This site is driving me bankahs

This site drives me crazy. [Baston accent]

Not a post ahw day loyng, then I come home, from a haad day’s wehk, and there ahh like faar new posts!


What the %$^#!!, Kevin S.?



  1. will i get this next time i call AAA?

  2. Depends — what do you drive?

  3. Whitley says:

    a volkswagen rabbit

    hahahahaha *breath* ahahahaha!

    okay, I’m done.

  4. eikoleigh says:

    OMG – I just sqealed at work here….!

    I think I’m going to pass out from the cuteness….


  5. eikoleigh says:

    This is honestly one of the best-est ones in a while….I think I’m hyperventilating….

  6. Damn shame VW doesn’t have a “Hamster” mini.

  7. That little guy better drive careful – looks like he’s hitting some sheets of ice and show.

  8. And he looks exhausted! He ought to have a lil ham-size go-cup of coffee.

  9. tooling along in my chevrolet… Wishing I was driving a Porshay.

    Looking for someone who
    can’t drive away.

    So I can hook em up and haul them today.

    (he is practising to be part of the hampsterdance group)

  10. Why for some reason does this bring a thousand Ralph Kramden jokes to mind?

  11. dr.lowem says:


  12. *squee* I used to put my hamster in a little car and go out down the block. Reminds me of her.


    that was a nice sqee.

  14. SeaBreeze says:

    vroooooooom! =)

  15. Gotta admit I was so caught up in the caption (Loving the caption, the accent, picturing the accent coming naturally from the pictured hamster, etc. and also trying to figure out why he’s got a Boston accent..) that it took longer than it should have for me to be truly hit by the totally ridiculous cuteness here. *Delighted squeal!*

  16. It looks like an ech freinly car suv , whatever what kind a milage do you get they hammy man ???????

    LOL laughing to the floor

  17. Leah is to tired to type all, sorry ?!
    it looks like an echo-frendly car, suv whatever. Excues me mr or ms hammy what kinda mileage do you get ??????
    LOL Still laughing to the floor

  18. Nice pick-up, but I would pick up the hammy instead.


  19. Wait – a hammie with a hemi?

  20. The hover text nearly killed me.

  21. *beep beep*

  22. When do I stop LAUGHING, cuz I can’t? ;D

  23. everytime I see this I crack up. he is so funny looking in that tow truck.

  24. lil_cutey says:

    aaahhhhh!!! I totally screamed! That iz soooo cute!

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    Our hammies want to know:
    1: Where did he take driving lessons? And can they have the phone number?
    2: Did he pass his test the first time?
    3: What’s his license picture look like?
    4: Can they hitch a ride?

  26. lil_cutey says:

    nice post Martha in Washington!

  27. Milly_cuter says:

    SOOOOOOOOOO cute. Is he constucting? He’s in a buildozer anyway. If he does tell him to build a shopping center.

  28. too frickin cute! XD LOVE!

  29. The VW Hamster…got great mileage but you could only drive it around in the same circle over and over again.


    OMG HAMM13S!

  31. Ha, nice comment about the “sheets” Aubrey! I love a good bad pun~


    By Ryan Bradley, age 9

    One day I saw an awsome truck It was red
    and yellow and blue and it was wood and
    it was awsome So I ast my mom mom would
    you get me that awsome truck OK
    Ryan she said.

    But I dint want the truck for me It was
    for my hampster Barney Look Barney I said
    I got you this awsome truck its red and
    yellow and blue and it gots a hook and
    its awsome.

    Barney liked the truck alot because he
    got in it and started to drive around
    and Barney liked it so much that he began
    to drive around the nayborhood helping
    people who’s cars broke down.

    One day Barney stopped to help two
    girls from the local college.
    Thats a big truck, they said. Yes
    said Barney Its red and yellow and
    blue and it has wheels and its awsome.

    “We’re so glad you came,” said the blonde. “Yes,” said her traveling companion, a sultry brunette. “We were getting so lonely waiting here by the side of the road.”

    Barney couldnt believe his good luck
    The girls were so prity and it was
    just the three of them all alone.

    “And it was getting dark, too,” she continued. “These back roads just aren’t safe at night for two nineteen-year-old college co-eds traveling alone, wouldn’t you agree?”

    “We would have gotten cold, too,” added the blonde as she put her arms around herself, pressing them tightly against her chest to illustrate the point. “If it weren’t for you, we’d be shivering here in nothing but these tight denim shorts and flimsy white halter tops.”

