From the desk of Martha Stewart

"Here’s a Spring Cleaning time saver. [say in Martha Stewart voice] It’s May 14., and after you finish changing glue in your glue guns and scrub the north face of your house with Borax, I have a suggestion for you… vacuum the cat. Stop shedding where it starts. Your couches will look fabulous."

Jon B., YOU are fabulous.  (Cat provided by Laekroth.)



  1. Another Amy says:

    That is one FAT beautiful cat!

  2. Oh, if only it worked that way….

  3. that’s unbelievable!

  4. Fantastic!!! I tried doing that to my bunny the other week and he’s been hiding under the bed ever since…

  5. Lillith says:

    Chubbeh kitteh! Poor Polly is terrified of the vaccuum and I’d never get to do this. This kitteh seems to be enjoying it immensely however.

  6. Mmm – gotta love that vacuum cleaner massage action! Purrrrrr …

  7. This would be great to do but…what cat isn’t afraid of the vacuum?

  8. Floofy pillow!

  9. hahahahahhaahaha… that is freakin hi*lar*ious!
    my cats all skedaddle as fast as their little legs can carry them as soon as they see/hear the vacuum. I can’t even imagine trying to do that with them.
    day-yum, I love how cats are so unique!

  10. Krys O. says:

    That is brilliant! My mom used to vacuum her beloved Mr. Tiger ages ago. It’s true that most kittehs hate the sound but some of them are easygoing around household appliances.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    If I barely touch my vac whilst even glancing at my cats, they would band together and go ninja pirate batshit crazy on my ass when I fall asleep! Seriously!

  12. That cat is like a malleable snowball. with legs

  13. I love being able to vacuum my cat. I used to have one that would chase you around and sit on the power head of the vacuum until you took it off and vacuumed him.

  14. Daisycat says:

    whatever muscle relaxant/mood suppressor they have that cat on…can i have some please? LOL! My cats hide if I just pull the vacuum outta the closet!!

  15. Juniper Jupiter: LOL same thing in my house too. I get penalized if I move when all of us is settled into bed at night. (By all of us I mean the cats on top of me, usually when I’m in my least comfortable position)

  16. phishtrader says:

    Looks like they really need to clean the fat kitty’s pooper. It’s the only dark spot on an otherwise white cat. Our kitties aren’t that plump and we need to chase after them with a wet rag from time to time to get rid of the dingle berries.

  17. OK, it’s totally obvious that this cat WANTS to run but simply cannot because of its great heft. It is a sad, sad video.

  18. I don’t see it that way, PNY. If you go to the YouTube page & read the blurb, apparently big kitty’s been deaf since birth. The vacuum-cleaner noise *can’t* bother her.

  19. Catsquatch says:

    Good lord, I wish I could vaccuum my cats.

    They both have very long hair, but as soon as I pull the vaccuum out they run and hide under the bed…..

  20. Caroline says:

    Yeah, all of my animals head for the hills as soon as I switch it on, so no vaccuuming my pets. But….maybe if they were too fat to run away….????

  21. I used to have a cat just like this. He probably tolerates the vacum because white cats tend to be deaf. If he could hear the vacum I think it would be a different story. Mine wasn’t deaf by some freak chance, but he hated the vacum. Very cute and a great idea if you have a white cat!

  22. makiono says:

    bwahahahahhahaha!!!!! i dont know what is better — that the cat is so adorably FAT or that she’s getting vaccumed rotfl XD hehe… my cat is scared of it though… he’s too stuck up to permit such a violation of his fur *le meow*

  23. Fabulously lint-free rotundipuss. Free with your new Dyson.

  24. Lady Chroe says:

    What if they accidentally suck his eyeball out?

  25. This would be a waste of time on my two short hair kittys as they shed 24/7/ 365. But the two long hairs it might be helpful on. And then there is that attack you in the middle of the night for revenge thingy. HMMMMM… maybe I won’t be trying this on my kits.

