You adore me, dahling. It’s what I love about you.

Remember this little girl? …she’s bigger now.

This will be the front page, hmm?  Fhaabulous.  Run along now, ‘razzo. Baby needs her beauty sleep.Rikki_sleepies

[sigh] …she’s a little heartbreaker, this one.  😉  More here if you like.



  1. luvs kitties says:


  2. SeaBreeze says:

    Oh! Oh!! OH!!! CUTE!!!!! =)

  3. azbuggy says:

    LOL, she’s precious, but look at the scratch marks on the arms…would think she’s a handful!

  4. nice scratches on the poor human’s arm!

  5. This is the first pic I’ve seen of her that she looks so grown up! *sniff*

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Oh my. In just a few short weeks, she’s gotten soooo fluffy and cute. The fluff, it kills.

  7. Nicolletta says:

    She’s gorgeous! *dives in for snorgle*

  8. Heartbreaker, indeed. What a beauty!

  9. dr.lowem says:


  10. diluculo says:

    Omigod, she’s so cute that even the little scratches that she leaves on your arm are cute!

  11. Shannon says:

    I love the glimpse of kitty lips on the sleepy one and the ever so delicately placed paw. KITTY FEET!

  12. riolinda says:

    sooo cute!! I love sleepy kitties! 🙂

  13. I.




  14. Kimmypage says:

    please note the fresh blood…teehee, get some first aid soon..

  15. I hope the scratches on the arm were worth the picture…

  16. Heh, I knew that Z on my arm would get comments. It’s not fresh, no worries; the sunset lighting enhances things a bit. (And I probably got it from some of her brothers, anyway.)

    You should see my *legs* though.

  17. (Yes yes… it’s all SO worth it. No question.)

  18. velveteenrabbit says:

    “I weel heepnotize you with my stare… you weel be powerless against my weeshes. You are getting veerry sleepy…”

  19. Oh, one more note! I took the second pic (macro mode, hal-le-lujah) but our 16-yr-old took the top photo.

    Don’t forget to click & see ’em full-size.

  20. no pain, no gain says:

    First thing I noticed… awwww, adorable fuzzy wuzzy baby blue eyes. 2nd thing? BABY sized welts. bwaaahahaha!

  21. FREAKING. ADORABLE. And a beauty of a Siamese, too! Congratulations! 😀

  22. omg what a cute cattt :D:D:D i want a cat but i already have a dog lolx …

  23. aawwwwwwwww! i want to snorgle, even at the risk of a Z on my nose!

  24. michellemybelle says:

    Is Rikki’s tail still kinda stripy? I’ve not noticed lately (I’m mesmerized by the floof and the eyes!).

  25. Michelle — not as much, no. It’s darkened quite a bit. But she’s juuuust starting to get a faint tabby-style M on her forehead, so things balance out. 😉

  26. leannrose says:

    As soon as I saw the second pick, I wanted to pet that cute head and rub my nose in that cute fluff! I’ve been without a kitty (away at college) for 4 years and I miss kitties!

  27. T., are you sure that wasn’t a Zorro visitation?

  28. Theo, you the man! those scratches… Owww! She is tres’ Qte’.

  29. Aubrey — not at all sure. We found a black silk mask here, too, and a cape, high heels, suspenders and a bra. (But I’m OK.)

  30. Actually… looking again at my wrist, y’know, horizontally? …I think it says “NI”.

  31. Theo, she’s gorgeous! I can’t [wait] to see more of these kits.

    [fixed missing word, heh – Ed.]

  32. rubber duck says:

    Goodness! The scratches do look nasty…

    The second photo is beauuuuutiful though. Almost too pretty to be real, a bit like a highly stylized drawing.

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEE! Rikki is gorgemous!! Now I need close ups of Tuni to decide who is more beautifuhls – oh wait, maybe Jubi’s the best lookin????
    I’ll just haveta keep looking at their pix, Theo. We leave on a road trip to Oklahoma from Utah first thing tomorrow morning, but the lap top will be travelling with us, so I can get KenyaKittehs updates. And yes, we are fools going on a road trip when gas is so ree-diculously expensive. We have planned this for a couple of months though, and 3$ is nothing compared to the nearly 5$/gallon we paid 25 yr ago in West Africa.
    Ciao, all.

  34. I just yelled out “Awwww”! Thank God I am at home and not at work! What a little doll kitten! She is too cute! LOVE HER!

  35. Oh Theo she is beautiful! You are sooooo lucky to have the chance to be part of her life!

  36. She’s a’breakin’ my heart, all right. What a gorgeous sweetie.

  37. Sabella says:

    In the second picture, she’s all “Now I lay me down to sleep..” Only the sweetest of dreams for this one!

