Please just stop eet…

Oh, I see, showing off. Showing off with his one-handed cracker eating. Yes, Richard you ARE better.

Oh, and nice houndstooth, Bro.


Lolo R., Rock and/or Roll!



  1. OMG!! How cute is *that*???

  2. chapeaunoir says:

    You mean ratstooth, no?

  3. eeep! ky00t meecies!

  4. Oh, gracious! That’s a triple-dose of cute!

  5. Alice Shortcake says:

    Very cute, but are they shoulder-trained?

  6. and ky00t boy too.. .

  7. Ratstooth! Hahaha! That’s great!

  8. The lastest in fashion accessories – matching mice!

    (OK, they’re rats, but I couldn’t come up with a snazzy line for them)

  9. joodster says:

    could i have some cheeeze with those nibblets?

  10. Are they going on a double date? Did Houndstooth man get stood up, but they went anyways, and now he’s the awkward third wheel?

  11. Less men, more rats/non-human animals!!!

  12. A boy and his rodents…le sigh. What an animal loving dreamboat.

  13. Excellent composition and capture. The BEF, the tiny pink paws, the perfectly parallel nibblage … a truly superlative work of photographic cuteology.

  14. Suda Nim says:

    Extremely cute. Although I think rat-un-shouldertrainedness could actually *improve* that jacket.

  15. OMG, color-coordinated rats! Love it!

    And I love the little rat feeties holding their crackers! LOL!

  16. Shweet ratties teaching human how to share & the proper etiquette for cracker-nibbling…no, no, no, silly biped! TWO pawsies!

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwwwww… so cute!

  18. Extremely cute composition. I love the mousies eating the crackers with both hands. Now if only he had used both hands we’d have had a trifecta.

    That outfit though is pretty busy. Houndstooth coat, striped shirt, regimental tie. By adding meesies though, he’s making that mix work.

    Now if they could only straighten that tie…

  19. Aw! Wingnut rats! 🙂

  20. What makes it perfect for me is the little rat-hands, two pink pairs, holding the crackers. Too cute!

  21. Shannon Johnson says:

    how cute is that? although it’s just like a guy to show off.

  22. *Project Runway Judgey Voice..* “Its a lil matchy matchy and I don’t know about the rick-a-rats” Yeah please this is rainbow pukin’ cute.. 🙂

  23. The only way I like houndstooth is attached to the jawbone of a hound. Heurghh.

    OTHER THAN THAT: awesome pic, awesome post.

  24. Rats…they’re what all the hip, young professionals wearing are these days.

    Plus, it beats the hell out of the 80’s shoulder pad action. I’d even wear shoulder rats.

  25. …only by a decade, RedZ. Heh.

  26. omg thats so cute! (and i’m not necessarily talking about the animals! eheh)

  27. Meep! CUTE!

    (the rats aren’t so bad, either) 😉

  28. Is there a ‘Rule’ for this one? There should be! Totally adorable.

  29. three’s company? cheese company? there’s a joke in there somewheres

  30. Michelle says:


  31. anerable dumbos!

    i think there is nothing – NOTHING – dearer than teeny, tiny, pink, delicate, dextrous rattie hands!

  32. Looks like they’re having a little fromage a trois…

  33. Love the rats but…

    He’s cute too! *blush*

  34. Argentee says:

    I <3 <3O~

  35. Az wee say in France, oui, tres beau ce mec et les souris aussi 🙂

  36. Yep, Rhoda, da ratties are fine, but their ride is finer 🙂

  37. spudchick says:

    bravo, MissT 🙂

    what’s the old saying about not throwing someone out of bed for eating crackers…?

  38. hrh.squeak says:

    Yay Yay dumbo ratties! I lurves me some wingnut action.

  39. Is there a ‘Rule’ for this one? There should be! Totally adorable.

    Rule #6 Mimic humans!
    Rule #11 Cute animal + food!
    Rule #14 An everyday, small item makes you look small!
    Rule #19–Dainty paws!

    Any others? I’m sure there are.

  40. Oh My! What a wonderfully cute vision to come home to.


  41. why does this feel like it should be a scene from a Wes Anderson movie?

  42. YUMMY!… and im not talking about the crackers either… that dude is drool worthy…am i the only one who saw his eyes…wow… anyways… the critters are cute too

  43. bearlet says:

    OMG “fromage a trois…” bwahaHAAAA Miss T, yew rawks!

  44. SeaBreeze says:

    “Ok, dears, on the count of three I want you all to nibble. 1….. 2…… 3!

