I kneeead you

I lof kneadingks.

Check out this lil’ guy, making his ‘pillow’ more comfertuhbuls…


Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, sender-inner Meg

// UPDATE — this clip is from video-logger Kazzart.  Check out her YouTube page. – T. //



  1. purr! I lof kneadingks as much as I love you guys for offering them!

  2. SeaBreeze says:

    This is so cute!!!!! =)

    … and i won’t be too much of a wet-rag remembering a vet saying how kittens that knead like this were taken away from their mum too young… maybe mum’s nearby and we just can’t see her in this vid.

  3. SB, I had a cat who lived with his mommy till he was nearly 6 months old, and he was quite the kneader his whole life.

    Some kitties just like the kneadingks!

  4. “Care for zee cumpeemeantairee mazzage, yes?”
    This is too cute!

  5. You can´t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you just might find, you get what you knead….

  6. Andrea|Nash says:

    This is a market – not a nice place. It bothers me. I’ve watched it three times, and it still bothers me. The kittens are doing what they must do to relieve the stress of captivity; and we are laughing at them. Just as people laughed at dwarfs a couple of centuries ago. Not nice – not nice at all.

  7. thedistractor says:

    This reminds me of Black Books when Bernard’s friend is bribing him with a shiatsu machine. Anyone? No?

  8. A friend in knead is a friend indeed (help, can´t stop…)

  9. Andrea|Nash says:

    Oh god… I guess I’m not the sensitvity goddess I thought I was. I’ve been told I should say “little people”. I think I should just say, “what a stupid thing to say – I know better – shame on me” – I am truly sorry.

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    Is animal kneading/massage a category yet? ^_^

  11. acelightning says:

    Far be it from me to be a Nuff, but the pet-shop environment there *is* rather dismaying. Andrea|Nash, we’re not laughing at the kitten kneading his (or her) cage-mate there, or at least I’m not. I wish I could take both (all!) of them home and cuddle and spoil and play with them so they don’t feel so starved for affection. (But cats do that anyway, even when they live in a loving home; my 15-year-old cat sits in my lap and kneads my thigh… leaving puncture marks where his claws go right through my pants…)

  12. Kricket says:

    I love how at the end the other kitten is all, “Git orf!” 😀 Once in a while my cat will do this… but he prefers to use my face. Ow.

    Also, thedistractor is my new favorite person for referencing Black Books. Doubly so for referencing one of my favorite episodes.

  13. I have a mother/daughter pair that are still together and they both luff the kneadings. It’s just one of those things, I think.

  14. eikoleigh says:

    That’s is so funny. Esp with the English narrative…

  15. thedistractor says:

    Kricket– That’s my favorite episode.

  16. I want that cat to give me massages!

  17. Fun fact: the “kneading” behavior of cats is left over from early kittenhood, when the babies would massage mommy’s nipples to get the milk to flow.

    So this little kitty is actually thinking “There should be food coming out of here…”

  18. Super Cute!

    (Cats knead just like purring. It does not necessarily mean they were taken away too young, or they are stressed. In fact, it is usually a sign of contentment. Sheesh people!)

  19. Joakim says:

    x3 I luff getting kneaded by my cat swell :3

  20. Allison says:

    I love how the kitten being massaged is all “wtf?”

  21. Claire says:

    I have to agree that kneading is a sign of contentment in kitties. The way you can tell that my little boys are really happy is when they lie on their back while I pet them, flexing their paws open and closed in the air.

  22. Ev’RYbody kneads SOMEbody sometime… (can you tell even in plain text that I shouldn’t quit my day job? 🙂 )

  23. Simonsmom says:

    Hey, peeps, check out the clip of the cat massaging the puppy, just to the right of this one. Turn up the audio — that’s the best part!

  24. marsheeeee says:

    My big guy Owen likes to knead my stomach while I’m sitting watching TV. He then plops down in my lap to get some loving from me. I’ve learned to keep a towel nearby; when I see him coming I put that over my stomach. The claws don’t penetrate the towel, it gives Owen something cozy to lie down on, and we’re both content. Owen is 7 years old. To my mind, cats are adorable no matter how old they are when they do that. The earnest concentration on his face is priceless.

  25. Lawrence says:

    Yaaaa… kitty making bizkits!!!

  26. Helene says:

    Awwww, he’s making little muffins!

  27. Hee. The masseuse himself seems to be falling asleep while giving the massage!

    I seriously need a kitty massage right NOW.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    The even funnier video just to the right on You Tube is of the kitten making biscuits on the marmie cat – who ends up leeking the kittens heinie!

  29. “I want you to want me,
    I knead you to knead me.”

  30. SeaBreeze and Andrea Nash- all cats knead. They have scent glands in their pawsies that they expel whilst kneading. That’s all it is. It’s just cats. Just about anytime you THINK a cat is being affectionate in some way, they are actually marking territory. And those who are lucky enough to have kittehs in their lives get to reap the benefits.

  31. Theresa says:

    One of my cats never kneads– the other one is the designated kneader. When I’m lying in bed, he’ll go up one leg and down the other. Ouch ouch ouch ouch!

  32. (PROZAC REMIX FOR PYRIT: I’m OK, you’re OK)

  33. That was a Cheap Trick, Theo.

  34. My kitteh climbs on meh side ebery morning and does dis kneadingks. ‘ee lubs eet. He’s almost two years old and only started kneadingks teh peoples a couple months ago. Kittehs are full of surprises!

