It’s been a while…

…Since we’ve seen a kitteh in a rack.

So, we had to triple down to catch up… 😉


That was CLOSE, Emily C.!



  1. That bottom one is thinking, You know I was here first then these copy cats gotta crowd on in.

  2. constance says:

    hahah. Oh God that’s cute.

    I wonder what the nuffs will say?

  3. Heather says:

    I love the look in the little brown tabby’s eyes!

  4. Oh my goodness, that is cute! Soooo sooooffffttt kitties. 🙂 I, too, wonder if it is possible to take offense at this. 🙂

  5. The three kittles are precious (the left and middle ones look like they’re planning something nefarious against the little marmie on the right!), and since there’s no actual boobage showing, hopefully the nuffs, if any stop by, will keep their mouths shut. 🙂

  6. OMG how cute! I love the look of the calm kitteh like “I chill in rax all da time!” 🙂

  7. The kitteh in the back looks traumatized! Is there a boogydog in the corner of the room where poor kittypants is staring?

  8. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe the little marmie behind him is goosing him. 🙂

  9. AuntieM!!! LOL!
    And now we shall all spank you.

  10. Triple time lovin’

    Adorable little ones.

  11. OMG!! The middle kittle looks like he’s afraid to look down!

  12. Cassandra says:

    kittens in racks is immoral, the kittens look scared so they must be in grievous pain, and the colour of the tank top is ALL WRONG. Yeesh. Alright, nuffers, nothing to see here, I’ve cleared it all up. If you’ll just follow me off the website, I’ll lead you to some pudding.

  13. It’s your classic case of “Can’t see the rack for the cats.”

  14. Gotta love the ring tattoo too.

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    Oh man, why didn’t I think to do this with my four babies before they were adopted? With all four, I might have actually HAD some rack. Sigh.

  16. Lady Chroe says:

    The two on the left are like “I think… I think I’m touching a bbb…b…bbb…bbboo… OMG!!!!”

  17. Oh yes! The spanking!

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hitting myself in head ‘Why didn’t I think of thais before I got these stupid implants’

  19. i just love the paw-resting-on-finger element.

  20. Lillith says:

    Oh no, has someone lit the Grail-shaped beacon again?

    They do sort of look like the kittehs who say “Ni!”.

  21. they all have that “we’re crazy spazzy kittehs, look out!!!!” look.

  22. LOL Chroe, I was thinking the same thing. The little tabby’s eyes are like “OMG-WHAT is my foot touching??!?!”

  23. katerpie says:

    Serious disapproval on the right there! He wants the rack allll to his very own self.

  24. ShelleyTambo says:

    Nevermind–thinking about it, my guys were a complete mess ( )and I don’t need that down my shirt. Ignore the weird cropping.

  25. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute, i want to hold a kitteh

  26. little orange kitty is saying “losing consciousness, grey stripey kitty pushing on my neck, choking me against wrong-color-tank-top”
    Too cute, i’ll take 3, you can keep the rack.

  27. Hmmmmm. My husband just said: “Well there wouldn’t be room in your shirt for that lot”.

    Oh well, that’s a *good* thing, right?

  28. i *heart* the one in the middle.

  29. the little one in the back is like what was that brite light for now i can’t seeze excepz cee’s stars mom!!!!!!!!!!! very cute pic snorgleable babies actually arn’t they already getting snorgled?!?!?!?!?

  30. Wow, nice rack 😉

    Where can I get one of those? three times the fun.

  31. Yitzysmommie says:

    So, where’s the rack? Too much floofage for any rackage.
    Who else wants to join me in requesting Kenya’s kittens in Teho’s rack? You could wear a wifebeater tee, Teho, hee hee hee!!
    Cssandra, excellent nuff preventative action there.

  32. Yiii… at this point, YM, I’d need to wear a vest under it. And I mean the kind of vest cops wear under the badge & blue.

  33. fluidstatic says:

    Ah, cats n racks. how i missed you.

  34. Oh, dear – I can just see Saturday’s headlines:

    “Meg Frost Arrested on Three Counts of Racketeering.”

  35. donutbill says:

    I’m SO damned sick of seeing “People” in my precious cuteoverload pics. They ruin everything. Stick to cute animals, dammit!!!

    [boo freakin’ hoo, little troll – Ed.]

  36. Aw YitzMommie, I wuz thinkin’ the same thing. Theo, maybe Jaye could have 3, and SchmmopTeen could have the other 2 ki-ins. Two, two, two floofilicious racks in one! Poor Theo already has clawed and bitten feets, shoulders, legs, etc. But Theo IS bigger and could probably handle all 5 down his shirt!! You’d have to have someone REALLY QUICK with the camera to catch the pic though. 😉

    C’mon Theo, for all that is good and pure in America? 5 brand new fuzzy-crazy kitt-lets down your shirt, zip up jacket, etc.

  37. Aubrey–good one!

  38. oaklandcat says:

    I’m SO damned sick of nuffs not keepin their evil comments to themselves! They ruin everything!

    [boo freakin’ … wait a minute … LOL -Ed.]

