Um, I think I had the same convo this morning with my husband

This is why we anthropomorphize our pets, peeps.  Just try not to.


Mm-hmm.  That’s what I thought.
So much awesome, DSailing!



  1. thedistractor says:


  2. thedistractor says:

    oh, and bleen.

  3. OMG! That’s got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! (Though how many times do we say that on CO?)

  4. My cat and I have this conversation many mornings, but the roles are usually reversed.

  5. StormCat says:

    I wouldn’t mind having that conversation every morning!!! And how could you NOT get back in bed and snorgle that little thing while he’s talking???

  6. Ha at my house Darin is pawing at the covers trying to wake me up for food of course and you can push him off the bed roll over and cover your head with a pillow. HE will continu to come back and paw at you until you get up and feed the kitteh!

  7. “I let you sleep in a few minutes if you continue to be cute.”
    The cat can’t lose!!!
    Elvis and I have this conversation:
    “Mraw” (he’s got a crackly meow)
    “What do you want?! I already fed-ed you. You want some wuvvin’?”
    And wuvvin’ he gets. Lately he’s been pulling this act when he knows I’m getting ready to go to work. He scores a few more minutes and I have to admit I was late because of my cat.

  8. That goes way beyond the normal levels of cute. This cute is off the charts!! What a gorgeous kitteh too!

  9. beenclawed says:

    sooooo cute! and yes, same conversation but every morn it’s me saying, five more min just five more… …paw paw claw claw… NO! NOW MOM! Beautiful kitty and nice sheets 🙂

  10. Argh, yes, I have the reverse conversation with my cat too.

    “PURRRRRRR” [paws my face] (he has a real purr too, but he uses his LOUD PURR to wake me up)
    “No, too early! Sleepytime!” [shoves cat off bed]
    “PURRRRRR” [jumps on bed, paws face]
    “No! Too early! Sleepytime!” [shoves cat off bed]
    “PURRRRRR” [jumps on bed, climbs around pillow, paws back of neck]

  11. Oh yeah and what is it with that claw thing where they are pawing at you and just the tip of their claws rakes you. just enough to hurt but leave no mark. Hmm it must be something they learn at kitten school

  12. Ornith Perfect description

  13. Simonsmom says:

    Heh, this looks like a consistent comment from all cat people – usually it’s the other way around, with kitties pawing and snuffling and making biscuits on one’s prone and sleeping body . . . a favorite trick at my house is to jump directly on the bladder. Works every time to roust that lazy human off her you-know-what. Of course, then there’s Simon, whose favorite trick is to place his 27-pound self on my head and commence washing my cheek. That works too — no rolling over in that case. So much love! I think I could use a little layabed at my house like this gorgeous sweetie, just to even things out.

  14. just when you think this site couldn’t get any cuter. wow .

  15. Yes, at my house it’s the cat yowling to “GET UP” and me pleading for more time. Then we get into kissing battles, where she’s trying to lick my cheek/chin/whatever, and I’m fending off with one hand while also trying to snorgle on her chest/cheek/tummy but not let her lick me because it’s scratchy. Eventually, however, I have to get up.

    This is a gorgeous kitteh, by the way.

  16. I guess I’m the lucky one. When the alarm rings, my fluffbutt climbs out of his cat bed and climbs under the blankies to curl up by my tummy and purr/knead/sleep. Makes it real hard to go to work…

  17. annoying little twerp says:

    My dilute tortie’s not into the ‘alarmcat’ thing but boy is my faux russian blue.
    Every ‘morn at 0200 or 0300 Shady starts whining.
    Every. Morning.
    And I wonder why I’m always sleepy.

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What a sweet little voice!

  19. Cassandra says:

    Is anybody else having trouble seeing the video? When I click the link, all I get is that little box with the red X in it. Quick, CO, send out your best IT kittens STAT!

  20. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    That… was… GREAT.

    I’m sure we all have our kitties that love to talk back to us. My babies, Angel and Damien, talk to me constantly. Both of them, if they don’t know where I’m at, will walk through the house, “MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!” until I answer them. Then they come a ‘running.