    Absolutely GORGEOUS. GIVE! *snorgle*

  38. She isn’t named “Zorro”, by any chance? Adzorroable!

  39. “Actually… looking again at my wrist, y’know, horizontally? …I think it says “NI”.

    If that’s so, you better be finding pretty Rikki a shrubbery, posthaste.

  40. OMG!!! Just last week she was a little white fuzzball!



  41. Oh, and Teho, me thinks the kitten(s) who scratched your arm meant to engrave a homage to NIN. 😉

  42. should we worry about all the scratch’s on the guys arm there peeps or what?
    Cutie pie eyes, I just want to snorgle away with that kitteh.

  43. looks like she’s a little devil too by the scratches on the guy/girl’s arm!! lol

  44. AuntieMame says:

    The arms in the photo belong to our very own Theo!

    And teh klaws belong to Rikki. Teh kitteh.

    The first pic is gorgeous. Including the glimpse of those curtains. 🙂

  45. DumBunny says:

    That looks a lot like my new Stinky Cat, except he/she probably weights about a 1/2 lb. more then he does.

  46. DumBunny says:

    That looks a lot like my new Stinky Cat, except he/she probably weights about a 1/2 lb. more then he does.

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh Theo, she is absolutely beautiful!!!! I’d put up with a lot for one like her, scratches and more.

  48. Martha in Washington says:

    Aubrey, now they want you to put on a Broadway musical! I just saw “Spamalot” in Vegas and I laughed myself silly (or sillier, anyway).

  49. R. Moore says:

    Wow, Theo really is great. He mods CO, fosters kittens, AND gives blood!


    How’re Jaye’s arms fairing?

  50. lil_cutey says:

    aaaaaawwwwwwww!!! ooooooooohhhhh!!! SO adorable! Who could not think that iz sweet?

  51. Awwwww. Siamese kitties have a very special place in my heart!


  52. Christine H says:

    Awww, she’s beautiful! And she’s grown up so much, I didn’t recognize her.

  53. acelightning says:

    Oh, what a beauty! (And doesn’t she just *know* how gorgeous she is!) But which is closer to her “real” color – the almost-white in the sleepy photo, or the tan shade? (Either way, she’s lovely, of course!)

  54. Teho, what’s with the name Reykjavik?

    I only ask because I live there (in Reykjavik, Iceland, that is).

  55. Lils, I named that one! We had already named the momcat Kenya after a place, so we were leaning toward place names–and Reykjavik just sounds cool. 🙂 Shortens nicely to Rikki, too.

    Theo and I and the Schmoopteens will have a stopover in Reykjavik this summer, en route to Europe.

  56. Purple Belt says:

    I have had those types of scratches many times in my life. Playing with kittehs is a dangerous sport, no matter what age they are. (But it’s SOOO worth it if you can stand the pain.) Word to the wise… wash and treat them IMMEDIATELY and the pain goes away faster.

  57. Hey, kewl, Jaye.

    Bring something warm to wear as Icelandic weather is just a smudge colder than your average USA climate (notice the sarcasm here) and bring your swimwear to try out the warm pools in Iceland.

    Oh, and the hot water smells a bit funky, but it’s perfectly safe.

  58. All I can say is adorable. Absof***inglutely adorable. Sigh… Me is going to go to the animal shelter soon to free a couple of jailhouse cats. Will try to avoid the cutesies aka kittens and get some more mature cats as they tend to take longer to rehome.

  59. Sandy – bless your wittle heart! Adopted adult animals are the most *grateful* aminals EVAR!

  60. Subh — that’d be NIИ. Gotta look around in the Cyrillic characters. 😉 Anyway, I’ll check; the rest of the ‘nym is bound to be around here somewhere.

    (sooooo many inappropriate lyrics come to mind… must suppress…)

  61. Whoa here she comes
    Watch out boys
    She’ll chew you up
    Whoa here she comes,
    She’s a maneater!

    So hard to believe that once full grown she will be able to kill you from 10 feet wif her yeems. maybe we can harness it to defeat some nasty kniggits?

  62. Theresa says:

    What eees eet? WHAT EES EET???!1!!


  63. R. Moore says:

    Subh. and Theo, are you sure it’s not a Zorro thing?

  64. Melissa says:

    Loving the scratches on her human slave’s arm. Got a few myself 🙂 Killer kitty!!

  65. Posh Tater says:

    Well it’s either a homage to Nine Inch Nails or it’s Monty Python and the Knights Who Say “NI!”

