I just want a leetle kees

C’mon, Bebeh.

Just a leetle kees.

Brilliant attempted snorgling, Julie G. What’s with the aggressive turtlage lately?
Great camera work, ButterflysBone.



  1. Kitty has crazy eyes

  2. sweet_jane_ says:


  3. Tina Rhea says:

    Unrequited love stinks.

    Is Kitty looking at the food dish being filled? That’s about all that holds most cats’ attention for that long.

  4. man, we’re gonna have to come up with a “Kats’n’Torts” category soon…yeah?

    P.S. Meg I thought I saw you on the SF-Sausalito ferry a couple of weeks ago but assumed I was hallucinating the CuteMaster.

  5. zosterops says:

    crazy eyes indeed.
    and what is it with cat obsessed tortoises over there on your continent?
    never seen anything like that going on on this side of the atlantic

  6. aww, it’s a desperate little turtle!

  7. Violet's mama says:

    LOVE IT! Poor turtle just wants some lovin’.

  8. Shannon says:

    WHAT is kitty looking at!?!?

    WHAT does tortie want?!??!

    (Love the aggravated tail flip. My boy only does that when he is really starting to get peeved.)

  9. zosterops says:

    shannon’s right — we need to know.
    there is some weeiird action going on.
    did the cat nibble some reality enhancing weed? is that the reason for those eyes? is tortie an undercover agent in the drug squad?

  10. Based on this movie and Friday’s “persistence” post, I wonder whether there’s something about cats that turtles find irresistible. A smell?

    The Friday turtle seemed to like the other end of the cat, so it’s difficult to tell (presumably the two ends of a cat smell different, but I’ve never done the experiment).

  11. Perhaps the turtle sees the the tounge in the cat’s mouth and thinks it’s another little turtle ducking its head in.

  12. zosterops says:

    Q — that must be it.
    although with that kind of poor pattern recognition performance one wouldn’t expect turtledom to have survived millions of years, somehow.

  13. Another stinking turtle. Yuck yuck yuck. Not cute at all. nooooooope.

  14. The cat’s so “oblivious” to the turtle’s amorous overtures. My cat does that all the time too, when I want to cuddle. 😦

  15. Turtle: Hey Cat I want a kiss!
    Cat:(Thinking) IF I don’t make eye contact he will just go away.
    Turtle: Hey, Hey… Mr fluffy cat, I want a kiss.
    Cat: Concentrate.. Don’t make Eye contact… Don’t make Eye contact!! Push the little Pest away with my paws.
    Turtle: whoa whoa. WHere did that cat go ?? Oh there he is. Gotta get a kiss!!! Kitty! you whoo Kitty!
    Cat: Hmmmm. Perhaps a gentle Chomp..
    Turtle: Kitty, I want A KISS!
    Cat: No! No Kisses! NOOO KISSES!!
    Cat: Oh Bother… Here! (gives a Peck on the check)Hops up and runs away..
    Stupid baby turtle… Can’t a cat get a little nap around here. Now I gotta go find a hiding place where he cant get me.

    Turtle: Hey Mr Kitty I want another Kiss…Mr Kitty? Mr Kitty??? Where are you going????

  16. Much McKissersons going on lately, especially in the tortle ‘my french kiss will decapitate you’ world.

  17. That cat is cheesed. He says, “Get this darn turtle outta ma grill!”

  18. My turtle loves catfood (the crunchy kibbles). Maybe this turt is enticed by the kitteh breath.

  19. Some feline just had tuna for lunch and McTortoise is dying for a taste of it^^

  20. I’m thinking that turtle is related to a giraffe…

  21. haha thats gotta be the fastest turtle ever

  22. amaretto bunny says:

    I love his little stretchy neck!! It cracked me up! Mr. Turtle is all, “Ehn! Kees me!”

  23. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Funny dialogue, Annie!

  24. Oh man, why does this remind me of my first high school boyfriend? “Ehn, ehn, c’mon, just go to homecoming with me! Ehhhhn!”

  25. If someone needs a topic for a thesis how about:

    turtles and cats: friends or foes?

