Pssst, chat is BACK

Dat’s correcte.

Chat is BACK!




  1. Well it is about Bleening Time!!!!
    Still Trying to do a Q& A Session?

  2. not very good attitudes in the chat room…. );

  3. I left my puffy coat at home today Theo!

  4. Hi Liz, Maybe it is better to stay out here in the pictures.

  5. Annie — good thing too, it’s like summer out there.

  6. girlygirl says:

    It doesn’t feel like summer!!!!!

  7. girlygirl says:

    It doesn’t feel like summer!!!!!

  8. Yes it does! Yes it does!
    😉 😉

  9. re: “not very good attitudes” — well it’s easy to block anyone you want to, individually. Just hover your pointer over the offending screen-name, in the right-hand column, then click the “block” button in the popup.

  10. Christine H says:

    Is there going to be a link to the chat from the main site?

  11. is CO trying to get me fired?

  12. thanks theo.
    I’ll go try it again and use your “blocking technique” for the mean spirited ones.

  13. Anner — yes! But you can come work for us, eh?

    (I’M KIDDING, PEEPS! Please not to stampede!)

  14. Aw, Theo. Bummer.

  15. girlygirl says:

    Liz and Theo, it feels like winter in my town.

  16. GG — in Minneapolis it’s sunny, breezy and warm. And there’s kittens.

  17. too many not-cute-at-all-overload pictures posted in chat. >.<

  18. [sigh] I used to love chatting … I don’t care for it anymore, but do let us know when you’re having that Q&A session, ja?

  19. Damn these time zones and work.

    I’ll join in if and when I can …

  20. furbabies says:

    The chat room is wonderful. I “met” some really nice folks. Thanks.

  21. furbabies says:

    Addictive though.

  22. I agree with furbabies. I’ve met some wonderful people on that chatroom (including furbabies)

  23. Matthew says:

    OMG!!!!! they used MEEBO?????

  24. Matthew — you say that as if you think it means something…?

  25. Yeah! Chats back! Uh huh! Woohoo!

    But it doesn’t seem to work to well..! Oh well, at least is back!

  26. Ok, so I’m a complete moron, but how the heck do you get into the chat room? I’ve never been in one and I’m not grasping the basics. Is there a link I’m not seeing?

  27. Erm, all you have to do is click on at the top where it says chat is back then once your connected type in whatever it is you wanna say.
    I hope that helped, because chat is SUPER-FUN! xxxxx