    Good job, all! =)

  45. Fromage a trois indeed! LOL AND cute ratz and boy!

  46. What sweet little dumbo ratties!

  47. leannrose says:

    Of course the first thing I saw was the adorable guy…but the rats are cute, too! All color-coordinated and everything. I seriously can’t get over the cuteness of this pic.

  48. leannrose says:

    Oh, and does anybody else think he kinda looks like this guy, , only with a hair cut?

  49. He may be cute, but the guy clearly has two chips on his shoulder.

  50. riolinda says:

    A triple dose of cuteness! I can’t handle it! 🙂

  51. Angel Cake Puff says:

    Cute overload, indeed! He’s yummy.

  52. oaklandcat says:

    I think he looks like Jason Schwarzman, who just happens to be a fan of CO. And somebody mentioned Wes Anderson movies? Verrrry interestingks.

  53. Hmmmm, matching jacket & ratties 🙂

  54. Shawna Howes says:

    Are those Dumbo rats? They look like they have the ears-to-the-side thing I’ve seen Dumbos have.

    I wish I still had my ratapodes–but after I adopted a cat who apparently was a mouser and then a couple of “unauthorized reproductions” occured, exploding my rat population to around 20-30 babies, we had to get new homes for them.

  55. hahahahahahahahahahaha


  56. TAJ, Theo–Why, why, why did you plant that ‘Willard’ image? Had to click to the shot of him *surrounded* by rats. Pied Piper..Bubonic Plague…heck, movies where Worms Come Out of Showerheads. Nightmares!!

    Ok, I defy all you Cuteologists out therer to come up with a cute pic of a worm. (Inchworms excluded, natch; they are caterpillars.)

  57. AuntieMame says:


    I had to stop reading the comments at the office, because I was illicitly Interneting at a client’s office, and “fromage a trois” almost made me guffaw out loud!

    Dewd needs to be holding his cheese with both paws.

  58. I want to marry him.

  59. Well I can’t comment on the guy cuteness factor, but I will say that the whole photo setup is brilliant. I wonder if he has them trained.

    Love it!!

  60. elbowgeek, as a former mother of a ratties Human let me just say that like cats, ratties all have well trained Humans.
    I offer up this picture as proof. Note how the human is mimicing the ratties: the classic nibble, BEF,wiskers and probably but can’t tell with a photo the nose twitch.

    Yes I would say those ratties have trained their human very well.

  61. Did he buy that coat to match his rats? It’s too fine!

  62. This is wwaayy too adorable!

  63. Oh, it’s the teeny, tiny hands that have it!!!

    BTW: Is it moi, or does this human appear somewhat familiar? ie: Cats ‘n’ Racks?

  64. LOVE to see cute ratties! and cute boys with cute ratties is even BETTERZ!

  65. Peg of Tilling says:

    That jacket–houndstooth *and* epawlratts! Sweet!

  66. No, no no…. this guy doesn’t look like the cats ‘n racks guy. This guy is WAY finer! And he’s a family man! He’s got his kids along for the ride.

  67. So cute. And the rats ain’t bad either.

  68. Hmmmm…..I really thought the eyes looked similar – that and perhaps the human furrrr on the chinny, chin, chin….

    Family man – oh yeah, how sweet can it be!!!

  69. SQUEAL!

    Look at ’em ratties holding the crackers in their dainty peenk paws! Awwww.

    Oh, and I like the houndstooth jacket. Nice homage to Sherlock Holmes!

  70. OMG! I just got Teddy Roosevelt in the back of my head going “Lawrence, who’s evolved?”

    “I am.”

    “Who’s evolved?”

    “I am…”

  71. leannrose says:

    mb: I totally think he looks like the cats n racks guy…wouldn’t that be awesome if it was the same guy? Adorable guy who loves adorable animals, what more could you want?

  72. Stylin’! Dressed in grey and white, eatin’ crackers, and all 3 are pretty cute too (obviously the human one is a different sort of cute than the rats).

  73. Precious.

  74. Bethany F. says:

    is he single?? what about the guy on the far left??

  75. pepita ratpack 🙂 I luuuuurve the look on the rat’s faces :)) (did u notice the angle of their ears) oh I never thought I’d once in my life find a rat cute ever!! now i do. I’m a changed woman 😀

  76. I know it’s all about the animals, but he’s a hottie! And I never say ‘hottie’!!!!

  77. Awwwwww!

    Dumbo eared rats are twice as nice! 🙂

  78. all three of them are equally cute! ^^

  79. Love him.
    Love them.
    Too damn sweet.

  80. Prince Charming with Jac and Gus, bibitty bobitty boo.

  81. CatFreak says:

    You may need a special category for smokin’ hot and cuddly-cute men who love animals.