  26. JinxtheCat says:

    Annie, hilarious commentary. Apparently the tortilege loves the kittehs…..

  27. Hambone says:

    The ridges and the tail say “alligator snapping turtle” to me. Aggressive is their middle name. Kitty is lucky he is so small.

  28. Man, what is getting into the McTorts lately? Maybe it’s that 28 weeks later aggressive virus..

  29. That lil’ turtle looks just like mine! So adorable!

  30. RevWaldo says:

    Tort: Gonna use my arms
    Gonna use my legs
    Gonna use my style
    Gonna use my sidestep
    Gonna use my fingers
    Gonna use my, my, my imagination

    Coz I, gonna make you see
    There’s nobody else here
    No one like me
    I’m special, so special
    I gotta have some of your attention

  31. “Ohhhh behbeh…me likey your ‘Tuna and Whitefish Medley’ brefs. Mmmmm. just let me siffs, ‘k?”

  32. Fuzzybutt says:

    I, for one, welcome our turtle overlords.

  33. SGT seeks SC for races in the yard, kisses, shared tuna fish salads, possible long(like 90 years)-term relationship. I´ve been burned (clawed, hissed at, ignored, head chomped) before, but if you think you´re the one to bring me out of my shell, please call 1-800-TOR-TUGA and ask for Shel.

  34. What is up with this trend of turtles/tortoises wanting to bother cats? Is there some ancient unresolved conflict between these clades?

    “We, the mighty shelled ones, shall not rest until Felidae has paid its debt to clan Testudinata! Ehhhhhn!!”
    “Oh bother, not them again…”

  35. Julie Raven says:

    😀 OH EXCITE it’s my submishe!

    Noo, no hatred at alll heeerre. Turtie just wants a teeny kees =3

    And then more after he got one.

    They’re both boys according to owner of the pair.

  36. mynabird says:

    I just watched this as, by chance, “Knock Me a Kiss” was on the radio. Brilliant!

  37. Ahhh! SO CUTE! What’s with all this aggressive turtlage indeed?!

  38. maybe Shellbert there likes the smell of fishy kittie breath.

  39. Yeah, that’s right, you MoFos should treat the Mo you are MoFoing right today!

  40. How many more of these until we get the new When Turtles Attack category?

  41. Aw, all these speed demon turtles!

  42. Alas poor Yertle, the unrequited turtle.

  43. Aurhora says:

    LOL, Jen!!! Loved your boyfriend comment….

    Poh wittle turtie. All he wants ees a wittle kees.


  44. Sabella says:

    “Cuteoverload, stop stealing videos and claiming that they were submitted to you by the rightful owners. You should know better than to try and deceive your viewers like that.”

    I find this funny coming from someone calling themself “Ashlee Simpson”. Nyer.

  45. Sabella, I completely agree! Lol! (^_^)

  46. Dale, Too funny I love you Lonely hearts ad copy.

  47. I love how the cat is all “Not tonight, I have a headache.”

  48. “Kitteh wrote upon it:
    Returtle to sender,
    This shell unknown.
    Don’t call my number,
    This cat ain’t home.”

  49. but is this cute as in cute overload? not for me thanx. more like cute underload.
    bring back the pups and kitties and hammies.

  50. but is this cute as in cute overload? not for me thanx. more like cute underload.
    bring back the pups and kitties and hammies.

  51. Is the Turtle’s name Pepe Le pew….??

  52. Lil, if you submit a complete list of your personal viewing preferences to Meg, I’m sure she will tailor the site to precisely fit *your* individual definition of cute. Really.

    Of course, it might help if you donate about a million to the CuteOverload tip jar.

  53. What the devil is going on with turtles and kittehs these days? Sort of a love/hate deal (I’m remembering the kitteh-chasing turtle video from several days ago). I hope we have our top scientists looking into this phenomenon.

  54. Kendally says:

    I love it, by the end Mr Kitterson is all “Damn it, I’m too old and too pretty for this kind of stuff”.

  55. HIlarious!!

    RevWaldo–you got it.

