Yes, this meets the stringent requirements…

Espeshe with the ‘Paws up" touch… 😉

Didja get her at a drive-thru? In ‘N’ Out Pups?

One lap pup, to go

You made the grade, Kirsten H.



  1. Simonsmom says:

    Looks like a hand-knitted sweater! Totally cute!

  2. “I is cute, floofy, and wearin’ a blue sweater. What more can ya ask of a puppeh?”

  3. Eek. I’m killed.

  4. The pink belleh is way too much. It’s begging for a snorgle.

  5. too…many…furry…options…to…snorgle… *implodes*

  6. pupster is all “Ah’m kewt, and Ah noes eet!”

  7. //threadjack//

    Check out #2 in today’s Cheezemail. This 6-year-old (named “Stepladder”, for some reason)is observing LOL Cat grammer…and is not hasing it!

    //end threadjack//

  8. Oh wow I had my “view all askew” at first glance I though puppeh was on someone’s back like this! LOL

    Now I see its a lappy puppy shot.. such a cute sweater, a knitty baby carrying backpack would be fun tho!

  9. Beyond, beyond cute. This puppy is the answer to international diplomacy. Just make all warring factions gaze upon its cuteness, and soon everyone would be holding hands, talking about how much they love puppy breath.

  10. pretty sure it’s “paws down” though — the shoulders are visible coming out of the sweater in the middle somewhere…


  11. Shannon Johnson says:

    SO Cute! Want to snorgle. HELP!

  12. metsakins says:

    shouldn’t someone put some pants on that puppeh?

  13. he doesn’t even mind…too cute

  14. Lioness says:

    What a beautiful face! you would think he was something you could pick off the shelf a toy store. I’d shop there for sure!

  15. Are those back legs crossed?

  16. Ohhh…she sooo looks like she’s doing the “Bend and Snap” move from “Legally Blonde”! Too cute!

  17. Bleu is definitely your color, daaahlink! Magnifique!

  18. cute as a bug in a rug!

  19. Andrea|Nash says:

    Belly, belly, belly,
    I love da belly
    More than donuts
    Full of raspberry jelly!

  20. SarahAnne says:

    I would LUUUUVVV to know where you got the adorable blue sweater. Must have one for Lil’ Miss Mitzi the 9 month old Shih tzie.

  21. I would like to beep his nosicle. *beep* ahh, very satisfying.

  22. Awww…looks like this little dude can has a special friend:

  23. Go ahead and laff, I dares ya! I’ll nibble your toes, I will.

    ach, this is so humiliating!

  24. “(puppeh sigh) I know the peeps love it, but I still feel I’m being needled for my knitting. Oh, the
    crochet(m) of it all!”

  25. Sweet Pea says:

    My nose is cold.
    And that tummy looks warm.
    Must snorgle!

  26. “cro-shame”?? …on YOU, Aubrey! Oog…

  27. Oh, Aubrey. Tsk.

  28. Are we sure it is real? It is almost surreally cute! XD

  29. Aubrey Too Awesome…you have nothing to be Crochet(M)ed about. Twas A glorious Line!

  30. What kind of doggie is it?

  31. Aubrey, you are such a knitwit!

  32. Aww! More sweaateuws!

  33. If you look at it another way, it looks like his paws are raised in a questioning way – like, “Whaat?”

  34. Dale, my friend…always keeping me in stitches.

  35. Thank you, Meg. I am having a horrible day, and even with tears streaming down my cheeks, CO can make me smile.

  36. I’ve checked my thesaurus for any other words to describe this pic, but I still come back to CUTE!

  37. Awwwww.

  38. kel13123 says:

    crochet(M) really?? that’s aawesomeee!!
    i think that might need to be the next submission in the CO glossary…

  39. Aubrey, that was a purl of a pun.

  40. Aha.

    I knew you were still here, Dale. I felt your presence looming nearby.

  41. You didn´t think I would weave you with the wast word, did you?

  42. No, you’ll always be a thread to me. I’ll never trust a woolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Get hit by one, hurl two.

  43. Michelle says:

    This needling is becoming a pattern between you two. It’s skeindalous and crewel. I predict one or both of you will soon have a cast on.

  44. Michelle says:

    Oh, and Dale. There are no words weft.

  45. I´m sew overmatched here!

  46. I second Mich’s comment, what kind of puppeh is this?? I must have one, he is gorgeous, like a little teddy bear.

  47. Guys, this will someday make a great yarn to tell our kids.

  48. Kirstin H says:

    That is my sister’s puppeh. I sent in this photo and totally agree with the “bend and snap” comment. She really is disgustingly cute.
    I knitted the blue sweater. Email me maybe I’ll make one for you! For a fee!

  49. Kirstin H says:

    Ughh guess I should include my email address then, dangit!

  50. Teresa :o) says:

    Awwwwwwwwww……… 🙂

  51. Darn!

  52. Dale, Aubrey, Pyrit, punpeeps all… cut of the same…

  53. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Yes, it’s true. Blue IS my color. I’m just hangin’ out here, is all. It’s the only way to travel!”

  54. Shannon Johnson says:

    I am happy and very comfortable