  39. That tank top will never be the same. Memories … of the paws we’ve left behind …

  40. Emily , You are an angel for saving thoses kittens !!!! Glad to call you my sister.
    Love, Betsy

  41. Omg. Seriously. I WISH I was her left hand. He’s just resting his little pillow-foot on it!

  42. Orange Kitten #1: Dude! What are *you* *doing*?!

    Grey Kitten: Wah, I don’t want to see this!

    Orange Kitten #3: No no, I was just kittening around on top of the, er, furniture and I accidentally…fell and…landed in…this cleavage, and…aww, damn. Caught out. Crapola.

  43. It’s the least they could do after you bottle-fed them every three hours and wiped their little cabooses to make them go…and I LOVE the color of your tank top. It’s PERFECT.

  44. I can die happy now! I made Cute Overload! Thanks Meg!! Really! So, so happy!!

    (Weeping with joy!)

  45. OMG! We ahve to see Theo’s rack filled w. KenyaKittens (TM). Please Theo?

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Shoot, I’d pay for Teho’s bulletproof vest, just to see it. :o)

  47. LOVE the look on the little grey one in the middle. He’s all, “is too hiiiiigh!”

    and love the middle finger tattoo! hottt (do not say in sarcastic voice. say in for serious compliment voice.)

  48. PS – CO audience – after the picture was taken, we realized one of the kitties had poo-pooed on Emily’s new saucy yella bra.

  49. AuntieMame says:


    It was probably the wide-eyed gray one. lol

    “First you say it, then you do it.” (Bill Cosby)

  50. Theo You Rock, Mr Editor!LOL!

    And Emily THe shirt is a perfect color I love Jewel Tones. And As Betsy said Thank you for saving those kittens

  51. riolinda says:

    Cute, cute kittens! Love the paw on the finger! 🙂

  52. metsakins says:

    btw guess what I got for Mother’s Day???


  53. I lofs marmie on the left.


  54. THE O
    THE O
    THE O
    Everyone together now
    THE O
    THE O
    THE O

  55. Silly peeps, that’s not her middle finger avec tattoo, it’s her ring finger and it’s cool.

  56. Wow, a Cats ‘n’ Racks pic and only 62 comments? and one Nuff? CO is gettin’ TAAAAAAAMME… 😉

  57. triple c-cup. woo hoo.

  58. Lol, I love the look on the one in the back right. He’s all “whoa! I should have taken the red pill.”


  59. I say less cats, more racks! Wait, make that more cats AND more racks!

  60. 3 cats in a rack – isn’t that a cat-rack hat-trick?


  62. It’s a three cat night

  63. Awwwwwwwww……..

    I heart cats ‘n racks.

  64. I love crazy eyes in the back there.

    I’m guessing the mellow guy in the front is the poop culprit. He’s all, “Oh yeah…I just pooped on a rack. Life is good.”

  65. acelightning says:

    Three kittens… two bazooms… the arithmetic doesn’t seem to come out right. But who cares, when you’ve got a shirtful of kittens!

    I think the grey one is the pooper – he certainly looks as if something scared the poop out of him! 😉

  66. I don’t know about anyone else but I am a little tired of the “pets sticking out of my top” posts
    why not try to be a bit more creative … I don’t want to see body parts I just want to see pets

  67. Anyone else see Eccentricia Gallumbits?

    The one in the back is all shock and awe…

  68. rpennefe says:

    Marmie cats! Marmie cats! (Oh, and a tabby for good measure). Way to go Emily for rescuing these little imps!

    As an aside: periodically, when a nuff or a troll shows up, an additional comment will appear below the comment. Every time…every single time I wonder “Who in the world is Ed?”

    Sigh. One of these times my brain will be working on all four cylinders.

  69. donutbill says:

    I sincerely apologize for my above criticism of this photo. In the future, I’ll be sure to remain a good little zombie and only post vapid, positive comments.

  70. i love your kittens they are so cute!. i wish i had one

  71. RPennefe — LOL! “- Ed.” is common shorthand for “from the Editor”.

  72. CBF — you misspelled “awwwww”

  73. AuntieMame says:

    donutbill, why not do us one better and not post at all?

  74. JulieRaven says:

    😀 Cats ‘N’ Racks, my favorite!

    Just because I know how fun it is to snuggle kittehs into your bosom. =) *snorgling memories*

    (Oh and for the nuffs, it’s great seeing pets with their owners, especially on CuteOverload; the relationship is always great to see!)

  75. why do you people like animals down your shirts? you could be arrested for putting babies down your shirts.

  76. “I’ll be sure to remain a good little zombie and only post vapid, positive comments.”

    Cool, zombies! Is that what we are now? That’s awesome cause zombies are wicked cool. I want to be the hardcore kind that can’t be killed and has to be chopped up into tiny bits.

  77. Robin, you mean for like breast feeding? c’mon…

  78. darkshines says:

    I love the way the dark one is all “OMG! DUDES! Theres BOOBS in here!” :0

  79. Ex-Network Geek says:

    CG: don’t you mean triple K-cup?
    Kitteh, kitteh, kitteh.

