Happy Mother’s Day, Peeps

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all Moms, Grandmoms, Step-Moms, Mr. Moms, Mom-in-laws, MoFos, all ya’ll, this one’s for you!


Priceless look on her face, Kat! And love the McSquirmerson action going on there…



  1. meredith says:

    awwww, happy momma!

  2. kel13123 says:

    happy mom’s day everyone!

  3. Ahh..also happy mothersday to the readers, my own mom and the cute dog! 🙂

  4. Aww, that is so sweet!!

  5. Excuse my ignorance whats MoFos. But Happy Mothers Day how ever you Mother anybody or thing

  6. Isn’t she a pecious mamma dog. And the puppys so tiny and adorable.
    Happy Mom’s day!

  7. Dewi — “fathers”

  8. Shannon says:

    Love the happiest of looks on her face. She looks so proud!

  9. SeaBreeze says:

    She looks SO happy!!

    … well, except for those brows that say “help. me. please.”

  10. zosterops says:

    those spots are very adorable indeed.
    make me want to sit down and ponder which one I’d choose…

  11. Can I please borrow that pic for my mother’s day post?

  12. Mr. Show says:

    MoFo= MotherFatherChineseDentist

  13. OMG THE TAILS!!!!!!!!!

  14. [Actually, Dewi, the other posters are having fun with you. On the off chance you’re a kid and actually not familiar with the term, don’t use it to describe your father!]

  15. JenJen — actually he’s *Welsh* and isn’t familiar with the term.

    Dewi — when they re-edit Quentin Tarantino flicks for TV broadcast, you know the word that Sam Jackson *means* to say whenever he has to say “motor-scooter” in the overdub? The word that’s actually in the script? Well, “mofo” is the short version of that.

  16. OMG!!1!Springers! Gosh does this bring back memories – my parents had Springers when I was born, and we had them all through my childhood. One of my favorite books as a child was “Millie’s Book” about the Springer Spaniel owned by Bush pere ( http://www.travelingdogs.com/milliebush.html )

    Anyone else remember this Life Magazine Cover (http://www.oldlifemagazines.com/cover.php?d=050189 )? It was shot by William Wegman (of weimaraner fame). Sadly, this Springer is much cuter than poor bow-legged Millie was, may she rest in peace.

    Happy Mother’s Day All!

  17. Jane, As I recall Millie sold more copies of her book than Bush Sr did of his. And she was a lovely little lady.

  18. Cassie — unofficially speaking, if you provide a link back to this post (use the “Permalink” URL, not the “Trackback” nonsense) then it’s probably not going to be a problem. Now, don’t go claimin’ credit or printin’ T-shirts.

  19. Shannon Johnson says:

    Real Cute!

  20. Aww,gosh! I love that ecstatic, “Can you believe I did it?” look on her face. That’s a mom who’s experienced the miracle of life all right. Way to go Pretty Doggy!

  21. R. Moore says:

    Six pupples! Mum’s just one pup short of this mommy 😛

    And I’m pretty sure my step-dad wouldn’t take too kindly to being called a MoFo, Theo 😛

  22. My parents’ favorite Pommie used to get that look right after having puppies (she’s long since been spayed). If my parents left their bedroom door open and she heard someone come to visit, she would run to the living room–kinda hyper-like–and bark at the visitor until they paid attention. Then she’d get this face and try to lead the visitor to her puppies. Kinda like, “Hey, come see what I did! Hey! Come on! HEY!!!”

  23. cowsharky says:

    Momma doggeh: “Why yes, these are my babies. Aren’t they beautiful?” And yes, they are poochy gal.

  24. Awww, look at the little wigglepups! Such a proud mommy!

  25. Dewi: think Oedipus.

  26. Hmm, I could be wrong, but aren’t these Britneys? My family is … are? … big Springer fans and the mom’s ears look a little short, and her body is kinda white. Then again, might just be a different type, but it looks like a Britney to me.

  27. Oops, “Brittany”!

  28. Y’know, I google-searched a bit, and now I’m doubting myself. I’m probably just used to our Springer, who’s a darker brown, has less white, and longer ears. Brittanys seem to have shorter ears and are more of an orangey color.

    Nevermind, then!

  29. pretty momma looks a little haggard to me: “for the love of god, when will they be ready for sold food. they’re sucking my will to liiiiiive!”