  26. aha.. Theo.. that was what I wondered as I was watching: “maybe (being white) she’s deaf and that’s why it doesn’t bother her.” Thanks for confirmation. Although, I have seen non-deaf cats who don’t mind it. I did have a long-hair cat who loved to be blow-dried and it’s about the same amount of sound as a small dirt-devil type vacuum. If I ever get another long-haired cat I think I will try to get her used to the vacuum so I can do this.

    Meanwhile, my current cat hates the vacuum and pouts for hours even after it’s been put away.

  27. KaitouJuliet says:


    I am sitting at my desk with a great big grin. Love the way the kitty rolls around in sheer bliss at the feel of the vacuum!

  28. This is Just Wrong.

    Everybody knows that in the wild, cats and vacuums are natural enemies.

    Because Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

  29. It is so hard to even guess at what is going on in this pudge-cat’s head, but I’m going to take two shots:

    1.) When’s lunch?

    2.) That’s not the right attachment for my head!

  30. dicentra,

    You win teh Interwebs for that comment.

  31. [inclined to agree with Llism]

  32. A coworker of mine had two cats, one of which was deaf and loved being vacuummed. After several months of observation, the other non-deaf cat decided that it was safe, and wanted to be vacuummed too.

  33. Too, too much! I know my kitty cat always clears the ground by a foot whenever she hears me even open the closet that contains the vacuum. Once, I couldn’t find her after vacuuming the apartment, and then I noticed the big ol’ lump under my blankets…

  34. Alice Shortcake says:

    Cripes! If I tried that with any of my cats I’d be DEAD within ten seconds! Although my old dog loved a good going-over with a Dustbuster…

  35. Too, too much! I know my kitty cat always clears the ground by a foot whenever she hears me even open the closet that contains the vacuum. Once, I couldn’t find her after vacuuming the apartment, and then I noticed the big ol’ lump under my blankets…

  36. I have a black cat is as furry as this white kitty, but slightly less rotund. I have to hand comb him every morning, or he won’t leave me in peace. I bought a Dyson pet hair vaccuum for the house; maybe I should just apply it directly to the cat.

  37. Dr. Dicentra, Thank you for that wonderful disertation on Cats and Vacuums-Why they are enemies. All of our science majors at CSU (Cat Science University) Salute you.

  38. Holy GEEZ that is…
    a) one big, floofy, patient cat,
    b) flippin’ amazing,
    c) and something I wish I could pull off around here. *eyes two kitties and snickers*

    Really though, that is pretty cool. Both of my cats just freak out when I vacuum. Spot hides under the bed and Buttercup will stay on top of it – all fluffed up in defense mode – and swat if I come too close.

  39. Angela W says:

    Good one Dicentra!

    This video cracked me up all over, especially the look on kitty’s face when his ears got vacuumed.

    I tried to vacuum my cat once. As soon as I touched him with the upholstery brush he gave me a dirty look and scooted over, but he didn’t run away. Maybe he’s hard of hearing too.

  40. Lioness says:

    My mom used to do that to her dog. She loved it!

  41. pny – haha! I hear the same thing:

    “must escape vacuum… but so very, very lazy… *snorrrrrrrrrr*”

    I think cats of all sizes debate that very thing when confronted with Objects of Terror: Run away scared and risk losing the perfect spot of sun, or just look the other way and pretend you don’t care.

  42. Jules The Red says:

    He’s all… you may now vacuum the royal left side.
    Oh, and dicentra, I bow to your comment brilliance.

  43. LoL! I think the explanation of this wacky vid. cracks me up the most: “This is a video showing us vacuum cleaning our cat. She is huge and totally deaf from birth.” That’s it. Not a “yeah, we know this is odd” or “she fell in love with the vacuum one day as a kitten while we were cleaning.” Nope: they’re just vacuum cleaning the cat, OBVIOUSLY.

    Another great posssst!


  44. Martha Steward is a whiney little bitch and a criminal…

    (Kitties are cute!)

  45. Michelle says:

    I love this video but cringed while watching it. I still wear a 2″ scar on my chin from 15 years ago when the apartment custodian vacuumed too close to the front door of my apartment when my cat was sleeping on my stomach.

