Outraaaageous ear tufts


May I burrow around ‘ere a bit?

[hands in respectful posish!]


I shall be but a moment!

[nice captioning, sender-inner Josh N.!]



  1. What a proper little bun!

  2. It looks like a fur version of Batman’s headgear! Awesome!

  3. Karen in Toronto says:

    Dat’s a skwerl.

  4. Dat’s a skwerl alright, wif extra furry paws and extra warm ears!

  5. Cricket says:

    It’s a Squnny! Half Squirrelicious, half bunnytastic!

  6. good old whatshername says:

    Bunny squirrel! I love it!

  7. very cute (i love his lips) but…um…how did his ears get like that?? i have never seen a squirry with long ears!

  8. Rachael says:

    Seriously, whaaaat eees eeeet???

  9. Rachael says:

    Do a COXCU on the lips!!!!! Please!!!??!!!

  10. Squabbit! Looks like someone pulled on his ears too long, like in an Aesop’s Fable.

    Actually, it’s a long-eared squirrel (brilliant!) http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/wildfacts/factfiles/3014.shtml

    Where do you get sqwerl lip gloss?

  11. Oh, come ON now! What kind of merciful God came up with a creature like THAT?? How can anyone survive in world with such insane CUTENESS?

  12. SeaBreeze says:

    “And if you could spare but a peanut or two, I would be most appreciative.”


  13. What a lovely do’.


  14. Too cute!

  15. He’s wearing little furry gloves – but those earmuffs are too too much.

  16. luvinmalssomuch says:

    No! That’s a squirrel. I thought it was a rabbit.

  17. those ears are phenomenal!

  18. They’re like two fuzzy exclamation points.

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Do you know I can pick up 300 digital channels, plus overseas stations with these? Remarkable, ra-ther!”

    Are squirbuns a new hybrid?

  20. metsakins says:

    here’s the real point…he doesn’t look disapproving at all…can it be a bun???

  21. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    For some reason, the bunny’s ear-do reminds me of Kramer from Jerry Seinfeld show.

  22. ebee’s link says they inhabit mid-west to southern America, but I’ve never seen one down here.

  23. Melissa A. says:

    Best cuteoverload picture EVER!!! I looked up this guy and he is an English Red Squirrel unlike our red squirrels in USA. We have a gray version of it called the Abert’s squirrel or tassel-eared squirrel. Enough of science, I want to kiss him and hug him and call him George!

  24. *ahem* correction.

    I believe those are REDONKULOUS ear tufts.

    Lovely well-lit photo of this little fellow.

  25. You may burrow around for as long as you like cuz u r so kyoot!

  26. Soooo perfect!!!!

  27. EARS!

  28. I am ded from the cute. Absolutely DED I tell ya!

  29. I’m completely undone – I had no idea that such incredible cuteness was waiting to be discovered! [:faints dead away:]

  30. birdiebrainz says:

    is it channelling marge simpson?

  31. Purple Belt says:

    There is a group in Wales that is working hard for their conservation. Check out their website. Don’t forget to look at the picture at the end of the little flash introduction. Looks like it’s from a children’s book. It’s worthy of its own cute overload page, don’tcha think?


  32. Good golly ms molly that squrriel is well well, he is interesting to say the very least , got proper manners to. love the extra furrie tufts and cute tocks wonder what the tail looks like ?

  33. lurkingsmirk says:

    This little dewd could have his own movie.

  34. sharonsch says:

    A Squabbit

  35. Wow, what a perfect picture! It’s almost unbelievable..

    The snow crystals on his head add the perfect touch. 🙂

  36. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Talking of squirrels, I arrived home last night to the sight of my Tux Stan chewing on the headless corpse of a grey squirrel. On the Persian rug natch.

  37. Squirrel Nutkin!

  38. What a cutie. Almost looks like a Eurasian Red Skwerl.

  39. Looks too big to be a British red squirrel… They’re teeny-tiny, and while they do have tufty ears, these are UBER-tufty.

    Not never seen any skwerls like that before.

    And I don’t say that lightly. I have admired many a skwerl in my 35 years, but this one…this skwerl completes me. I wish someone would knit him an argyle sweater.

  41. Cal, London says:

    OMG look at that BEF!

  42. Ahh the cute- it burns!
    He has some serious hair.

  43. Totally Eighties Squirrel. Remember Stiff Stuff? He all about teh Stiff Stuff.

  44. OMG. Fantabulous.
    Yes, Redz, someone needs to knit him a sweater PRONTO!

  45. Oh my God! (That’s exactly what I said when I saw this pic!)

  46. Is it the paws? the pouty bottom lip? or the tufts that do it for this guy???? Perhaps it’s all 3?!?!?!

  47. He’s so clean. 🙂

  48. Well, I thought the chickarees in Big Trees State Park were cute, but this guy kicks their squirrelly ‘tocks.

  49. Shannon Johnson says:

    WOW!! I have never ever seen a bunny squirrel before. ME LIKEI!

