Albino Wallaby Action


This wallaby is all;

"I gots no pigment, Bros! Check it!"

Awesome photos over at the NZ Herald…

Noice submishe, Kim P.! [Say in New Zealandah accent]



  1. deirdre says:

    perfect caption! as always!

  2. Aww, we used to have an albino Wallaby. His name was Gerald McBoingBoing. He was frightened to death by some mean dogs who came into our neighborhood and barked at him. He was safe in his bigass pen, but he got so scared that he bolted to the other side and smashed into the wall.

  3. So cute, but so hard to keep white:

    “Keep me wallabies clean, mate,
    Keep me wallabies clean.
    Don’t use a washing machine, mate,
    But keep me wallabies clean.
    All together now!”

  4. eikoleigh says:

    he’s so cute….I love his little expression.

  5. Err, he looks dead. *pokes wallaby with a stick*

    That was my mistake at first glance.

    The pictures at the source are super cute though.

  6. Beautiful beautiful beautiful white wallaby.

  7. Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
    Thinks he’s cuter than the wallaby
    Don’t laugh, Kookaburra, don’t,
    You don’t really make us all go “Squee!”

  8. Aubrey, how about a little Clorox? Will that keep him clean and bright white? 😉

  9. fluidstatic says:

    Rock-O’s Mo-dern Life! (Rocko’s Modern Life.)

  10. I luv wobblies 😀

  11. That might be a trifle harsh, MC2 – little wallaby must be washed with the delicates.

  12. It’s a wallabino! 😀

  13. acelightning says:

    Wallaby darned! ‘E’s a cute li’l nipper, ain’t ‘e?

  14. kiwigal says:

    ok, im a NZer and that there cute speshimen is from the Land of OZ. Not NZ!

  15. aiiiee! paw stubblies!

  16. He’s cute, yes, but in need of mascara.

  17. dreamspinnercheryl says:

    You think a white wallaby is hard to keep clean? Try it with a longhaired white kitty-out here in the boonies, with all that woodland and flowerbeds around. And baths? Get real-he’s “sharp on five ends” and can climb glass shower doors…

  18. metsakins says:


  19. Karebear says:

    I wonder if the animal kingdom has fights about who the dad is when the kids come out too light.
    And they settle the answer on the animal kingdom version of the Springer Show: Springer Spaniel Show?

  20. you know what he needs? a nice colorful sweater. someone best get to knittin’.

  21. His expresh is all, “Oh, go on with you, now!”

    You are too prosh to hide in the pouch, son! Just put on some sunblock before you come out.

  22. Brethil says:

    Luvs it! “Yes yes, I see you and your camera. Just make sure you get my good side. And keep my adorable little front pawsies in frame.”

    Wallaby a super model…

  23. AWW! He’s all pear shaped and dumpy, and then BOING!

  24. “Are you the Keymaster?”

  25. Theresa says:

    Check the white eyelashes!

  26. His smile is not entirely unlike the one worn by Mona Lisa.

  27. Have you ever seen such a self-satisfied creature in your life?

    “Yes, I am amazing. Yes, I know this. Yes, you can take my picture.”

  28. Have you ever seen such a self-satisfied creature in your life?

    “Yes, I am amazing. Yes, I know this. Yes, you can take my picture.”

  29. Have you ever seen such a self-satisfied creature in your life?

    “Yes, I am amazing. Yes, I know this. Yes, you can take my picture.”

  30. I hate this thing’s response time/posting sometimes. Sorry for the duplicates.

  31. warrior rabbit says:

    kiwigal, I think she just said his pix are in the NZ Herald, not that he was in Enzed. Besides, this guy’s in Italy (I know you meant indigenous to, but…)

  32. Kate wins. 😉

  33. he’s such a proud little guy!

  34. I agree: Kate wins. Hovertext updated. Yay!

  35. He is indeed cute as all get-out.

    And for more albino cuteness combined with mixed-species nursing:

  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Yes, Matey, it’s me. And don’t I look a bit of alright, eh? Cahn’t take the sun though without me sunblock. Now, throw another shrimp on the barbie, and we’ll toss a brew down!”

  37. I especially love the cocked wrist. Vogue!

  38. It’s….a….WALLABABY!!!!

    (can’t believe I was the 1st to think of that.)

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is one white wallaby

  40. I’ve seen an albino wallaby up close and personal before! (In captivity, but still. So cute!)

  41. Yay New Zealand is mentioned on C.O.!! Makes me so proud to be a kiwi *sniff*.

  42. *does small dance of Win, and beeps the wallabino’s nose* 😀

  43. Oooooh… those pix of wallababies snuggling into cozy furry pouches look blissful… makes me want a furry pouch to crawl into!

  44. furbabies says:

    I want one! So precious. And to all New Zealanders out there, wow, you have an absolutely gorgeous country. You are so blessed.

  45. furbabies – it is gorgeous, but don’t expect to see any wallabies roaming around loose. The largest native NZ mammal is a bat. 🙂

  46. At first I thought it was a rabbit. But, BOY was I wrong. That thing is just plain weird!!

  47. actually we do have some wallabies here in NZ. Near Oamaru in the South Island – not native though.

  48. he’s soo cute he looks like he wants kissies from mama wallaby

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