Perfectly airbrushed schnozzle

I finally realized this is the hiney of the deer, and he’s all flopped back on himself. Prolly so he can gawk at his own anerable spots. He’s prolly in a daze from HIS OWN CUTENESS


Susie R., you’re in a daze too, I bet—after finding him in the flowers…



  1. Amanda says:


  2. What a beeeeuuuuutiful Bambers.

  3. Amanda says:

    Oooh! I did it! First time bein first! That said, I too was trying to figure out what the wierd anatomical deal was with this prosh deer-lette…if Meg hadn’t explained it, I woulda thought he was badly ‘shopped…
    …and please note the dramatic white eye shadow <3

  4. I’ll never be bleen!!!

  5. SeaBreeze says:

    … !!!!!!!! …..

    TOO CUTE!!!

  6. HelloKitty says:

    Oh, wow…I absolutely love baby deer…and I bet this little one’s momma left him there to hide in his “sticks and leaves,” which makes it even cuter! I just wanna pet his bitty face! Just once! Alas, I’d better not…momma deer wouldn’t be very happy 😉

  7. I could so snorgle that. Even on its tocks. SNORGLESNORGLESNORGLE

  8. …”airbrushed”??

  9. Yes, airbrushed – the perfect way the black blends into the brown on the nose is characterstic of the art done with an airbrush.

    I’m guessing he’s a white-tail deer by the whiteness under his tail (wow, Captain Obvious reporting for duty); but that’s how I recognized that we’re seeing him from the perspective of his tocks.

  10. zosterops says:

    it does look airbrushed, I agree.

  11. doh! a deer! a female deer!

    oh dear!

  12. *squish*
    Now I’m too melty to work.

  13. Not sure if it’s a doe, it’s still a bebeh, but I had to do some intrawebs searching ‘cuz the whole white tail thing was bugging me. Yep, he’s a white tail, and their coats change with the seasons to a solid color.

  14. I woulda had a heart attack from teh cute if I’d found that little guy in my yard. Completely frozen with not wanting the cuteness to escape!

  15. zeldapie says:

    AAAAH! Such a sweet bebeh! (How anyone can take pleasure in killing these lovely creatures is beyond me!)

  16. you guys r silly says:

    she said “hiney”…

  17. Lioness says:

    ohhhhh…how bootiful! Did you ever see anything so darn precious! So sweet & innocent.

  18. “He’s prolly in a daze from HIS OWN CUTENESS”

    As we are!

  19. patrick! says:

    What does ‘anerable’ mean? I couldn’t find it in the dictionary ANYWHERE!

  20. Ooooh, I know I’m walking right into it, but here we go. First off, it’s illegal to kill them when they’re this cute, literally. They hafta be at least a year old (hunters somehow know the difference). If they weren’t hunted, their numbers would become so great that the areas they live in would be over-populated, thus creating a food scarcity for the species. Yes, the reason for this is mostly our fault for cutting down their forests, but it comes down to controlling the numbers. Also, most people don’t just hunt them for sport; deer meat is much healthier than anything you buy at the store. The animals haven’t been pumped full of steroids, there’s much less fat, and free range animals have a better diet than those raised for slaughter which makes the meat of a higher quality. My father can’t eat most meat from the store for these reasons and keeps a freezer full of deer meat to last him most of the year.

    Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.

  21. “anerable” is CuteSpeak for “adorable.” Hard consonants are so uncute, so we replace them with sofer ones.

  22. Eeeeee! Wee leetle fawn!

  23. mommy…can I have one? Please?

  24. No worries, kk3, you may never be bleen, but you may one day be last. Remember the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awww so precious.

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:


  27. I’m glad I read the ‘caption’ b/c upon first look, I thought this deer had an incredible floating head. I was thinking wow, pretty bad when even *I* can recognize a photoshopped pic! 😉

    As deer grow up, their spots go away. That is one way to know it’s old enough to be hunted. Also somewhat depends upon the size of their horns/how many points there are. I’m not a fan of hunting either, but I do somewhat understand the population-control mentality.. we live on a large ranch in Nebraska and there are literally a couple HUNDRED deer standing in our hayfields some mornings. We planted corn this year and I’m anxious to find out how much damage the deer will do when they see what’s growing! 😦

  28. Dweenalena says:

    MEGA-MONDO PROSH! Pure perfection! We are not worthy…..

  29. maymee says:

    Wow he’s awfully bendy.
    I lubs him soooo much.

    *kisses schnozzle, ever so gently so as not to startle the bendy one*

  30. zeldapie says:

    Brinnan, you wrote:
    If they weren’t hunted, their numbers would become so great that the areas they live in would be over-populated, thus creating a food scarcity for the species.

    I do realize that. I just said I don’t see how people can take actual PLEASURE in hunting. If it’s a necessity to keep the deer from starving, then fine, but I believe hunters actually have a good time killing. (And I disagree that most people hunt for the meat – not saying they don’t eat the meat; I’m sure they do – but hunting is still considered a “sport” and is viewed as fun.)

