyes were closed, and it was "BREATHING", in a little pet bed.So ofc, I had to look them up on the Internets and tell you about them.

It’s totally nuts. Will you please check out this kitteh and pup, and imagine little breathing motions.

CubemateLastly, please get a load of this awesome cubicle worker, one hand on the phone, ONE ON HER PERFECT PET OMG



  1. Holy smokes I really thought the cat was real O_O

  2. HO.

    I thought it was real too!

    Sooooo cute!

  3. So realistic! So purrfect for my desk!

  4. My mom got one of these for her birthday, so it inspired me to give one as a Secret Santa gift last year! They are very cute in windowsills.

  5. They have those in the gift shop where I work. They freak me out: The Never-Awakening Kitty and Pup!


  6. This is SPAM by seller of these stuffed animals.

  7. chelonianmobile says:

    Does it matter if it’s spam? It’s CUTE!

  8. laura m. says:

    i personally think that they are OH SO CREEPY. i mean… a fake kitty that breathes? caaahrreeeeppyyy.

  9. Spam eh? I dont see how anything that Meg & Co dont like gets on here? :S

    Anyways, HELLO BUDDY! MY BUDDY!…AND KID SISTER! A good way to have people avoid your cubicle? Cute at first, have co-workers by to pet it, and then a slowly developing aura of creepy takes over and no one asks what you want for on the lunch run. D:

  10. Spryte808 says:

    I seen these at the store and i go over to it.. last time i saw these it wasnt breathing so i wanted to look for a switch before I started doing CPR on a stuffed animal! How insane am I?

  11. I just hope that’s not one of those that has been banned because they use real animal fur. If it is, it’s not cute at all, it’s sick.

  12. shalimar says:

    They’re not real animal fur. My grandma got a puppy for Christmas and he even snores. They come with “pound papers” so you can name them and adopt them (kinda like a cabbage patch doll).

  13. I think they’re creepy, too… at the mall, they’re advertised as “perfect” for elderly people in homes where they’re not allowed pets…. and that just seems wrong to me- giving Grandma a kitten that fake breathes… ::shudder::

  14. My boyfriend’s mother gave me one for christmas, actually I have the orange tabby. It might be a little creepy, but for those of us living in dorms or petfree apartment buildings it’s the closest I can get to a pet. It’s either that or I adopt the one legged pidgeon in my neighborhood (yup, NYC).

    Also, they don’t use real animal fur (it’s not nice to try to get people upset Dexter :p). If you pet it, it’s obvious it’s not real, but it’s not that bad either.

  15. I’ve just discovered this blog by mistake and sent it to a friend of mine who loves this kinda stuff. And guess what, she already knows it…

  16. My mom got one on the couch xD It looks damn reak….but hers doesn’t breath o_o that’d be creepy.

  17. Piggalette says:

    I find them really creepy personally. I tend to run screaming from them in gift shops. Yeah, you don’t want to go window shopping with me.

  18. Kimmypage says:

    how can a stuffed animal be creeepy? Ok, it it looked like ‘chucky’ maybe. I think these are great for anyone, but especially those whom can not have the real darlings for whatever reason. i have two cats, and want one of these ‘fake’ ones too. (no food or litter, and should get along well with the other cats?)..Also, I’d LOVE to have one at the office. Like the lady in the pic.

  19. My mom bought one of those for my grandma and she LOVES it! I also thought it was strange!

  20. These remind me of those Japanese electronic virtual babies–anyone remember those? It was a little round (square?) thing, about an inch by an inch that complained when it was hungry and you had to feed it tend to it when it had a stomach ache etc. Eventually if you ignored it, it would die or something. Amusing for a while, then very irritating and guilt producing. I eventually nabbed the one my daughter had one night and hid it deep in the trash can, knowing it was crying for food and would soon die. Horrible little creations. These are better since they’re just comatose, look happy and make no demands.

  21. Ok, as if my boss didn’t think I was crazy enough…..let me show up with a stuffed, snoring puppy to keep on my desk at work! Where does the woman in that ad work – I want to apply there!

