Kitty Ortiz vs. Chuck Cattell

A little score-settling in the six-sidedsteel cage match FROM HELL!

I must admit, I am the BIIIIGGEST sucker for sound effects… Good work, Aaron R.!



  1. Grrr…I can’t see the videos on my work computer!

  2. Me either, Cheyenne. 😦 Hopefully I’ll remember to check it out when I get home tonight.

  3. SeaBreeze says:

    Ooo, that one bite wasn’t just below the belt, it was under the tail! Ouch!! Time for Mr Squirt Bottle?!!

    Chey and Eastie, sometimes I have to go to YouTube itself to see the video.

  4. I looove the end… OMG so cute!

  5. Nice work! Xtreme qteness

  6. Love the play-by-play…Kitty was clearly outweighed by Chuck but still managed to come out on top! Whoooooooo!!!!

  7. Solange says:

    Love the parallelism with the UFC – but this one is MUCH cuter and fuzzier 🙂

  8. DumBunny says:

    Some one spent a lot of time on this, it’s really well done and cute, of course. I’d like to see my cat doing something like that. Heck, I’d just like to see my cat, he’s been under the bed for the last week since we got him.

  9. Very cute. Just like boys who are friends…they punch each other, but it doesn’t alter the friendship. 🙂 I like how they worked it all out.

  10. Marianne says:

    squee!!! such cute mewing and cuddling at the end.

  11. I luv the UFC! This is too cute! Although I seriously doubt we’d see Tito & Chuck snorgling after their fight (that’d just be odd).

  12. Solange says:

    Brinnann – now that would be something to see! LOL

  13. snorgler says:

    OMG! If that’s Episode 2, I want to see Episode 1 and everything that follows! Very nicely done!

  14. Solange, I’ll snorgle with Chuck, but I’d be kinda freaked out to see Tito do it.

  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Some people have waaaay tooo much time on their hands.
    Just a tad envious of that fact.

  16. wow, so exciting!

  17. lolololol.. I loved the aftermath. And when Ortiz climbed on top of the scratching post in VICTORY!

  18. Alice Shortcake says:

    Just like pro wrestling except it’s not fixed!

  19. Andrea|Nash says:

    Excellent! The little Tom dominates the tiny (what do you call female cat- a kitteness?)… but she comes back and shows us what true grit is! You go girl!

  20. the fight seems almost sad and painful with the commentary and sound effects. whereas without, it would just be adorable kitties playing. and the end….awwwwwwwwww.
    well done.

  21. I always say, there is nuthin in the world like kittens. Nuthin.

  22. Meg, Nicely Done. The pictures the sound effects the two stars of the movie and that oh soo marvelous ending. Watch out WWF.

  23. I think the cage match is giving One-Ear Kitteh a PTSD flashback to his bout with Mike Tyson.

  24. that’s better than the Puppy Bowl!

  25. I’m not usually into wrestling, but THIS is definitely a version of the sport that I’d GLADLY keep watching! ^__^


  26. The fight was actually exciting. Nice comeback Ortiz!! Sweet snorgling at the end too=)

  27. There was never any doubt; Queen Tortie Always comes out on top. Luv that the human slave has learned the Kitteh shuffle.

  28. I must say, I prefered the Aftermath to the actual match. 🙂 I was glad that Kitty Ortiz won. Chuck Cattel is a jerk. 😛

  29. astrogrrrl says:

    oooh, my cat has that same cat toy from the beginning of the video. For a while, I didn’t think he played with it until each morning when I woke up, I saw the toy in a different room than the night before.

    and there’s nothing more endearing than little kitty meows =)

  30. Catsquatch says:

    The Aftermath.

    Playing kittens are always fun to watch, but it was the aftermath that got me.

  31. Ohhh…now I really wanna see it. YouTube is blocked here at work too! You’d think they didn’t trust us here! I mean, what do they think we’d do? Waste our time at work watching cute videos?!? Geesh!

