Rules Rulez!

Rule 18: Have a tiny tail
Rule 14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute


LOOK @ YER LITTLE TAIL, Moe-bunny!!!

Way to submit, Alycia U. 🙂



  1. Too prosh! 🙂

  2. Oh, and “super ultimate bleen!” for once? 😉

    But seriously, what a ka-yoot bebeh bunneh.

  3. It looks like a hybrid of a rabbit and a chipmunk!

  4. *squee*

  5. BIG head, little tocks…I wanna snorgle the bunneh!

  6. OMG look at the little tocks & tail. They’re so compact.

  7. joodster says:

    want. dat. bebe. bunbun.

  8. Hubby says that looks like one of those mini cans – the 6oz cans. That bunneh is TINEH if it is!

  9. …At first I thought “aw. what a cute bun bun” … THEN I NOTICED THE SODA CAN

    I’m dead.

  10. SeaBreeze says:

    And the head. The Head! It’s practically bigger than the whole rest of the bunette!! And the ears! Those prosh Ears!! They’re so SHORT!! And cute!!! =)

  11. Isn’t that the same little bun that purple shorts man rescued from the lawn mower? I think this is his 3rd CO appearance! Exceptionally cute.

  12. Duvdevan says:

    it’s redonkolous.

    I thought it was a pretty bunny bebeh and wanted to hold it and kiss it and hug it


    I saw the can…

    can I have one mommy? pretty pretty pretty please?

  13. Bunneh + carpet + cola = a new softbink.

    “I’d like to teach the world to bink
    And be like the bun-ny
    To disapprove like bunneh folk
    In bunrab company…
    That’s the real bink.”

  14. MilkyWei says:

    JLWS – I was gonna say! The dot on that thumper’s head, unmistakable -(in the real of CO, that is).

  15. It is a wild baby bunny. They all look like that at first.

  16. MilkyWei says:


  17. *blink blink*

    Bunnies AND diet coke?!? This picture may as well be my heaven.


  18. He’s sooooooooo wee! SQUEEEeeeeeee!!

  19. Shannon Johnson says:

    HMMM….. That is exactly what I needed. I love it.

  20. Sabella says:

    Pulleeese can I have heem or her? Please?! WANT! I must put my nose against zee bunnehs nose and snort heem/her’s bunneh fresh fragrance in.

  21. lymerae says:

    I feel like this is an advertisement for a new product:

    Diet Coke with Lime AND BUNNY.

    Seriously, who wouldn’t want to try it?

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    Awwwwwwwww… I wanna (gently!) pick up this teeny guy and (gently!) snorgle his soft widdle body…

  23. MaggieBelle says:

    Maybe I missed something, but…what means “bleen”?

    I don’t get eet.

  24. Ok, this is bad, I saw this picture and thought “Bunny and diet coke, the new happy meal at McDonalds!” I should go get something to eat.


  25. Oh.

    Oh my.

    Bunny!! *squee*

  26. Teeeny tiny baby bun!!! Awwwww!

  27. lauowolf says:

    Well you know, after a long hard day a little bun needs a break and a nice cold drink.
    It’s a hard life for buns.

  28. does anyone watch The Riches on FX in the states?


  29. Hehe, who changed the word “first” [1st] to “super ultimate bleen” ? 🙂

  30. teh bunneh! *squee* so cute and small. really wish i could have it for myselfs. and the diet coke with lime. caffeinated refreshment, yum…

  31. Man, this little guy has some serious body image issues. A whole 1 pound and drinking Diet Coke…

  32. lil_cutey says:

    cute rabbit….but I wonder if he can open it! It looks kinda big 4 a bunny dat size!lol!

  33. Laura-Kathleen That would be Theo and this is why

    From the CO glossary. And theo is this.

    he moderates and edits out the bad guys and generally makes it fun to be here.and sometimes it is meg who changes things. Depends who is standing guard.

  34. Oh look! That bun-bun is worshipping at the Can-o-lith! He’s gonna go off and evolve soon, and eventually build a carrot-shaped space-station… *grin*


  35. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, my favorite lunchtime snack–soda and a bunny!

  36. too… much… cuteness…

  37. Sooooooo tineeeeeeeeee! 😀

  38. acelightning says:

    Un-be-lievably tiniest baby cottontail bunbun!
    I am incapable of behaving like a grownup around anything that cute!

  39. darkshines says:

    For those who claim its the same bun that has appeared at least three times. Pay attention *clears throat* ahem. BABY. HARES. ARE. BORN. WITH. A. WHITE. SPOT. ON . THIER. HEADS.

    All of them, Every single one. Its not a rabbit, its a hare. And this fact gets pointed out every time.

    E- Could do better. See me.

  40. it’s not a bunny? oh well… i still find it so cute i could die from an overdose of cute!

