Meanwhile, over at the accountant’s office

Accountants everwhere should have ham-powered shredders (yes, shredding appears to be a theme today.) Will you please look at this hamdonculous paper shredder designed by Tom Ballhatchet. Absolute analog genius!


A billion peeps sent this one in, including; MC2, Josh S., Barbara C., Ant, Jaclyn Z., Amy H., Meredith J., Janie K., and Anna 😉



  1. Bleeeeeeen? 😉

    [I begged my boyfriend for this one. I love it!]

  2. mutiple uses for shredded paper and when hammy needs more he can do it himself well almost.. cute!!!! put was that my tax return i just shredded !!!! lol

  3. I love it! Hammie play makes bed.

    NOw there is a shredder I could use

  4. Shannon Johnson says:

    where can I get something llike that

  5. Jaclyn Z. says:

    I’m so happy I got credited for sending this in! Yay.

  6. Isn’t the paper bad for them to gnaw on? Bleach and such is in it, right?
    Poor Hammy.

  7. I thought it was just a red shredder on top. But that was specially made for hamsters!

    Check out the holes/printed instructions for feeding and watering!

  8. Another Angela says:

    funny idea, but looks like an art project. Hope the hammie doesn’t have to live in that tiny machine. Looks very sterile and lonely in there.

  9. Wait a minute.

  10. also perfect for ratties!

    just don’t put stuff with a lot of ink on it in there. bad for the critters.

  11. That is such a fantastic concept!

    I remember a couple of years ago some kid here in the UK created a hamster powered phone charger for a school project.

    Hamster power is the future, people!

  12. Completely and utterly genius, but any hammie/rodent owner will tell you they come equipped with their own super efficient shredders, also good for recycling cardboard tubes and small chunks of wood you might have left over from some thing or other.

  13. Another Angela says:

    Anner, do your rats run on the wheel? I had a boy that used to take leisurely strolls on one, until he got a little older and decided they made great hammocks when he was too lazy to go to one of the hammocks. None of his cagemates would use it. Embrace the male rat squishiness.

  14. I smell an Ig Noble Award for this one!

  15. TracyFlick says:

    Can you imagine what it’s like for the hammies when the shreddings rain down?

    Hammies: Whah?

    I love it. Confuse ’em, those hammies. It’s fun.

  16. Karebear says:

    hamster shredder? Oh my, this gadget must be renamed!

  17. brilliant!

  18. hamlover says:

    Sorry, but this is just a bad, bad, bad idea. The paper and especially inks are not healthy for the hamsters. A lot of shredded paper is also sharp-edged and cutting. Shredders also require oiling which could further be harmful. A living creature deserves better than to live in a bunch of crappy paper with things falling on it’s head instead of a real habitat. It’s a funny picture but it is terrible to encourage anyone to do this.

  19. Al Gore would be so proud! 🙂 Going green means going fur- HAMMYfur!

  20. Just my personal response to any sadness of a ham living in that- it seems to me its just a fun thing to have on the side I would have never seen it as a perm. home .. I hope nobody uses it for anything more than a fun thing like a rolling ball or any other temp plaything..

  21. theo ‘s funny bone strike’s again……………..LOL

  22. Crystal says:

    wouldnt that be really noisy and traumatizing?

  23. Crystal — check it out. No motor, no electric cord. It’s all hammie power.

  24. guineapiggin9 says:

    Not to be a nuff, but that does NOT seem A)very safe for the hammy B)very healthy for the hammy or C)just downright nice to the hammy. Cute pic, but i hope nobody is actually using one of these!

  25. Haha, I love that it’s not even a real hamster in there – where do i find such a cute stuffed hamster?

  26. Another Angela says:

    Here’s one for you nutmeg

  27. R. Moore says:

    While I agree this is not an ideal home for a hammie, I must disagree that the paper is so very harmful. Small amounts of ink won’t dreadfully harm any healthy hamster, and shredded paper makes a delightful tray filler. Of course, the glossy ads and flyers that come with your mail are not hammie friendly, but the thin strips of office paper would be less munchable anyway. The dust may be a problem,though.

  28. Yup, Josh S. (my son) sent it to me, then I put it up on my Vox, but somebody else must’ve sent it to you from there Meg. Cute though huh?

  29. Um Peeps when you go do a little exploring you find this was an art project NOT a product you can go buy for your hamster.

  30. Seconded, Annie.

  31. Seconded, Annie.

    [sorry, that doesn’t count as a “third” – Ed.]

  32. Peg of Tilling says:

    “After all Arthur Andersen’s Enron papers were shredded just before the federal investigators arrived, exausted hamsters lay in clumps up and down the hallways, sleeping on very large beds.”

  33. Squeee! This is great!

    To make it more ham-friendly, all it needs is a partition between the hammy’s wheel and the paper container. This way, you can ensure your hammy gets his fun and excercise without having to eat any of that paper! As an added option, if you enable both these parts of the cage to open separately, you can take out the hammy or the shredded paper as and when you wish!

  34. A little nonsense now and then,
    Is cherished by the wisest men.

    Meg, you crack me up.

    Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies,
    Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies,
    Hammies in a shredder, Hammie Power!
    When The evil Shredder attacks, those hammie boys don’t cut em no slack!
    Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies,
    Teenaged Mutant Ninja Hammies,
    Hammies in a shredder, Hammie Power!

  35. And then there’s this guy:
    Ninjas are definitely more awesome than pirates.

  36. Another Angela- i’ve had 5 rats, and 4 of them LOVED the wheel; my last pair would even run on it together. those 4 were girls, and the one that used it as a hammock was a boy.

    the vet told me it was very unusual for rats to use the wheel, but all four of my girls discovered it as babies and used it their whole lives.

  37. we should asign 2 to each household and business 🙂

  38. The Guy Over There says:

    This is one of those things I always mentioned to people when I worked in a psyche department where they work with tiny white mouseys. I think the only thing we worried about is if the ink wouldn’t effect the little dudes if it reacted with ham pee or if it was released into the air from shredding.

    I guess this means it doesn’t. Yay for green solutions!

  39. Ham and shreddar sandwich! (Definitely not kosher…)

  40. Martha in Washington says:’m sorry but I have to disagree. Pirates arrr WAY cuter than ninjas.

    The way my son’s hammies go on their wheel we would have mountains of shredded paper from this thing.

  41. So THAT’S where those TPS Reports went to…

    *ducks and runs away*


  42. No Martha I’m afraid not. Ninjas are cuter. They wear pajamas and can kick your tocks all over town. Pirates are just smelly and unshaven. Except Pyrit, who I suspect is secretly a ninja.

  43. i like ninja pirates! like the one that eventually shows up here

  44. Martha in Washington says: all Pirates are smelly and unshaven (think Errol Flynn in “Captain Blood”-best pirate movie ever!) and besides smelly and unshaven CAN be fun sometimes (think Johnny Depp). Ninjas are mostly just weird (think TMNT’s). And pirates can make you walk the plank and carve you up with a cutlass and buckle your swash.
    Dagger-My son is just getting into the SCA stuff and he is a “pre-emptive marine salvage expert”. And his name is Chris(topher). But he’s not a ninja.

  45. jason Faulkner says:

    keep em busy

  46. Its too good but not.