    I wish I had 3 kittens and room for them in a shirt. But I love my two senior cats, one of whom thinks the rack is a step for reaching the shoulder, where she likes to hang out.

  80. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Oh, I forgot:
    We wanna see a rackfulla Kenyakittens!

    And as for nuffs… I am not especially a fan of seeing people in the photos, but usually when Meg posts one it’s got enough Qte to be worth it. Like this one. And when some picture (with or without people) doesn’t seem all that cute to me… why would I bother posting? What good does that do anyone?

    1. It doesn’t do any good for me. The picture is not changed by me saying I didn’t like it. Plus I’ve then spent extra time and energy not liking it, instead of going on to something else that I do like.
    2. It doesn’t do any good for Meg. If she started doing something consistently that I didn’t like, maybe it would be worth discussing, in case other people also didn’t, maybe enough people that she’d consider changing. (The NSFW captions, for example, might fall into this category.) But if an occasional posting out of many happens not to float my boat, why should she care? It’s called editorial discretion. An editor who publishes only things that everyone likes publishes nothing at all.
    3. It doesn’t do any good for other people reading the comments. If they liked it, why should I harsh anyone else’s qtebuzz?

    Maybe donutbill & moopy are thinking there’s a possibility they’re in the same category as NSFW captions: maybe they’re thinking lots of CO readers would rather not see people. They might be right, but I’m thinking Cats ‘n’ Racks is well enough established that they’re not going to get anywhere and they should probably choose some other blog that posts what they do like.

    (And if they’re just trolling — deliberately setting out to stir people up — then this comment is not directed at them. Telling trolls to stop trolling doesn’t work, of course, and I wouldn’t waste my time doing so.)

    But hey, it’s a free country, post what you want. I’m just saying, if you were thinking of posting that you didn’t think something was cute, you could ask yourself first: will it actually benefit anyone for me to say so?

  81. Kallisto says:

    Well said, Ex-Network Geek.

  82. Just make sure the model is WELL over 25 or so… There are many cute overloaders who can’t handle the sight of women younger than that with cats in their racks…

  83. Ameliorate says:

    And just when I thought this picture couldn’t get any funnier… I spotted that “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” reference. Are ya TRYING to kill me, cutebabyfix?

  84. What’s a nuff?

  85. donutbill says:

    Yeah, I had to look “Nuff” up too. Here’s def. 5 from urban dictionary:

    “…An idiot. Somebody who does something very stupid, like trying to iron the wrinkles out of an elephant. Sometimes said “nuff nuff”…”

    Hey, people, I LOVE animals! I’m going to school to care for them! However, I think it would be best of me to keep my idiotic opinions to myself from now on.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.

  86. Yo donutbill, round here ’nuff’ is “A person who thinks photo x is not cute enough for reason y” And who feel the need to tell us all, as if the majority of us even cared what their thoughts were.

    It’s in the CO glossary. Someone please link them? 🙂

    Oh, and none of us are zombies.

    And I want those kittens. My babies are both so big that if I took a cat n rack photo, you’d maybe see my arm holding them up.

  87. I’m going to work on being a zombie–a really scary one, just to amuse myself. A scary zombie with kittens poking out of my shirt. And unfortunately, I have room for many of them…

  88. book_monstercats says:

    I have no innate objection to racks. I have one myself. I was never comfertubuls, though, with very young looking, coy laydeez who were (coincidentally I’m sure)suffering from wardrobe malfunctions. Even if they only looked young. But welcome back, things’n’racks and, yes, come on Theo, let’s see those kittehs in yours.

  89. Hey, racks are great. But not cute. And absolutely not overloadably cute. Could we have a poll or something? Yes or No to pets and racks? I mean, cuteoverload gets the last call anyway. I wanna see how many think they suck balls.

  90. me personally I like the cats and racks. They are fun and you get to see a peek of the owner. This does not mean I want to see your naked booby okay.

    I like this post, It is funny because of the looks on the kittens faces and I like that in my mind I know that just after the Photo was taken all three kittens scrambled away in a kitty jumble. and went scamppering off to play kitty games.

  91. Robin — I dunno, I’d say THAT one’s pretty clearly overloaded. And then there’s this…

  92. Theo, hehehe. I think I would have to say that that rack is overloaded!!!

  93. book_monstercats says:

    Like Annie, I like to get a peek of the pets with their owners or, more likely, the owners with their attendant humans. This is a realy nice post, she has a great smile.

  94. Oh BTW here’s the CO Glossary entry for “Nuff”…

    …so it’s actually in the Urban Dictionary now, eh? [goes to check] …um, no, none of those really apply to *our* context. I mean, “bleen” is in the Urban Dictionary too, but that definition won’t help you either.

  95. book_monstercats says:

    Yikes!! My spelling and grammar (or should that be speling and grammer?)

  96. R. Moore says:

    I am terrified of zombies. It would be a really strange twist of fate if I were one. I had to stop watching Shaun of the Dead because I was screaming too much half an hour in. I once had a nightmare I was kidnapped by a zombie. For Christmas my SO gave me the survival guide for zombie attacks, and after reading it I had more nightmares.

    But I will gladly be vapid! 😛