The “Dirty Wow Wow” contest

The folks over at Ten Speed Press are holding a contest for the most lovable, shabby, stuffed toys and blankies you clung to in childhood. The most lovable entry wins a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal. The contest goes through May.

Check out some of the great entries; "Fuvvy" the duck (minus one arm, poor thing) and "Sleepy" pup. You can submit your blankie too!



Great suggestion, Kara V. 😉



  1. So cute! I’m definitely entering this contest 😉

  2. Do current stuffies count?

  3. OMG, some of those are SO AWESOME!

  4. What a great Idea! everyone has a dirty well loved stuffed toy in their past.

  5. AuntieMame says:

    I have my “blankie” that I held onto until I was at least six, but it’s a grungy, stained rag by now. Def not cute!

    I could dig out my Tigger that I drew a mouth on with red magic marker because the felt mouth came off. He’s pretty ratty by now, too.

  6. I still have Floppy, my gray puppy. Aww.

    AuntieMame – Maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Are you in Kansas? If so, I hope you’re OK after all the tornadoes.

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Nope, I’m in Colorado, pyrit. Must be another Auntie. Thanks for the thought, tho!

    I checked out the photos in the link. All very cute…except for Rosie (the one they bought a duplicate for, just in case). The unstuffed face of the original is nightmare material. *shudder*

  8. R. Moore says:

    I fear my Coco Raccoon would not win, but I may go for it anyway 🙂

  9. This makes me miss my blue dog 😦 Ah well, I entered Mr. Mole, the family hand-me-down desk protecting plushie. Well, he’s not so much a mole as a dingy white blob with eye balls, but he’s still precious. The book looks adorable, I’ll have to get a copy.

  10. Christine H says:

    “Dirty Wow Wow” sounds…dirty. However, the stuffed toys are adorable.

  11. Shannon says:

    Should I enter the 30+ teddy? Mr Grizz Lee Bear?

    The white-ish sleeping kitten rescued from a friend’s trash can?

    The recent additons include the beanie baby fawn I “rescued” from the road who now has a splint on b/c she had a hole in her leg and I worked at a vet hopsital and the adorable green stuffed turtle just “rescued” in a parking lot. He was laying on his back and he was brand new!!

    Somewhere I have the Carebear Luv-a-lot made by my mom from a pattern that was flat and included a front and a back. I slept with her every night until you could see thru her. Mom made a new one, but it was never the same thing and I still have transparent luv-a-lot somewhere. I’m just so happy I’m not the only one with raggedy stuffed animals.

  12. Shannon says:

    I also have the very old lion in a suit. At least I think it is a lion. Has a mane but never had a tail. And wears plaid pants and a completely different colored plaid (large!) tie. All my life I heard he was my aunt’s. But a few years ago my aunt said she had never owned him, so now he’s a mysterious stranger….

  13. Hee, cute idea!

  14. this is a wonderful contest. i’ve always loved animals and have plenty of stuffed animals to enter.

  15. I have my son Josh’s bear that he loved the eyes, nose, everything off of. There’s a floppy eared doggy too. I’ll have to see where they are and send them in! Great idea!

  16. Jupiter Star says:

    …I wonder if I could get bonus points for my beloved childhood toy being my mother’s and grandmother’s as well? (I am just amazed that Mr. Buns hasn’t just disintegrated by now!)

  17. NYCGirl says:

    Aw! I wish I still had my Puppy. 😦

  18. I still have my stuffed kangaroo. Wearing a yellow scarf. However, my plush giraffe, wearing a straw sombrero, is long gone. I seem to have gone in for sartorially advanced plushies.

  19. Beauregard says:

    I know that my blankie is best, but really I don’t think that he could compete against the cute factor that is these stuff animals. Maybe there should have been a blankie category and a stuffed category.

  20. ceebs, where are you? we’re waiting for an update on your “blue” doggie… 😉

  21. New York Michele says:

    This made me cry in a good way.

