I want a juicebox


Ken I have a juicebox? [Purrr]


Grape, please? [pouts]


Sender-inner Caroline M. says it’s Big Cat Week over at the BBC. Check it!

P.S. Diggin’ the guyliner.



  1. claire says:

    BBC sez he didn’t survive… so sad.

  2. Tracyflick says:

    OH MY GAH.

    Claire! Noo….

    It is related to the kitteh below? Fluffy faces family.

  3. yeah… cheetahs have a hard lot in life. This li’l dude’s doing OK, though:

  4. zosterops says:

    he looks so much just like a kid.
    sad he didn’t live.

  5. Yeah, Toto didn’t make it – it was very sad, going through the whole week watching him being so cute, then on the last day to find out he’d died :””(
    Great series though: the guy who did the filming of the cheetahs has a GREAT moustache!

  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/programmes/tv/bcd/wallpaper/

    you can get the cute kits as your wallpaper…(they also have screensavers and other cute animals too!)

  7. My cat did that snuggle this morning when begging for his kitty chow. He pouted pretty similarly, too.

  8. OH



  9. OH



    Fluffhead Mcpoutersons??? How cute, how cute.

  10. Eastie says:

    That first picture is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. Incredibly sad he didn’t survive. 😦

  11. Sad story.

    What a darling though! Love the pouty face!

    Moooom! I’m hungry!

  12. Hang on, gang! We don’t know for “sure” that he died, do we? Huh??? They just couldn’t see any sign of him with his mum… Isn’t there just the chance, the CO kinda chance, that he’s been rescued by a big jolly something and will be returned to his mummy once the cameras are gone???? Huh??? Isn’t there??? Just a smidgen of a chance???? Pleeeeeeeeeze?

  13. I agree, he is still pouting.. somewhere out of cam-range being shy.. 🙂

  14. I just hope Mom gave Toto the juice box.

  15. This is cute AND sad. =(

  16. Sometimes it is nice to come to sites like this and just see the cute, sweet side of life. But in another way, it makes the real struggle for life seem more harsh.

  17. gloom raider says:

    I was about to say that if you could just get them to stay that size, I’d totally want one.

    Then I realized I can barely catch the pets I have NOW.

  18. Holycheesemonkydoodles!!! *Esplodes*

  19. cute but sad doesn’t even cut it.

    now I’m in a funk

  20. Toto is dead. why even post the link? this ruined my day

  21. oh poor toto! and just this weekend i kept talking about cheetahs.

    it’s not easy for cheetahs – ever seen the kids’ movie “duma”?

    they’re really endangered. maybe today’s the day to contribute some cash in honor of toto: http://www.cheetah.org/

  22. It’s the ciiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiife! He was quite the cutie though.

  23. I’m sure he died because he was not eating a pure vegetarian diet. It is so easy now y’know. Juice boxes indeed.

  24. He’s a cheetah…should he be wanting a Cheeto?

  25. pinfeathers and poppycock says:

    good grief. i don’t care about the dadblamed circle of life. i don’t want to think about a dead toto being somebody else’s meal. or that if he had lived then something a little higher up on the food chain would have to die. can’t you just post cute pics. if you can’t say something nice don’t say nuthin at all.

  26. I looked at the BBC web site and cannot find anywhere that says he’s MIA. Did I miss something?

  27. She _did_ post cute pics. You don’t have to come read the comments 🙂

    This li’l guy was perfectly anerable!

  28. (The caption to the 10th picture on the link that Meg included in the post, Bev B.)

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    My hubby and I are taking a trip to South Africa this September (as long as the #$@*&%$ US Navy doesn’t mess with his leave!). YAY! I hope we see some real live born-free cheetahs and lions (but no tigers in Africa-sad) and lots of other gorgeous animals. I plan on taking rolls and rolls of pictures so I hopefully can send them to Meg. September is beginning of Spring down there so I’m hoping for lots of babies as prosh as this one!

  30. claire says:

    Bev – it is on page 10 of this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/programmes/tv/bcd/slideshows/cheetahs/toto.shtml

    where it states Toto is assumed not to have survived.

    I hope he is in a place with lots of grape juice.