  46. I like the part where hees leelte ears get sucked up in thar!

  47. Our Himalayan cat Tao loved to be vacuumed. He would come running whenever he heard us turn the vacuum cleaner on.

    He also liked being swept with a broom.

  48. The amazing part is that the cat seems to be enjoying it. My cat would have scratched my eyes out from the first millisecond she saw the vacuum comming at her!

  49. okay, very cute… but I gotta say, maybe next time avoid the ears. That much suction and noise and you could end up damaging their hearing.

  50. fish eye no miko says:

    dicentra: “Everybody knows that in the wild, cats and vacuums are natural enemies.
    Because Nature Abhors a Vacuum.”

    [standing ovation]

  51. Lipo-Suction for kittehs! Woo hoo!!

  52. Aw, he LOVED it! If I tried to vacuum my shedding doggies, they wouldn’t speak to me for a week.

  53. Nicolle says:

    I wish my cat would let me do that! She flips out if she so much as SEES the vacuum.

  54. birdiebrainz says:

    omg. i had a cat that i could vacuum, i would take the attachment off and suck her tail into the hose. she just loved it. i would yell “kitty wanna vacuum” and she would come running.

  55. That’s one chubby cat right there :O Didn’t seem to be too bothered by the vacuum action, though. Or just lazy, hehe.

  56. Shannon Johnson says:

    Wouldn’t that only work if your cats like the vacuum?Our cats run from the vacuum.

  57. People, We have found the right girl for Buddy the couchinator. These two must meet- it is their density.

  58. Awesome. I LOL’d throughout this one. Any cat I know would be halfway to Idaho by now. This one must have been used to it from a kitten…he’s pretty laid-back.

  59. (joining in applause for dicentra)

    (also LOL’ing @ Redzilla)

  60. Really cute film clip – but that cat is seriously obese.
    That worries me.

    Nobody seems to notice.
    That worries me more.

  61. Hi “E” are you the same person as “s.”?

  62. my cat is a sphere says:

    My mom used to be able to do this with their himalayan. He was as deaf as a post and he LOVED it.

    Our cats are horrified by the vaccuum, but there also seems to be an element of being pleased with being horrified, like a scary movie.

  63. Out of our four cats, one has ALWAYS enjoyed being vacuumed; a second one has grown very deaf over the last four years and now appears to like it as well. When it comes to cats, logic and generalization just don’t apply.

  64. No freakin’ way! That cat must be on medication or have brain damage to allow itself to be vacuumed. Or maybe it thinks it’s a dog.

  65. Hi! Nope! Why? Who’s “s”? 🙂

  66. A couple of my cats like being swept with a broom, but never, never would they allow the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner near their fur!

  67. ChristyMs. says:

    Hello, I am SO jealous! Could that cat maybe talk to my cat and ‘splain that being vaccuumed is really fun? Oh, the backbreaking, furwrangling labor it could save…

  68. hahahaha! that’s hilarious. what a great cat. i wish i could vacuum my bunny. i’m sure i wouldn’t survive the attempt.

  69. my sister is known to do this, too. but her cat doesn’t mind! so weird.

  70. If I tried this with Elvis, he would have a kitty coronary on the spot. I thought perhaps this floof might be deaf – so thanks for the info, Teho.

    When I vacuum, I pick Elvis up and move him to another room to save him from some of the ‘freak out’. Yes, I tend to my cat’s every whim – even whims he doesn’t know he has.

  71. E: We’ve had the “Kitteh’s Too Pudgy” discussion recently. I suppose that’s why no one is commenting on this one.

  72. spudchick says:

    Man, If Only we could do this!!!! Four cats, three of them longhaired and all of them shedders. The best I can do is turn the air cleaner on high and try to brush them in front of that so the loose hair flies toward it.

    Nice Plumpkin!

  73. Yeah, brinnann, I can totally do without another “Fat cats are an abomination and the people who own them will burn in hell” discussion.

