Das Blobben

Sure. I’m blobbular.

Now pass the remote!


Miko has a Catster page! [singsong]

Suzanne W., I loooooove Scoteeshe Fold kittehs.



  1. sharonoverdrive says:

    You mean “Snuggular”

    Snuggly + -ular ?

    How about “I’m-a-get-yer-belly-ular” ??!!

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ohhh i went to the catster page and the video was so cute! And then I went to Yumi’s page to see her video too.

  3. omg, she has a twin sister, Yumi.
    I’m dubble ded from cute!

  4. Miko’s fur looks like velvet! Would so like to stroke it.

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    LMAO While Rolling on the Floor. He looks like a stuffed animal. Kinda looks like someone invaded his privacy. ‘Leave And SHUTTA the Door Behind You PAWLEASE!


    These are some of the cutest damn cats in the world.

  7. Ze belleh. I must keeeeeeees eeeeeeeeeeet.

  8. So now they are breeding boneless cats?

  9. Scottish Fold!
    Scottish Fold!
    Scottish Fold!

    Sweet lord I lof them so much! His little casual legs.

  10. O.M.G. Ya know, because of this site I have been pining over these floppy-eared cats and tried looking up rescue adoptions for Scottish Folds–they’re so hard to get a hold of! Too pricey from breeders and they get snapped up real fast from rescues and shelters – ME WANT A MIKO SO BAD!! And I used to not really like cats much…
    Miko looks like a bean bag that’s lost a lot of beans in the middle–EEEeee!

  11. Karen in Toronto says:

    Do foldsters really just, um, fold in the middle like that? I know they’re named after their ears, but all the pics on CO have them slouching on their tailios like this. Or can they just be posed like Gumby?

  12. Cassandra says:

    He looks like a beanbag chair…a beanbag chair that might rip your ear off if you tried to sit on him. V. cute all the same 🙂

  13. shes not blobben! she’s just fluffy!

  14. Claudia says:

    OMG I DIE every freaking time I look on this site!

    Too freaking cute!!

  15. It’s not just Scottish Folds. Most cats can do this; it just seems Scotties do it more often and look a lot cuter doing it. It’s like it’s an art they learn in Kitty-garden.

  16. Martina says:

    I feel so sorry for those cats, have to live a life full of pain just because ppl think they’re cute.

  17. A scotish fold!

    But he looks frumpy! I never know them to look frumpy, sad, scared, yes, but not serious/frumpy?

  18. A folded fold. 😀

  19. Martina, what makes you think he’s full of pain?

  20. I lof him. I lof his eaws! So snorgolicious!

  21. weensicka says:

    Lof teh Scoteesh fold. Lof dem. I’m also a big fan of their “cousin,” the American Curl. Anyone on CO have one of those? Their ears actually curl up and are tufty–teh cyutest!!–so they always look like they are sayin’: “Pur-oo?!”

    And, why, Martina do you make such a harsh judgement about this guy? Seems in post-wash posture to moi.

  22. ashleysue says:

    This should answer your questions about Scottish Fold pain:

    “There is one medical problem that has been found to be related to Scottish Fold breeding. If both parents have folded ears, their kittens will be extremely prone to developing a painful degenerative joint disease that fuses the tail, ankles and knees. This condition also affects Scottish folds with one copy of the fold gene, to a lesser degree, and is the reason the breed is not accepted by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and the Fédération Internationale Féline”


  23. Is it his posture she’s commenting on, or the ears? It seems that people think breeding them so that their ears fold is cruel. I did a little research and found that it doesn’t impair their hearing, nor does it increase the chance of ear infection. Or she could be commenting on his blobbular body, though the breed is simply rounded, not fat.

  24. weensicka says:

    Hmmm…not sure what “The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy” is; the CFAI (Cat Fancier’s Association, Inc.) holds the breed standards for cats shown in North America. They list no such deficiency and in fact say: “GENERAL: the Scottish Fold cat occurred as a spontaneous mutation in farm cats in Scotland. The breed has been established by crosses to British Shorthair and domestic cats in Scotland and England. In America, the outcross is the American and British Shorthair. All bona fide Scottish Fold cats trace their pedigree to Susie, the first fold-ear cat discovered by the founders of the breed, William and Mary Ross.”

    The fold is a result of a mutation, and Folds are very rare because kittens may or may not develop the fold.

    Not saying ashleysue’s info isn’t accurate, but I’m hesitant to accept data from an open source like Wikipedia.

    I can’t speak for the international standards of the FIF either; I’m only familiar with what’s standard in the states.

  25. A song dedicated to all the girls that Puss n Boots have loved before, now on Youtube:

  26. Hi Brinnann, It sounded like she was talking about physical problems. That issue aside; This kitty is so rounded and adorable you want to snorggle and pet it and cuddle with it.
    What a cutey pie :^)

  27. ashleysue says:

    Well, since I cited wikipedia, I might as well cite the two websites that was in that article refering to the passage i presented:



    The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is the British version.

