Thanks for joining in the chat box…

Nice to meet ya’ll! See you in the chat box later…

Maybe Theo and I can set a time to join you in the box for some Q and A!



[Delicious Bun provided by sender-inner Eric S.]



  1. firefinch says:

    Is he going to be sent first-class?

    [you sneaky little SNEAKY! – Ed.]

  2. Bunneh sez: “You can’t see me”

  3. I want to get into the chat box wif da bunny!!!


  4. Suzy's Mom says:

    I didn’t know you could get the new hightech rabbit ears on ebay yet.

  5. acelightning says:

    It’s a bunnybox! (Or a boxbunny.)

  6. Alienor says:

    That’s not a chat box, that’s a lapin box!

  7. Rotate ears keep spinning *beep beep*, picking up wireless chat *beep beep*…
    (Erm, *chat* that is, as in “chat” not French “chat,” our chat, you know…ohh fergetit.)

  8. A chat with a bun, the best idea EVAH.

  9. Karebear says:

    hmm… I sense this bun is thinking: “I disapprove of being sold on ebay!”

  10. He’s Quality Control!
    “Every item we sell is thoroughly inspected and given the Bunny Seal of Disapproval.”

  11. RoxxAnn's Mom says:

    This is my favorite site in all the world.

    Thanks for making us smile!

  12. Alienor — love it. 😉

  13. if i got this in the mail i’d be the happiest person alive! tiny ears!!

  14. Elizabeth B. says:

    But, it’s a bunny! There can’t be a bunny in a chat box. A chat box implies kitties! It must be a lapin (gosh I hope that’s the right word) box.

  15. Elizabeth B. – Alienor beat ya to it! 😉 So so so cute, though.

  16. New category: tocks in box?

  17. Pat Trenner says:

    “Some Q and A? Ah’m ALL EARZ”

    I remember Ross Perot said the very same thing long time ago and everyone did a Meg (spurted wine out the schnozzle).

  18. That is hidinkgs bunny.

  19. “I’m in your chatbox…

    makin’ you ‘squeee’!!!”

  20. Dale:

    Tocks in box
    And fox in socks!
    Can you say that Mr. Knox?

  21. Aw! My bun is fam0us!!! He says hi and thanks! 🙂

  22. Shannon Johnson says:

    So funny. Me likei.

  23. eric smith = love.
    ash = cuddly love


  24. GAH! Teeny ears stickin’ up! So cute!

  25. Coming to a store near you. Yes folks you too can own your very own bunny in a box. HE comes fully assembled in his very own postal box. Each Bunny has two ears and four paws. All bunnys come with the famous bunny disapproval expression on their faces. He Hops, he flips, he jumps for Joy.
    Disclaimer: Not responsible for any damage caused to home due to Bunny chewage. This includes any or all of the following: wires, wall paper, furniture and rugs, school term papers, curtains and any other household item said bunny in the box may get ahold of.

  26. “Tocks in box” Hilarious!

    Bun is sittin in there goin “This box is ok… nice… quiet. But, must stay in disapprovin mode. Must not let them see me likin somethin!”

    I must say, though, it’s kinda strange how a bun can do a butt-flip in gleeful un-a-bun-doned joy, and yet still have a look of disapproval. Go figure. I mean, come on… you know they’re just crackin up inside, laughing at us humans.

    And Annie is right. You must bunny-proof house, or else… from personal experience, telephone cords are a delicacy.

  27. Er, I think chat wants the box back. Mrowr!

  28. finally – a bun in a box. they *love* boxes ever bit as much as cats do. I’ve been agitating for a boxbun pic for a year now. (Seriously.) 😉

    ( )
    ” “