  74. E – we feel ya, we are ALL animal lovers here. Just tread carefully. Brinnann and AmyH have pretty much covered why.

  75. Tina Rhea says:

    I assumed the cat was deaf. But the weird thing is that if you go to and type in “vacuum” and “cat”, you get a BUNCH of cat-vacuuming videos, and not all the cats are white! (though some may be deaf anyway; I haven’t checked them out)

  76. im going to do that to my kitties tonight!!

  77. Tina Rhea says:

    No, I am not going to try to get on YouTube for vacuuming any of our cats. That video would require tags like “profuse bleeding”, “tourniquets”, “911”, “wall repair”, and “mental illness”.

  78. Tina Rhea – *snirk* LMAO!!

  79. Tina Rhea – lol! Our cats must be related.

  80. This sucks. 😉

  81. gravyboat says:

    My cat needs a Swifter-ing.

  82. oh my god my cat would KILL me if I tried something like that on her – she’s looking at me now with that “don’t even think about it” look on her face.

  83. My 21 year old cat has been totally deaf for about 3 years and no longer has his lifelong fear of vacuums. Now when I vacuum, he no longer hides, he just gives me a disdainful look as if to say, “You’re in my way. Move!”

  84. ohnonichole says:

    We used to do this to our cat Smokey and he looooooved it. Would come running as soon as he heard it turn on. You have to start them as a kitten so they don’t fear it.

  85. Chelsea says:

    Ah, we do that to our dog when he’s really suffering in the summer because of the heat. He digs it.

  86. hrh.squeak says:

    Cutebabyfix: LOL!!!!!!!! Their density, indeed.

  87. TracyFlick says:

    Kittehs don’t like the sound of the vacuum, Bebehs do.

  88. That is so funny/cute! The cat looks like he’s enjoying it…but also like he’s too fat and lazy to run away if he wasn’t. 🙂

  89. My cats will kill me if I do that! Yikes.

  90. katerpie says:

    Tina Rhea, lol! Those tags would be needed at my house, too.

  91. My cat loves it when I use a lint roller on him. Did it once as a joke, but he rolled over, and started purring.

    If only he didn’t disappear every time I vacuum 😉

  92. TAJ — I think he’s saying “well it ain’t the BRUSH, but I’ll take what I can get. Purr.”

  93. Looks like someone failed to read the instructions on the SpaceBag(tm) properly. The problem is clearly that the cat-shaped bag has too much air in it, and the person doing the vacuuming is using the wrong shaped nozzle.

  94. CBF Hehehe. Thanks

  95. Alice are you crazy or do you have steel plated armor at home to protect you?

  96. whaleshaman says:

    cruel to the cat — too fat to get away, clearly unhappy at the rough treatment.

  97. “Clearly”, huh, WhaleShaman?
    What’s clear is that you’ve commented without thinking, checking, or reading.
    Bing, bang, boom.
    Hook, line, sinker.
    Huey, Dewey, Louie.
    Lose, fail, flunk.

  98. SeaBreeze says:

    LOL!!! 😀

    Kitty is almost as overstuffed as the couch!!

  99. LOL. that’s hilarious!! and so cute!!! what a cute, FAT, white cat. 🙂 he looks like he’s enjoying his vacuum massage. hehe. i love the part where his ears are vacuumed. 🙂

  100. AWWWWW, look at mister McChubbums there!! So cute!!!

  101. I tried this on my greyhound once- when he found he couldn’t go left or right (I cornered him by the couch) he went straight under me 😀
    (He’s a big dog, and I’m only 5’2″!)

  102. MY CAT DOES THAT TOO! She absolutely loves it. I don’t suppose it has something to do with the fact that she is also QUITE the chubby kitty as well…

  103. Big kitty is probably deaf. White cats often are,especially if thwy have blue eyes, and my friend has a white cat who is deaf and luurrves to get vacuumed. My friend thought her kitty was the only one!!