  22. Awwww!!! I want one….

  23. I can understand why Dexter might have thought they were made of real fur. I thought the same thing at first too. I’ve seen real fur ones that look very similar but don’t “breathe” like these. They are all over cheap gift shops. On close examination, the fur on these definitely looks acrylic so it’s all good. If a little weird.

  24. Pkeli — you are talking about a Tamagotchi or a Nanopet/Gigapet, right?

  25. Margaret says:

    I hope these aren’t among the lot found to have been made from actual pet fur. That would be extra super creepy.

  26. Laura-Kathleen–Holy crap! I had no idea these things still existed. The virtual “thing” that my daughter had was a Nano Kitty, I think, or even some earlier version of this. http://www.motivesoft.demon.co.uk/cyberzoo/nano.htm It was 20 years ago and I think I mis-remember some of the details. I sort of want to get one of these again just to mess with it. Creepy-assed things…..

  27. That woman has been in that cubical WAAAAAAY too long..

  28. Hmmm. I need one of those for my Mom. She had to move to a nursing home a two and a half months ago and misses her kitties terribly.
    Thanks Meg I hadn’t seen them before. “Note to self: go to mall more often even if you don’t have to shop for the kids anymore. HEhehe”

  29. metsakins says:

    hey whatever turns you on.

    Its not for me.

    Paula, my boss has been threatening to call the men in the white coats (just b/c I have a cat purse, umbrella, calendar and earrings, jeez…) but this might do it for him

  30. metsakins, What!!! No Kitty shirts? I think with no kitty shirt too the boss cannot call the men in white coats.

  31. Yeah, I think they’re creepy. They look like dead stuffed cats.

  32. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is awesome. I have a bear that does that.

  33. paula and metsakins – I’m with you too… I work with a whole bunch of cpa’s. Can you say conservative? And then there’s me… vegetarian, liberal, cat rescue lady, with 10 cats and two guinea pigs… just guess what the bosses think of me! bwahahahahahaaha….

  34. I also see these at car washes. I could understand a gift shop, or toy shop, but carwash? They even have little accessories, like beds!

    Reminds me of those FurReal friends. http://www.hasbro.com/furreal/

    Do we have a category for creepy but cute? 😉

  35. Yeah, it’s a little odd. But consider the elderly in nursing homes or living alone. They have no one to talk to, & they’re terribly lonely. I don’t see the harm in this. Everyone knows its not real. So did you when you took that bear to bed with you when you were 4. But it brought comfort, and made you feel less alone, right?

  36. Matthew says:

    i saw one of those! they are sooooooooo realistic!!!

  37. Yikes.

  38. DaynaWayna says:

    I saw these at Walgreens in Nov/Dec at Christmas time for $20. I wanted one soooooooooooo badly, but I could NOT justify spending (wasting?) $20 on a fake cat that looks like a real sleeping one. Eventhough it was sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! But so can’t spend the money… but soooo cuuute!… but so can’t spend the money… but soooo cuuuute…!

    Never did get one. 😦 Damn they’re cute! I still want one, but would feel so guilty for getting one I’d never enjoy it. Maybe the new catagory should be stupid-cute? LOL

    I still want one…

  39. Shannon says:

    I *think* and *hope* this is the first time I have to be a nuff, but I really don’t like these things. I always thought they were creepy but then right around Christmas (’05!) there was a bit on the national news that some of them were made from real dog and cat fur and there was nothing that could be done about it. Now they just (I’m really sorry) disgust me AND creep me out. More posts please? So these can scoot downscreen, lol? (I do like the idea for senior citizen’s homes tho. On fake furred ones…)

  40. I got one for my Mother-in-law, and she loved it. However, her Yorkie did not, and she had to get rid of it.

  41. redbone says:

    I can’t help but feel a little twinge of paternal sadness. It’s like they’ll never wake up, never run around or anything. I think I’d be awfully depressed by one of those things, despite how cute they look (or because of how cute they look).

    My perfect pet would have to be alive, for starters. 😛

  42. lovecat says:

    These are so creepy they are made with REAL RABBIT FUR 😦 I would pass on these, people.

  43. Good lord people, it’s fake fur! It doesn’t even come close to looking real!

    Some people here need a reality check, methinks.

  44. crazy sheep says:

    eeesh, I really hope it’s not one that is made of real fur. The faces are sort of cute but there is something melancholy about it too. Makes me feel sad and I don’t know why.

    Thank God I have a real pet. I would hate to live somewhere that cats are verboten.

  45. Barring some sort of conspiracy, it’s not real fur: http://www.perfectpetzzz.com/support.asp?id=3a

    I kind of want one for my tiny apartment!

  46. Again, people, Not Real.

    You could simply read the website to find out rather than trying to troll comments.


  47. Dustbunny says:

    My dry cleaner has the spaniel “sleeping” in their window. I thought it was a real puppy for the longest time. D’oh!

  48. Sabella says:

    I’ve seen these things a long time ago. First I thought it was neat/cute…then I found it to be creepy..the sad, dead-looking,breathing stuffed animal that never wakes up. XD If you sit there and watch one breathe for awhile, you’ll see what I mean. XD lol oh well.

  49. Ohmigosh, those creep me out soooo bad! One of the kiosks in the mall sells them, and my 4 year old niece always wants to pet them, but I’m always like GAH! Because they look like little dead pets!

  50. Another Angela says:

    I join those who think these are creepy. When I first saw one, all I could think of was that it looked like a dying puppy. Gross. If I were in a nursing home and someone gave me one of these as a substitute for a living thing, I would commit suicide.

  51. Lilly's Mum says:

    WOW what a bunch o’ sourheads. This is darling, and I think they would be comforting in a variety of situations. It looks like a little honk-shu, not dead. Sheesh.

  52. That Kitty Kat looks so real. I wish they had more of a variety though.

  53. Dead pets don’t make breathing motions

  54. i had one before – my mom bought me the pug as one of those ‘i know you cant bring real animals to college so heres a fake one’ gift and at first it creeped me out but it kind of grew on me.

    …..and then she lost it when she took it to show someone and i am purrfect petless.

  55. R. Moore says:

    Are those ones made out of fur banned? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them for sale still! Oh my…

  56. chelonianmobile says:

    Well, I think I would want to take the batteries out if I had one. The idea of a stuffed toy which breathes is just a tad on the freaky side. That said, they do LOOK very cute.

  57. Veronica says:

    These realistic pets are made with farmed rabbit fur.

    Just and FYI.

    Great site, keep up the wonderful work!


  58. It isn’t farmed rabbit hair it is synthetic I went to the web on the Q & A Page

  59. solveig says:

    have you seen the sleepyheads on iwantoneofthose.com? they are also adorable, reminds me a bit about these pets.

  60. Another Angela says:

    A fake pet that breathes, but never wakes up is depressing. It’s like stuffing a dead kitten and putting a little machine in there to make it look like it is breathing. or in a coma. ew. I’d rather have a robotic pet that was recognizable as a robot and not a real animal. What creeped me out at most was when I touched the one I saw and it FELT dead, like a stiff body.

  61. z.

    that is all.

  62. They used to sell these at my local mall. A whole kiosk full of tiny respirating kritters. EEEEEEEEE

  63. Why so many people creeped out by these critters…? The answer is two words: Uncanny Valley.


    Unfortunately…I have to agree. There’s something very creepy about a breathing simulacrum that never wakes up… But for an elderly person, perhaps it would be therapeutic.


  64. Awwww… floofy fluffball. I thought the kitty was real at first glance too. I could have used something like that to keep me company at grad school the last couple years… sad and lonely, I know, but it would really make a big difference to someone like me who can’t have kitties of my own (for the time being).

  65. I clicked on this photo and it has synthetic fur. There have been several posts that it’s fake, so could people please not say anything about it being real anymore?

  66. Shannon says:

    I object to the comment about trolling for posts. Look, I didn’t say these exacts items were from real fur. In the past items that look just like these have been made from real dog and cat fur. Not all of them but some. I’m not a nuff. Thinking these things are creepy is perfectly normal. And I didn’t like ’em BEFORE the fur fracas. Ahem.

