This puppy is pre-snorgled

Her schnozzle is ALREADY smooshed in from a good, solid snorgling.


Tiny ear flops, shifty eyes and a nose roll—TO GO!


You can practically hear the mini snortles.


Evan A., you’re right— "Pepper" IS a magnet!

// UPDATE — wups!  As some peeps have pointed out, Pepper’s been posted before.  Sorries… we’ve got sooo many pix & posts archived now that it’s gotten difficult to keep track of them all.  See if you can spot Teh Pep in here though… happy RCF! //



  1. Sweet Jesus that last picture is a killer! Lovin’ the tongue!

  2. tongue-age! Key-ute!

  3. Last pic: If I waits, snowflake will fall on my tongue, right?

  4. omg… I am ded.
    He looks so sad in the first pic.
    And the blades of grass are as big as his head!

  5. jgfkldjgdfjg@@!!!
    The tounge just puts it over the top! <3

  6. Awwww baby puglet. It is so cute I want to squeeze it until its eyes bulge out even more.

  7. cute, cute, cute!

  8. Sarah-I agree!!

    I love the wittle, pink puppy tongue! So kyoot!

  9. ‘Tis the daintiest pugpup I have ever seen!

  10. Pug puppy snorfles are the best sounds in the world. Makes me want to rush home and cuddle my 9 month old puglet!!

  11. Yes, he’s cute, but I still prefer my animals not to be presnorgled. It takes the fun out of it…

  12. omg the TONGUE! this puppeh needs love! where’s his mommy?!

  13. invisible snowflake

  14. That’s how puppies check wind direction. They don’t have fingers, right?

  15. i bet if i snorgled him reeeaaly good, i could push his snoot in farther…[presses face against screen]…d’oh! now my face looks like his!

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    Oooooo, he’s getting ready to give us all leetle keeses! Heeeeere dey come!! :od

  17. Lawrence says:

    Arrrggghhh!!!! I died!…. too cute!!! Make it stop please for the love of God!

  18. Hi, little worry-face. I may not be a dog person (normally), but never you fear, I would snorgle the heck out of you in a heartbeat.

  19. michellemybelle says:

    I saw the first pic and I thought to myself “Is that Pepper?” and it is! I think I found her on Dogster or Daily Puppy or something and just fell in love – that tongue pic is in my archive!

  20. Aiyaa… Has this pup already been done?

    [fixed your URL… but yes, you’re right. How’d that happen? – Ed.]

  21. Ok so I just read this in the wiki for pepper:
    Black peppercorns were found lodged in the nostrils of Ramesses II, placed there as part of the mummification rituals shortly after his death in 1213 BCE. Little else is known about the use of pepper in ancient Egypt, nor how it reached the Nile from India.

    Pepper kilt ded teh Pharoah, too. Powerful cute.

  22. luvinmalssomuch says:


  23. Am I the only one that doesn’t think pugs or smooshy faced dogs are cute?

  24. Shannon Johnson says:

    “Wait for it, pretty soon I will catch a snowflake on my tongue.”

  25. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Is that a thhhppt (spelling) in the third picture?

  26. *Don Ho singing*

    Tiny puggles(tiny puggles)
    Never whine (never whine)
    Make me happy (make me happy)
    Make me feel fine (make me feel fine)


    Tiny puggles (tiny puggles)
    Make me warm all over
    With a feeling that I’m gonna
    Love you till the end of time

  27. “And here’s one I smooshed earlier…”

  28. Elizabeth B. says:

    I am glad that pepper can put his tongue back in his mouth. Many pugs are so inbred and squash faced that they can never get their tongues all the way into their mouths, so they get all dried out and oogy. It is sad.

  29. my cat is a sphere says:

    But still doesn’t quite hold a candle to “pug breathing noises” my favorite video of all time.


  30. are there any rules of non-cuteness? If not, may I suggest the first?

    Eyes that point different directions are not cute.

  31. No, Ivy, you’re not the only one.

    Shortened tails aren’t cute, mis-bred shortnosed dogs aren’t cute, mis-bred shortnosed anythings aren’t cute.

  32. Sometimes these pictures are so cute I can hardly stand it!



  34. ThreeCatNight says:

    I think it was the little pink tonguelet that did me in ! Wait, I’m better now.
    And I dispute the naysay posters — these dogs aren’t only cute, but intelligent as all getout, having known a few puggy owners.

  35. my cat is a sphere says:

    Anyone remember Jack Elam, a bit actor in westerns?
    His eyes pointed in pretty much opposite directions.
    But it was cute, kind of like a pug. Or, you know, Marty Feldman.

  36. Shes cute… but you’ve had the SAME picture on your website before! Give other pups a chance!

  37. pugs and persian cats are freaky inbred mutants. Why do people think they are cute? shudder

  38. furbabies says:

    Naikrovek = troll! Look out a commentroversy in the making.

  39. Flooflover says:

    The sound of respiratory distress cute?? I don’t think so… that’s all the ir little snorting snores are…..

  40. I could never find this pup repugnant.

  41. Hey! He’s from!

  42. THeo Thanks for the RCF it is cute and I spotted the pup . Love the Thhhhppt toungues.

  43. Worth repeating.

  44. Oh. my. gosh. No words. too cute! The tounge! For the love of all that is fuzzy! I want to eat him.

  45. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an all-black Pug before this little guy. I have the STRONGEST urge to take the tip of my finger and tickle his little stickey-outtie tongue until he pulls it back in. I do that to my cat Pooh, and it’s hilarious! He’s just like, “Huh?” (he has blonde roots….I’m convinced!) ‘-)

  46. Teeny-tiny rose petal tongue!

  47. plz esplain why is bad to have Pepper pug posted redundantly? kthnx

  48. WickedWendy says:

    This is an awesome looking pug! So very anerable!

  49. We just got a baby pug that’s all black and looks just like this little guy!

  50. So sweet! I love all-black puggles. Never mind the repeats!

  51. that first picture is way toooooo much. i can’t function normally again. the neck on that thing, pure delicacy. loom at his little far-away eyes, the tongue!!! he looks like my kittie-girl maumau, all sticky outy tongue like that

  52. R. Moore says:

    Yesterday, as I sat pulling myself together after a stress relieving sob-on-SO’s-shoulder-with-no-apparent-reason session, I logged onto CO and saw this adorable little pup. His visible softness was like a balm.

    For once my SO totally appreciated CO.

  53. someone who cares (instead of just coos) says:

    yes, very cute. Pugs are bred in a way that makes breathing difficult. a lot of them spend their entire lives trying to get air into their lungs.

    much like German Shepards are bred in a way that many develop agonizing back problems.

    breeding is inbreeding. any dog that does not look like a wolf is an inbred mutant.

    humans are so cruel that they will torture entire species to make them feel all warm and fuzzy.

    and buying or owning these dogs just perpetuates the problems.

  54. KaitouJuliet says:

    Only the tongue picture was posted before, right? So this post is 66% fresh … and really, the tongue pic is cute enough for a repeat!