  50. “Zoinks! You chopped down my oak tree to build a parking lot? What?”
    (Sorry, my comment not funny or cute.)

  51. Smashing eardo, luv. Who’s your stylist?

  52. @ metsakins – my thoughts exactly. There was no bunny disapproval, ergo not a bun.

  53. its picacho!

  54. I haven’t felt the burning need to comment in a while, but THIS. IS. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. “Eardo” !!
    Veddy niiize.

  56. hester13 says:

    hee hee! for me, this is an animal sketch of a certain type of well-put-together older lady in her go-to-church outfit! you know what i mean, she’s a little plump, wears a fur coat and a hat with feathers on it, coordinating gloves, her lipstick is just so, and she doesn’t miss a trick. she’ll chide you about missing sunday school but pinch your cheek and give you a mint from her purse.

  57. VitaminJ says:


    Pokemons are for reals, dudes.

  58. This is one of my favorite images EVER on this site, and that’s saying something!

  59. He is just the politest little squirrel evah!!


  60. And by politest, which looks like a really weird word, I mean most polite. 🙂

  61. meh. They’re falsies…


  62. I simply am not able to believe thats real. My heart!!!!!

  63. fluidstatic says:

    bunnysquirrel of infinitude!


  64. weensicka says:

    If it’s a British squirrel, doesn’t that make it a “squee-rell”? My aunt’s mom-in-law is British and that’s what she calls ’em.


  65. This is a Pokemon allright… but not Pikachu! I might as well spill the beans, being the Pokemon-loving-grown-man that I am. This is most likely Eevee. Check it out on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eevee

  66. Angela W says:

    I had no idea it was possible for a squirrel to get any cuter. This tops all cute squirrel pictures EVER.

  67. Candace says:

    I must admit that I have no love for squirrels. We have nest of them outside our kitchen door on the little patio to our apartment. They scare the bejeazes out of my roommate and I. Even my guy friend cowers in fear as they dart at you unexpectedly with their sharp long claws and crawl out of their nest making hissing and growling sounds. Why can’t they be posh and polite like this little guy? Maybe because they are southside Chicago squirrels and not Charles Dickens brand British squirrels.

  68. Kritter says:

    I love the pouty little lip and the teeny furry fists; he almost looks put out about something.

  69. furbabies says:

    Too cute… (faint)!

  70. sweetpea says:

    My goodness what is this glorious tufticutisquirbungroundmunk

    I loove eeet!

  71. meaghan says:

    flock of seagulls, anyone?

  72. Dats definitely a Squirrely McTuftersons.

  73. Looks kinda like a spring hare to me but either way its ADORABLE!!! *faint*

  74. lol, that is just too cute and funny!
    now what purpose could Nature *possibly* have had to create ears like that???

  75. HR tufts and stuff he’s your friend when things get rough

  76. OMG I made it! I sent in this pic 😀

    I’m glad everyone enjoys it!

  77. Ceejoe says:
    now what purpose could Nature *possibly* have had to create ears like that???

    To totally misquote Benjamin franklin:
    This squirrel is sure evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  78. Eardo! Pikachu! 80’s Squirrel! FLOCK OF SEAGULLS! You guys KILL me.. I don’t know what’s better, the picture or the posts as a result of the pic. All I know is this is too friggen cute for words.

  79. Ok, if not Squirrel Nutkin.. How about Don King skwerl?

  80. Being an English skwerl, it looks like he’s got his thumbs tucked into his braces (those are the things that hold your trousers up – I think the colonials refer to them as suspenders, which provokes much mirth as in proper English suspenders are things that ladies use to hold their stockings up – you call them garter belts).
    Anyway, Aubrey will concur with this – it’s a northern English squirrel, and with his thumbs tucked into his braces he’s probably saying “Eeeh bah goom, la’ – tis a proper fall o’snow we’ve ‘ad ‘ere and nay mistake. Ah’ll be needin’ me big shovel if tha’s wantin’ to get t’nuts buried. [turns to assistant weasels] Alf – you and Stanley run round to t’truck and fetch the number 8’s. I’m going to stand ‘ere and roll meself a ciggie, and mebbe bah the time you’re back wi’ shovels this nahce lady willuv med us some tea, eh?”

  81. CBF — the guirrel squirrels dig ’em.

  82. “Landlord, a pint of your best while we wait – and perhaps you could ask your good lady what’s for puddin’?”

    “WOMAN – set table for gentleman: be quick about’t!”

  83. ‘Tis an Abert’s squirrel.

  84. Indeed, Aubrey – ’tis as if we were two bodies sharing the same mind…[mingle mangle spooky Twiglet zone music]

  85. okay this is def cute OVERLOAD! my circuits are in overdrive: Beady Eyes, Redonk Big Tufty Ears, Funny Little Squirrel Feet, Proper Paws, Bottom Lip all Stickin’ Out, nnggghhh overloadoverload!!

