CBS Showbuzzzzzz

Picture_1Woo hoo! A CBS Showbuzz podcast about C.O.! I sound both super square and ridiculous!
You’ll learn amazing things like; What’s the strangest thing someone ever sent in to CuteOverload? Do I have any pets? How was Cute Overload started? Incredible schtuff! [say in Johnny Carson voice]



  1. BLEEN!

  2. mischievous madchen says:

    OMG…finally I get to hear the voice of cuteoverload!! Great interview Meg, on the humble beginnings of what has become the world domination of cuteness!!!

  3. A kitten nursing on a woman! That’s insane! Love putting a voice with the face. GO MEG!

  4. “Way too many kittins”?!?!?!
    Waddayamean, way too many? How can you have too many kittins? Loltony not understandings… 😦

  5. I think it was way too many HAMSTERS. But even that’s debateable.

    [correction — Meg *did* say “way too many kittens” at one point! Whut ya THINKIN, girl?!?]

  6. kewl

  7. Yes you need kitt’ns and CO and inspiring things like this in a world like this. You make it seem like there are glowy happy thoughts floating about you just need to find them 🙂

  8. Christine says:

    “Everybody needs kittens.”
    I still hold my view that kittens and puppies will bring world peace.

  9. Cuteporium!!!! When? When? When?
    *empties tarepanda bank to add $$ to paypal account*

  10. Wow, Meg sounds pretty “cute” herself! Speaking as a longtime guy visitor, I always pictured in my mind that she was some jolly, middle-aged housfrau. Instead, she sounds quite the hottie! Now I find myself hoping for a Meg pictorial somewhere on CO. How about a buns ‘n racks type post..?

  11. MerchantPrince — Meg *is* cute, and Meg *is* married. As am I. (Not to Meg.)


    That’s Meg. Not the cover, the Cutologist with the hammie, below. 🙂

  13. oaklandcat says:

    20,000 emails in the inbox! Holy bandwidth, Batman.

  14. Wait, I thought Theo and Meg were married. Where did you come from, Theo?

  15. Space!

  16. All the way from space and you pick Minnesota?

  17. My steering was out.

  18. hrh.squeak says:

    Meg said somethin’ about how CuteOverload doesn’t have many mean people or problems – I know why! Is Teho the Trollslayer from Space! (And I agree wif pyrit – why Minnesota? Do kittins get floofier in all that snow?)

  19. Seriously, have *you* ever tried steering a disintegrating comet? I was aiming for Miami Beach.

  20. zosterops says:

    teho – where then, may I ask, are the extraterresztrial cuteness proof pics??! (not of you man, but your home world’s critters!?)

  21. Lost in the crash, man. It’s now called Lake Nokomis, by the way. (Jeez, people, how many answers do you *need*?)

  22. zosterops says:

    cooome on — you left your crashed ship, comet, whatever, and didnt go back when you realized you’d left *the* most important bit behind?? just because there was a bit of an impact/explosion/nuclear winter…?
    sounds like a pathetic excuse to me…

  23. Oh and you’re not even a little impressed that I managed to *survive*. Niiice.

  24. (and if anybody was still wondering what RCF would be this week? …thizzit, right here.)

    (oh… “RCF” explained: )

  25. zosterops says:

    must not the single humble life stand back against the higher aim of bringing the cuteness from *afar* to the needing planet?
    anyway, do your peoples space vessels dont have life jackets? pfhh…

  26. 🙂 theo thank goodness you did survive otherwise what would the foster kitties climb upon & who would they dominate? 😉 (not to mention who would document their royal lives?)

  27. Hey you, Meggy Moo! You sounded just like you do on the phone! (Could be ’cause that’s how you did the interview?) Way to go, girl. You’re gonna be internationally famous soon. Do you have any of those oversized sunglasses, & a hat? 😉

  28. After reading the introduction to the podcast I must say that the cuteness is not what brings me to this site everyday. It is satire with cuteness. With cute pictures only, this site would be nothing. It is Meg’s wit that keeps me coming back. It kind of bugs me when the reviews and articles about this site mention nothing about that.

  29. w00t! for MegMoo (and Teho, too)!!!

    “With cute pictures only, this site would be nothing. It is Meg’s wit that keeps me coming back.”


  30. It was a very nice interview. I was hoping for some giveaways, insider secrets, juicy bits. And yes, CO is about more than the cute pics. I got hooked by the wit, humor, captions, puns, songs, poems and it does me good to see kindhearted people who melt so eloquently to cuteness.

  31. Yes! It is the language.. I am addicted to CO and Cheezburger.. I feel like I know two new languages
    “I haz Tocks”
    Multi-languageal mixologee!

  32. Our Meg is well on her way to becoming the next It Girl.

    Oh, btw, my kitteh nurses on my earlobe every night. The earlobe only! I may have to send in a pic as it’s quite anerable.

  33. Yes, the “cute kitten” site has cute kittens but no wit or poems or anything. I come for not only the cuteness but the captions, comments, and impromptu parody singing that can erupt. Etc.

