Paging Gene Simmons








Angel G., who is the GENIUS that came up with mini-meat bones? OMG



  1. They look like lovehearts – which seems appropriate.

  2. I want someeeee!!!!


  3. *squeee!*

    I just squealed audibly at work. It’s a good thing that we’re all in offices rather than cubes since people would look at me like i was nuts if they heard me!

  4. cboone21 says:

    My favorite thing is the GUILTY EYES!

    You know, those eyes that don’t look at the object, but rather at the person watching them. This pup is thinking, “Ize gettin’ dees. I know I aint ‘spos tah, but Iz anyway.”

  5. I agree with SarahP — they look like candy hearts! They should have little messages on them. I’m thinking “moo.”

  6. that is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen

  7. Kary – really? You must have lead a sheltered life!


  9. Melissa says:

    He needs to hook up with that corgi for the picture with to jar of peanut butter. That put could snatch those treats, no problem!

  10. Christabel says:

    Oh man, that’s hilarious! And Kary – puhlease.

  11. answer me this: why is a picture of such a nasty monstrosity on here, and this cute little guy isn’t:

    I agree with Kary, this dog and his nasty overstretched tongue is hideous.

    Which one do you think is cuter?

  12. I agree that this isn’t a terribly attractive dog, but that’s a hilarious pic!

  13. Lioness says:

    I whan it! Must..have..meat…too funny!

    Yes Kary, That picture is sooooo much cuter!!!

  15. Amanda — (what?? seriously?)
    …OK, because, for starters, THIS pic has Teh Funey, while the dog in your example isn’t even all the way in the frame. Try again.

    (By the way, I know you’re also “Lauren” and “Jessica” and “Kary,” smartypants.)

  16. Jessica says:

    Theo, you can clearly see that the dog is holding a can of dr.pepper, what other dog can do that? that is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  17. he doesnt need to be all the way in the frame, hes so much cuter than that dog will ever hope to be

  18. The MOST disgusting thing you have ever seen? Really? This could become a contest of some kind, Let’s see, right off the top of my head, how about childbirth, cat puke, the already dead skunk I ran over this morning, my teenage daughter in a fit of the sullens, that smug look your boss gets right before he tells you you are working late again…
    Any takers?

  19. In the same vein as CBF’s comment, for anyone who thinks this picture is the most disgusting they’ve ever seen, I’d be happy to direct their attention to a set of widely-shared images so notorious that even their filenames can’t be mentioned in polite society. Just sayin’.

  20. cboone21 says:

    Can we at least AGREE that this dood’s name HAS TO BE “Scraps”?

  21. Kary
    I guess you have never seen a video of how the meat you eat is kill.

  22. I would Have to agree with Kary. The comical value of a dog holding a Dr. Pepper far exceeds that of a dog doing something that dogs typically do. Therefore making the Dr. Pepper dog astronomically cuter

  23. Yes, Yes, The meat can has be kill BEFORE we eat it. Agreed.

  24. It DOES? Uh-oh.

  25. chapeaunoir says:

    Kary/Amanda/Jessica/Lauren — I’m guessing the little Dr. Pepper dog photo is is yours (same grammatical, er, style). If so, I don’t think colas are good for dog — better get that away from him/her!

    Trolling back atcha!
    chapeaunoir, lurker and very occasional poster

  26. chapeaunoir says:

    Erm, make that “good for dogS!”

  27. Ehn!

    sticking my tongue out at all the trolls …

  28. Posh Tater says:

    I’m still laughing at the Small Dog Trying To Make Own Tongue Grow.

    An evolutionary Pinnochio effect.


  29. Purina T-Bonz

    My mom’s doggie LOVES them and makes this same face sometimes. Perhaps it’s a side effect from the treats?!

  30. Gah! A comentroversy about a funny doggie tongue? Really? Lauren, Jessica, Kary who ever you are, laying a can of Dr. Pepper on your dog’s tummy while you’re holding him does not mean that the dog is holding the can of Dr. Pepper, now, if the dog was drinking the DP, well then you might have something. Also, your dog’s cuteness does not detract from this adorable, funny little guy’s cuteness. Cute is not a finite quality!

    And to whomever made the comment about guilty eyes, yes! I love that! My dog does it too and it’s hilarious. “No mommy, I’m not trying to get that, my tongue just ummmm…sticks out really far sometimes…yeah, that’s it”


  32. I love this dog. Anyone who says otherwise should take it up with me. And by me I mean my fist. Which I will shake threateningly at you.

  33. I am pondering here upon my uneasy alliance wif NMTOM who sometimes gives me the heebies…

  34. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, CBF. It’s what gives this country hope. This is the FUTURE.

  35. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhn.

    So cute!!!