    Also, a vegetarian diet nowadays is easy and tasty. No need to eat any animals!

  31. Chris B. says:

    As a hunter and belonging to a family of hunters, it is not as easy as it seems. You either spend most of your time waiting for the deer to come to you, usually sitting in a tree stand or spend hours walking across fields in search of deer. We do eat what we kill and deer can do alot of damage when you hit them on the road with your car. Hunting, so far, is a good solution to keeping the deer from over-populating.

  32. oh noes, not the vegetarians again! Some of us hafta eat meat to be healthy. I tried being a vegetarian, and I got fat and sick. Pass the bacon…

  33. zeldapie says:

    Yup, the vegetarians again! Maybe you were on a weird diet. Who knows.
    I know this isn’t the place to argue about meat eating and hunting, so I will get off my soapbox, too. I’m just happy about the personal choices I’ve made regarding animals.

  34. is this turning into a pudding fight?

    cute little deer is too beautiful to discuss how it’s gonna die….

  35. Theresa says:

    Loook into hees eyes!

  36. Aawwwww.

    And supposedly, you can tell a male fawn from a female because the males’ spots will be all in a line, whereas females’ are scattered and uneven. Dunno if that’s urban (or rather rural) myth.

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Thanks for the earworm, jen! Heh!

    Quick, everyone! “Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens…”

    Is there a bebeh deer in that song? There ought to be.

  38. The Baby deer the kitties I am in Heaven today thanks meg.

    I won’t go on to the hunting thing.
    I lived in Montana and lots of people up there hunt to feed their family.

    I don’t think I could actually shoot one myself. But I also like my meat.

    I tried the Vegitarian thing too and it didn’t work out for me either.
    But I do eat a mostly vegitable diet now. And as one of my daughters is a vegitarian I understand it and am respectful of the choice some people make.

  39. furbabies says:

    Too incredibly sweet. Must contain myseff from snorgling the screen.

  40. She is indeed very beautiful. I say “she” in deference to whoever said the spots are scattered on females which appears to be happening here. BEAUTIFUL.

  41. She is indeed very beautiful. I say “she” in deference to whoever said the spots are scattered on females which appears to be happening here. BEAUTIFUL.

  42. when hunting season starts on sept 1. the spots give you something to aim at. Fawn the veal of deer

  43. I don’t think I could ever hunt (I’d prolly cry for 3 days if I killed something), but I can’t argue with Keith above me. Venison is wonderful. I just try really hard to pretend I don’t know what I’m eating. So far it’s working.

    As for being a vegitarian, more power to you people. I just don’t have that kind of will power to give up meat.

  44. Gah… I just want to chomp on its tocks and tug those ears.

  45. Cheeky Kitten says:


  46. Lunch Lady says:

    I love a litle tail tuck!!!

  47. I love fawns.

    Also, I knew there would be hunting wank in here.

  48. Tina Rhea says:

    The discussion reminds me of a cartoon of two deer running away from a hunter, one saying bitterly, “Why don’t they thin their OWN damned herd?” Perfectly reasonable if you’re talking about overpopulation and running out of resources….

    Mama deer leave their babies alone most of the time, as mama rabbits do, because the babies have little or no smell to attract predators. Mama comes by a few times a day to feed the little one(s). Something to think about if you think you see an “orphan”.

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    So beautiful and presh.
    I have been Bambi-boozled!

  50. And I thought cats were the best bagel-ers!

  51. Patrick! – Here ya’ go!

    And the little bambette here is truly truly precious indeed. I wish I lived somewhere where deer and raccoons and squirrels romped happily in my yard. I have seen raccoons in suburbua and squirrels in the urban jungle, but I’d have to move away from the city to be able to enjoy these wonderful creatures close by.

  52. Dahling lil coorled up deeeerling. Luf eet!

  53. Trish B. says:

    “You lookin’ at my ‘tocks, buddy?”

  54. he is laying his eggs in the bushes 🙂

  55. Posh Tater says:

    I am LOVING the cartoon about thinning herds – thank you Tine Rhea, for the biggest laugh of the day, I can guarantee it!!!

    That is THE most adorable picture of a fawn ever. How big are those liquid chocolate eyes? Huh? HOW BIG??!?!!

    Floomf. (Sound of deflating viewer…)

  56. Hey Musicchick2! We live in rural Ohio, and we get all kinds of animals in our yard, including deer babies. Yesterday a groundhog dewd was hanging out underneath my kitchen window, so I called out to him, whaddya doin? And he just looks up at me like oh yea, hiya neighbor jus checkin out yer grass fer sum snacks and keeps on chewin. Looks like you will have to take a field trip to the country!

  57. my cat is a sphere says:

    Total redonk!

  58. darkshines says:

    *gasp* A….BAMBI! 😀

  59. i feel that i must kiss every last one of his ‘tock spots!