    Thanks for more posts M.Those are much better! 🙂

  67. nattfazz says:

    i got one of these for xmas from my dad, a black and white kitty. i lovelovelove cats, but my boyfriend is allergic to pretty much anything with fur (even tigers), so this is the only thing i can have. he’s called archemedes and i love him!


  69. Another Angela says:

    yes people, some toys are made from real fur–even dog and cat fur–but we must make a distinction–not all toys are made from real fur. these are not.

    D2 Dragons–totally fascinating link. I’m all over it!!

  70. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG!!! On the website for these things it even says that they ARE NOT REAL ANIMAL FUR!!! They are made from some kind of nylon fur stuff. YEESH!!

  71. metsakins says:

    ceejoe…I work for a CPA firm too! they look the other way when I stop to say hello to the plants….

  72. yankeebird says:

    I’m really thankful that I don’t seem to frequent the cheap gift shops others here have mentioned. If I’d seen one of these in person without any warning, I’d have run the other way. Creeeee-py.

  73. PumpkintheCat says:

    Oh dear, my first ever CO post and I’m going to sound like a Nuff. I have to vote on the Too Creepy By Half side. They’re not actually a toy that anyone could cuddle for comfort…they just look DEAD. That makes me sad. And I don’t come to CO to get a sad fix.

  74. Victoria says:

    oh my gosh, my grandma (bless her senile little heart) got me a cat that that sort of looked like this that was made of real animal fur at a flea market. that was really awkward…i really wasn’t sure what to do with it. i set it out on the book when she comes by. *cringe* i can understand why someone would question this one just because it looks so much like those real fur cats. it was my initial thought, i actually went to the website to find out.

  75. Sharalyn says:

    These can be found at Cracker Barrels across the nation! So… if there’s one near you and you want one of these… look’em up! 😉

    I’ve seen ’em twice already. They are very cute and soft. ^_^

  76. I hope the company is reputable. Several years ago Peta was posting that a Chinese company used actual real cat fur to make the fake cats, and was shown on an episode of “60 Minutes”. I’d love to say something sweet about the kitty, but the memory of that awful news still lingers..sorry.

  77. Musicchick2–you mean Panda isn’t Real? *snif*

    I kind of want one of these too, but maybe shouldn’t. Pkeli’s story about the tamagotchi has me wanting to come over and rescue it from the trash can. Just imagine the scene if the battery in my purrfect pet died! Anyone remember the story “The Tiny Tree?” Still crushing to think about it alone in the attic…

  78. AuntieMame says:

    Any money on whether all the “it’s real fur!!1!” posts are by the same person?

    For crying out loud people, if you’d just read the whole thread you would see that at least a half a dozen people have checked the manufacturer’s website, and it’s FAKE!

    (And for the record, I think they’re creepy, too.)

  79. fawn lust says:

    aww, i think they’re kind of cute, albeit sad (poor people who can’t have real pets & have to settle for little animatronic sleeping pals!)

    very ‘do androids dream of electric sheep?’…

  80. My in-laws bought me one of these a few months ago. Mine is actually the same one in the bottom, cube mate picture. I have been wanting a dog, but we already have 2 cats and that would be one pet too many for our landlordes.

    I don’t see the difference between these and any other animal figurine. I can understand why people find the breathing creepy, but I still find them cute.

    The only downside is that there is no off switch. This isn’t a big deal because mine has been running on the same batteries for months. The problem is that I find the snoring to get annoying from time to time. It’s extremely faint, but the moment my ears pick up the sound I find it kind of distracting. (But hell, I have ADD issues so maybe that’s just me.)

    To the person posting links about these toys containing real fur, you need to post something that actually links these products to the articles you’re posting. Yes, there is a real dog and fur trade and it’s awful. Even products labeled as faux fur have been proven to be real dog fur. (Jay Z & P. Diddy: that means you.) But otherwise it’s nasty to get people riled up without any concrete evidence.
    Also, if you’re going to post websites with graphic pictures, you need to warn people.

