Grab your inhaler—you’re gonna need it

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound]

I give you Jack, the bebe Puggle!

Jack’s all: "I’m hangin’ in there, Peeps! Just like the poster says!"

It's a little ways down.

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound again]

You’ve GOT to be kidding us, Melanie M-L.



  1. Holy fuzz-tocks, Batman!

  2. He’s like a little furry pin-up! *LMAO!*


  3. Pup-tocks in space!! (dangling in space, that is.)

  4. ceejoe says:

    lol, she *had* to have posed him that way.
    toooo funny and kewt!!!

  5. Pug tocks? good lord — how prosh!

  6. Redzilla,

    I shall kees you for that Muppet Show reference!!



  7. Hahaha…I was just taking my inhaler as I opened the page!

  8. China's Mom says:

    Notice the demure crossing of the back legs – OMG, too cute! I swear they think I am asthmatic at work!

  9. metsakins says:

    O M G !!!! wheez

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Aww Ha Ha! Is he posing for puppy centerfold. Legs crossed so adorable.

  11. oh my god! that puppy has the cutest little butt!

  12. Sheesh says:

    Ach! His little butt looks so naked!

  13. Bleu Grl says:

    I Can’t stand it! Meg, You’re outdoing youself with these last posts….starting with the doxies, I’m dyin’ ovah heah!

  14. OMG! I actually gasped audibly when I saw him, before I even had a chance to read about the inhaler!

  15. unbelievably, stheriously cute!!!!

    p.s. but it’s not a puggles. Can’t remember what kind it is… [puts on thinkie cap]

    hi, thinkie.

  16. It’s puppy-porn! Seriously, It looks like an imitation of old pin-ups.

  17. zosterops says:

    Grace — Am so glad not to be the only one who sees puppy porn here… it IS a perfect pin up pose, isnt it??

  18. hrh.squeak says:

    Don’t you realize that the whole pose is slyly calculated to lead you to his *perfectly spread toesies*? PawPadPorn, I tells you!! *nawm*

  19. The curve of the tail cracks me up. The little multicolored paw pads, too. 🙂

  20. Kallisto says:

    Yup, exactly, those spread tosies killed me too.

  21. I barely even noticed his tocks, he looks so concerned…I will tuck heem back into bed and climb in beside and go sleepies…Honk-shu…

  22. imtorf says:

    Wouldn’t this be a trifecta of cuteness?

  23. Boxer maybe?
    Too cute anyway.
    *reaching for inhaler*

  24. Charlotte says:

    Is bebe Jack perhaps a French Bulldog instead of a Pug?

    (Frenchies are the love)

  25. guineapiggin9 says:

    I…THINK…I JUST…DIED!!!!!!!

  26. hannah says:

    im asthmatic,and im a girl.i dont think its cute(ofcorse i am a southern born southern bred tomboy)

  27. Eastie says:

    Puggle = Pug/Beagle mix

    I’d love to have one! So cute!

  28. This is too much. How is it possible to be that cute? Seriously! Someone tell me! Tell me now!


  29. (a la ZZ Top)

    He’s got tocks! He knows how to use them! His tocks rock! You just want to squoosh them!

  30. I. Can’t. Stand. It. Squee!!!

  31. I tried puppy tocks once. I did not inhale.

  32. O



    i. just. died. (after puking rainbows)

  33. ThreeCatNight says:

    Little puggle tush-tocks, and a coy look over his shoulder! Oh, I just want to squeeze them! (Is that so wrong?)

  34. metsakins says:



    Dangling paw, furbrows, but whats the 3rd?

  35. Angela says:


    Jesus CHRIST almighty!

    MEG FROST what ARE you trying to DO TO ME?!?!?

    I usually go to this site after reading the news, because it makes me feel better about the state of the world.

  36. Show your paw pads
    Look helpless

  37. metsakins – Pricess Di eyes?

  38. ceejoe says:

    mimic a human (pin-up girl)
    floppy limbs

  39. wait!

    oh my a quad of teh qte!

    Dangling paw, furbrows, tocks up and Princess Di eyes…

    *dies dead*

  40. metsakins says:

    you’re right then I think its a quadfectra?????

  41. metsakins says:

    O M G

  42. what a cutie butt!

  43. Oh my goodness! I just really wanna cuddle wif him. Now! Right now! Pwease?

  44. It looks like he started to climb down, saw how far down really is, and is considering changing his mind.

  45. Martha says:

    Angela…I read this site so I can PREPARE myself to be able to read the news. lol

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    He’s looking for someone to catch him. I Will! I Will!

