Um. What’s taking you so long to post today?


Is anyone there!? [tapping receiver rapidly]

All I’m getting is fuzz.


White bun "Mirah" and brown bun "Toshi" sent in by Flickr-er Mia S.!



  1. bleen!!

  2. Job-share schedule mix-up? 🙂

  3. Ahh! You guyz have NO IDEA. By noon today I was already going through withdrawl!!!

  4. Christine says:

    You have no idea. The one on the left looks JUST like my Merry 🙂

  5. um…i love how the white bun has an eye roll falling onto the brown one. Ultimate face squishage.

  6. “Cheek chub,” says mah Schmoop.

  7. Szilvia says:

    *feels teh Qte rush through veins.. eyes roll back.. body relaxes into pile of mush*

    THANK YOU… I NEEDED my fix of C.O… My goodness talk about qte withdrawals..

    And just look at teh fuh-zee-ness! Wonder if I could get one of those to screen my calls?

  8. Telebuns! For some reason, the face of bun-on-the-right very much resembles a moose, which I find very amusing, though I don’t know why. Could be because it’s exam season….

  9. sooooo! Is the one on the right a girl. do the laws of kitties work on bunnies so that calico marked bunnies are girls??????

  10. [crotchety old man voice]: You whippersnappers have no idea how easy you have it. Back in my day, we didn’t have your fancy-schmancy cell-u-lar phones. No! If I wanted to call my girl, I had to use a pair of rabbits. Rabbits, I tell you! And they did not approve!

  11. Right on, RedZ.

    Tell that to children these days, and they won’t believe you.

  12. OH my granpappy said all he had was a string and a monkey! You tell your message to the monkey and he runs off and you pull the string to get him back for the reply and sometimes.. all you got back was a banana!

    I don’t believe him tho… why would a monkey give up a banana?? 😉

  13. Longtail says:

    OMG, these bunnies are melting, meeeeeelting!

  14. Hee. These buns are adorable. I wonder if there’s static on the line if you just adjust their ears to clear it up.

  15. So THAT’S how you spell “Hello” the way Billy Crystal says it!

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    Is there an echo on the line? =)

  17. SeaBreeze says:

    (hit post too fast)

    No, but there’s … wait for it ….. HARE on the line!! =)

  18. LOL, RedZ.

    I bet our granpappys had to beep their noses to dial the numbers. 😉

  19. ok who called the chinese place again? I know that they have one heck of a big salad, fruit, bar but do you always wait to tell me about after the owners are yelling in the phone?? Gezz guys give ma a little more warning ?

  20. I read the whole descrip before I looked at the picture, and then I totally puked a rainbow all over my screen and giggled until I was in pain.

    Thank you.

  21. First I LOL’d at the captions. Then ROFL’d at Redz’ granpappy. Then the monkey on a string did me in. Oh, it hurts, peeps, it hurts.

    And I thank you. *wipes tears from eyes*

  22. Gary Fixler says:


  23. lil_cutey says:

    ring, ring why don’t give me a call?

  24. ¨Dude, we´ve totally got to get a better long distance plan.¨

  25. darkshines says:

    Its waaaay cuter than Salvador Dali’s Lobster Phone, thats for sure!

    Sometimes I think people forget the squish potential of pets. Like, when you pick up a ferret by the middle and it just sags down either side, just dangling. THEY LIKE BEING SQUISHED PEOPLE! We need more squishing, STAT!

  26. awwww! a japanese magpie! adorable.

  27. acelightning says:

    Talk to me, pal – I’m all ears!

  28. La Cot — “telebuns”. Gary Fixler — “bununnyphone”. Hee hee!

    Did this picture come from “Stuff on My Buns.com”?

  29. Happy LOL–I can’t quit thinking about your gradpappy’s monkey-phone. Hysterical–and sometimes all you’d get back was a banana? HAAA!!! “Damn monkey–now I have to hit redial…”

  30. Ok, so I need a new cell phone and I’m torn between a new telebun and the monkey phone, people I am laughing so hard my four year old comes over and says, are there funny ammals on cuteoverload mommy? lemme see! AND I gots banana phone stuck in mah head now… the cute, it burns…


  31. See, they should have gotten cingular, then they wouldn’t have this issue with dropped calls.


  32. ThreeCatNight says:

    This message brought to you by BunnehBell Telephone, whose motto is:
    “Our service just multiplies!”

  33. Laurie C says:

    greenighs, it’s also how the Queen says it.

  34. Hi, we’re Mira and Toshi, your Time-Life operators today…can we interest you in a subscription?

  35. R. Moore says:

    1) That phone would be really heavy 😛

    2) Erm, I forgot what #2 was. Oops. El Diablo from the hamster post is still haunting me. (crosses self)

  36. brownamazon says:

    They look like those 2 muppets from that old Sesame Street skit: “phoooone? nyupnyupnyupnyupnyup… brrrrrrrrrrrrrring!”

  37. Jim Henson, Frank Oz and the rest of the old-school Muppeteers really did have something.

  38. Laurie C says:

    Brownamazon, I remember that phone sketch and the alien muppets! Thanks for reminding me of it! It always cracked me up.

  39. Lerrinus says:

    OMG my stomach hurts from laughing due to all the puns ‘n’ buns!

    *falls off chair laughing again*

    Heylerhe? LOL!

  40. Lerrinus says:

    “All I’m getting is fuzz.”

    Best line ever to go with such a pic!! 😀

  41. bunnies are so cooperative! it’s like they enjoy having things on their heads. i loves me some bunnies.