USA! USA! USA! USA Tuhday!

Yopuopes_opay_topoodopayWot a treat!

C.O. is linked from USA Today today.

Like all good news outlets, they have an interspecies snorgling feature on this pup NURSING TIGER TRIPLETS (with her own junior pup on the right, there.) With those tiny tiger appetites, you gotta watch out, Girl!


Thanks for the menshons, Mike C.!



  1. OMG SO Cute

  2. MargleSnorgle says:

    Oh my goodness. Cute, but … how is that possible? Any scientists/biologists/zookeepers in the house?

  3. happymeal says:

    aaw! watch out doggy!

  4. woo! congrats!

  5. Awwwww puppies… we’re not equipped to foster canines, but if we… wait a minute.

    : : : T H P O I T T T : : :

  6. laura m. says:

    i lofs it!!!

  7. metsakins says:

    must snorgle kittehs

  8. metsakins says:

    and puppeh

  9. warrior rabbit says:

    Go Huani (the dog)! That is teh awesome. But is that…three flavors of tiger?

  10. Margaret says:

    Ditto warrior rabbit re: flavors. No mention in the story why they are all different colors. The one next to the puppy is my favorite. He looks like a snow leopard.

  11. Ponygirl says:


    Dogs are very common foster parents (both females and males). Something in their programing makes them welcome all babies, not just puppies. Which is good for us. w00t!

  12. “When I like something, I buy one in every color!”

  13. SeaBreeze says:

    OMG!! Three different colored tigerettes??!? HOW CUTE!!

    I read this surrogate dog has nursed other abandoned tigerettes before, so she’s a pro at this.


  14. Oh sure, they’re happy now, but those cubs will grow up and they won’t call, they won’t write….

  15. I saw this today! 🙂 Prompted a discussion about why the Chinese would name 3 tiggerlets “One”, “Two”, and “Three” – why do pandaz get all the good names?

  16. the silver one is all “paws up”!

  17. Shannon Johnson says:

    i have never seen anything like that before. How is that even possible

  18. fish eye no miko says:

    The mom’s looking at the babeh kittehs thinking, “Wait, did I give birth to *those*? What the–?”

  19. Past couple of weeks have proved rather… eventful (in the most generous usage of the word), so this site is wonderful for my state of mind. Props to the CO staff – and to the mum-dog and her adopted fluffballs, of course 🙂

  20. fluidstatic says:

    this dog has a perfect look on her face; “Ok, sure, I’ll nurse you guys… just watch the teeth, for the love of god…”

  21. Bee Cee says:

    Nusty Koo Koo? NUSTY KOO KOO?? I don’t know what it is, but I love it.

  22. “OK, kids, keep your fangs to yourself…” Way past cute!

  23. Is it normal to have such a variety of cubbage from one mother? Maybe kind of in vitro going on?

    What a generous dog! I wonder what happens in a month when the cub’s appetites outstrip the supply, as the article suggests will happen. More dog-moms?

  24. Is it normal to have such a variety of cubbage from one mother? Maybe kind of in vitro going on?

    What a generous dog! I wonder what happens in a month when the cub’s appetites outstrip the supply, as the article suggests will happen. More dog-moms?

  25. Sorry for the dubbbbble post. Also–just noticed the peeps counter. Hello, my 526 friends…

  26. So precious! I was just on the phone with my Dad, and he was telling me about this…I should have known CO would be featuring it!

    On a side note, my Dad once petted a full-grown female Siberian Tiger. :-O

  27. I was just about to submit that article!

  28. michellemybelle says:

    dear lord, this has killed me. if there was video of the cubbers romping with the pup, it would be too strong and many deaths would ensue. (is there video? i need to see this)

  29. I have pics from last year of my then 25-yr-old daughter petting and tummy rubbing a “tame” adult Siberian tiger in Thailand–in a pen with three other “tame” adult tigers scattered around. I freaked that she did it. The pics are cool to have, and I even had the belly-rub one put on a mug, but there is no such thing as a tame tiger–and especially no such thing as four “tame” tigers.