  81. These are toys? Y’know toys? Didn’t any of you ever play with dolls that closed their eyes or peed or ate stuff? I did, My fave was my ballerina doll that you put on a platform and cranked it, and she would spin and thrash around. If you cranked fast enough, whoo! Projectile!
    I saw these toy animals and thought they were fun. Not companions, or anything, just fun.
    Check out the chick-ons. They are fun!

  82. melanie says:

    THESE are made from real, yes, real dog and cat fur. Please DO NOT buy these. Instead, please sign a petition to stop skinning dogs and cats alive at http://www.heathermills.org/dogcatfur.php.
    They need your help!

  83. AuntieMame says:

    THESE are NOT made from real fur.

    PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE (AND THE THREAD) before you keep posting idiotic comments insisting that they are.


  84. Many toys that look like this ARE made from real fur. These particular toys, from this particular company are not.

    From their website:

    I heard a rumor that the fur on my Perfect Petzzz puppy or kitten is real fur. Is this true?
    That is absolutely false. Though we did study real animals in the development of Perfect Petzzz puppies and kittens in our quest to make our product a very realistic looking pet, all of the materials are 100% synthetic. The synthetic hair on the Perfect Petzzz puppy or kitten is made from nylon.

    BUT – they are out there, those real fur toys. And yes – those creep me out, too. I worked in an Animal Shelter for years, and to me, they just look euthanized. Yick.

  85. Are you sure this is with synthetic fur? It used to be made with real cat fur – which was shown on some investigative report several years ago – they showed an actual live cat that was caught and about to be killed and used for these objects. Dogs were used too.
    I don’t know if they since went to rabbit fur, then synthetic fur, but the t.v. report special was highly upsetting to see – especially with live animals shown being caught and killed for this.

  86. Cute toys. Not worth all the hand-wringing– get lives, for goodness sakes. Do dolls look like dead babies to you? I just prefer the real, shedding, peeing, pooping kind. 😉

  87. I saw one of these at work in the building’s gift shop and it TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. I thought it was real!

  88. Yeah, I was freaked out when I saw about a dozen of these on display in a gift shop. I stared for five minutes all “OMG they’re BREATHING!” Very creepy, yet also very cute.

    And if you’ve ever seen them in person, you can tell that they’re pretty obviously made of *synthetic* fur.

  89. mojojojo says:

    Agree with the “creepy” peeps. Just too bizarre that these are designed to make you want to care for and become attached to your “pet” though it has no feelings and can’t love you back…

  90. You know, it would actually take less time to click on the PerfectPetzzz link and see that they are made with synthetic fur rather than posting an accusation here.

  91. Where did all these idiots come from? Why are they on my happy website?

    People, I don’t care how many email forwards you got from your Aunt Martha – these are made of SYNTHETIC FUR.


  92. I just sent this message to Perfect Petzzz, people:
    There is a post from 5/20/07 on http://www.cuteoverload,com that features your products. Will you please reply to me OR post a reply to this item on the C.O. website re: what are the materials used to make Perfect Petzzz. Some people are saying that you use real dog and cat fur. Others say synthetic. Can you PLEASE clear this up? You could also reply directly to the C.O. site owner at cuteoverload@frostdesign.com Thanks!!

  93. Shannnon says:

    Me again…Again I did NOT say THESE particular ones are made from real fur. But in the past (and maybe present) some HAVE and I’m not taking any chances. I feel like I have to differentiate myself.

    And I never once played with a doll. Those are creepy too for whoever asked as tho that was weird. Dolls are creepy!

  94. Elizabeth P says:

    I actually have one… my mom gave me the border collie for xmas.

    Everyone refers to it as the “dead puppy” because it looks so darn real…

    It’s more creepy than cute, but kinda sweet anyway.


  95. Good goin’ musicchick, email them a question that’s RIGHT THERE IN THEIR FAQ.

  96. That freaks me out. I no likey.

  97. I concur with all the ‘creepy’ statements. I also find them just sort of SAD – a cute puppy that will never wake up. .__.

  98. Poor Shannon, too bad you never played with dolls. You don’t happen to have children, do you?

  99. yankeebird says:


    MojoJojo? Someone here is named MojoJojo?

    I LOVE POWERPUFF GIRLS!!!!111!!!1OMGponies!

  100. Ya’ll seriously. This particular brand of toy does not use actual animal fur/hide.

    You can tell, I’ve yet to see a synthetic fur that is real enough to fool someone who is supposed to check for that. It’s not dog fur, it’s not goat or rabbit, it’s not cat. It’s synthetic.

    Yeah I think the toys are a little weird but then again I had one of those puppy alive toys once back in the day that walked on a leash and had long hair that became horribly tangled. *shrug*

    In conclusion, if you’re all hyped up about dog/cat hair being used on toys in malls please for all that is holy get off the internet and go save the day. Just stop being a whackjob on here

  101. Hey, I just realized–these could be zombie kitties and puplings trying to fool us into thinking they are “harmless,” “synthetic”-fur “toys” with their entirely unnecessary “breathing.” Halp!

  102. Not resting, just dead says:

    Hey PerfectPetzzz fans, it turns out these horrible toys have been indisputably proven to be adorable! By, I don’t know, the FDA or something. So you’re right, and the vast majority of people who think they’re creepy are wrong. You can stop being offended by everyone now.

  103. AuntieMame says:

    Hey, Not resting, just dead.

    Nobody who thought they were creepy was offended. We just thought they were creepy.

    And since that’s our opinion, it’s not wrong.

    So take your temper out on the people who are sniping about what the toys are made out of. THAT’s a fact you can argue about.

  104. I have to have one of these! I contacted them yesterday as they dont deliver outside of the US – they got back to me so I hope they can send me one ASAP.
    Thanks for the heads up on these 🙂

  105. Shannnon says:

    Nope no kids, thank you very much. I did play with all kinds of stuffed animals (plushies) none that breathed tho. A couple of musical ones. My Little Pony. He-man, She-Ra and Thundercats. Just not human dolls. My sister either. I think my mom and her mom both thought something was wrong with us. But I KNOW I am not the only one who thinks dolls are creepy! But wait – what does me not having kids have to do with anything?

  106. Tina Rhea says:

    Shannon, I agree– dolls are creepy. Stuffed or plastic animals are what I played with. And trucks and stuff.

    Maybe the fake sleeping kitty would get creepy eventually, but they sleep 2/3 of the time anyway, so it might take a while before not waking up would seem abnormal. If I worked in a cubicle away from my furry kids, I would probably want one. (And the website says there’s no off switch, but you can take a battery out to make it stop.)

    I don’t think we want enough ‘creepy but cute’ submishes for a whole category, do y’all??

  108. I cannot believe how rude some of you are. If you don’t like that some people think it’s real fur, or that it’s creepy, then stop reading the comments. Don’t come back again and again to say how incredibly stupid you think “Teh Wule World” is.

    Personally, I hate those because SOME of them are made frome real fur and I prefer not to support that industry. Because sometimes, it IS hard to tell what it’s made of. You just never know. So I don’t buy them at all.

    And I don’t care that their website say it’s fake fur, how do you know it’s true? It’s like Walmart saying they don’t support child labor in third world countries. Again, you just never know.

  109. I got one of these as a gift. A brown lab puppy. It fools everyone that comes into the house. Pointless but a good conversation starter.

  110. Helene, if you touch the fur and it squeaks, not to mention sold at fecking CVS, I’m pretty damn sure it’s safe.

    I have no problem with the idea of you not rushing to buy one because you think they’re creepy, but I don’t agree with the notion of boycotting all synthetics in an attempt to punch skinners in the nose. It’s not going to work and the skinners don’t care.

    If you take the time and the effort to research your product purchases, you will know as best as you can. It’s foolish to penalize a company until it has done wrong.

  111. Helene,

    I don’t know about “Teh Wule World”, but somebody who starts freaking out on a website about OMG THESE ARE MADE FROM REAL CAT & DOG FUR, as our friend Amanda said, is indeed stupid.

    I believe there are animal figurines out there that use real cat and dog fur. But somebody who says this manufacturer is using it, when the manufacturer clearly states that they do not, is being irresponsible and damned stupid. If you suspect the manufacturer is lying, then the burden of proof is on you to show me that they are lying.