    Years ago, Mr. Teddy Bear and I went on a trip with my parents to California. I left him at the motel by mistake- no doubt he was playing hide and go seek, or got too entranced in the Spanish-dubbed cartoons we’d been watching. My parents were taking me to Disneyland, but I cried so much that they turned back and went to the hotel- and there was Mr. Bear at the front desk!

    Mr. Bear was in my room for years. He went to college with me- he’s a very educated bear, as I told him everything I learned in class. He stayed at my mother’s house for quite a while and helped guard the spare bedroom that used to be mine. When she sold the house, he came to live with me- he now sits on a shelf in my bedroom.

    Mr. Bear’s arms are all bandaged with masking tape so his stuffing doesn’t fall out. His fur is gone. And you know what? I love him more than anything. When I die, I want Mr. Bear to be cremated with me so that neither of us will ever be lonely. He deserves more than to go on a trash heap.

  22. AuntieMame: Yes, very scary indeed..*joining in shudder*

    This post reminds me of the day we were clearing out my room, preparing to move to a new home, and found my beloved teddy squished behind a shelf. Oh, the sweet, sweet joy! We estimated that he’d been there for at least 5 years, but since then he has enjoyed a special place on that very shelf in our new home. I love you, teddy!

  23. Wow. This makes me wish I had my much-loved, much-abused “Pandy” from childhood. Dirty, half his stuffing gone, rather smelly, but oh-so-beloved. My dear mother threw him out…(I love you anyway, Mom).

  24. I totally have to enter this! I have a toy bunny who’s been restuffed 6 times (the last time with Grandma’s nylons, still in there), ears are held on with safety pins, she’s kinda flat and has lost the majority of her pink fur, leaving just the canvas. She was given to my mom for me when mom was pregnant with me and I’ve never ever parted with her. (and I’m now 34)

  25. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of Bobo the bear. Worthy candidate if any.I have my share of scary old toys that had a special parrt in my heart. I still can throw them away.

  26. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of Bobo the bear. Worthy candidate if any.I have my share of scary old toys that had a special parrt in my heart. I still can throw them away.

  27. Dis not even cute, it stupid! Dis website stupid!

  28. So sad fo u! Oh noes.

  29. Teri, I have a pre-birth beloved toy, too! Raggedy Ann lost her bloomers and one button eye (can anyone say “choking hazard”?) and would have been perfect for this contest…had she not been dismembered by my dog a few years ago.

    In his defense, it’s the only bad thing he’s ever done, and it was soon after I’d adopted him and he hadn’t had much training yet. I have Raggedy Ann’s parts and stuffing in a bag. One day we will rebuild her!

  30. Teughcats says:

    Oh oh oh! I have my teddy bear from when I was born still (and I’m 42). He’s a bear of very little fur (probably brain too) but I could never part with him. So glad I’m not the only one!

  31. Ya know what Pheas? I’d submit a picture of Raggedy Ann’s remains anyway. 🙂 The simple fact that you kept it all after doggers got at her shows the depth of love for the Ann-girl.

    (btw…I had both Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls as a kid. They were given to me after I discovered the Raggedy Ann and Andy books at the library. I have no idea what happen to them, but they did have permanently sticky faces from their brown sugar and water ‘medicine’…that I copied straight from the books)

  32. genevieve says:

    I don’t have any of my childhood stuffies anymore, but I swear I used to have that exact same sleeping pup! yay!

  33. I still have my “darling baby” doll from when I was about 2? can dollies be entered?

  34. Noooo!!! 😦 My dear “Panterito” and other worn-out childhood toys (Juan and Ramoncito the bears, Berni the dog…) were left in my mother’s house, 12000 km away from my current residence… I have cuddly toys here, but new!

  35. Pheww, I just saw it’s open to US residents only. But the idea is utterly anerable.

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    Those look like something I would have had when I was a child.

  37. SeaBreeze says:

    Oh! Mr Smokey T Bear could be entered! Just wish I still had Mr Doggie and my blankie….

  38. aufilena says:

    Man, I was gonna post my bunny there, but then I saw some of the other stuff they’re advertising:

    What the heck?

  39. Aufilena — if you judged every publisher by just one of their publications, they’d all be damned.