    Last year, a 17-year-old girl in Kansas was killed by the “tame” Siberian tiger that a high school senior class was having their individual senior pics taken with. That is exactly what I thought of when my daughter told me of her little adventure.

    And the tiger showman Roy’s tiger didn’t even mean to hurt him–just to protect him–but nearly killed him.

    Even one of my dear, sweet, precious kittehs will leave me bleeding if one happens to get startled while on my shoulder, so that she pushes off suddenly with her claws. Obviously, even without meaning harm, a tiger could kill someone if something startles it!

    And yet the pics are pretty darned cool–now that she is no longer in that pen rubbing huge tiger bellies! In fact, I have cosndiered submitting one to CO, since the tiger is all paws up belly exposure and looking darned cuddlecute.

  30. I want to nibble their ears and see if the different color kittehs (and pup) taste differently!! Neopolitan Kittehs!!!!!!!

  31. AuntieMame says:

    OMG!!1! Tigers!!1!

    Rulio Iglesias!1!1

    There was a show on Animal Planet a couple of years ago, called The Awesome Pawsome, about four tiger cubs, and they were mixed like these. One white, and three varied oranges.


    3 different coloured tigerlets! One little puppy! One awesome momma dog!


  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    Tiger Pups! I luvs ’em!

    Thanks, AuntieM, for reminding me of the title of that documentary. “The Awesome Pawsome”. Right. It was too cool. And they definitely came in different flavors in the same litter.

  34. Christine Hughes says:

    Theo’s kittens are different colours too, even though they’re from the same mom. I think cats can carry kittens from different father cats in the same litter, so perhaps tigers can also do that.

  35. 🙂 Truly beautiful!!

  36. Congradulations…

    I followed the link through to the USA Today site and was glad to see a referral back to your site! Awesome! The Webby’s and now this!

  37. Chocolate, vanilla, and orange flavor tiger-lettes! I wonder if the “spigots” come in different flavors too! 😉

    Very sweet photo. Ain’t nature awesome!?

  38. acelightning says:

    Not to be a Nuff or nuffin’… but can tiger cubs live on dog’s milk? I mean, every mammalian species has different nutritional requirements, and a human baby can’t live on cow’s milk without a lot of supplements. So I always wonder when I see a mom of one species nursing babies of a different species.

    No matter what, though, those tigerettes are *beautiful*.

  39. darkshines says:

    Are the tigers from three different mums…..or three different dads? 😉 Very cute….

  40. seems like the pup stopped nursing for a sec, is looking to his/her left and saying, “wtf?!”

  41. Okay, this dog really deserves a nice big steak…

  42. Beyond precious! I have heard of dogs nursing just about everything from squirrels to cows. Their milk must me “perfect” for inter-species feeding. All of the babies take your breath away…must steal kissies….

  43. Hi, this is Mike from USA TODAY’s On Deadline blog. Based on what we’ve read about this dog, it’s actually quite common for Chinese zoos to use dogs as surrogate mothers for orphaned tigers and other animals. Who knew?

  44. i think that is so quit

  45. I so love the cub in the middle!! All white with just a few stripes on the very very end of the tail! How sweet is that!

  46. I bet the black and white one is makin’ biscuits.

  47. It’s just MAJOR cool to get a link in USA Today! Teh Cute Roolz!

  48. i love how she has one of each flavor!

  49. Here in D.C., Express (a free tabloid published by the Washington Post and handed out at metro stations in the morning) ran this picture, too. The headline? Cuteness Overload. (I’m betting they would have gone with Cute Overload, but the space was too big.)

  50. heidilynn says:

    OK, somebody much earlier in the comments alluded to the fact that if dogs could foster nurse tigers, why couldn’t people…I remember a photo from Nat’l Geographic of a Malaysian (?) woman nursing a piglet…apparently quite common…Not that I’d want to volunteer to nurse any baby mammals except my own, but woah…the possibilities…

  51. Jacki14 says:

    The white one with the stripedy tail is my favorite too, Amanda.

  52. Eeny meeny miney moe
    Catch a tiger by his toe
    If he barks, let him go
    He´s prob´ly from a Chinese zo

  53. this is beyond cute. its Beautiful! what a wonderful Mommy-doggy.
    wonder why she only has the one puppeh?
    anywho- has anyone seen any VIDEO of this lovely family.
    I NEED Video!