  32. That is too funny! Absolute genius.

  33. Cheyenne – Same here! They’ve got all the fun/cute stuff blocked. Boo!

  34. All that is missing is Tina and Max. Thunderdome time, baby!

  35. BrianMPLS says:

    lol Redzilla! 🙂

  36. beenclawed says:

    OMG is this cute! When the screen turned red while the kitty was thinking “call me an idiot ‘eh…” high lare e us! Six sides of steel THIS IS HELL!! too too funny! and the oh so pitiful mewing when they’re waiting for the food bowl… it never ends. My cat is so spoiled and every morning she’s like OH MY GOD WILL YOU PLEASE HURRY WITH MY TREATS?!?! Even though there’s food in her bowl and treats from last night before bed that she didn’t even bother to finish! lol

  37. weensicka says:

    ahhahaha! I nearly peed myself watching this…thank god for headphones at work.

    Now, I am kilt by teh cute!

  38. Hm. How many times CAN one die from CO… I figure I’m up to about 2,398 times, but this one killed me about 11 times all by itself.

  39. ADORABLE!!! Just plain ADORABLE!! Redonkable too, I might add. Love it!

  40. Akagi_Ryu says:

    Oh… my…. god…
    The match was perfect in cuteness and the adorableness factor, but the aftermath with the wittle kitten meowing action just killed me <3
    I wub dees

  41. HUGGINS!!!!!

  42. At first I was upset about the larger boycat, but then the calico girl won and so yay!

    And the mews at the end were teh qte.

    I’m typing this around TK. He’s up to 11 lbs. even though he’s only 10 months old. He’s purring himself to sleep.

  43. Celinda says:

    THAT was SO cute!!! My stomach is in knots over that video! AWE!

  44. Yay! I was rooting for Kitty! SO glad she won.

  45. pat_the_bunny says:

    Luv this! Laughed and laughed! So clever.

  46. my cat is a sphere says:

    the inane, chronically halting sports chatter was perfect.

    the kittehs were perfect too, of course. total redonk.

  47. Cara N. says:

    Better than WWE ANYday.

  48. Brak_Silverbone says:

    These li’l fluffballs are WAY more fun to watch than the real thing!

  49. The instant replay is the best part. What a stitch!

  50. Shannon Johnson says:

    Great sound effects! I love the kittehs. They are sooo cute!

  51. I was most impressed by that color commentary. Very professional emphasis/tonal quality.

    Unfortunately better than what I’ve seen on some network-broadcast games on NBC.

    I love, love, that “Aftermath.” Complete with most dinner snuggling.

  52. *blinks*

    They’re names are “Fuzzy Wuzzy” & “Hunny Bunny?”

    Cute now, but in two years they’ll be yakking in your shoes when you use those names to call ’em.

  53. omg, that was so funny. great effects all around.

    after the ‘fight’, watching them getting ready to eat (god i love kitten tails. they’re so perky!), and the sleepy hug shot just made me melt!!!

    great video!

  54. *sigh* I want a kitten.

    No, make that two.

    That was the moral of this video for me.


  56. Kitty Lover says:

    oh, da cuteness, da cuteness! my head is about to ‘splode!!

  57. Aaron Rift! Try doing a Google search on his father, Zoogz Rift – he’s a fantastic musician who is also an excellent candidate for

  58. Candace says:

    I watched it with the sound off and still thought it was adorable. I like that part where the gray and white kitty puts the gray kitty in a headlock around 1:07 on the film. And of course, the snorgling/honkshu at the end was the best part, made wonderful by th catwrestling preceding it.

  59. AlfishKK says:

    Ha, isn’t it just like a boy to constantly tackle the girl… Reminds me of my boyfriend…

    That was adorable, though, especially the sleeping kits at the end!

  60. I watched this with an MP3 of that battle music from the original Star Trek. Purrrfect!

  61. UFC meets kitties? I can now die in peace. The only reason I don’t like this video is because now it’s going to be so hard to hate Tito… I’ll keep thinking about cute kitties.