  31. Darn. I was hoping I found updated info, but for some reason I only went to #9. Sigh. Nobody gets out alive, though, it’s the way it goes.

  32. i don’t want to know if he died or not. i just want to enjoy the cuteness.

    soooo cute. cheetah moms are such good moms.

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    So sad he didn’t make it.
    Mamma and babeh looked so precious together, and that little face! I hope there’s a heaven for animals.

  34. Mary the other one says:

    OF course there’s a “heaven for animals”.

    Otherwise, it wouldn’t be heaven.

  35. Beautiful beautiful baby! But of course I believe that ALL bebeh animals (and peoples too) are beautiful. We’re just blessed to experience some longer than others. His little life did not go unnoticed. And for that I am grateful.

  36. lesley says:

    yea.. my day too is ruined by the fact the baby toto was eaten by god knows what. nature is mean 😦

  37. Michelle says:

    Mary, I saw the movie Duma. It’s a fantastic family kind of movie. I highly recommend it.

  38. Nik in Raleigh says:

    Martha in W – I’m from S. Africa and was there last Sept. Good luck with the big cat sightings. I came back to the States with about 350 pics.

    Cute pics (I’ll pretend I don’t know the story or it’s sad ending). Concentrating on the cute lil’ cheetah-bebe.

  39. Well this has totally bummed me out…did we really have to know the little guy didn’t make it??? I know it’s reality and all, but isn’t this site supposed to make your day better?!

  40. Awwww, did you guys have to remind me of Toto…? Saw this ages ago here in the UK and he was the cutest thing ever with typical Cheetah sticky up fuzzy hair…

  41. omg thats so horrible 😦
    poor poor kittie
    he had the most cutestest leetl face evarr

    …i’ve looked like that before though. the whole “mum i want some juuuuiiiiccceeeee.
    yeah its classic…

  42. Love it. 🙂 Love those black facial markings that make them look like they’re crying. 🙂

  43. what a cutie! so sad he did not make it : (

  44. Cheetahs do have it really rough. They either have to work overtime to keep other predators from stealing their kill or just give up the kill altogether. At the same time they are totally exhausted from the hunt 😦

  45. I agree with musicchick2. At least we got to share somewhat in his short life and if his fate prompts us to help the cheetah projects, maybe his loss wasn’t in vain? His life had meaning.

  46. ARRgh! Toto! There I was, basking in the cuteness, when I got to the end of the story. (Bawls) Sometimes I hate nature. Darn! Just when you’re feeling great and cooing over BABY LEOPARD CUTENESS you suddenly read that. Gaah! 😦

    P.s.-Duma is an amazing movie. It has a happy ending!!! *sniff*

  47. Wah.

  48. As long as we remember his sweet pouty face he’ll be forever young 🙂

    I also found this cool quote online:

    “Few religions are definite about the size of Heaven, but on the planet Earth the Book of Revelation (ch. XXI, v.16) gives it as a cube 12,000 furlongs on a side. This is somewhat less than 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic feet. Even allowing that the Heavenly Host and other essential services take up at least two thirds of this space, this leaves about one million cubic feet of space for each human occupant … This is such a generous amount of space that it suggests that room has also been provided for some alien races or — a happy thought — that pets are allowed”

  49. Yes! I feel better now. Let’s all donate to some cheetah project. Help me find some!

  50. ARGH! Don’t let me see that sweet little kissable face and then tell me he dies. Just don’t.

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    Adorable fuzz face. I would have preferred not learning about his death. I guess just ignore the comments & concentrate on the Qte.

  52. Awwwwwwwwwww. Squeet little feller. *kees*

  53. Lurker says:

    I adore CO, but rarely post comments. The Cuteness is usually enough for me. 🙂

    But little Toto here and his story is so moving (the only thing that stopped me bawling was the fact that I’m at work and not wearing waterproof mascara). Cheetahs are magnificent animals, and their existence is so precarious.

    Thank you Meg, for the sad, but much needed reminder to help save these beautiful creatures.

    As for sweet little Toto, of course he’ll be in heaven. How could he not?!

  54. i wish i hadn’t seen this.

    dead kitties are too sad.
    he has such a sweetie little face, too.

    i come here to get cheered up, not depressed even more.

    please no more dead cuties.