  47. Hmmm Cuteness Factor.
    I got Small ear to head ration, shnozzle roll, Tocks, Pawpads up,Furbrow, Looks helpless. and dangleing paws. Yes we have reached maximum cuteness overload. That would be seven cute factors in one picture.

    Glad some one else was seeing pupppy porn besides me. I love the pose.

  48. I never thought I’d say this, but I want to smoosh my face into that puppy’s nether regions.

    Is that so wrong?

  49. gracie, lol. if that’s wrong, i dont wanna be right.

  50. ZOMG puppy butt!!!1!11

  51. I know what that is! It’s a bebeh shar pei (or a shar pei mix at least). Whew! It’s been driving me crazy.

  52. Gaaah! A canine Betty Grable!

  53. Golden says:

    That is certainly a Puggle! Beagle/poodle/uggle! Lord help me.. I can’t STAND IT.. this just took the place of this
    on my desktop wallpaper. I thought this cat would be here forever….

  54. alicia says:

    The puppy is all like “yeah, I know I am a QT pie… even my tocks are cute, see”

  55. AHHHHH – I can’t stand it!

  56. looks like ‘Jackie” to me. adorable!

  57. “don’t u wish ur puppy was cute like me.. don’t u wish ur puppy had tocks like me.. don’t u”

  58. *grabs ventilator* Holy cuddlemonkeys! Too prosh!

  59. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh…my…gods….puggy ‘tocks? This is just getting sillier and sillier!!!

  60. DumBunny says:

    Quick question please, having nothing to do with the very cute puppy.
    I was just given a very skinny found kitten, about 4 months old long-haired siamies-perision mix. any good ideas on how to fatten him up without being unhealth for him. I have kitten chow and a little wet cat food.

  61. Puplet cheesecake

  62. Tock Swirl says:

    see the cute pugalicious tock swirl on the right tock?

    Oh. My.

    Need insulin. . .

  63. ZOMG

  64. Sweet mercy on toast!!!! Look at his eyes. It’s like he is saying ‘You know you want to cuddle with me and feed me some Evo treats!’.

    Yes. Yes I do.

  65. AuntieMame says:

    DumBunny, some friends of mine with a skinny cat are feeding it baby food to fatten it up. It’s higher in calories than cat food, I guess.

  66. PeaceNLuv says:

    OMG!! What a tiny heinie!!! 😀 I just want to snuggle against it! Thats such a Playboy pose! hehe slutty puppy

  67. browngrl says:

    THIS should be illegal. It is just too much.

  68. oh my gooshness! ok, i never really post stuff, but this is like the cutest puppy i have like ever seen! dood!!!…i…must….have…puppy! ! !

  69. DB re: your skinny foundling, just feed a regular amount with maybe a little snack between meals if the kitty is checking the empty bowl and looking hungry … kitten chow is higher-calorie than regular cat chow and has full nutrition. If otherwise healthy, kitty will put on weight once eating regularly! Good luck and good for you!

  70. p.s. this puppy is damn cute and those ‘tocks look squeezably soft.

  71. I WANT!! I WANT!!! Too bad my cats would probably eat him.

  72. fawn lust says:

    instant cuteoverload classic, y/y?

  73. ohmygosh. i gasped sooooo loud! my eyes are watering a little. awawawawawwwwwwwwww. anh!

  74. Hey I’m tireds can someone push da rest of my on this thing, did you see how many times i tried to jump up here!!!!!! geesh human put camera down and help and I love you snorgles too

  75. He’s saying, “Did you look at my bum? Bum-looker.”

  76. Heh…again, a sign I’ve been lurking too much. I was at the store checking out wormers, and saw a flea collar package that I thought said “Controls Fleas and Tocks”.

  77. michellemybelle says:

    This picture of puggle tocks better not be a set-up for one of those Dateline “To Catch a Predator” shows, ’cause this would be quite a haul! We’re all under the spell of the tocks!

  78. And over here is where we keep our mummy, covered with sheets of white linen then wrapped with canvas. Instead of guarding it with sphynxes and icons, we use pugglette tocks.

  79. nora19 says:

    Now that puppy is cuteness I can get behind! (pun intended)

  80. Yitzysmommie says:

    DumBunny – I second the kitten feed. Also you new kitten needs a checkup from a veterinarian pronto. Often these babies have worms as the cause of their skinnyness and that’s easy (and cheap) to treat. Check with your local Humane Society for cheap veterinary care.