  35. Noelegy says:

    Shouldn’t that be, “we’re all all right?” 🙂

    Two of my boy kittehs, 6 and 7 years old, knead my hair at night. The younger, a shelter find, was so bad as a kitten that I had to sleep in one of those little-old-lady satin nightcaps to protect myself from teeny sharp kitten claws. I brush my (long) hair out every night, and every morning I wake up with snarls. It’s Aaalll Wooorrrth It, though! 🙂

    I guess that means my hair is my cats’ property. Hmm.

  36. everything about us is our cat’s property…whether we like it or not 🙂

  37. Pyrit — huh, I had no idea. My insurance covers it.

  38. My cat does that to me every night for about 30 minutes if I put the fake fur blankie on top of the comforter. Best way to fall assleep.

  39. Shannon Johnson says:

    My cats do that a lot. I kinda like it when they do that except when they extend their claws

  40. Tracy B. says:

    As others have said, not to be a Nuff, but…what’s so unusual about this? As others have *also* said, cats do this all the time. And yet the narrator acts like it’s a once in a lifetime video moment. ::iz perplexed::

  41. I would assume because it’s, oh, cute and adorable. Heck, I coo and exclaim over anything my own cats do that I see them do daily.

  42. jennifuh says:

    My kitty kneads me all the time, always on the belly. Nice when I have cramps, not so nice after a big meal! I just wish I could teach her to do my shoulders. Ahhh….

  43. That’s not funny, that means that the cat has been taken from its mother too soon! It is a very sad behavior, shame on you for laughing at that! Ignorant. I can’t believe they put kittens on display like that, in my country it’s considered cruel and not allowed.

  44. As many people here have already said, kneading is not 100% a behaviour displayed after being taken from the mother too soon.

    Both my cats knead. Neither was separated from their mother too soon. It’s simply a cat behaviour, done for many reasons.

    So best to educate yourself before calling the rest ignorant.

    (I’m also not a fan of a display like that for commercial purposes, but for all we know it’s a display by a Shelter. The Toronto Humane Society used to use the store windows at The Hudson Bay Company for adoption drives, the cats (it was usually cats) were set up in the store window with the necessities and the extras to entice people to apply to adopt a cat. So it could be a set up at a Pet Smart for an adoption drive or something like that.

  45. TheDistractor – is that the one where Manny models the shiatsu machine as “A prostitute from the future”, or similar? Freakin’ TOP show, that 😀

  46. Awww this reminds of my dearly departed tabby Dylan- he would knead my sister’s head to wake her up in the morning for breakfust! (and 15 lbs of tabby on your head is an excellent alarm clock). I hope he is kneading away in Kitty Heaven.

  47. Cat being massaged:

    “nrgh. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off. get off… I SAID GET OFF. *flounces off*”

  48. Awww this reminds of my dearly departed tabby Dylan- he would knead my sister’s head to wake her up in the morning for breakfust! (and 15 lbs of tabby on your head is an excellent alarm clock). I hope he is kneading away in Kitty Heaven.

  49. Frankie says:

    My youngest cat, Dot(4 years old), who was not taken away from her Mama too soon, gives great “kitty massage” to me (her human Mama). Every time I get under a blanket, Dot will traipse up and down my back, “massaging” as she goes. It’s delightful. Especially because, when she gets tired of it, she plops on the pillow and purrs in my face.
    The most amazing thing is that Dot can hear (and recognize the sound of) a blanket being pulled over me, even if she’s in the next room or asleep. She will wake up and run to the bed to massage me! If I’ve had a hard day, I can just ask and be sure of getting my needed kneading. I don’t know which one of us loves it most…

  50. My putty tat jazzy only kneads on her bed. no where else! it is probably territorial yeah

  51. Oh my … I finally managed to see it with sound. Love the Brit accent!!!

  52. Methinks teh kittehs are lookin for some food too, I can hear the layin down one saying keep going, maybe it will work…

  53. one of the erins says:

    Frankie — I need a cat like that!

  54. Noelegy says:

    Reminds me of the Bread song “I Need You.”

    “Like the flower needs the rain, you know I need (knead) you…”

  55. Tony James–I’m loving that link about the cat who takes the bus. I wonder if the “owner” knows of Kitty’s adventures? Of course, outdoor pets are often fascinated by personal vehicles; I’m just impressed that one would venture a bus.

  56. To the owner of this blog: I don’t really mind you linking my video here, but it would have been nice if you had sent me a message on YouTube ASKING me first rather than using my content without my knowledge and without acknowledging it’s source.

  57. Particularly as this is a site you appear to be trying to make money from with banner ads and traffic.

  58. Hi Kazzart —
    If you’ll note, the only way to play this video is to view it directly from your YouTube page, as you’ve disabled embedding. That’s not a playable Flash window up there, it’s a still pic that links to you. So, in this case, we’re not so much using your content as driving traffic to your page.

    I’ll update the post body with a credit line, using the link you have in your screen name here.

  59. I think that’s adorable.

    My older cat, Miss Kitty, kneads on me occasionally; usually, she’s sitting next to me and kneads on my legs. 😀

    Noel, on the other hand, doesn’t knead very much; if she does, the floor gets it. 🙂