I’m comin’ to… gitcha [Say in Jimi Hendrix voice]

Here I come, Bebeh,


Comin’ to…



It's All Over, Johnny

Quick Everyone! put on your +15 tunics for safety!

You too, Andrew F.!



  1. That’s the cutest little mini-puppy-face ever, and he can come sneak up on me anytime! 🙂

  2. Foxey Lady!

  3. He’s got me, all right!

  4. The force is strong with this one, but he is not a jedi…yet!

  5. Roberta says:

    I Want A Puppy

  6. I my be dating myself but is that a D&D reference?

    And I’ll take that Padawan home anyday.

  7. What a beutiful babeh, puppeh, I want ot snorgle that one for hours and hours !!!!!!!!!!! What wonderful pics thanks to you sender-inner and cute overload I am ohhing and awwing over here in MN.

  8. Sunshine says:

    SO CUTE!!!

  9. When I get a dog, this is what I want! So unbelievably cute!

  10. That is the cutest face EVAH!!

  11. are we sure that isn’t a stuffed animal? It’s way to cute to be real…

  12. jennifer says:

    Its giving me shits and giggles because its sooo cute!

  13. Foxy Ladaay yeah! You look so cute!!

  14. That middle picture is just too cute.

  15. are we sure that isn’t a stuffed animal? It’s way to cute to be real…

  16. good old whatshername says:

    My glasses are DR 10/cute, but it still isn’t enough. Blargh, I am ded.

  17. this is the kind of puppeh that gets lost in your house…under the sheets, in baskets of laundry, etc. don’t squish the tiny puppeh!

  18. squeeeee!

    looks just like my yorkie did when she was a puppeh

  19. jenniflower says:

    I loooooooooove the little ear floppitude. This l’il guy (gal?) is ALMOST as cute as my bad stinky Yorkie was as a baby pup! Best CO post I’ve seen in a while. 🙂

  20. w00t! D&D reference on C.O. what a beautiful blending!
    Now normally dogs are considered size class medium, but I think this little guy skips right down to “tiny” I bet his CR is still high because you couldn’t fight, you’d just stand there and go “awwwww!”

  21. Karebear says:

    That middle picture reminds me of of when my puppy chewed a corner of my coffee table up and after getting yelled at, went back for more. She was peering over the corner of the table watching me as she went for more bites!

  22. Shannon says:

    What kind of dog is this?

  23. The paws! The nose! The little black eyes! I’ll bet it’s amazingly cute when he wags that teeny-weeny tail, too!


  24. Shannon- it’s most likely a Yorkshire Terrier, possibly a Yorkie/Malteese mix

  25. What chilling intensity! The expression on that pupper’s face. Hide your kids and coffee tables, y’all.

  26. Are you sure its not a stuffed animal? It’s too cute to be real!

  27. MINE

  28. francesca says:

    My dog joey looked just like this when we got him 4 years ago!!!! AWW!! Now he is a 14lb Silky Terrier, but still cute as can be! My guess is that cute little babeh is either a silky or yorkie. cutest dogs ever!!!

  29. That face!
    *I’m melting!* *dead*

  30. The puppy is so cute that I, the librarian, was shushed for “awwing” too loud.

  31. Steph F. says:

    Too late! I am completely slain by the cuteness! oh noesssssssss

  32. I bet that’s a Norfolk terrier.

  33. AndrewF says:

    He’s a male Yorkie named Logan who just turned 10 weeks old today! He’s just over 2lbs and his favorite things to do are: frolicking in the grass, chewing on fingers and chasing his older sister who hasn’t quite figured out what to do about him yet 🙂

  34. In the last two pics the yorkie looks like a stalker pup. =)
    Even so, who would get a restraining order on the little puppy?

  35. Nice Christine says:

    This is so cute…I’m gonna plotz!

  36. how big do you expect Logan to get?

    My Tilly is 5 pounds and 14 years old.

  37. It’d be totally fine with me if he got me. 🙂

  38. oooo! “peek met up!” what an adorable puppeh!

  39. Looks like an Ewok

  40. WOW those are as cute as any puppeh video what an adorable face and jigglebodee!
    *cue “Jaws” soundtrack* LOL

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    Puppeh, I want to kees your leetle face, you mini-Ewok!
    (but don’t tell the cats!)

  42. What a handsome, button-nosed little baw-baw! I feel this crazy need to dress him up…

  43. I am the wondrous wizard of Latin! I am a dervish of declension and a conjurer of conjugation, with a million hit points and maximum charisma!

    Aha! “Morire”: to die. “Morit”: he, she, or it dies.


    I died

  44. one of the erins says:

    *eep* stubby tails keel me… and so does that lil puppy face… and incidentally, I know I’m not *supposed* to like the rug in the 1st pic, but for some reason I do…

  45. ya. the rug is nice. and look how CUTE the puppet looks on the rug!