    TOCKS! TOCKS! I’m having a tock attock!

  81. okaasan59 says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve wanted to snorgle a puppeh’s buttular area.

  82. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! Teeny tiny puptocks!

    It’s not a Puglet, tho. What is it?

  83. useta hada kitteh says:

    Subhangi, it’s a Cutelet. I’m pretty sure.

    It makes me think of those ads “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, only it’s “I’ve climbed up and I can’t get down!” That first step is scary for a bitty little poochie. (I decided all the good comments about puppy tocks had been used, and completely tocked over, so I went with a different tock, er, take on things.

  84. Pamela says:

    OMG! Wow.. someone needs to make this desktop sized NOW!!!

  85. Andrea|Nash says:

    Kids, I remember how sweet innocence felt … and this baby is totally it … but please don’t trust every guy who likes this little dog as much as you do. If the guy creeps you out, listen to your instincts. I’m not a nuff – I’ve just touched the stove. No need fdor you to hurt yourself too…

  86. anyone talk to me?…i mean…idk anyone, so hi…i’m Mieki…

  87. lil_cutey says:

    ooooooo! he’s sooooooo adorable! I wish I could help him up….I think he’s having a little trouble!

  88. lil_cutey says:

    Hello Mieki!

  89. oaklandcat says:

    He has a tiny white bit on his lower chin! So cute!

    p.s. with this post, Meg displays her mastery of the your/you’re dichotomy *coughgrammarpolicecough*

  90. I think he look like the coppertone kid. Switch the plces between the kid and the dog- the kid has pulled down his pantses so we can see his sweet tanlines.

  91. Posh Tater says:

    Oh. My.

    It’s the Playboy centrefold, look back over the shoulder, innocent but cheeky look!


    Yargle. Thump.

  92. Laurie H says:

    Aww, he’s going to be so embarassed when he grows up! “Mooo-ooommmm! I can’t believe you put that on the Internet!!”

  93. Oh, my God! The ‘tocks!

  94. Hang in there beeeebeee I will go gets a ladder

  95. *coyly* “Kiss it. You know you want to.”

  96. mellamella says:

    ow. it’s almost too painful to look at. so cute it hurts.

  97. klawmama says:

    I usually prefer kitties to doggies, but this picture has got to be the absolute custest ever in the whole world. This site has defined, achieved, and exceeded maximum cute-pacity in one single post! Nothing will ever top this in cuteness!
    If anything ever does top this in cuteness, I don’t want to see it because surely I will have to die after seeing such cuteness. Must…fall…now…puppers…is…too……cute.

  98. Brethil says:

    OMG Vargas puppy!! Luvs the pose, daahlink.

  99. I just luvs the coy way those paws are crossed!!!

  100. LOL, Brethil. No paint on this one, though.

  101. Theresa says:

    Tock-rageous and wrinkle-licious!

  102. Rachel says:

    Puggle-ishus tocks+Teeny paddy-paws of love=Cute Overdose!

  103. anyone else concerned that this puppeh might be underage?

  104. The one thing in my stressful life that I cannot get enough of?

    Meg – thank you thank you thank you! Nursing school is stressful, work is stressful, marriage is stressful… your site is the soothing lotion over the stress lesions on my brain. THANK YOU!

  105. Brethil says:

    Theo – man, now I gotta break out the water colours and paint this, er, puppy! -tewtelly accidental pun there, sheesh. got puppies on the brain!

  106. he’s so dainty! i love it!

  107. i’ve been looking at this photo regularly since it was posted. i can’t get over this puppeh. the tocks are almost like human baby tocks.

    the toes, oh the toes and pawsie pads. good grief. feeling faint again…..

  108. omg- the tocks! the tocks!! ieeeeeee!!!!

  109. ceejoe says:

    like jen, I keep coming back and looking at this photo too,
    (mostly because I’m desperate for a new CO fix. but also because it’s so darn kewt!)
    and I think it’s that sweet little pink spot on the inside thigh that is so anerable!!

  110. 115 comments and no commentroversy?

    Jack for the WIN! Go puppy! Go puppy!

  111. Golden says:

    Not only 115 posts and no commentroversy, I am posting twice! That’s how damn cute this is.
    Oh.. and
    klawmama: I speak from experience, I once posted something akin to what you said here, ‘nothing could evar be as cute as THIS’, on another picture.. just wait.. something will come along and you will not BELIEVE that it could possibly be cuter, but it is. Meg keeps raising the bar. I am pwned by the qte.