  86. kgirl81 says:

    Gaaaahhh!! Puhleese. Could you peeps spare a thought for those of us not familiar with squirrels (we have enough other furry marsupials and such in the land of Oz WITHOUT squirrels also) and provide some kinda WARNING next time befo’ you post…sheesh, I just squirted diet coke clear out my nostrils. IT support are gunna be peeved about the state of this keyboard….. (P.S. – cutest post evaaaahhh. Cannot believe we do not have squirrels in Australia. Must see Customs about possible importation…don’t like my chances tho’….)

  87. weylandyutani says:

    he looks like a bunny with “hare” issues ;0)

  88. This skwerl DEFINES “booshy.” Never in my life have I seen such booshiness.

  89. ceejoe: now what purpose could Nature *possibly* have had to create ears like that???

    cutebabyfix: To totally misquote Benjamin franklin:
    This squirrel is sure evidence that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    Also, proof positive that God has a sense of humor. 😉

  90. Tony James and Aubrey – love the dialog in dialect!

  91. His facial expression is adorable! *Squeeee!*

  92. All the thing in this site is so cute!!! 🙂

  93. Vivi

  94. Mmmmm! Deeleeschious skwerrel. I must have eet!

  95. That is one puffy squunny.

  96. Tina Rhea says:

    kgirl81– Do NOT, repeat NOT, import squirrels into Oz, cute or otherwise. Britain wishes they could send back to America the gray squirrels they ended up with. And remember what happened to you folks down there with the rabbits…? Just enjoy the pictures!

    Tough about your keyboard. Don’t drink and look at cuteoverload.

  97. It’s a squeerell! Awwww. Lookit fuzzy long earsies and BEf and THE SMILE!

    Speaking of English skwerls, this reminds me of a prim n’ propah maitre ‘d at a hotel!


  98. Perosha says:


  99. deirdre says:

    Beatrix Potter LIVES!!

  100. You should add a new category, “cute bad hair days”. This and the one eared kitten from yesterday should be the founding pictures 🙂


  101. leendadll says:

    and i want it NOW

  102. Ah! I love squirrely pictures, and this is the cutest I’ve seen in months!

  103. BunnyBooBoo says:


  104. A squabbit!! Poifect!!!
    Look at beady eye cutness! and punk ears!!!

  105. Theresa says:

    Cheek puffs. Don’t forget the cheek puffs.

    Too much cute in one pic. I know there’s a small-ears cuteness rule, but is there a big tufty ears cuteness rule?

  106. A little bit too “Disney cute” for me…

  107. Jessika says:

    omgg!! i love it. ive never seen a british squirrel that colour

  108. Ah, but now we know what Don King would look like if he had been reincarnated as a squirrel.

    And yes, this is out outrageously cute of course 🙂 I gotta get me a fur coat like that (but not a real fur coat, that’s cruel), it looks like the perfect thing for that snowy weather.

  109. Kiragirl says:


    good one, Bunnybooboo

    Also loved “Squabbit” too funny (LOL at work, oops)

  110. Kiragirl says:

    Did you also notice the perfect fuzzy feets?

  111. darkshines says:

    SQUIGGLE!!! 😀

  112. “Oh, hi! I stoled your hairsprays.”

  113. Red Squirrels were the native species in the UK, until the Americans brought the Grey ones over.

  114. Nate the Great says:

    I am now barfing rainbows.

  115. lily cain says:

    that welsh squirrel conservation site has some sad dead squirrel pictures, but it also has some EEEE BEBEH SQUIRREL!!!!!


  116. Ahhhhh the liiip !!! The paaaaws !!! The errr furness !! Aaaaaah !! *faints*

  117. You’re so kind,
    ‘ere let me kees you.
    *mmmmwa* on dis cheeek and
    *mmmmmwa* on dat cheeek.

  118. “for me, this is an animal sketch of a certain type of well-put-together older lady in her go-to-church outfit! you know what i mean, she’s a little plump, wears a fur coat and a hat with feathers on it, coordinating gloves, her lipstick is just so, and she doesn’t miss a trick. she’ll chide you about missing sunday school but pinch your cheek and give you a mint from her purse.”

    hester15, I know exactly what you mean! Great comment.

  119. Narnia buffs – it’s Pattertwig!

  120. i would like to have this squirrel… any objections? no? alright then (quick grab)


  122. redtizzy says:

    I am in W-U-V! I must have one!

  123. I hear they use REAL animal fur on these…..

  124. 😉 Liz.

  125. PwincessLucy says:

    I am miffed. if this tis indeed a british red squirel, i would like to complain to all members of america who wiped out like 99% of our red squirrels with your gray versions. However, i do love gray skibbles and think they are tres prosh, so i forgive you really. check out Mr SuperMcEar-Tuffersons thou. too cute xx