  36. I have seen the future, Teho, and it scares me:)
    So you’re saying that if we could all just get over feeling totally violated by others and their creepy ways, the world would be a better place? Where dogs wif their disgusting tongues get all the treats they want?

  37. Cutest Dog ever! bright eyes Long hair in eyes. Moist nose. cute ears pulled back in the effort to get the dog treats and healthy pink tounge reaching for the treat.

    Yup, I am certain this is a very cute dog.

  38. now, personally, I think NTMTOM is hilarious…

  39. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, the obscenity of it all.
    Please have that pup put his tongue back in his mouth, or I shall call the League of Decency! (Have you no shame?)

  40. “Must grow tongue… two more… inches!” If only this dog were part pug, then he’d have the two treats and be reaching for the motherload treat bucket!

  41. I Think NMTOM is funny too…but at what cost? Can we really say we are cool wif the corruption of Hampsters he espouses?

  42. Ladies and gentlemen, if you would come to order please, this meeting of the House Public Decency Subcommittee is in session. The Honorable Senator Estes Kefauver, presiding.

    Now, at this time, the subcommittee would like to take up the matter of the noted pornographer known as Not That Mike The Other Mike, or NTMTOM for short. While there is a minority who might find his work amusing, the corrupting influence of this notorious individual upon the nation’s hamsters, mice, rats, shrews, and various other members of the Rodent-American population has been a matter of concern to the subcommittee for some time.

    And I understand that we will this day hear expert testimony from on CuteBabyFix Dot Com, is that correct? CuteBabyFix, you may proceed with your testimony, if you would be so kind…

  43. what a cute pup. he is determined to get his biscuits! (which are heart-shaped. awww)

    btw, amanda, puppeh is sticking his “disgusting” tongue out at you (and so am i) pfffblltthhh! LOL

    good call, theo on amanda/lauren/jessica/kary/smartypants. LMAO.

  44. Scraps is the poster-child for “Ehn!”

  45. Wait! Excuse me Estes (Estes???), Senator Kefauver, you’re not related to Senator Kevin Keeley are you? Anyway, may I approach the bench? I think you forgot something. Doesn’t cutebabyfix have to swear on the Book of CO first to tell the Cute and only the Cute?

  46. saffron says:

    He looks like Gaspode from the Discworld novels, which officially makes him the Most Awesome dog ever.

  47. The chair recognizes Senator Pyrit’s point of procedure, and I think we can agree that any testimony given by CuteBabyFix Dot Com shall be considered to be under oath. Sergeant at Arms, so note in the record.

    As to the senator’s other question, I think I can speak for the entire subcommittee when I say that our hearts and prayers are with Senator Keely and his family as they weather this unfortunate scandal within the Coalition for Moral Order. We understand, in fact, that there will soon be a wedding in the Keely family, which should do much to erase this unpleasantness from our minds.

  48. saffron- omg I thought the exact same thing! I was waiting for him to talk… Discworld and CO together- my life is now perfect!!

  49. I think this is the first time I’ve seen dog food cuter than the dog trying to eat it. (No offense to the dog. ;D)

  50. I read one Discworld book (on the recommendation of CO-ers). Don’t remember the name, but it was the one where Death hires an apprentice…
    I dunno… I just… it just didn’t grab me… I had no desire to read any more of them… not sure what I missed…

  51. CeeJoe, do what I did. Go back in time & read ’em in your teens.
    Potent anti-boredom meds. 😉

  52. oh geez…. not the teen years again… no way!

  53. Re: ” theo on amanda/lauren/jessica/kary/smartypants”


    a nuff by any other name is still a troll …

  54. That picture is kind of strange. Your dog must like, no sorry, love those things.
    A lot. Oh and the fact that they look like hearts is really cute. The dog is adorable!

  55. Ladies and Gentlemen of the House, I come before you today to testify of the great tragedy that is overtaking this country’s rodent population, and indeed all animals. The perp in question is NMTOM and his dastardly habits of corrupting the innocent animals of CO to meet his own sick needs. The evidence is damning to say the least. *clicka* In this slide we see the effect on an innocent hampster.*shuuders* This is just wrong, you know wrong when you see it people.
    *clicka* In this slide we see the downward spiral of debauchery in some innocent kittehs:

    See the spiral?
    Next we see how his effect is spiralling out to all domesticated animals:
    Dogs and cats,living together, it is mass hysteria.
    Now we see how this effect has damaged even the most innocent of all, wild baby animals. Baby animals people, it is disgusting. You might need to look away if you are sensitive, as this picture takes cats and racks to a whole other level:
    And lastly the evidence shows how even babehs have been corrupted by him merely existing on the interwebs.

    This Mike, who declines to even name himself for reals, has been allowed to perpitrate this mayhem for too long. I call on all right thinking people of good conscience to put a stop to the madness. Thank you.

  56. Just give the poor thing its heart shape little things that it loves so much whatever they may be!

  57. cbf and ntmtom, lol!