  41. Lunch Lady says:

    Hey Maggiebelle, I think “bleen” is a word for “first one to comment on the pic” . Not real sure, I’m new here and trying to figure it out too. Anyone out there have the link to the CO dictionary? thanx bunches, dahlings!! 😉

  42. The baybee bunny in my backyard last year got big and strong eating _nothing but_ salads! Munch, munch baybee and get big and strong!

  43. Lunch Lady — look under the
    “More! More! More!” heading in the right-hand margin. It’s the Official C.O. Glossary.

  44. metsakins says:

    and his eyes are so sleepy ….. like he just opened them up

  45. eeeeeeee!!! babeeeeeeeeee buneeeeeeeee!!!

    i saw a chipmunk this morning on my walk into work, that was probably about the same size!
    and a mourning dove at the same time! it was kewt heaven!

  46. metsakins says:

    sleepy eyes are a proposed rule of cuteness have we given it any more thought?????????

    darkshines, I remembered about the white dot….. I was listening

  47. Geez, darkshines…driving the cranky bus today? It’s Friday, lighten up!! ;D

  48. Lizzums says:

    I hate Diet Coke, but if it came with a bun-bun, I’d switch for sure!

  49. Anyone held their mouse over the pic yet? The caption says “ta-li-ohhh”!

  50. dudes. that’s seriously tiny. i would be very careful in bunny-huffing. it would be hard to explain the lil feller stuck in your left nostril to the doc in the er. just sayin’ 😉

  51. I WANT ONE!

    (teh bunneh i mean)

  52. oh my goodness. hey, my soda NEVER comes with a babeh bunneh. harumph! *stomps off*

  53. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  54. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  55. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  56. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  57. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  58. darkshines – FYI, cottontail rabbits are born with a white spot on their heads that fades as they mature. This is a bunneh, and I want to snorgle heem!

  59. Is Kewt. Is Ultimate Kewt. That little tailio is keeling me ded.

  60. Nice Christine says:

    My two favorite things in one photo! What to do???

  61. waiter! there’s a hare in my Coke!

    I think I need more coffee

  62. hare-rabbit…doesn’t matter in the cute run.
    tis baby-tis teeny-tis tres qte. *reaching for inhaler* (I only hope there’s enough left after pupgletock pic) *shake-shake* durn it all out….*eyes bun* hmmmmm, it is about the same size as my inhaler… *inhales* Ahhhh much better.

  63. Nice Christine says:

    Meatcup- BAH! That actually made me cackle. Hats off to you.

  64. man even the carpet granules look big next to him.

  65. I have me one of dem little bun buns in my yard that is wilder than a freight train. I named it firecracker, cause every time it sees my lab its off like a firecracker. the funny part of this the lab is more afraid of the bun bun, poor lab.

  66. Wow. Meg, if you haven’t already gotten paid by the Coca-Cola company for this ad, hop on the phone. They owe you.

  67. jannine ^_^ says:

    Yeah. Product Placement Overload.

  68. I think the rule about not having grown into your feet should be expanded to including not having grown into your head. How does he stand up?

  69. (wondered how long it would take for someone to get all up in the BRAND NAMES OH NOES house)

  70. Awwww, tiny little bun… the little feets are unbearably cute.

  71. one of the erins says:

    Maybe the white spot is so you can go up to a heap of lil baby bunnies(hares) and poke each one lightly and say “beep!” ^_^

  72. I think we need an animal planet spayshel about the amazing adventure rescues of our hero, purple shorts man, and his trusty sidekick, acro-nym boy, rescuing babeh bunnies and kittehs and generally being dashing. We would even let Coke do the ads. I would totally watch it.

  73. Lunch Lady says:

    Theo! Thanx for the info! Priceless!

  74. I just added “OMGPONIES” too.

  75. What’s the name for a baby hare, anyways? A hareling? Harelet? [Beavis voice: heheheh]

  76. ps The Tail!!!

  77. beenclawed says:

    OMG I just glanced quickly at the pic and thought the li’l guy was on a sandy beach until I read the comments about how he makes the carpeting look big! ha! He looks so soft; would love to kees that widdle white spot on his hed. 🙂

  78. Baby bun flavored Coke? I’d drink that.

  79. Sabella says:

    Bunny-huffing! I love it! XD I would have the cutest nostril in the whole er!

  80. Viral Advertising Alert…..

  81. What an adorable baby bunny!

  82. darkshines says:

    A baby hare is called a leveret, I think baby rabbits are called kittens….

  83. what’s the diff between a hare and a rabbit? sorry i dunno

  84. Cassandra — if Chunky Kay had included Diet Coke with Lime in her business plan, it might have gone over better.


  85. This is THE best website ever! Any objections if I make a livejournal mood!theme out of some pics from here? I’ll credit Cute!Overload wherever possible.

  86. Nisa — when you use links back to the posts here, best to use the reader-friendly “Permalink” URLs, not those “TrackBack” whatsits. Thanks.

  87. Theo – um, thanks? I posted the pics onto my photobucket account (wouldn’t want to mess with bandwidth) and said that I got the photos from I hope that’s okay. I just thought the pics are soooo cute!