    “That’s right,” the brunette agreed. “We would have had to huddle together in the back of the car, just to stay warm.”

    Barney got the hook from the truck
    and put it under the bottom of the
    car. He felt funy.

    “My, that’s such a big hook,” cooed the blonde as she traced lazy circles in Barney’s fur. “I find it so reassuring to know that you’ve got the right equipment — and know how to use it.”

    “I just hope it will be big enough to give us BOTH a ride — back to town,” giggled the brunette mischievously.

    So Barney took the nice girls back
    to town And the girls thanked
    Barney and they liked him alot and
    they hugged him and they kissed
    him and they petted his fur and they
    gave him a special toy And its red
    and yellow and blue and it goes buzz
    and mom thinks its awsome. The End.

  33. the ‘Comments’ page is for comments, not essays please! who’s got time to read all that stuff above?

  34. girlnextdoortn says:

    Seriously, it’s the file names that are killeding me the most. “Toe truck”?! “Click for really really big version”?!
    OMG. The bestest.

  35. SayYesh says:

    NTMTOM, A+++++ — again. The best. Lil, I don’t know how you could dis such perfection.

  36. minnesnowtah says:

    The hover text is great — and I like the filename too!
    This is drivin me crazy.

    NTMTOM, hampsters and flirty co-eds are a kinda ~weird~ combination. But you certainly got talent, man! (applause)

    Meg, your captions are AWWW-SUM. Frawnsh accents, Baston accents, LOVESIT!
    Me hearts CO.

  37. I wonder if he delivers coffee directly to one’s bed? Or does he just show up early in the morning, honkin the horn and towing you out of bed by the toes? It is a “toe truck”, after all.

    NTMTOM, your comments are the best.

  38. Hm. Looks like there’s some snow…and it’s sticking! Time to slow down and watch out for all the other idiots on the road!

  39. Not that Mike the other Mike ROCKS!!

    Lil, you must be new here.

    Martha – Eggggxxxxxcellent catch!

  40. Hammie workin’ for the Big Dig dese days, huh?

  41. A traffic ham!

  42. Suzanne says:

    Damn this traffic jam
    How I hate to be late
    It’s hurts my hammy to go so slow

    Apologies to James Taylor

  43. heidilynn says:

    Where’s the extreme close up of that hammy hand on the steering wheel?!

  44. Suzanne! The plans they made DIDN’T put an end to you! YAY!

    (gotta get home, my broccoli’s cold…)

  45. Lil — I understand that comments aren’t really designed for long-winded-ness, but Other Mike gets a free pass. Look again. Sometimes it’s worth it.

  46. … and other times, it’s an excerpt from “Children’s Letters To Penthouse,” and you need to take a shower after reading it. 😉

    /my first critic!
    //I feel so special!
    ///slashies are awsome!

  47. well yeah, there’s that

  48. warrior rabbit says:

    NTMTOM, awesome as usual. Creepy juxtaposition, but awesome. Kudos!

  49. R. Moore says:

    Normally I would laugh hysterically, but yesterday evening I saw a typo on a play program that implied someone’s allegiance to the devil and literally laughed so hard I cried. I had to stifle laughter at inappropriate moments throughout the play. I’m all outta laugh juice!

  50. Any one remember that show fraggle rock wif the doozers? well when I saw this, all I could see was a doozer dood saying now, everyone, I want you to meet our new foreman, Mr. Hampster, and Mr. Hampster shouts in his best Cliff Claven voice, ok everybody we gots work ta do, stop gawkin. Sumbuddy get me a cuppa jo. Then he takes this tiny clip board outta one cheek pouch and a tiny hardhat outta the other…

  51. Theresa says:

    OMGWTFBBQ!! I’m stunted.

  52. R. Moore, may I inquire as to what said typo was? Teh curiosity, it keels me.

  53. Yeah, I wanna know too…

  54. OK, I’ll pile on: “Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin tonight’s performance, I would like to make a small program correction. The part of ‘Lady Bracknell’ will be played by Elizabeth Humphries, and not by ‘All Hail Satan, Our Lord And Master Who Dwells In Eternal Darkness And Devours The Souls Of The Righteous May His Foul Name Be Glorified’ as noted in your programs. We regret the error and hope you enjoy tonight’s performance.”

    Was it something like that, R. Moore?

  55. Cthulhu ftagn!

  56. Another Angela says:

    I haven’t read all the comments yet, but rodents in cars deserve a category in my book! This is WONDERFUL!! ROFL.