  112. Hey Peeps —
    Looks like Meg and the San Fran Crew have been swamped today… hence the lack of 5/9/07 updates (so far).

    If there isn’t an update by this evening, I’ll see what I can come up with, in the meantime. The current CatCave kittens are at utterly peak cuteness levels right now, just to warn you…

  113. furbabies says:

    Would lurve to nawm on the teensy tinesy toesies. Yumm-o!

  114. ceejoe says:

    Theo – the place where I’m working right now has a web filter that blocks “message boards and clubs.” Which means all vox sites, for one. :o(
    It is just keeeeling me that I can no longer see your babehs!!
    Thank the Cute it has not caught onto CO yet…

  115. ceejoe says:

    For you peeps – here’s a pic of my anerable guinea piggehs…
    while we wait for new Qte!

  116. Cheeky Kitten says:

    Look at that lil heinie.

  117. ceejoe says:

    sorry – typed that wrong:

    [added the “http” part – Ed.]

  118. Wasn’t going to comment, but: hi, Jaypo!

    (adorably fuzzy soft puppers, too)

  119. Caroline says:

    The puppy is cute, but I have seen him about 15 times today. Which is the number of times I have checked in to see if there have been any new posts today. I need it! I NEEEEEEED ITTTT!!!!

  120. ceejoe I lurve your piggehs and your kittehs. The sleeping chains are a riot!

  121. What cool piggehs ceejoe! They are like yin and yang or something. What did you name them?

  122. What cool piggehs ceejoe! They are like yin and yang or something. What did you name them?

  123. ceejoe says:

    [blushing like a proud mama]
    thanks for the comments on my piggehs!
    the short hair guy is Tariq, which is a Sanskrit name that means Morning Star. And the medium haired guy is Tedros, which is an African name that means Gift of God.

    (and thanks, Theo!)

  124. Brethil says:

    ceejoe – lurrve how your boys just look like they’s chilling in the hood, checking out the piglettes… “hey, how YOU doin…” 😉

  125. Anne- eeeewww. Stress lesions….

  126. hrh.squeak says:

    ceejoe – Yes. Yes, they are the cutest guinea piggies evar. Tariq is uniq! And Tedros isn’t far behind –

  127. ceejoe says:

    New posts at Stuff on my Cat!!!

    (can you tell it’s a slow day at work for me? :o)

  128. “Tedros” means Gift of God, eh? So does “Theodore” (in Greek).

  129. Michelle says:


    am I the only other one that thought that? Too much TV? Nah!

    *He’s saying, “Did you look at my bum? Bum-looker.*

  130. “pyrit” means, Gift of Gold, eh, in Latin, yeah.

    And furthermore, I would like to use Jack the pugglette himself, as my inhaler.

  131. metsakins says:

    thanx ceejoe love the kittie kouch —want to sleep on it with them

  132. can someone tell me what the CatCave kittens are that Theo refers to and where can i see them!

  133. Liz —
    The posts are in reverse-chronological order, so they get older as you scroll down.

    You can start with this one…

  134. His little feets are opens!

  135. warrior rabbit says:

    Here’s a cat that actually *does* use an inhaler:

    And I mentioned this in another thread elsewhere, but it bears repeating (mostly ’cause the thread was sort of dead):

    Cat that rides the bus:

    Oh, and cats that go on walks is cute, too:

  136. dr.lowem says:

    what a sexy & adorable pugster pose!

  137. Posh Tater says:

    “And furthermore, I would like to use Jack the pugglette himself, as my inhaler.”

    I am still giggling at this, ten minutes after reading it.

    Shouldn’t even BE here, should be packing the last stuff for The Great House Move which starts tomorrow at 7am.

    Argh. Quick! More cute stuff…..

  138. Teresa :o) says:


  139. fluidstatic says:

    the tocks. they make me weep with cute-ificated glee.

  140. halbedel says:

    aw, this little guy makes my day… so heart-warming. I want one.

  141. Anyone good at drawing cartoons? I have a good story line idea about how puggle tocks save the world, but I can’t draw worth a darn! I could just write it up as a story, but it would be cuter if illustrated…

  142. metsakins says:

    I think the doors summed it up…

    He has – twentieth century tocks
    He has – twentieth century tocks
    No tears, no fears
    No ruined years, no clocks
    He has twentieth century tocks, oh yeah

  143. coy-sexy-cute-puppy???!!!??? my brain is overloaded!!!!! this image teeters on the edge of puppy porn. it’s wrong, right?
    must look away.

  144. puggles are cool!