  21. Bossy’s dog talks to her but all she speaks is Scooby Doo.

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, this is a great reminder of what I’ll get when we get home tomorrow – all kinds of talking from my much missed Yitzy!
    Wonderful video & beautiful purry face.

  23. WAAAAHHH! I can’t see the video either!

  24. @ mliev What is it with cats and tummies? Whenever my kitty climbs under the blankets she always curls up right beside my stomach. Totally sucks my will to get outof bed.

  25. Cassandra — redex, eh? Are you maybe on a Mac? I was only able to test the link on PC (Internet Explorer, FireFox). I do know that the video itself is in .WMV format, which is definitely a Microsoft Windows thing. There *has* to be some way to get a .WMV stream to play on a Mac, though, even if *I* don’t specifically know how…

    (Rumi, does this apply to you?)

  26. Bossy’s Great Dane talks to her but all she can speak is Scooby Doo.

  27. Cassandra says:

    I’m on my PC at work, and, tragically in this case, I have a Mac at home, so I can’t even go home to allieviate the pain of kitten-withdrawl…I’ll keep trying, don’t worry guys, I’ll make it. This will be my Everest…my kitten Everest. Thanks for the info Theo 🙂

  28. Cassandra says:

    Hey Rumi, I think I figured it out…try going to the video webpage (, search Talking Cat, and click on the video from there. You might have to run some software from the website, but so worth it for kitty. Hope that helps 🙂

  29. Cassandra — once that software you’re referring to is installed, you should just be able to click on the photo up there, and get to the Video Vat page. It’s just a link, this time, and not an embedded video window like some of the YouTube stuff we’ve done before.

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is one tired kitteh. I love it.

  31. danceswithcrows says:

    5:00am almost every day: Moira the half-Siamese cat says *MROW* until I lift up the blanket and let her crawl under the covers, where she sleeps for a while. Roughly 6:30am: More meowing from Moira, probably something like “Is it can be breakfast time please?”

    annoying little twerp: Your Russian Blue may be hungry at 3am. Or not; I don’t know. But I got a lot more sleep when I split Moira’s daily food into 3 meals (breakfast, dinner, before bed) instead of 2. HTH anyway,

  32. my Tuffy Cat (now over the rainbow bridge) always woke me up at 2 or 3 am to be let out. Just about every day.

  33. danceswithcrows says:

    5:00am almost every day: Moira the half-Siamese cat says *MROW* until I lift up the blanket and let her crawl under the covers, where she sleeps for a while. Roughly 6:30am: More meowing from Moira, probably something like “Is it can be breakfast time please?”

    annoying little twerp: Your Russian Blue may be hungry at 3am. Or not; I don’t know. But I got a lot more sleep when I split Moira’s daily food into 3 meals (breakfast, dinner, before bed) instead of 2. HTH anyway,

  34. I too am slain with Teh Qte.

    And it’s the reverse in my house too — talky tortie and tuxie wanting us to get up to dispense gooshyfood and pettin’s.

    Now, sometimes in the afternoons, I wake up the kitties when I really need to do something.

  35. Too Many Maureens says:

    For Teho:


  36. Maureen — “Am I doing Satan’s work? [thoughtful nod] …yes.”
    LOL! It’s like a Daily Show bit for bloggers.


    [more LOL]

  37. P. Erasmus says:

    Grey cats are the bestest cats in all the worlds! This is Law.

  38. WOW, just…wow. Possibly the cutest thing ever posted on CO.

  39. Too many maureens,
    a bleening artist. who knew? Bleening the work of the devil

  40. teho,
    do you wear a puffy jacket? [snicker]

  41. btw, this kitteh is unbelievabubble.

  42. Kitty had important meetings the night before! 🙂 That was wonderful.. my lil tux boi used to say “mut-mut..mut-mut!” when he wanted food. I love talkin’ bebes

  43. Layla42 says:

    There must be something about greys/cats with some Russian Blue in them.

    I named mine “Speak”. Because that’s what he does. He will talk your ear off.

    And like most cat-slaves…they wake me up in the morning.