    That young man’s eyes are just too much, as are the perfect little ratfingers! I want to take all three of these creatures home and feed them all the crackers they want.

    Hmmm … I wonder if this young man has ever seen “Harold & Maude”?

    (Sorry … lost all my sense of common decency there, for a moment. I blame it on The Cute.)

  82. Oh that’s just too much! cute boy and two cute rats! my head will explode in seconds if i look any longer.

  83. On looking at this picture a second time, I believe it could *only* have been improved by the boy eating the cracker with two hands. Now *that* would have been funny.

  84. adorable…

    oh and the guy isnt that bad either. hah

  85. I’m thinkin the mousies could run the maze faster than the one-handed cracker eating , hounds tooth wearin , showin-off HU-man . 🙂
    tee hee. very clever.

  86. I like the look on the grey ratakins face, he’s all like “I am *so* bored with these photographers!”

  87. Man, those little pink rattie hands slay me. Years ago I would clip my daughter’s rat Basil’s fingernails when they got too sharp to tolerate on our bare skin. I would barely have to hold his hand to do the clipping–he’d just hold his arm out by himself and watch. Nothing beats holding hands with a rat.

  88. Sylar?

  89. pkeli – that is such a sweet image!
    My guinea piggies *hate* having their nails trimmed! I think whoever had them before must have not handled them alot, as they are very very wiggly…

  90. ceejoe – yeah, Basil was exceptionally mellow and affectionate–more like a golden retriever than a rat. But shorter. I can’t imagine trying to trim the nails on a wiggling ball of fur.

  91. furbabies says:

    The Three Ratsketeers! How handsome they all are. I want one of each ;).

  92. CatFreak says:

    pkeli, you named your daughter’s rat “Basil”?

    An homage to Fawlty Towers, I’m hoping?

  93. violetgreen says:

    It’s so heart-warming to see a family sitting down to eat together!

  94. i absolutely Lur♥e how the rats compliment the suit 🙂

    oh and guess what rrbody? on the showbiz show with David Spade, he used the word “redonkulous”. that’s the first time i ever heard anyone say it on TV 🙂

  95. The rats aren’t bad, either.

  96. CatFreak – actually my daughter named her rat “Basil”. She was pretty young and I have no idea where she go the name but I was quite pleased, being a Fawlty Towers fan myself.

  97. Dagger — Stherious? He did? Wow. I’ve never heard that anywhere other than here, either…

    Perhaps he’s a fan?

  98. Carencey says:

    adorable! the one-handedness even works–two hands would have blocked the ratties, of course.

  99. It’s a cuteness explosion!!!

  100. don’t find the guy that special, could just be some random bloke from the tube.. but the ratz are crackers 🙂

  101. There’s some sort of Corollary of Cuteness out there that a human imitating a cute animal is also cute–remember the guy who recreated the cookie-thieving bunneh?

    So cute! So funny!

  102. Sharing is caring!

  103. gulp! i almost puked with delight!! i want them lined up on my couch so i can kiss all three of their bellies…perhaps i’m just homesick for my own green-eyed boy & rat babies 😉

    the way the left ear of the grey rat curls over ever so slightly it the bestestest!!

  104. I’m sorry. I think this is gross and not all that cute.

  105. More cute guys with cute pets, pleez!

  106. Love the rat’s faces expression. And the guy’s too.

  107. i’m for cerial! David Spade used the word redonkulous, he might just be a fan. i’ll watch his show more extensively to see if CO is mentioned in “there i said it” or “really japan?” segments.

  108. rabbl so agree with you, only i just want the ratleys (the guy woyldn’t hurt tho) cal, also agreed!

  109. Ahhhh, so cute AND beautiful!

  110. being a girl, i have to say…there is nothing about this picture that is not cute. nothing at all. nothing.

  111. i fond this guy so very handsome…. of course mice as well but…humm

  112. Haha- shortly after I got my first rats I noticed myself using both hands to hold really tiny objects… like crackers.

  113. nyan nyan says:

    i thought he was the no cat no rack guy too at first. but i don’t think so. if he was though, he’d be #1 in my book!!

  114. christine says:

    Oh my! A sexy man and cutie rats, certainly nothing could be finer. This picture is great, thanks for sharing it!

  115. i have rats. they are the best pets.