  58. Gene Simmons has a copyright on the long tongue and his own name. For shame, Meg. He’ll be calling any minute, I’m sure!

  59. The subcommittee would like to thank CuteBabyFix Dot Com for its expert testimony. I think it is clear that this NTMTOM poses a grave threat to decency and morals, and I move that this individual be compelled to stand before this subcommittee to answer for his actions. Moved and seconded.

  60. Hear, Hear

  61., that was INCREDIBLE! Man, I thought that **I** could run with an idea, but your slideshow takes the cake! And why isn’t that lion cub on CO yet? It definitely has a “thing” for fingers, if you know what I …

    Oh, hold on a sec, there’s somebody pounding on my front door. I’ll be back in just a se

  62. Jules — do you really think so???
    CO INTERVIEW TIME!!! [starts scribbling down questions]

  63. Oh man — Other Mike’s right about those lion cub pix. Source please??
    Oh wait, found it…

  64. belphebe says:

    ceejoe, I started reading a Discworld novel as well, since the novels were highly recommended here. I tried to like the book and it did have some good scenes, but I don’t think I even finished it.

    I think I may have to take Theo’s advice and time-travel in order to enjoy the books. Or perhaps try a different one eventually.

  65. *ignores her fellow crazies for a moment*

    When I first got my tongue pierthed, my dad threatened that any piercing I got would also be inflicted upon the dog. So my first thought of this pic wasn’t “Ew” or “Aww” but “Eek! Get that tongue back in your mouf before someone pierces it!!”

    *ahem* Should I start throwing pudding now? *puts on helmet*

  66. Oh, and btw, my tongue’s tongue, ears, belly button, etc remain unpierced despite my father’s “threats.”

  67. Kary, or whoever you are, get a grip. The dog is cute because he’s trying sooooo hard to get at that heart shaped doggie treat. Disgusting? I don’t think so.

  68. Will the House Please come to order! You see before you the notorious corrupter of innocence, NMTOM! *gasps*
    Well, vermin, how do you plead?

  69. Shannon Johnson says:

    Reminds me of Toby. *sighs wistfully* I miss Toby, although this leetle cute puppy is helping me cope.

  70. I don’t care about you grouchy people who think he is horrible. That’s mean. Scruffy dogs are great!!! And much more friendly than a snobby lil’ pom

  71. To Theo– You must ask Gene Simmons what he thinks is cute.

  72. I’m out of order? YOU’RE out of order! This whole damn COURT is out of order! Have you no sense of decency, at long last? Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!

    (I wish I could keep playing, but I have to log off and do stuff.)

  73. RedKitten says:

    Cute is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, the RedKitten tends to find the scruffy, fuzzy, funny-looking dogs to be the cutest, as they exhibit a certain amount of character. Pomeranians, on the other hand…meh.

    This little fellow with his mini-treats? Not wanting to be so bold as to actually put his front legs on the chair and grab the treats, but trying to be somewhat subtle about it? All the while looking like he’s spent much of the day romping, having fun, and getting his fur all tangled?

    Perfect. The RedKitten would take him home if she could.

  74. Me too Mike.
    I got the theme to Night Court playing in my head now.
    *Bull Grabs NMTOM and drags him off to hell*

  75. Amanda/Lauren/Katy/whoever – Pup with a soda? It’s been done before, and cuter! See here…

  76. lil_cutey says:

    Well all I have to say iz dat iz very familiar! My dog, Silky Terrier X iz very much lyk him. He luvs hiz food. He wines at us while we have dinner! He iz so adorable. If he sees a dog’s bowl dat iz full he will eat it all!

  77. Nah. Those be T-Bonz.

  78. Walker or Burnett?

  79. NTMTOM “rhubarb!” lol, you and CBF are killing me!
    where’s the bailiff?!?

  80. Nice Christine says:

    I know I’m a little late here, but I was just thinking that part of what makes this photo so awesome is the disheveled nature of the dog. His hair’s all strung out and it makes him look like a junkie. He’s all “Just one more man, then I’m off it for good!”

  81. I agree Nice Christine, It only proves the indictment against NMTOM.
    More evidence:

  82. The bailiff has sequestered Gene Simmons as a surprise witness for the defense.
    NTMTOM & CBF – You guys *are* the order in the court.

  83. T-Bonz dog snacks.

  84. darkshines says:

    If you are trying to get into Discworld books, don’t just pick a random one. Terry never intended for the books to run in an order, but stuff happened, and so there are now several series. My favourites are the Death and Witches series, whereas my brother loves The Watch. I reccomend one of Terry’s “one offs” like Small Gods, Reaper Man or Equal Rites, you will see his humour and style without having to know who everyone is. Or start at the very begining with Colour of Magic (although Terry’s style is VERY different now).