Good morning, Baybees

This has got to be the most ridiculous post ever, but here goes. Two great tastes, that taste great together; The Hoff and pups:


As seen on the fabulous DListed and sent in by Theo D. 😉



  1. meredith says:


  2. kel13123 says:

    yep. you’re right. quite possibly the most ridiculous post ever… cute puppies but I could have lived without “The Hoff”. He’s not nearly focused enough on the cuteness…he’s all like, “look at me, look at me” lol I promise I shall only focus on you Mr. Cute Mcpuppersons…

  3. There’d better be another Theo D out there because I SUBMITTED NO SUCH MONSTROSITY.
    That’s just, I mean, there’s no, I can’t believe…. OOOOH!!

  4. poor theo. will the next submish made in your name be: britney’s chihuahua: ,
    or paris’ little guys: ? oh noes! where will it end?

  5. zosterops says:

    couldn’t that easily have been corrected with photoshop…?

  6. SeaBreeze says:

    I’ll take one order of Hoff-dogs to go, please.


  7. the left pup looks less than happy 😦

  8. T. reads DListed!!
    how very…erm…

  9. Mariser —
    1) har
    2) eek

  10. ’tis ok dewd
    [pats your hand]

    and thanks for killing the double submish.

  11. erm. not “submish” but rather “comment”

  12. 😉

  13. a hasselhoff sandwich! (another one, anyway)


  15. Michele says:

    Indy’s mom- methinks Brits pupplemousse looks kinda like t3h K-Fed…

    lol Meg you haz really outdood yourself

  16. antitheosis ?


  17. oaklandcat says:

    “This is David Hasselhoff speaking. I have your puppies. Repeat: I HAVE YOUR PUPPIES. If you ever want to snorgle them again, you must buy the full DVD sets of Knight Rider, Baywatch AND Baywatch Nights. And you must watch them.”


  18. oaklandcat says:

    It took me a minute, but I just got “antitheosis.” I agree with Mariser: LOLOLOL!

  19. Just be thankful it was this picture of the Hoff with puppies, and not that other one! O.O

  20. Shannon Johnson says:

    Ok get rid of The Hoff and then you have a cute picture

  21. Awww, lookit da cute puppies! Aw, they’re so cute and fluffy and…wait, what’s that sandwiched between them…AAAAAAYYIIIIII!! MY EYES!! MY EYEEEEEES! THEY BURRRRRNNNN!!! *commencing horrible ’80’s-era Misguided Teenaged Knight Rider Fandom Flashbacks…*


  22. elizabells says:

    I hereby declare my new life’s purpose: to submit horrible, horrible things in Teho’s name to every blog I know of that invites reader input. Yeeeeessssss. Eeeeeeeexcellent……..

  23. R. Moore says:

    I vote this CREEPIEST picture on CO yet!

    Really, Theo, you didn’t seem the type.

    I guess you just can’t assume you know people from internet commenting… (sighs, shaking head lightly)

  24. Left pup is all “Eww your breath stinks like alkie-hol Mr. Hasselhoff!”

  25. Please don’t hassel the Hoff.

    Or the puppers.

  26. … and then they all got drunk and ate cheeseburgers off the floor.

  27. U can has mai cheezburger.
    I not hungree anymorz.

  28. The feathering! It distracts me from the puppy cuteness. Evil feathering!

  29. Because it’s so incredibly obvious, and because I couldn’t find it elsewhere on the ‘net, here it is, created by yours truly for your viewing displeasure:

  30. Claudia says:

    HAH! Brilliant. Gets the people riled!

  31. Definitely Cute or Sad! Poor puppers!

  32. Roberta says:

    Pam…..You Mean This One

    David Hasselhoff drunk video!

  33. Darkflame says:

    I think Pam is talking about this picture:




  34. omg, I think I’m going to hack up a furball…

  35. Will the real Theo PLEASE Photoshop that guy outta this pic??!!! Pleaz? He’s harshing the cute!

  36. gaaaaaah! curly semi-mullet! blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghl!

  37. Wow!

    The government employee who took my driver’s license photo had THIS VERY PHOTO pasted under the camera lens!

    So now I have a frikken ridiculous looking photo of myself on my license that I can’t change for another 5 years.

    Thanks a lot, Hoff + Pups.

  38. this photo is giving me bad 1980’s fashion flashbacks! eep!


  39. LOL I think I had this pic on my wall as a lovesick tweenie! I wondered where it went.

  40. OMGSH- Once me and the cutebabydaddy taped the first episode of Knight Rider off of cable to watch for kicks and giggles, figuring it would be so bad it would be funny, (it was) and the Hoff says one of my now-favorite lines. When He gets into Kitt for the first time he says, and I quote:
    “What is this? It looks like Darth Vader’s Bathroom.”

  41. Darkflame you are just evil…. Aghhhhhhh my eyes. XD

  42. Where’s the hazy glow? There needs to be a hazy glow around him and the puppies! It is not officially a “dreamboat” picture without that hazy glow around them!

  43. Aaaaaagh! Posting Hasselhof’s (spelling?) picture on a site called “Cute Overload” is false advertising. You should have your name revoked! Hahahaha!

  44. To add to my previous comment, you should change the site’s name to “Cute Underload.”

  45. Ira — look not at teh Hoff. LOOK AT TEH PUPSTERZ.

    For my sake.

  46. NO! Rescue those poor lil babies, STAT!

  47. “I said _HUFF_ pups! _NOT_ HOFF AND PUPS!”


  48. Angela W says:

    Bravo Other Mike. It had to be done.

  49. C.O. has sunk to a new low. I’m very disappointed.

  50. pat_the_bunny says:

    I guess this was well before he started eating burgers off the floor. And I don’t mean the doggie.

  51. D2D: Hoff and pups? Huff and puff? H.R. Pufnstuf?

  52. All I can say is “EEEWWWWWWW” Even the puppehz are not enough to distract from the Hoffster. EEEEEEEWWWWWW I say!!

  53. kerozene says:

    argg…someone save the puppies! Give that man some alchohol and a very sloppy lookin burger to eat off of the floor.

    Distract him!

  54. AAAAAHHHH my eyes hhhuuuuurrrrrtttt!!!!! Must… get… disinfectant… must… save… puppies… from… the hoff… ehn! ehn!

  55. OMG the pup on the left is like please help me!

  56. nina Enos says:

    OMG!!! ive been laughing for sOOOoOOoO long! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
    XD=5 mins nd 2 seconds9SLRIOUSLY PEOPLE!!