    “Mom?” *paw, paw* *purr purr*
    “Mom? You awake?”
    *climbs up on head/belly/whatever’s closer*
    “Mom..we’s starvink! Soo hungries!”

    On the weekend, around 6am…not so cute.

  44. Grumblecakes says:

    I like the very last begrudging meow. He’ll agree to the deal, but he won’t like it. Hee!

  45. Can not… stand up.. to the cuteness… you must go on without me..

    Curley paws + very pink tongue + kitteh vampire teeth= CUTE!

  46. Jaypo — puffy SHIRT.
    Big difference. Ask Mariser. (or Jerry)

  47. Spryte808 says:

    What is the person saying to his cat??? (for those deaf and hard of hearing ppl out there) I’m only catching “wake up!” and “Ok!” and something that sounds like “do you want some chicken??” Maybe I’m wrong please help?

  48. I loves me some chatty cats.

    And BTW. I’m on a Mac and could view the video just fine…not a Mac/PC issue.

    Made by a soft-talker, no doubt.

  50. oh god, that last little sleepy meow was so sweet my eyes started tearing up from the cuteness! gawd!

  51. lily cain says:

    spryte808, here’s a transcript:

    “wake up!”
    “meow! meow!”
    “wake up!”
    “meow! mew!”
    “do you wanna sleep in?”
    “for how much longer?”
    “just for two minutes?”
    “okay… how bout just like one minute?”
    “you don’t wanna– you wanna sleep more?”
    “meow. meow!”
    “okay let’s make a deal. i’ll let you sleep for a few more minutes if you continue to be cute.”

  52. Spryte808 says:

    Thanks so much! It helps to have a transcript! It makes Cute overload so much more cute!

  53. natbsat says:

    Mac beans – to play .wmv files, download flip4mac at – it lets you play .wmv files in QuickTime. I can see it fine on my Mac! And you need to see this video, ’cause it is the cutest thing ever – hm, or the Tiniest Mew….. Oh no, cuteness explosion!

  54. mandykw says:

    Ahhhhh! that cat is SO rediculously cute. Must..snorgle..heeem!!

  55. Eeep! I accidently kept the volume on high and the squeaks were heard throughout the lab!!! Soooo embarrassing! LOL.

  56. Kendally says:

    Adowable! My kitty came over to my monitor and meowed at this. TWO PAWS UP!

  57. Ouch, stop!! Ouch!! TOO CUTE!!!! Can you imagine the Bob Newhart-ish conversations you could have with that myeah-ing sweetie?

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    I can see it but there’s no sound… anyone else?

  59. How do you look at that thing and not want to snorgle that belly?

    Those roll-overs are such explicit invites.

  60. Shannon says:

    TOP MARKS!!! I love how he is already back to sleep by the end…..mew….. He totally didnt hear the last bit. Trust me – my husband also does the falling asleep while I am talking thing. Not cute when he does it tho….

  61. metsakins says:

    I have a very talkative tabby but in the morning like all you other guys its paw paw purr purr and sleeping/while purring louder than you wouldbelieve possible on my shoulder very restfull. Other tabby needs to go out at 3Am and NOT 3:01….

  62. My Obi Wan Nairobi come over when I am working on the computer, stand on her hind legs, and pat me gently on the arm. Mrow? Mrow? Mrow? She asks. Translation: Would you please pick me up and put me on your lap sos I ken purr and poke holes in yer jeans? Only cuz, I am too old and fat to pounce into yer lap anymores on my own? Please, with catnip on top?

    No matter how busy I am, I always melt when she asks so sweetly and I pick her up.

  63. Beautiful kittenfish,
    sleep sleep sleep sleep
    bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop bloop
    bleep bleep bleep bleep.

  64. Jules The Red says:

    My husband has that same conversation with my half-asleep self just about every morning. I’m not nearly that cute!

  65. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the little face-hiding moment at 00.17 – perfect!

  66. P. Erusmus: I totally agree! i have two gray kitties myself, they were both strays, but i cant imagine my life without them!!! Gray Kitties are the Best!