    Long live the CUTE!

  34. Yay Meggie Moo!!!

    You sound just like you look — cute, of course!

    (NEVER too many kittens)

  35. Moggyfan says:

    Hey–the teaser said Meg would tell what, if any, pets she had….but Nooooooooooo! It didn’t 😦

    Well? I’m waiting 🙂

  36. Good job! I agree you sound just like I imagined you would – QTE!

  37. totally agree w/Meeker et al…it ain’t just the cute, it’s the cute with the wit! it’s like chocolate & peanut butter, 2 great tastes that go great together.

  38. MoggyFan — she actually doesn’t. CO is a lot of vicarious living for her & Sparky.

  39. Theo doesn’t come from space, he COMES FROM HEAVEN, PEOPLE!

  40. You say po-tah-to…
    (and I’m guessing it’s red wine time now?)


  41. kel13123 says:

    Meg is super awesome! Good to finally hear the voice of the (drumroll and crashing cymbols)
    ****MASTER OF THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!*********
    Thanks for what you do…I hope you know how many days you brighten.

  42. Squeeeeeeeeee!!! Meg sounds just as cute as she and her site looks!

    Wait – Teho comes from Space? Aha! That explains the excess yeemage on his kittens. 😉

  43. Phew … finally managed to listen to the whole interview. Geesh, Meg, it just struck me how hard it must be to be posting on CO – wading through all those cute submissions to pick out the best ones, then thinking of witty captions to accompany them … whoa. Gotta respect that.

    You got a pic of a kitten nursing on a woman? Weeeird. One of these days we’d love to see a selection of “the weirdest pics evar to be sent to CO.” Is that a possibility?

    There can never be too many kittens or hammies – there is no such thing as too much cuteness! (We need more cute toitles and toitoises tho. Stheriously.)

    Go, Meg! We wuvs ya.

  44. Meg, you sound great! And, um, familiar. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. I worked a lot in the tech sector there. I can’t help but wonder if we’ve met. Oh, well! Congrats on a great podcast!

  45. baby hedges are cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  46. Cheers to Meg for all her hard work finding the picks and adding the captions, Theo for being the Big Cat and all the peeps who comment and send in the picks, Making Cuteoverload a great place to visit ALL the time!

  47. Maria A. — saying you’re from the Bay area, and worked in the tech sector, really doesn’t narrow things down very much, does it? But you’re quite possibly right, anyway…

  48. AuntieMame says:

    Ohhhh, *that’s* who Meg works for! (They’ve gotten a LOT of my money this last year…)

    And I had no idea she was in a band, too!

    Sheesh, Meg. When do you eat and sleep?

  49. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Here’s a cheer for square Meg:

    Who’s the cutest square alive?
    Meg! Meg!
    Perfect in every way!


  50. Hey there, Theo!

    It doesn’t narrow it much, very true, but I’m old school Silicon Valley — Intel, Fujitsu, 3Com, and many others from *before* the bubble. Who knows? At any rate, I’m really pleased to see all good things happening for Meg, you, and the site! Yay!

  51. Oh! Just followed the link. (Der!) YES — Meg definitely looks familiar but I couldn’t tell you from where. The world’s a small place!


  52. Another Angela says:

    Love it! Have to say though that I only put up with the kittens. I come for everything else, including rack commentroversy, but especially rodents driving cars!!! I’m a rattie mom.

  53. Theresa says:

    Chariots of the CuteGods!!

  54. Meg has a cute voice! 🙂

    Good interview!

  55. I gotta say I cracked up through the entire thing cuz Meg’s all Little Miss Serious Pants asplaining about her methods in this very matter of fact way. I couldn’t decide if she was doing it to be funny or if it was for reals. Either way is hilarious!

  56. Another A. – yay rattie mom! if there’s anything that could improve this site (and i feel there’s very little room for improvment), it would be a higher Beady Eye Factor!

    i have to admit, however, the kittehs have COMPLETELY won me over. i am defenseless against teh qte!

  57. I want new posts !!!!!!!!!

    I want new posts !!!!!!!!!

    I want new posts !!!!!!!!!

  58. I cannot thank you enough Meg , for everything! And soooo nice to hear your voice ! Please ONE picture of yourself , let Theo select one !

  59. zosterops says:

    have you had a look at Knut recently? he’s grown, and somehow less white — but stilln very cute,5538,PB64-SUQ9MjE1NTcmbnI9NQ_3_3,00.html

  60. Why is there techno in the background? I can’t concentrate on learning when they’re pounding pump-up beats in my brain.

  61. Yup, cute and definitely square.
    If Meg were a product at Home Depot, she’d be a 6×6 at least; -but a cute 6×6, with a lil bird to keep her company. 😛

  62. Well, *that* was bizarre, Will… lemme see… what would *my* Home Depot alternate-self product be? I hope I’m not in the plumbing aisle…

  63. uh, on the site, it said all these questions would be answered, like does meg have any pets? well, does she? i guess i missed that part of the ‘cast…?