One-eared kitteh in a pocket

Mangy and lickin’ his chops!

I think he’s more aerodynamic with one ear. Or, at least pocket-dynamic.


Amber L., niiiiiice pockie.



  1. where has he bleen all my life?

  2. eee! so cute!!! one air, one love, one cat, one aerodynamic kitteh!

  3. Cat-astrophe says:

    Yea, what a cute kitty to see first thing in the morning 😉

    Wonder what his story is!

  4. Awww, the cutius mangius maximus precious kitteh… kiss kiss snorgle.

  5. Mebbe a turtle bit it off?

  6. Ooo, Anner, you’re good. Kudos on that one.

  7. Pheas, nice one. 😉
    Watch for it on YouTube.

  8. oh my, i am so impressed with the tongue to the nose!

  9. anner, pheas – You got your funny on today.

  10. Yes, yes, the tongue!

    Little bitty scratchy petal.

    Slurp me…

  11. RevWaldo says:

    Let me guess…Vincent?

  12. he have pernament bedheads

  13. Should he go under “Cute or Sad?”

  14. Flummoxed! Stymied! Confounded! Chock-full-o-splutters!

    This looks like Jubi with one ear flipped back. (Only with more torti influence.)

  15. Violet's mama says:

    Aww….what a sweet little ragamuffin. Should this be in cute or sad category?

  16. awwww, poor little kitteh.

    he’s sticking his tongue out at the turtle who took his ear.

  17. So sweet! Life is betteh because of Amber. Mwah to you both!

  18. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A bit of a bad hair day.

  19. RevWaldo – Or Evander Holyfield, maybe?

  20. deh-tsh…po–


  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    I lurve this little pocket-puss! And while I’m alliterating, he’s portable, punky, and precious! (where’d he get his fur done?)

  22. Oh. My. God. Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He has inspired me to make my first comment on CO! Hurray!

  23. karebear says:

    Is he really missing an ear or is it an illusion?

  24. *Checks pockets* Nope, no kitty. 😦

    What a cutie this one is! I want to pet it’s little head.

  25. what an angel.
    but where is the other ear?
    is it really missing? can the kitteh hear out of the “other” ear????

  26. Seileigh says:


    He looks pretty comfterbuls. “I’m warm and cuddled and perfectly positioned to get your sammich. Life is good.”

  27. Aw, he’s not mangy, he just looks like he came out of the dryer.

  28. metsakins says:


  29. Is his other “ear” real?
    Love the blue eyes. I WANT!!!

  30. WE We Mon Ami’ Did you not know it is so tre’chic to wear the scruffy airs to be in Fausheon’ And The Ear” eh’ it was a lettle ting. I lose Eet in a fight for a Ladies Honor.

  31. Meredith says:

    This kitty, name of Vincent, is a special friend of mine! I’m so glad to finally see him on the site! As I understand it, Vincent was born with one ear, although there is a little bit of ear stubbitude going on if you can get through the kitten fuzz. I think there was another kitten in the litter with the opposite ear missing. Also, it took me entirely too long to understand why my friend Amber named him Vincent, because everyone else gets it right away.

  32. You know very well that the ear was lost to a moment of uncontrolled nahm-ing. Come on, fess up you evil snorglers.

    *secretly gnawing on the remaining ear*

  33. littlelizard says:

    The floof is strong with this one

  34. “Vincent” is a sublime name for this poquito, Meredith.

    – the brother’s namesake

  35. Heh Gladys, that’s what I thought too. That’s one heck of a bad hair day!


  36. That is one unadulterated cat!

    Can you hear me now? Good!

  37. I love his fine-as-frog’s-hair whiskers too. Sweet!!

  38. a hon-hon-hon, you must speek up monsieur, I dun ear too well

  39. Looks like he’s got a cool ride! I wanna kitten in MY pockets *scoots off to check*

  40. Shannon says:

    He’s so SCRUFFY!! I luff him. The only thing cuter than kittens are scruffy kittens, ya know!

  41. he looks like he should be wearing a tattered cap and saying “please, suh! have yeh got any friskies for a poor wretch like mehself?”

  42. I just wanna kiss that little forehead above the missing ear and smooth those whiskers with my fingertip.

  43. Oh, the little rumplefurredkins!

    Hooray for Vincent. He will be such a dashing boy when all grown up.

  44. Anner Too Funny

  45. Lady Ann says:

    Just checking see if I need a breath mint!

  46. moths_are_scary says:

    oh my goodness! When I woke up this morning, I looked in the mirror and I was a clone of the itty bitty kitty!!

  47. People, this is why you should ALWAYS CHECK YOUR POCKETS before doing the wash.

  48. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so Cute. where can I get a kitteh for my pocket?

  49. Scruffitude!

  50. Muffles says:

    What a cute little big mess! I’m sure he listens to hardcore and moshes. Raggamuffin Rule!

  51. furbabies says:

    Over nawming of the earsies will do this. Sweet babeh!

  52. Aww, reminds me of my friend’s fat one-eared guy, also named Vincent! When I saw this little guy, I thought, “gawl, he’s so ugly he’s cute…” I love so-ugly-they’re-cutes!

  53. Roberta says:

    Don’t Pick Your Nose!!!!!

  54. Elizabeth says: