Can you find the moist nosicle?

Can you find the moist nosicle in this peekchur? Please check out the freshly showered albino hedge action below. Which end is UP, People!?


I’ll give you a heent, look for the glint!:


Gracias, Hedgehog Hurley and sender-inner Stina R.



  1. whoa ! my 2nd frist!

  2. moische noische.

    my goodness look at those prickles!!

  3. Check out those wee toes!!

  4. Holy Pricklepear cactus. Is there a critter under those spines????
    I would not be pickin this little man up!

  5. Seriously, this looks like some kind of cholla.

  6. Woooow! That Revlon Shine & Gloss Nosicle Moisturizer really works!

  7. Andrea|Nash says:

    comments 6? Wow – bleeeeen! And I collect hedgehogs (tchotchkies (sp?)I mean) wish they nwere real …

  8. You forgots toes peekin’ from under the prickles!!!

  9. SeaBreeze says:

    wanna snorgle the fluffy snorgly tummy! =)

  10. Peeenk nosicle! Squeee!



    Wups, forgot the snorgoggles.

  11. Leave it to you to come up with the perfect description…”Nosicle,” indeed. You’re too good and I LOVE this photo so much!!

  12. Okay so I know they reproduce apparently prolificly but I just can’t figure out how because I am just seeing a big ouch

  13. leprechaun says:

    Hurley is the perfect name for this hedge!

  14. Martha in Washington says:

    Annie-very carefully. Sorry but I HAD to say it.

  15. aww that is one verrry shy hedgehog!

    My hedgie never rolled up in ball. Gawd I miss him! 😦

  16. thedistractor says:

    It seems that Hurley is going for the Cure quill-do, if you will.

  17. Nosicle, yes; but toesicles, definitely! I demand a C.O.X.C.L.T.E. (Toesicle Edition)!

    OK, “demand” might be too strong a word. 🙂 But OMG, Toes!

  18. The textural juxtaposition on the C.O.X.C.U. is killing me! Soft terry loops, sharp spines, and shiny moist nosicle! It’s almost like a visual haiku.

    Hurley looks like a little kid hiding under his floppy hair.

  19. that’s the prickliest hedgehog EVAR.

  20. Angela in KC says:

    I just adopted a hedgehog (named Henry) of my very own last week and he is SUPER shy. I see a lot of him curled up in a ball like this, but some day I hope to get a full view of his little soft belly. Baby steps!

  21. Kritter says:

    Do hedgies often need baths? It seems there are a lot of pictures of hedgies toweling off after washing up. I don’t really know anything about these little guys, except they are adorable!

  22. Are hedgies an acquired taste perhaps? I really don’t see the point of them as pets…(Ha ha the point, that wasn’t even intentional, folks.) No really, you can’t snuggle them or pet them, and they are not heartbreakingly beautimous like tropical fish or birds, so I don’t get it.. . someone rhapsodize about the joy that is hedgie and educate me.


    oh, sorry, what?

  24. Fuzzybutt says:

    It looks like he’s hidink!

  25. Shandrews says:

    It makes me want to get a tissue and wipe his nose LOL, must be the mom in me.

  26. zeldapie says:

    Er, that second pic kinda scares me! hee hee!

  27. I have a little friend with a hedgie, and honestly, it’s the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen. You should see them run!!!!!

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    cutebabyfix-I think the joy of an unusual pet is in the eye of the beholder. My son has a Chinese Water Dragon and although Zheng (the lizard, not my son) is not “technically” cute or snorglable he is a very interesting pet and we love him. And hedgies are SOOO adorable!

  29. Just as long as you keep this unusual pet well away from THIS beholder’s eye!

  30. Shannon Johnson says:

    I like it! It is so cute!

  31. I’m with Casey! I want to see a closeup of those toes!!

  32. I think that’s a champagne-colored or cinnamon hedge: an albino would have all snow-white quills, and I see some pretty tan or orange in thar :))

  33. I was just about to comment that it’s definitely not an albino hedgie. I’d say it’s champagne or apricot.

    Absolutely adorable, though.

  34. Jessamyn says:

    I thought hedgehogs were actually soft and rubberry, and totally cuddleable?
    Also, interestingly, I have about as little interest in either beautiful birds or gorgeous fish as it is possible to have… But I wuv da hedgies!

  35. superchick says:

    Awww….makes me want to kiss his little pinkie nose!!! LOL

  36. Hurley’s an apricot…in case anyone’s curious.