  104. Espilonarge says:

    I’d do it to my rats but the vacuum might suck them in instead. XD

  105. dicentra should win an award.

    and this kitteh is too much. what a cutie, and not afraid of the hoover. i’ve never seen a cat totally at ease in the presence of a vacuum cleaner. it’s so cute how kitteh starts playing with it, then gives in, like “ooh, okaaay, if ya wanna vacuum me again, go ahead”

  106. metsakins says:

    Yeah to cutebabyfix’s comment. I love Buddy and I love “couchinator”. Buddy is probly my favorite post.

    And dicentra … great comment!

    it must be great to snorgle a freshly vacuumed fluffness!!!

  107. riolinda says:

    what a fluffy white cat! and soo good! My kitties would run away at the sight and the sound of the vacuum!

  108. Jumping on the dicentra bandwagon. Whatever award she is getting should be named in honor of pyrit, so honored for her lifetime body of work.

  109. moggyfan says:

    One of my cats, a big gray non-deaf guy used to LOVE to be vacuumed–he’d come up when I was vacuuming and kinda beg for it. I think his only objection was that I’m such a poor housekeeper I didn’t vacuum nearly often enough to suit him. My current cat? He’d call Tony Soprano and have me whacked before nightfall.

  110. Just wondering about the deaf cats comments. Are a large percentage of white cats deaf? Is it a breeding thing, or something that manifests as both white cat and deaf (and blue eyes, I think someone said?)

  111. OMG, incredible! My Benny hisses and hides under the bed if I even look at the vacuum.

  112. upperwacker says:

    oh how wonderful that would be. One sight of the vacuum and our cats scurry into the box springs of the bed so fast that you can see their claw marks in the berber. The ceiling fan does it too. go figure.

  113. Michelle says:

    “Really cute film clip – but that cat is seriously obese.
    That worries me.

    Nobody seems to notice.
    That worries me more.”

    Pretty sure everyone noticed. How can one not notice a giant white cat that’s too chunkers to clean his own smudgy winker? Come on. And anyway, at least 9 people actually commented on it before you said “nobody seems to notice”. 😉

  114. WOW! I wish my 4 cats would let me do that! Awesome!

  115. See even kitty does not like it when vac does not suck, he or she got made fix than darn thing human, we don’t have time for a retake we are on the air live !!!!

  116. OMG!!!! I would LOVE it if my guys would let me do this to them! LOVE IT!! No more cat hair on everything, ESPECIALLY black clothes. Then I’d get this new fangled cat box they have that you hook up to the water line in your bathroom… it somehow transforms the “waste” into liquid and it all just goes down the pipes. It’s called a ‘Cat Genie’ ….you guys aren’t gonna BELIEVE this thing!

    When I win the lottery this is the first thing I’m buying.

  117. me too I hate cleaning the litter box

  118. Vacuuming the cat…. It’s a good thing.

    Wait, am I the only one to say “its a good thing” in this comment blog?! WHA?!

  119. BunnyBooBoo says:

    My dog loves being vacuumed too, I’m going to make a video of it. Did someone say the kitty was deaf??? WELL IT’S PROBABLY DEAF FROM HAVING ITS EARS VACUUMED!!! IF ANYONE IS GOING TO TRY VACUUMING THEIR PETS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE EYE AND EAR AREA. I knew someone who had a bunny who loved having its ears vacuumed and it was deaf well no wonder! I think the idiots sucked its eardrums til they popped.

  120. Yes, E et al – we all noticed that kitty is a little on the substantial side. It’s just that *some* of us are too well brought-up and polite to mention it. What, when you see a large person do you say “Woah! You’re F-A-T!”?
    The youth of today – I don’t know…[shakes head]

  121. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Too funny, and I wish my cats would let me do that! They do like the lint roller though, like TAJ’s cat. In fact they love it. It takes me twice as long as it should to lint-roll the furniture because every time I think I’m about to make contact with the upholstery, I find that a cat has inserted itself between the lint roller and the furniture.

    As for the Genie, I hope it works better than the similar product that was out a few years ago. It does look like an improvement. I never saw the other one in person, but most of the reviews I read said that the wash cycle never completely got rid of everything, so when the dry cycle started, the house was filled with the scent of freshly-baked cat poop. That… is NOT a good thing. So I hope this one’s better.