  54. Wow. Now that is *really* interspeesch.

  55. I loff this- seeing an animal take care of ophan bebehs proves that animals have souls.
    Check out these interspecies foster mamas:

    The best one is the Kitteh fostering chicks! For reals!

  56. AlfishKK says:

    Oh my goodness. Tigers come in three awesome flavors now? They’re almost too fuzzy to bear! AGH!

    Good on mom for taking ’em in. 😀

  57. mustliedown says:

    Hey, we humans drink cow milk, so why not kittehs drink puppeh milk? I want to see that one puppeh grow up acting like a tiger!

  58. ThreeCatNight says:

    Two friends in the past couple of days sent me this photo, and today I read the full story of the mama dog and tiger cubs on AOL. The cubs and one little pup sharing a common bond — mama’s milk. The cubs are absolutely beautiful, but as they get older and stronger, they will certainly be weaned away from the dog and her little pup as their strength and wild nature comes to the surface.

  59. Noelegy says:

    First of all, this is cute beyond all Cute.

    And, NOT to start a flamewar over cultural differences or anything, but as this is a Chinese zoo, I honestly don’t understand how anyone could see a dog fostering other species (as someone else said, proof that animals have souls) and then think, “mm, dog…tasty!”

  60. furbabies says:

    I was thinking the same thing! It’s kinda hard to imagine different cultures and their thought processes.

  61. This reminds me of my dog who use to nurse neighborhood cats, full grown cats, in the middle of the street. Could you imagine driving up on a shaggy dog with cats stuck to it?

  62. warrior rabbit says:

    That’s uh, quite an image, Jessie. Full-grown cats, you say? Hmm.

  63. Ok, at first glance, I thought those tigers were stuffed animals. And I thought to myself, ok, that’s silly, is that cute or creepy? Then, when I realized they were babeh tigers, I almost flipped! What a wonderful mom!!

  64. Of course different species can sometimes use the same milk. I, along with my brothers, grew up the old fashioned way in the country with plain ole cow’s milk. No supplements or high falutin, fancy shmancy formula! There actually was a time before before Gerber and formula, and kids for the most part still grew up fine…although I do have an obsession with CO, but that’s a different story 🙂

  65. Noelegy & furbabies: Most people I know (though odds are not all) could probably go to a petting zoo, farm, or aquarium, see and appreciate a variety of symbiotic or easily anthropomorphized relationships between all types of animals, and then later chow down on lamb, goat, cow, chicken, or fish for dinner (from the US here, btw). For someone who enjoys dog meat, I’d imagine it’s a similar experience. Or, on the other side: if you eat cow meat, a practicing Hindu may find it hard to fully understand how you can look at a cow that way.

    All right, now for the main reason of being on CO: so cute, the picture! As far as flavors go, I’m reading them from left-to-right as chocolate peanut-butter, vanilla bean, fudge ripple, and, uh, licorice?

  66. LOL, I was actually going to give this link on here the moment I saw it, but obviously people have beat me to it! 😉

    Anyway, to give my $0.02 about dogs… I agree with what p. said above. I don’t think that this double-standard in regards to animals just applies in China where they eat “weird” things (in Western eyes). Meat-eaters see cuteness in pigs, cows, and chickens all the time, and some people even nurse their own human babies on cow’s milk and then eat beef.

    Also, the Chinese don’t eat as much dog as you think! Haha. As a Chinese person, I can speak from personal experience and say that I’ve never eaten dog in my life. (And I turned vegan a couple of years ago, so I guess I never will. Meeh.) All of my relatives in China have either never eaten it, or have just had it once or twice in their life. I’m sure there are some people who do eat it a lot, but I imagine eating dog meat in China is like how people in the US “eat rabbit meat.” In reality few people actually do, and fewer do on a regular basis.

    These cubs all look alike! And then the tigers will grow… huge… 😛

  67. Noelegy says:

    Thank you, Helen. I wanted to phrase that as non-offensively as possible. I guess I need to get over my own double standards. 😦 Yes, I think a baby chick is cute, but then I eat chicken….but then again, was a strict vegetarian for nearly a decade. My line in the sand keeps moving around!