  46. A tunic is no use Meg! It’s a gaze attack. Quick, roll your saving throw!

  47. Claudia says:

    Logan… You don’t know yet how cute you are, do you? Oh, but he will learn… toooo adorable! Cannot get away from that face!

  48. Dood looks like a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie!

  49. Juniper Jupiter says:

    BAHHH!!! Attack of the killer Yorkie pup!

    I gotta admit…I lurvs Yorkies…they’re like full grown puplings that never git bigger and they’re just the right size to snorgle in all the cuteness and make you wanna change your mind about being a cat person, but just for like a split second!

  50. Dude Yorkies are the ish! They should be on CO every day. And Juniper Jupiter is right they stay puppies forever I love it!!!!!!!!!! Argh now I want a Yorkie!!

    I had one about 3 years ago we named him Scooter because he was constantly doing that thing where they sit on their butt and scoot around using their front legs. You know when they drag their butt on the carpet to itch it. Lol I guess Scooter just had a really itchy rear end. Gosh I miss him.

  51. cute ewok puppeh, logan your more presious each time I look at ya!!!!!!!!

  52. Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! I want heem!!

  53. Christine H says:

    I just consulted my PHB, and that adorable teeny fluffball of a puppy is definitely Tiny. I think a lot of dogs would be Small rather than Medium, but a Yorkshire terrier puppy is too small to be Small :).

    +15 is one heck of a tunic, though. That’s way above even epic level stuff.

    *snorgles the teeny fuzzball, enjoying the fact that C.O. has other geeks like me*

  54. oh gosh, this is exactly why i’m getting a yorkie!!!! May Bea will be here on July 27th!!!

  55. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I think I’ll let myself get gotten.

  56. Shannon Johnson says:

    So cute. i want the puppy.

  57. Rebecca says:

    It’s not possible. Something this unbelievably cute cannot possibly exist in nature!!! I must insist upon a DNA sample that I will extract by snorglation. It’s just not possible!!!

  58. So, so cute! Oh, how I miss having a doggie to hug.

  59. Looks just like my bebah boy when he was just a pup! And now he’s a year and a half old snugglelovemuffin. ^^ Yorkies are teh best.

  60. Awww! The puppy’s cuteness is magnified by Meg’s commentary!

  61. francesca says:

    AndrewF Thanks for the cuteness of that puppeh!!!

  62. I agree with the ewok comparison. Cute, yes, but very ewok.

    tika tika, little guy.

  63. AndrewF says:

    Noelle: He’ll probably end up on the high end of 5 pounds – maybe 6.

    Thanks for the kind comments all 🙂

  64. Awwww…. this little guy looks a lot like a silky terrier mix I had as a kid. Such a sweet widdo puppy. This one’s cute is off the charts!! Love him! He can get me any time!

  65. all itty bitty puppeh’s should be Mr. Cuteypants here.

    I almost plotzed when I saw the D&D ref.

    Thanks Ms. Meg

  66. Andrew F, do you find it hard to leave home now… or to leave without him in your pocket, do you have an urge to overnight him to me… *you’re getting veddy – veddy sleepy*

  67. Look at that beautiful little face!


    That is some serious puppy eye action going on! I just wanna pick him up, make a little ball out of him and put him in my mouth!

  68. Two of my favorite things, puppies and RPGs! Meg has made me very happy. 🙂

  69. Cuteness to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I think this may be the WORLD’S CUTEST PUPPY.

    He’s like Ringling Brothers, charge $5 for a looksie, freakishly side-show caliber cute.

    He’s like a cuteness BOMB exploding in me eyeballs!

    He’s like … all the hydrocephalic japanese cartoon characters I’ve ever seen in my life X 11.

    Okay, I’m out of similes. That puppy is way too freaking cute.

  71. Kristina says:

    Can someone please tell me what kind of dog that is?????

  72. I love the three pictures and how he sees you and then he comes after you in them. The second picture is my favorite. No wait peering over the box is good too, maybe that is my favorite. No wait I love where he is all There you are in the first photo.

    AWWWW the QTE is too dazzling. I can’t decide!!

  73. I’m not sure whats funnier…the cute little puppy peeking over the table or the D&D references ^_^

  74. Michelle says:

    Ouch! It’s like looking at the sun
    …too…much…cute …blinded…by…the…light.

    Wow. Showed my husband. Forced him to make a note of my order for next bday. Made it clear that nothing else will do. Should be a great companion for our 90 lb. black lab. That combo will be a CO pix source galore!

  75. Brak_Silverbone says:

    When I worked at a pet store ages ago, I learned to love many breeds of dog I’d never cared for before, including yorkies, mostly because yorkies have NO IDEA how small they are. They’ll face down a full-grown German shepherd and make it run for its momma with its tail between its legs. And this li’l guy’s got it going on, and he already knows it!

  76. ollieisthecuteness says:

    i want to snorgle him and kiss his little nosicle.