    Rachel – i think she looks like a Brittany too…except darker. could just be lighting?

  30. ahem. “solid” food. which, to be fair, is generally sold.

  31. Probably a Brittany Spaniel, but definitely not a Britney Spaniel! You can tell by the still-intact fur, modest leg arrangement, and actual attention to offspring.

  32. Looks like a bittany to me too. Color, face, Not bouncing around all over God’s creation

  33. here is a link to a good color match and face and body type look Alike.

  34. It definitely could be a Brittany Spaniel – or a field-bred English Springer (which look much more like Brittanys than they do like show-bred Springers).

  35. rubber duck says:

    Hee hee she’s so happy 🙂 and maybe just a bit confused, “goodness! they’re so many!…”

  36. Dale : you just made juice come out my nose 🙂 hilarious!

  37. ADORABLE! Definitely definitely definitely a Brittany. The reason she doesn’t look as “orangey” as “most” is because she’s a liver and white Brittany. They’re such wonderful and intelligent dogs. The puppies are absolutely PRECIOUS! I first saw my orange and white boy when he was just 3 weeks old – precious!

  38. Hail moms!

    Loving, working, smiling, and just a bit overwhelmed from time to time.

    Love yah all.

  39. oh my gosh, i want to eat all of those tails!!

  40. Awwwww! What a perfect Momma’s Day pic!

    Love the look on her face that says “Yes, they’re cute, but for Pete’s sakes…”

    Dale – LOL!

  41. This is such a lovely picture! It looks “professional” with the lighting and everything. Great shot, AND its really F-ing cute too!

  42. So sweet! She looks so happy even though she has six “spigots” workin’ there. She’s a special little Momma!

  43. If I could have little squirmers like these cuties, I would happily be a momma.

  44. I googled MoFo and seriously doubt anyone on CO would use it in that sence so could it be
    (M)other (o)f a (F)urry (o)ne? fits the context and the sentiment a lot better

  45. She’s an English Springer Spaniel. 🙂 These pups were born last Tuesday and they’re still thriving. 😀

  46. Oh and she’s not liver, she’s a fair bit darker than liver. Think it’s just the lighting!

  47. TIPPSYCAT says:

    How about the poor mum-in-paws? Is this photo not for them?

  48. Such cute tailio ac-shon.

  49. Dewicasgawent, I believe you has it. It is what I thought at first but not being very good at the acronym thing I figured everyone else knew what they were talking about.

  50. Angela in KC says:

    An extreme closeup of one of those little tails or feets would make my day. Gorgeous puppies!

    Happy Mother’s day to all those mom’s out there, even the moms of little furry kids.

  51. Ha! She’s all “Hellllllooooo …Mother’s Day, people. I thought breakfast in bed was for ME.”

  52. Simonsmom says:

    This is so sweet. For the last month I’ve been seeing ever-so-many mom and baby pics here on CO, I was wondering which you would choose. There was this one, for example: http://mfrost.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/03/14/zzzzitude.jpg

    There are so many others, but I’m not very good at manipulating the copy thingy on the browser. How about a mom and baby collage? I’d pay for such a thing!

  53. Dale, LOL !!!:)

    And the mom is so gorgeous, and pups. Snorgleicious!!

  54. Dewi–this CO reader did just assume the Sam Jackson interpretation….

    Anyhoo, the tailios are to die for!

  55. The Mama’s face reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s smile.

  56. No no no, she’s more like, “Hur-roh, this is embarrassing! Delete that picture!”

  57. ahhh- she is so beautiful and proud.
    i would love to see more pictures of her and her puppies.
    anyone know where i might find some? Kat ? you’re the ‘sender inner?’ Got some more for us???

  58. Sure Liz, there are some on end of page2/page 3 of http://www.twock.com/photos/Brya – the pages before are of her when she was a pup 🙂 And there’s one or two of our other dog too, Rollo. (Both english springer spaniels)

  59. thanks Kat! checked em out and left some lil “comments” thanks so much! all of your dogs are beautiful. We had a english named Beau for 16 years. he was a great dog , and crazy as a loon!

  60. I love Momma Dog’s expression, directly halfway between “I love being a Mom!” and “Dear God, aren’t they ever going to stop?!”