    Cutebabyfix: My youngest kitty will always ask to sit in my lap when i am on the computer, but he doesnt really meow he does this half purr humming thing and looks up at me with his big eyes. then when i tell him he can come up he lets me hug him for a few mins then places his front paws on my right arm as i type and falls asleep. its the sweetest thing!

    there are pics of my babies on my home page at

  67. fluidstatic says:

    “I’ll let you sleep for a few more minutes if you continue to be cute.”

    I’m dying of the giggles here people. Such a pretty face, such a cute voice, such ridonkulousness.

  68. Aawww. I wish my cat did that, she also does the reverse thing where she comes and bugs me in bed because she’s hungry. Of course she does it in the cutest way, there’s something about waking up to prickly whiskers and the cutest ever fuzzy face that makes it hard to be mad.

    She talks too, but she has learned to say the word, “can”! She gets up on the bed and asks, “Can? Can? Can?” She means she wants some canned food. Only, it’s the funniest thing, but for some reason everybody else just thinks she’s saying “Meow.” There must be something wrong with their ears, she’s clearly saying “can.”

  69. Shannon says:

    I just can’t help it! I keep watching this over and over and over. Gawds – he’s adorable.

  70. Her notes say the kitteh loves to watch his movie. When I played this clip, my doggie came running up to see what was happening! Of course, her best friend (besides me) is a kitteh, so I think she is fluent in meow.

  71. Shannon: Me Tooo! 😀 its the best!

  72. This cat clearly needs a plan with more rollover minutes.

  73. I have a gray kitty named Basil who loves to come in my room at 5:30 AM to announce he wants to go out and scream at my window at 6:30 AM to come back in. This is annoying because my alarm doesn’t go off until 7 AM to get up for work!! But I do love him so! I also have a Maine Coon mix named Chloe who loves to squeeze between my husband and I to sleep every night. SO much kitty little sleep!!!

  74. I dunno; I tend to miaomorphize my peeps–stretchy like a kitty!

  75. My cat is always the one waking me up for food.

    And when I played that video she went positively nuts sniffing the speakers and trying to find the other cat.

  76. I too have been slain by teh Qte! I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times and my kitties are like “HEY! where’s that coming from!” Hee…

    Tipper is the one who paws at the covers and I’ll lift it up and then he snuggles down against my tummy and we go back to sleep. Pooh, on the other hand, just sleeps until he sees Mom movin’. THEN he remembers how STARVED he is! 😉

  77. I have a tear. The cuteness register in my brain just went into overdive. I am crying from cuteness and everyon at work thinks i’m going insane. How beautiful…

    I feel like the grinch must have felt when his heart grew three sizes, i have an ache in that region from cute OD. i can’t discribe it.

    All is well with the world.

  78. Aww,, Cute !
    All The Dog And Cat Ones,,
    Anyway i aint that much of a animal lover,, i aint old enough to buy one,, but like i dont have enough money either,, but i like them init !! there cute!! spech this white dog in the pot LOL X Holla;;x

  79. pat_the_bunny says:


  80. The Chionotizer says:

    D. —way to patronize the Calgary H.S!!! All the best kittehs are rescues. And grey!!! My grey kitteh Pippin was totally into your video—especially because your voice sounds exactly like mine when recorded!!! He’s all “Mom—I don’t remember making that video! Or those pretty sheets either?!?!?!” I told him it was Burnsey from Calgary and he’s absolutely positive they’re related. (although he finds it utterly disturbing that so many other people think their grey kittehs are as fabulous as he is!!!) Shhhh! While he’s catching 40 more winks-I’ve gotta admit Burnsey is a Real Cute OVERload!!! Thanks for rescuing and sharing and thanks as always to C.O. for giving of your time and extreme wit!!! And Meg—you DID NOT sound like a dope on the blog!!

  81. doesn’t that cat sound just like one of those old dolls that makes a crying noise when you lay it down and sit it up?

  82. furbabies says:

    My old man, Yankee, heard this kitteh and came running to see what was the matter. He lurves him some kittehs, makes a great granddad cat. What a gorgeous little boy and well spoken too.