  55. Martha in Washington says:

    Celebrate Toto’s life, don’t mourn his death.
    Maybe because of his life and these adorable pictures somewhere a very rich and generous person will donate enough money to buy a preserve for other cheetahs. I wish I was rich enough to do it.

  56. Michelle says:


    ::lifts head and notices long mascara-black lashes::

    ::faints again::

  57. toto is dead?!?!? noooooooooooooooooooo
    I watched that programme glued to the set oohing and awwing whenever toto was on!!

    poor ickle toto.

  58. Of course animals go to heaven. God loves animals, he made so many different kinds, and then there was the ark and all that. And does He not notice the fall of each sparrow?

  59. Yai this is great I lubb joo bee-bee aminals

  60. sweetpea says:

    I think Toto had one of the most beautiful little faces I’ve ever seen. I just can’t help totally loving him. I think that his little life is worth celebrating no matter what, and I agree with everyone who said that if this makes us fight for the wellfare of Cheetahs then it’s worth it. I love that sometimes cuteoverload inadvertantly makes us think about important issues and to consider how we feel about them.

  61. Andréa says:

    YAY! Fluff!

  62. SarahP says:

    Cheetahs are my favourite animal, I think. But – gah! – I’ve been singing that Strokes song to myself all day and only just realised why…

  63. http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ConservationAndScience/EndangeredSpecies/Cheetah/

    For those of you in the US, the National Zoo is part of the Cheetah Species Survival Plan. Joining FONZ is a good way to help, or make a direct contribution.

    The pandas get most of the press time at the the National Zoo, but there’s a lot of other good work going at the zoo as well.

    The folks at the San Diego Zoo recommended this org:

  64. Catsquatch says:

    Cheetahs are the most beautiful of big cats IMO.
    If I had a bigger house…..

  65. Looks like a couple of other people already beat me to the punch, but I guess you can never have too many links to:


    If you like cheetahs (and other cute animals) take the time to go to this site and see what you can do to help keep them around.


  66. Humm... says:

    Guess I was right, Meg only looks at her friend’s links.

    I submitted this months ago. So Much for an online community, more like a clique.

  67. I think somebody sounds just a wee bit snotty.

  68. Wow, ‘Humm…’ …Sour grapes, much? Perhaps ‘Caroline M’ sent it in before you, so she didn’t see reason to credit someone obviously cranky and bitter with something adorable?

  69. Toto was absolutely adorable… I felt so sad when I read that he probably died. 😦 Thanks to everyone who posted links to raise awareness about cheetahs!

  70. Ok, what he really looks like is Daniel Striped Tiger! http://museum-go-round.tripod.com/DanielStripedTigerAndMisterRogers.jpg

  71. sweetpea says:

    Eeeeee! Kathy is sooo riht. I thought that too.

  72. Humm... says:

    ‘Snotty’, ‘Sour grapes’, ‘Cranky and bitter’ (p.s. I wasn’t in the submission, I was in awe of Toto) … more like Narked Off, and, as expected attacked by regular posters….

    It was more an observation that there is no point submitting unless you are a regular poster. If you are too busy to spend that much time here you are just wasting your efforts.

    Anyways – So long and thanks for all the fish.

  73. ta

    (oh, and just because it’s possible to *assume* a thing, doesn’t automatically mean it’s true)

    (and maybe it’s not the best idea to try biting something that has more teeth than you do)

  74. Poor Toto. He was adorable and so is his mom. This spurred me to make a donation to cheetah.org. I’m sure Toto thanks cuteoverload for the help.

    When it’s my time to cross over, I hope to see little Toto there. Even if it’s just for a minute so I can pet him at least once.

  75. oaklandcat says:

    maybe in heaven you can pet lionstigerscheetahsleopardsocelots and they won’t keel you!

  76. Jaxotea says:

    I watch big cat diary (from the UK) and thought Toto was by far the cutest cheetah ever glad he got posted for all to see!

    He is now available on DVD at Amazon!


    and book!


    Sorry about the long urls.

  77. lil_cutey says:

    ooooooo that lil face that da cheetah haz on iz so adorable!What a cute lil kitty! Well…….that iz unless he bites!!!!!!