    The question that pointed me along the vegetarian path was “why do we call some animals ‘pets’ and others ‘food’?”

  68. *explosion sound followed by splatter*

    Yep! that’s my brain exploding from cute!

  69. okay, i can’t resist so kill me later: THIS IS GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!

  70. Yitzysmommie says:

    AARRRRRR, Dagger – good one!
    Most adorable tigerettes, and many juicy bones to the Momma doggie.

  71. Tina Rhea says:

    As for the “different species’ milk” issue, cats can’t be healthy for long on dog food because cats need more protein than dogs do. I would guess that the tigers need some kind of supplement besides Mama Dog’s milk if they’re going to grow up healthy.

    Hope Mama doesn’t mind those ouchy little paw-needles….

  72. The tigers totaly look like stuffed animals!

  73. luckybug says:

    Re the names: the Chinese will probably have a special Naming Day when the little ones reach 100 days old. At least, that’s what they’ve been doing with the baby pandas in the US zoos. I hope the media keeps an eye on them, I want to see what their coats look like when they get older! Love the non-stripey one!

  74. so heartwarming!

  75. rubber duck says:

    Hmmm. The colours confuse me, too. Then again, white tigers are produced by a recessive gene, and mostly exist in zoos, due to inbreeding. Their popularity has led to them being bred on purpose, but unfortunately the inbreeding also often leads to birth defects and continuous weakening of the gene pool; therefore some zoos have started experimenting with introducing orange tigers to white tiger “families” as well. Still, I’m not sure how siblings can be of different colours if the gene is recessive…strange? I don’t know enough about genetics to know if it’s possible.

    I live in Finland and I’ve heard dogs have been used as foster parents for tigers here as well, maybe for other felines too. Sometimes tigers living in a zoo don’t know how to look after their cubs – due to not living in their natural environment – and using a dog foster mother is considered less risky than bottle-feeding the cub. There are some problems – for example, a tiger would nurse her cubs much more often than a dog, and also the dog mother doesn’t necessarely recognise the tiger cub’s crying to mean it’s hungry (since it sounds so different from a puppy) – but generally cubs fostered this way seem to have better chances for survival.

    The dog mother doesn’t always automatically like the tiger cub or want to foster it…but it can often be gradually persuaded to do this. I even read a story about a tiger cub fostered this way – already in the 1960s or 70s – that became the foster mother’s “favourite”, perhaps partly due to her own pup’s teeth being sharper(!) which made it more difficult to nurse him, and after they were separated the mother dog visibly missed the tiger cub for a while. The tiger cub, on the other hand, had something of a hard time adjusting to the zoo after actually living with a human family while she was small; maybe these days this would be better taken into consideration. However, she did adjust gradually and grew up into a healthy adult. It might be her offspring are still living in the same zoo. 🙂

  76. R. Moore says:

    On interspecies milk: Yes,it is best to drink the milk of your own kind as an infant. Technically,if humans wanted to give their babies milk other than their own and not resort to artificial blends, we could survive quite well on pig’s milk. Cow’s milk doesn’t have the right balance of fat and nutrients we need as infants, though you *could* supplement it… But then it’s easier to buy formula or breastfeed.

    These tigers probably get some sort of supplement, much as other animals get formulas with cow’s milk bases.

    (I’m so proud I didn’t get on my breastfeeding soapbox!)

  77. I don’t want to derail this too much, but regarding the comment above:

    Yes, formula is better for kids, that’s a fact. All I’m saying is that cow’s milk can support babies when formula isn’t available. Before the invention of formula, babies still survived and did well on cow’s milk.

  78. KaitouJuliet says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen a silver tiger cub before! Amazing. The teeny stripes on the three little tailios (tailii?) just kill me!

  79. THE RATER says:

    THIS IS SOOOO werid!
    OUCH i would Hate 2 be that dog. Maybe she enjoys it. Anyway cute. But ouch. I rate it

    Drumroll please

    6 out of 10