    When you spread false information, you are truly doing a disservice to all of us.

    Man, I sound serious, but this kind of thing really bothers me. When people stop using their critical reasoning skills, we end up with things like W.

  112. M, if you think I’m foolish because I decide to boycott a product, it’s your problem not mine. As a consumer, I can do as a please, and I don’t care if doesn’t make a difference, at least I feel good about standing up for what I believe in. I don’t shop at Walmart and I don’t eat at McDonalds either. Do you have a problem with that too?

    Sarah, I don’t have anything to proove to you, I simply said that SOME of these toys are made of real fur and that it’s POSSIBLE the company would lie. Would you admit they’re made of real fur if you were selling them? All I’m saying is we just don’t know.

  113. So, Helene, by your logic:

    Some people named Sarah abuse animals.
    I probably wouldn’t admit it if I abused animals.
    Therefore it’s totally fair for you to tell the world that I abuse animals!

    The Interwebs is fun!

  114. pat_the_bunny says:

    They ARE cute but make me very sad. I have a neighbor who has one and it definitely looks like animal fur. I don’t know about this manufacturer in particular, but I have become aware recently of companies selling what they have labeled as “faux fur” coats that are really made of animal fur over in China in horrific, unspeakable conditions (and yes, that includes cats and dogs).

  115. pat_the_bunny says:

    There’s something about all adorable animal representations that make my heart ache. I don’t know why. I’m even talking things like lambies in baby rooms, for cryin’ out loud. I’m just weird that way.

  116. Sarah, that’s HILARIOUS! How you read that in my comment is beyond me. (patts your back)

  117. Helene, it’s the exact same logical construction:

    Some companies make figurines from animal fur. (True!)
    This company wouldn’t admit it if they did make figurines out of animal fur. (Probably true!)
    Therefore, it is okay for posters to insinuate that this company makes figurines out of animal fur. (WTF?)

    Show me how it’s different. Please.

  118. Helene, I realized that you may have been confused about what I was saying in my earlier post. I was merely pointing out your faulty reasoning by using another example, not saying that you thought I abused animals (I only squeeze puppies till they squeak).

  119. Your analysis of my comment is wrong (true)

    You believe you are able to read my mind and get my meaning (true)

    Therefore, you smoked some good stuff!(yep)

    Bye bye now.

  120. AuntieMame says:


    In some places, your comments could be construed as libel.

    I’m just sayin’…

  121. Really? Did you go to law school? Because I did and this isn’t libel.

  122. AuntieMame says:

    Then perhaps you’ll know that making baseless insinuations about a company’s business practices is not highly smiled upon in most circles…

  123. Helene, I apologize if I misinterpreted your post. You appeared to be saying that we should not criticize people like Amanda who make false statements because “you never know – they could be true.”

    I thought this was a terrible way to defend a statement – just because there is a possibly that an accusation is true doesn’t give you the right to make that accusation without any proof.

    I also believe people who make irresponsible and false statements on message boards should be criticized, if for no other reason than to protect the health of public discourse.

    Man, I gotta go watch that hedgie again!

  124. I have one of these. My mom got it for me. its really cute and quite relaxing to watch it just lay there and ‘breathe”
    I havent brought mine to work yet since I’m not sure if someone might take it.
    it does not have ‘real ” fur, and its doesnt have any real cat-parts that i know of, so I feel pretty good about owning it. (besides, my “mommy” got it for me, and I’m 46 years old)
    So, you girls play nice and quit taking things so seriously. Lifes a picnic.

  125. OMG, i saw one of these at a pet store and i nearly screamed (when i saw it “breathe”) before i realized what it was. Scary Larry.

  126. Sarah, I don’t get it, are you trying to make nice? Because it’s really not working. You keep saying your opinion is valid while everyone elses is wrong.

  127. Helene, nope, I was just trying to clarify the argument. I do indeed believe that my opinion (that people should not make false statements without basis) is correct. As for these silly figurines, if people want to believe that this manufacturer is using real cat and dog fur – no matter what anybody says – they can go ahead and believe that. However, they should not post these statements in a public forum without anything to back it up. And if they do so, then people should challenge them.