  122. useta hada kitteh says:

    Okay, I just can’t resist. Upperwacker, how does the ceiling fan get into the bedsprings?? 😉 (Yes, I know you meant the sound of the ceiling fan spooks the kittehs… but, well, I, er, um…)
    Kitteh in this vid is all “mmm, yeah, a little more to the left, yeah, do the top of my head again, prrrrrr”. Not enjoying it all, nope, no sir. 😉

  123. OMG that’s some serious FLOOF and CHUB! What a pretty white kitty!

    I’m a little nervous that they’re vaccuming so close to the ears though …

  124. I had a collie growing up who used to LOVE being vacuumed. She was really fond of our cleaning lady who would always vacuum her when she did the floors!

  125. Mmm Mmmm love the smell of baked kitty poo.

  126. acelightning says:

    I *have* heard of cats with normal hearing who learned to love the way it *feels* when their humans vacuum them – I suspect that, to a cat, it feels like Mom licking them, only more so. But most cats are so freaked out by the noise that they never learn to love the feeling. It didn’t surprise me to read that this cat is deaf.

    MusicChick2, that “Cat Genie” thing is a fascinating concept, although that’s an awful lot of money to spend on a litter box (and all the special products you have to buy to use with it). But it wouldn’t do me any good, because it’s only 19″ inside the bowl, and my Loki is longer than that. He barely fits into the largest-sized covered litter box I could find; eventually I’m going to have to rig an enclosure around a large plastic pan or something.

  127. Acelightning, there´s always this possibility.

    (Viewer beware: this clip puts the cat in sCATalogical humor)

  128. Awwwwh. 🙂 His tail didn’t twitch or ANYTHING!

    I love how, at first, the kitteh is all,
    “Wort eez thees theeng? I must destroy eet! Ehn!”
    Then he’s like,
    “Oh, okay. You missed a spot thar”

  129. Gandalf says:

    I had a white cat that wasn’t deaf, and while she didn’t *enjoy* being vacuumed, she tolerated without complaint.

    It did little good: every thing I owned had white cat hair on it. She was just a little longer haired than a typical short haired cat, but she seemed to shed her weight in cat hair every day, no matter how much I brushed and vacuumed her.

  130. Michelle says:

    Tor, deafness in white cats is caused by epistatic white, a genetic flaw. Very few breeders breed white/blue eyed cats because it’s not considered ethical. If you don’t spay or neuter, epistatic W cats will breed indiscriminately just as other cats do. I’m betting the vast majority of deaf white cats are the product of irresponsible pet owners instead of cat breeders. Doesn’t change the fact that they’re absolutely adorable!

  131. Roberta says:

    Wish My Cat Would Let Me Do That.

  132. Sorry if this sucks, but I find the added sound is a bit too fake. Funny video though, even if it’s not a documentary!

  133. that was pretty cute, I wish my Ralphie would let me do that! We have orange fur all over our house because of the shedding!!
    That cat is gorgeous by the way…

  134. Ah, this reminds me of my mother’s cat whose name incidentally was Cat. He loved being hoovered (don’t think he was deaf).

  135. While this cat is already deaf, my main concern in watching this videa (and people wanting to vacuum their cat) is DON’T VACUUM NEAR THE EARS, OR EVEN AROUND THE HEAD!!! The pressure could cause a non-deaf cat to go deaf!!!

  136. Ummm….for those who are lecturing us about the vacumn near the ears….well thanks, I woulda never figured that out. Kinda sucks being stupid and all.

    (ps…the one who thinks the cat is deaf because of the vacumn, headcheck. White cat/blue eyes = born deaf)

  137. Oh Good Lord, people! The owners already knew the cat was deaf, had in fact been so since birth. If it hurt his ears, he wouldn’t allow it, or enjoy it as he so obviously is. And yes, we realize the kitteh is fat, but it is not for us to judge the owners. Nuff said.