  56. jaye, lol. good one.

    it never ceases to amaze me that people, who have nothing nice to say about the daily CO post, feel compelled to write their opinion.

    i think it wise that if CO’s post doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, you need not share your disappointment with the people who are enjoying their daily dose.

  57. Theresa says:

    The toitle is FASCINATED!!! The kitty is FASCINATED!!! With something off-camera, though.

  58. Theresa says:

    PS this is the funniest interspecies thing I’ve seen since the LAST cat-turtle encounter. Which was the funniest interspecies thing I’d seen since the chicken police and the bunny delinquents.

  59. I have come to the conclusion that toitles are Teh Strange. Either that, or toitle and kitteh combinations are strange.

  60. (btw LOL Annie, Dale, and Jaye. The peeps are smokin’ today).

  61. Argentee says:

    Hrms at A Thinker…

    “Torties are strange
    but Kitties are stranger
    Kitties are mewing
    Leave me alone!

    Kisses are wicked
    when they’re unwanted
    Torties are ehn-ing
    come on down!”

  62. cutebabyfix.com says:
  63. Theresa says:

    This is great! But, I still hold a special place in my heart for the chicken police!

  64. Kathleen says:

    Is that the same turtle attacking the fluffy orange cat!?

  65. Who knew turtles loved cats so much?

  66. RE: Ashlee Simpson
    I thought the tagline on an earlier cuteoverload website was “scouring the web for cuteness” or something like that. Sometimes people just find videos online and send them in. The person who sent it in doesn’t have to be the person whose video it is. At least that’s how I see it.

  67. i’m pretty sure the Ashlee Simpson person is joking. like the Paris Hilton person.

  68. Anner — you don’t know how right you are.

  69. For whatever it’s worth: Male torts and turtles are very aggressive during breeding season. They’ll take on just about anything with one of two goals in mind: 1. Trying to drive it away if it’s “not turtle” or 2. Trying to mate with it if it *is* turtle.

    (So says I, current feeder and cleaner-up-after of 5 African Spurred Torts, 25+ North American Box Turtles, 3 aquatic turtles of various species, and 4 cats.)

  70. Wow, that is a FAST turtle… meep.

    TG.. wow that is a lot of torti.

  71. Alice Shortcake says:

    Poor little chap – all he wants is a little soft-kronsche.

  72. OMG! that’s a snapping turtle! since when do THEY get amorous?

  73. spudchick says:

    Do chortles actually ‘play’? Or bond? Never had a reptile friend… this one sure doesn’t LOOK cold-blooded!

  74. Annie–brill. Thinking the same about the eye contact–mustn’t encourage the pesky tort.

    My whole view of tortoises (basically as the slow but sweet but wise underdogs in the race with Bugs’ great-grandpappy) has undergone a somewhat unsettling shift. I think I might need to see some sea turtle jollility and frolicks (see the turt in ‘Nemo’) to compensate.

  75. Uh oh…someone apparently unloaded in Lil’s Crabbios…

  76. Theresa says:

    BTW, that Theresa is not me. Are we going to have to do another “Not That Mike” deal here?

  77. Turtles like worms. Tortie has noticed kitteh has a yummy looking worm in it’s mouth, and the turtle is looking for a chomp! If you notice in the ‘Persistence’ vid, tortie & kitteh met mouth-to-mouth a couple times, and both times the cat jumped back, because McShellerson musta bit down!

  78. Bessymouse says:

    Reminds me of my boyfriend. /giggle

  79. fluidstatic says:

    I love how at 00:17 turtleface is all like “eeeeeenh, I wants a keese.” and the cat is like “NO!” Priceless. <3

  80. I loooove the redonkulous turtle running and the obliviousness of Mr. McKittiesons…

    Spudchich, turtles/tortoises in the wild are solitary animals who don’t develop any kind of relationship, but enclosed in the boundaries of a house, they do. Mine do. They don’t attack me kittehs, though! They get all along so well…

  81. Catherine Fertel says:

    Kitty is at-freakin’-tentive.

  82. That is not a real turtle. Watch closely…it looks like computer animation to me.

  83. The cat’s fake too. (It’s OK, ma’am, I’m from the internet.)