    Cute fluffster. Not so cute scratches.

  66. Persephone says:

    OMG! She’s so beautiful.
    I want one just like that.

  67. R.Moore – At first it looked like a proper Zorro, but when Teho opined it looked like “NI” I just filled in the blanks.

    And Teho – Sorry for the blaspheme on Reznor and Co. But how do I get Cyrillic characters on my computer – and on the CO comments?

  68. ThreeCatNight says:

    “It is hard to be so beautiful, so now, I must sleep.”

  69. Look at the scratches on that person’s arm..that cute kitteh is EVIL! LOL!

  70. What breed of kitteh is that? She looks longer-haired than most Siamese or is it just her fluffy kitteh fur?

  71. Awwww…..Theo, your arm looks like mine did at one point–and I wouldn’t trade all the little scratchies for anything. Fortunately, none of my kitties were leg-climbers. 🙂

    I luuuuv that kitteh! Look kind of like my Skye.

  72. *sigh*

  73. hey fellow kitteh lovers – I wonder if you could send some positive thoughts and vibes to my foster kitteh, Alex. He’s a shelter kitty that I’m fostering while he’s sick. He has a URI right now, and it has really hit him hard in his beautiful eyes. His inner eyelids are all sore and inflamed, and although he’s eating good and acts like he’s ok, he looks absolutely miserable. And it just breaks my heart that I can’t make him feel all better *right**now*. He’s a sweetie pie, and he appreciates your thoughts!

  74. CeeJoe — kitty colds ain’t nuthin’. Alex will be just fine; URI just needs to run its course.

  75. beenclawed says:

    my screen name says it all 🙂 lol

    It’s all worth it; kittehs are the best!

  76. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, todays installment is my internet safari which started with this picture and the link to More Here, which led to Teho’s Blog where my fav pic is the sunshine one, which led to Cute Overload Glossary where I just spent an hour reading some of the most hilarious stuff ever printed on the web, which then led to The Rules of Cuteness where I awwwwwed so much my cheeks hurt, but then I went to finish the glossary and came upon the definition of WTF where, upon clickage of the provided link, I saw a pic that made me actually burst out laughing so hard I fell out of my chair.
    All the birds in the tree outside flew away, and both of my cats are looking at me with deep concern.

    Thank you, and thank you some more.

    You make my day you do.

  77. Theo – yeah, I know… but in the meantime, I just hate seein’ him bein’ miserable…
    I think that’s called anthropomorphism? ;o)

  78. CatSquatch: PWND BY TEH QTE™

  79. I so want a cat now! *grar*

  80. Javvy, you have grown up into such a little diva! So fluffy, and pretty, and fierce by the looks of the V I N (or < - Z depending on how you read it) in the arm. Owch.

  81. Double WOW, that baby is gorgeous!

    ceejoe:Me & my kittage purr for Alex. We hope extra purrs heal Alex extra fast.

  82. R. Moore says:

    Carol, this kittie’s a foster kitten. She has no breed but cute!

  83. ceejoe:

    A healthy appetite is always a good sign. ‘Cause it’s healthy. I hope your little Alex-dude gets better…and bravo for fostering a shelteh kitteh!

  84. Theo the yeemage. and she is all yeah I know I am famous. Now where is my kitten chow snap to it cabana boy

  85. useta hada kitteh says:

    I know I’m late to the party (agin), but couldn’t the NI scratched on your arm be the last half of TUNI, Teho? As in, the perpetrator of teh scritches is none other than (you guessed it) a Tortie with Tortitude? Uh-huh I think so, yup.

  86. lauowolf says:

    It’s an actual glamourpuss.

  87. Useta — not a bad theory, ‘cept that it’s mostly the boykitns whut tries to climb my flesh.

  88. see you on the runway, dwahling….

  89. Amazingly cute, but did you get a load of that poor scratched up arm?

  90. Why yes, I did.
    (there’s a new addition as of this morning, too; I have no idea what it says now)

  91. Crystalyn says:

    Kittens, you gotta love’em. I had one that like to climb my hair when I was bent over. Your baby is beautiful.

  92. Note the first piccy……and what is the expression?? Are you sure you actually want to take this photo.

  93. Awww, how cute! Is she a ragdoll?

  94. She’s a mutt like her mama (and her brothers & sister).
    And mutts RULE.

  95. ha ha the scars on the arms show like a badge on a cat owner

  96. i should have said being owned tolorated by a cat

  97. By the way, if anyone’s reading the comments here, this long after posting… we were wrong. Rikki is a *HE*, not a she. So. Boy kitten (for the most part; there has been performed a common veterinary procedure).