  28. weensicka says:

    After some further research: the Cat Fanciers–not to be confused with the CFAI–have some info posted on Folds and make mention of the disease of the joints. Their site states: “In general the Scottish Fold is a healthy, hardy cat with a lifespan of approximately 15 yrs. Early in the development of this breed a degenerative joint disease was discovered to be linked with breeding folded-eared cats to folded-eared cats. Because of this, ethical breeders will only breed straight-eared cats to folded- eared cats. Scottish Folds who are the products of folded-ear to straight-ear breedings seldom if ever develop joint disease.

    Affected Folds will usually show signs of the disease between the ages of 4 to 6 months. This disease, in its worst case, will cause the joints of the cat’s tail, ankles and knees to fuse and stiffen. A Scottish Fold with a very short thickened tail is probably affected to some extent. While this health problem is disabling, it is not life threatening. Though it cannot be cured, it can be very successfully treated.”

    So it seems like Folds are bred very carefully to avoid this disease.

    It should also be noted that Cat Fanciers (www.fanciers.com) are a loose association of cat breeders, show-ers, and ailurophiles, and is not directly related to the official association of cat breed standards.

  29. To address the issue that ashleysue brought up I found this info on http://www.catsofaustralia.com.
    Certainly not the dire problem it perhaps sounded like on wikipedia.

    The folded ear is produced by an incomplete dominant gene and is the result of a spontaneous mutation. The gene causing the folding of the ears was a non-lethal mutation, a single dominant gene (possibly an incomplete dominant). The responsible gene appears to manifest itself in the cartilage in the ears and may affect cartilage development elsewhere in the body

    The folding of the ears occurs on a gene that affects the development of the spine, which is why two Scottish Folds should never be bred, as the resulting kittens could be born with spinal and leg deformities. Early in the development of this breed a degenerative joint disease was discovered to be linked with breeding folded-eared cats to folded-eared cats. Because of this, ethical breeders will only breed straight-eared cats to folded- eared cats. Scottish Folds who are the products of folded-ear to straight-ear breedings seldom if ever develop joint disease

  30. So cute!! I have a rescued fold at home and she sits like this often. I’ve heard it refered to as the “Budda pose” And, no she does not have joint or bone pain. A bit of stiffness due to being a lazy 13 year old cat.

  31. weensicka, I guess we found the same info. Yay!

  32. OK, dat’s it. I have decided in the far-off, mythical time when I Get A Cat, I just *may* have to get a Scottish Fold. Ears aside, their propensity for standing and sitting in ridiculous positions is fantabulous. The earses only heighten their redonkulous Qteness.

  33. weensicka says:

    Hey Annie, yup! Seems like the evidence corroborates.

    Also, ashleysue was right in that Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (the British breed standard association) *does* in fact not recognize Folds (or curls I’d imagine, based on their FAQ) to discourage breeding.

    But then, they also banned Ragdolls for a time because of the perceived mythology that Raggies cannot feel pain (they are so laid back) and must have a degenerate nervous system. Which is patently untrue!!

    I do applaud other international organizations for posing stringent requirements on breedership, though. Unregulated and unscrupulous breeding (cat, dog, horse, whatevs) is just not okay.

  34. I needed to fold my clothes.

    Instead I find a fold ON my clothes.

    Oh well. Guess that scotches my plans for this morning.

  35. weensicka says:

    Aubrey, that cracked me up! 🙂

  36. Theresa says:

    Obviously, it is not a fold because of the ears, but because they fold themselves in half.

  37. it’s Barbapapa!!

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks as if he was caught in the act:
    “Who – me?”

    Love that padded little lap; you could balance a few cups and saucers in it!

  39. Suda Nim says:

    My fold, who I got from a shelter knowing nothing about the breed except he was adorable, did indeed have the hip condition, which left him with hind legs he could barely bend (he walked like they were wooden legs). He needed daily pain meds which didn’t seem to fully work. Still, he soldiered on, was the best-natured and most loving cat I’ve ever known, and lived to 16.

    Now, with great regret, I believe that, as wonderful as their many good points are — not the least of which is Teh Qte — we should let the breed go by attrition for the good of the cats themselves. Although I know I’m p****ing in the wind.

    That said,

  40. Juniper Jupiter says:

    The kitteh looks like he’s either wanting to play bongos on his own belleh which I wouldn’t mind blowin razzberries on, or he’s aboot ready to stroke his harbl but the camera caught him just in time so he’s conveniently using the former excuse?

    I REALLY gotta quit visiting icanhascheezburger.com …but it’s so cute and funny!!