  57. NTMOTM – WHEN are you getting that blog, man???LOL!!!!

  58. ThreeCatNight says:

    Love the Hamstermobile!
    That look of frustration would also be easy suited to these mean streets of New York, too. (Hope he doesn’t have a hamster cellphone!)

  59. AuntieMame says:

    Hey! *beep, beep*

    Get out of the &^%$# way you %$#@ moron! What, you think you own the &*%$# road? @#$%^ idiot!

    (Hamster road rage)

  60. I love, love, love your site and check it out on a regular basis and forward cute pix to people, but the Boston accent thing was excruciating!

    A short o is pronounced as a short o–a different sound altogether from a broad a (“ah”). For example, the words pot and part would be pronounced, respectively, “pwot” and “paht.” So, it’s not bahnkahs, but “bwonkiz.” And it’s not “Baston,” but “Bwostin.” Here’s how you would say it in Bostonese: “This site is drivin’ me bwonkiz. Nwot a post awl day lwong, then I come home, from a hahd day’s wehrk, and theyah ah, like, fo-ah new posts!” And really string out those nice, short o’s into looooong short o’s.

  61. LWOOOL, Jem. 😉

  62. Not that mike the other mike, you should tewtally join up with vox. it rox.

  63. I am just so in love with this picture!

  64. Vox roxorz ur boxorz
    an noxoff ur soxorz


  65. metsakins says:

    ntmtom….you have a very sick mind….I like that in a person

  66. nice, teho. nice. [slowly nods head]

  67. Shannon Johnson says:

    Cute Alert! Look Out!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Modi W. says:

    Oh for the love of God, please get this picture at 1024×768 size so I can use it as my desktop background already!

  69. It’s wicked hahd to put up with, right, Bwostin Hamstah Truckah?

    I’ve heard many Bwostin ahccents in my time, living so close to it, so you can believe me when I say Jem is totally right. I was reading that post and thinking, “Something sounds wrong- the o’s!”

  70. R. Moore says:

    Well, it was supposed to read something like, “Susie also enjoys playing volleyball with the Diablo Regional Volley Ball Team” (I’m not sure what the name was, but “Diablo” is a common name for teams where I live), but insteadit read, “Susie also enjoys playing volleyball with Diablo”

    It still makes me giggle. And I think I pulled a muscle 😛

  71. R. Moore says:

    Bonus points for the OW reference, though 😛

  72. R. Moore says:

    And Cthulu. Oh, and now my sister is laughing almost as hard as I was yesterday, NTMTOM

  73. hananza says:

    I hate to split hayas heea, but Jem, isn’t “Bwostin” and “Bwonkiz” more Lwon Gyeland than Masshole? (I have a parent from each place, and consequently never really learned the difference between “don” and “dawn.”)
    I totally agree with you on the “long short o” thing, but I’d probably transcribe it as “Bawe-stin” and “Bawngkiz”

    Inanycase, that hamptiz friggi’nah-DAW-ribul. Inney prawley knows hadda uze’s blingkiz betta’then most everyone awne Niney-three.

  74. Lil_Miss_Perfect;) says:

    what are the odds that he’s gonna crash???

  75. Squeals on wheels!

  76. Lerrinus says:

    OMG! The pic, the comments!

    Squee! LOL! *thump*

    *falls off chair laughing*

  77. This picture is too cute! Love the hammy.

    hananza – You’re absolutely correct with the “Bawe-stin” (or some people say “Bahstin”)and “Bawngkiz” for “Boston” and “Bonkers.” I live in Boston. I do not have the accent because I hate how it sounds, but that’s definitely the right way. I think “Bwostin” and “Bwonkiz” is more New York.

  78. “Haad day’s wehk” is spot on, though! 🙂

  79. Only people from Chicago say Baston.Them and truck driving hamsters

  80. Jersey, anyone? Valleyspeak?

    Whatevvs, like, the little hamster-hand is frikkin awesome, dude!

  81. kel13123 says:

    wow. the hover text is great!! this is definitely one of the cutest in awhile… love it!!

  82. For some reason all hams to me look stuffed, but then I’ve never seen a real ham. This guy is hella cute, but the seating arrangement looks kinda uncomfortable, and why is he trying to tear off the roof???

  83. Dan B — oh they’re STUFFED all right, like a Thanksgiving night couch. It’s a hammie thing.

  84. americans have so much more pet variety than australia, its totally unfair! i want ham!!