  138. Settle down, don’t timpanic.

  139. I love the folks that assume a fat cat has been overfed.

    I have two white cats, a brother and sister, along with a tabby cat who is slightly older. All three get the same exact portion at every meal. And they all eat almost exclusively from their own bowl–even if you switch the bowls around, they will gravitate to that bowl and avoid the other ones.

    The result? Underfoot the tabby looks slightly underweight. Elric, my blue-eyed white musclebound love-bug, is lean and sleek. His sister Jadis, meanwhile, is noticeably heavier than her sibling, DESPITE the fact that all three cats are eating exactly the same amount of food, and DESPITE having the same level of activity. They run up and down the stairs and wrestle with each other, jump up on the counter like they’re not supposed to, and generally behave the way healthy cats should behave. And yet, all three display markedly different body-types.

    Just like humans do.

    Unfortunately, none of them are even remotely curious about the vacuum, and instantly skeedaddle the moment I drag it out of the closet. Which is a shame, because I’d love to cut down the massive amount of hair they shed, right at the source…


  140. theo confirmed what i had originally thought. i figured the cat couldn’t hear the vacuum, since the majority of white cats with blue eyes are born deaf.

  141. Noelegy says:

    Anyone who thinks this cat is being abused or isn’t loving this treatment doesn’t know much about cat body language. The kitty is clearly digging it. It most definitely IS cute, and a lovely picture of a cat/human relationship.

  142. Aww. How sweet. My cat would literally rip out my carotid if I even attempted that.

  143. kel13123 says:

    here’s to all cats, everywhere! I never run out of reasons to love them!

  144. one of the erins says:

    I love how, right near the end, the human looks like they’re done and the cat is all “wait… WAIT… you didn’t do this side…”

  145. Theresa says:

    She looks like she’s made out of bread dough. With fur, of course. 😉 The Pillsbury doughkitty.

  146. anomalous4 says:

    Many, many moons ago I read about a Siamese that loved to be vacuumed. Her favorite thing was getting her tail sucked up in the hose. (Not too far, I hope!)

    In any case, kitties are just like people – different strokes for different folks………

  147. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This lovable big pudge looks remarkably like my Oberon. Obie has yellow eyes, and is not deaf. At one time he was as big as this kitty is, but he’s under strict vet’s orders to lose some weight, so he gets diet kitty food (which he complains about but eats anyway). He’s a bit more svelte now, although I think he still has his own field of gravity.

  148. Suda Nim says:

    My dogs love to be vacuumed with the upholstery attachment, so I tried it on myself one day. It feels great! A scalp massage with a nice cool breeze blowin’ through your follicles.

  149. “She looks like she’s made out of bread dough. With fur, of course. 😉 The Pillsbury doughkitty.”

    The Pillsbury DoughKitty! rotflmao!!!

    Is this why the pooper must not be vacuumed – the DoughKitty would deflate?!?

  150. Where’s the liposuction attachment for that vac?

  151. I showed this to my 8yo daughter who is allergic to cats and she absolutely LOVED it. we’re considering trying it on our ginger tom but I have a bad feeling he aint gonna go for it.

  152. paint tastes great says:

    pyrit: tympanic? Best pun EVAR!

  153. Stephanie S. says:

    my cats think the vacuum cleaner is a monster! they won’t go near it!

  154. Muffles says:

    Big fat fuzzy white kitty reminds me of my departed Buddhabelly! All my kitties run from the vacumn when I get it out…except for Bobette LaPeste who also lets me vacumn her. I use the rug attachment and the corner attachment. I vacumn both above and below, she laughs! And BTW Faye…LaPeste could use a liposuction attachment too!!!

  155. this is just cruel.

    not the vacuuming, the size of the cat!

  156. My mom once had a deaf kitty and he LURVED the vacuum!!!

  157. Andréa says:


  158. i dont think that vacuum cleaner was on. anyone notice how the the vacuum cleaner sound changes are not in sync with the suction on the cat. could have been another vacuum was on in the background…that cat is just way too calm for a live vacuuming on its fur.

  159. Tiffany says:

    I occassionally lint roll my cats….it takes about 4 sheets per cat, but they love it. They sooooooooo would NEVER let me vacuum them.