  41. Awww! That cat is so fluffy. I have their urge to rub my face into it’s fur :[

  42. It’s Jabba the Catt!

    Someone should chain a little “Slave Leia” action figure to him to complete the effect.

  43. Shannon Johnson says:

    i love the kitteh. eet ees so cute

  44. my cat is a sphere says:

    Jabba the cat!
    We call the sphere “Jabba the Hut” all the time.

    i like this kitteh’s stern expression. He insists that we respectfully enjoy his fluffulence.

  45. fawn lust says:

    he looks so soft!

  46. RevWaldo says:

    Looks like the sorta cat Hubie & Bertie would harass.

  47. I love that very serious little face! I want to keess that leetle nose!

  48. Am I the only one that sees a face on the cat’s belly? Between the front legs?


  50. Noelegy says:

    Not any more, Lola. Now I see it!

  51. This kitty has the Bunny disapproval face on. and his fur is all snorgably soft.
    hmmm Bunny soft fur, Bunny disapproval look. Ackkk peeps we have a bunny in a cat disguise here.


  52. Miko grooming her tail–priceless!

  53. OMG Miko, Eek’s sister!!! she’s so cute and looks exactly like Eeky except he is all grey. Eeky sits the same way as well. They look so much like their dad.

  54. jamrock says:


  55. This may have been addressed already (haven’t read all the comments yet), but does anybody else wonder if Miko has a little Persian in her bloodline somewhere? It’s not a totally smooshed-in Persian face, but it’s not as angular as most kitteh faces.

    I agree with everyone else that Miko’s coat looks exTREMEly soft and thick. Like a deep-pile velvet. I wanna belleh snorgle!! Pwease, Miss Miko??

  56. ZOMG. This kitteh reminds me of Dwight Schrute from The Office!

  57. Just finished reading comments, and wanted to add this: As a human who has severe degenerative joint disease, I could NEVER breed cats who have a strong possibility of developing the disease. The poor kitties can’t tell you where they hurt, and I can’t imagine that they have safe pain killers for cats. Nobody, human OR feline, should have to endure this kind of pain 24/7. Poor kitties… 😦

  58. I want one!!!! Miko is so sweet and cute. Maybe one day PetSmart will have one to adopt..then I will have a baby as sweet as Miko! I will only hope..sigh..

  59. pixie-stix says:

    I love how smooshy he is. Bean bag kitty. 🙂

  60. I LOVE sitting kittins!

  61. I saw it right away, Lola! Very cute 🙂

  62. acelightning says:

    I don’t even think she’s fat – a bit pudgy, maybe, but mostly it’s the way she’s sitting that makes her spread out sideways. (Like the couch-straddling cats do, sorta.) Lovely, soft-looking kitty – and I do see the “face” on her tummy 😉

  63. The face on her tummy looks like a puppy, growing there Voldemort style. It is like she is pointing to it going, would you look at this? Who said this is allowed?

  64. I love, love, love Miko’s Catster page (esp. her video- liiiick). Her sister Yumi is adorable too. But this really blew me away:

    Did anyone notice that they have a link to Eek, the cat of Kittuchino (http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/05/kitteh_au_lait.html ) fame, on their pages? There’s even a picture of him in the giant teacup on his page!

    Full circle, indeed.

  65. Isn’t this the cat who wants walkthrough?

  66. cyberdar says:

    what a pticeless expression on his face OMG

  67. Missa — same *kind* of cat, anyway

  68. SnuggleLove says:

    I want this kitty! So cute and furry and soft!

  69. Thank you for all of the post. Miko feels like a celebrity now! :3 I will try to get more videos of Yumi and Miko up soon so keep checking their pages. Her and her sister Yumi are sweet girls. :3 <3

  70. Those ear flaps are INSANE! My dalmatian sits exactly like this.

  71. book_monstercats says:

    I thought she was sitting like that because she was just washing her tum, and was interrupted. I’ll own up to having owned pedigree animals once, I bought a siamese cat, although she had a wide face, and rescued a chow. They didn’t suffer from any breed deficiencies, but I saw others of their breeds who did. They both lived to ripe old ages.

  72. chelonianmobile says:

    Musicchick2; The ONLY time the cats have a “strong possibility” of developing the disease is if you breed two Folds together. Which, as two people have already said, no smart cat-breeder would EVER do. There is NOTHING AT ALL wrong with carefully-bred Scottish Folds. Which also applies to all cats – only people who know exactly what they’re doing should even consider breeding their pets.

    Manxes have a similar problem, but as long as you don’t cross two together the kittens are perfectly fine.

    Now a Scottish Fold crossed to a Manx … since the dangerous genes are two entirely different genes, the offspring should be fine. Then you’d get the cute bunny walk Manxes have AND the floppy ears … yay cute!

  73. Too much cute. My kitteh sits like this sometimes too. He is not a Scottish Fold. He is, however, blobbular.