250 Chihuahuas enter, one leaves

My fave peeps over at SFGate (in this case, writer Janine DeFao) have a great article on the search for America’s Fastest Chihuahua in a race held in lovely San Bruno, CA today. It’s some great stuff: "When the gates opened, most of the nearly 250 pint-size competitors ran incircles, veered off course, stopped to sniff each other or even take a pottybreak in the middle of the track." woooo!

Lance Iverson Rulez
And this little guy is all: "Snax?"

Snack Sniffer Outer
Shea S., thanks for the link—great work.



  1. I went to the race in Addison (Dallas/ Ft. Worth) with my mother. She was hanging with Cricket (The eventual winner) in the shade.

  2. Aye Chihuahuas!! I love Snax’s little smoochy Face. He is all where’s the treat George? Where’s the treat!

  3. is the one on the far left in the first pic even a Chihuahua?

  4. Anyone else think of Michael Jackson with the first photo?

  5. I am usually not into sports.. but this is too fabulous! Go chi-hewa-hewaz Go!!

  6. Shannon Johnson says:

    Chihuaha’s are so Cute

  7. Margaret says:

    I barfed so many rainbows just now that I think I am losing tooth enamel.

  8. R. Moore says:

    (nozzle nozzle)

  9. I betcha Elvis (the famous wa-wa who owns our ceebs) would have won, easily.

    Wa-wa mixes must be allowed since the one on the far left (and maybe far right) look like they’re not purebred.

  10. Awwww @ the second pic!

    Sounds like fun. I agree with Lurk, Ceebs’ Elvy shoulda been there.

  11. Lil_cuter says:

    OOOOOOOOOO so cute. The 2nd pic he is abit curios

  12. Su quieras Taco Bell?

  13. Lurker–a Wa-wa mix! Yum! Just add two cups of water, three cups of kibble, stir…and voila! (Actually I do have a Chi mix. Once I told someone I had a half-Chihuahua and they looked at me with alarm and asked ¨Which half?¨)

    (Sorry Musicchick, but as a Spanish teacher I can´t help but mention that the question should be ¨¿Usted quiere Taco Bell?)

  14. hahahaha, a Wa-Wa Wace!!

  15. omg, the second one is so prosh! sen~or or sen~ora chi-chi is coming right out of the screen to snorgle me!

    sometimes people disparagingly call these sweet little guys “rat” dogs. i know they’re ridiculously small and don’t exactly have the noble look of some other breeds, but they are soooooo sweet and delicate and anerable! (plus, what’s wrong with rats? 😉 )

  16. Ebee.


    When they wun der wittow wegs go wellly fast.

  17. oh how sillly and cute!! teehee

  18. love it.
    some video would be so great! more more more.