  128. Sarah,

    Who are you to say those statements are false? How do you know? You’re God Almighty?

    So if I use your argument, like you yourself do so well, then you should not make your statements without basis, and I should be allowed to challenge you.

    As for my own basis, check out the multiple links people have posted above. All I’m saying is that real fur figurines do exist and that we don’t know if these are one of them or not. That the manifacturer says otherwise doesn’t mean a thing. In all of mankind history, merchants have been know to occasionnaly lie to make a buck. Sure, cigarettes are good for you amd make you look cool. McDonalds food is good for you. Or even, the saleslady at some clothing store that goes “Wow, that looks good on you!”

  129. Matt ;) says:

    Helene, were you admitted to law school before or after you became an awful arguer?

    Simply asserting,

    “Your analysis of my comment is wrong”


    “You believe you are able to read my mind and get my meaning”

    is to avoid meeting Sarah’s challenge, which was to show the difference in form between your earlier bad argument and her reductio of it.

    Btw, have you considered a career at Wal-Mart? I suspect that the exploited children of the world would be better off if you applied your weak argumentative skills to defending child labor, than if you worked to oppose it with bad arguments.

    Now, I’m going to look at some more cute [swear] on this website!!!!

  130. Thanks for the laugh Matt!

    However, I don’t see why you deem it necessary to attack me by suggesting I should consider a career at Walmart.

    Her reductio of it? You mean her misunderstanding of it?

  131. Matt ;) says:

    Helene, since everyone seems to be misunderstanding your argument and you seem to be reluctant to do anything more than point out that you are being misunderstood, let me ask you this:

    how is your position different from Sarah’s characterization of it?

    “Some companies make figurines from animal fur. (True!)

    This company wouldn’t admit it if they did make figurines out of animal fur. (Probably true!)

    Therefore, it is okay for posters to insinuate that this company makes figurines out of animal fur.”

    As you have the very special distinction of having studied law and as you have some familiarity with “all of mankind history,” you will note that Sarah’s problem with this argument is that you move from a premise about the possibility of particular company’s fur use (however remote), to a conclusion about the permissibility of accusing that particular company of fur use.

    The careful reader of Sarah’s position will recognize that she is not asserting that it is false that the company uses fur– merely that there is insufficient evidence to accuse.

    The careful intro to logic student (which I recommend for you, Helene) will note that it is a strawman fallacy to suggest that Sarah needs to be ‘God Almighty’ (weird phrase) to take the line that she does.

    It is not an ad hominem to recommend a career at Wal-Mart to a confused lawyer. It is sound advice. The world needs more foggy-headed people fighting for bad causes.

  132. Matt, since you seem so [sweary] enclined to continue to insult me, I don’t see why I should refrain from it.

    Since you are obviously dim witted, I will spell it out for you.

    Yes some of these are made of fur. This company claims that it’s not, but how do we know that’s true? Now note that I did not go further than that. Or is that too complicated a concept for your tiny brain to grasp?

    Oh, and [swear swear something-or-other… – Ed.]

  133. Ah, back where we belong.

    Anyway, I have not at any point argued with you that there is a possiblity that this company is doing something bad and not admitting it. My claim is that you do not have the right to accuse a company of something like that unless you have a real basis for it (besides the argument that other companies have done it, which doesn’t stand up too well). You have never countered that actual argument.

    So let’s please clarify our stances. I see your claim right now as being “It is possible that this company is using real dog and cat fur.” Agreed! It is possible!

    However, your earler statement, the one I had a beef with, was “If you don’t like that some people think it’s real fur, or that it’s creepy, then stop reading the comments.”

    I think when people make statements they have no proof for, the community should counter them, rather than ignore them.

    If you have a problem with this latter claim, then fine, I’m not going to change your mind at this point, so let’s go on our merry ways.

  134. Annie, thanks for moving this back here. Seems we understand each other at last.

    Even though I still don’t agree with the community having to counter people of different opinions. People rarely change their minds that way.

  135. Oops, I meant Sarah, not Annie.

  136. Tired of this. Take it offline.