The Master Plan


You re-position the showerhead full blast and I"ll spray soap in their eyes.



Oh, Rebecca S., you’re in for it…



  1. That’s worse than bun disapproval. That’s bun CONSPIRACY.

    Unfortunately, due to cuteness, nobody shall resist this revolution.


  2. …and then I’ll chew up her shoes while you pee on her pillow!

  3. Kallisto says:

    Notice the big bunny hind-foot?

  4. Rabbits really shouldn’t be given baths unless they are severely dirty. Water is often traumatizing, and if too cold, can kill them.

  5. Cricket says:

    these little bunny foo foo’s seem to lurve their bunny bath time!

  6. they are definitely scheming. they do not look overly disapproving, but i’m sure that is just to fool us.

    nawww, actually they look quite content. do wild bunnies take baths, i wonder?

    vewy cute wabbits.

  7. Bunnies in the bath!!! Squee!!!!

  8. *footnote…
    The name of this pic is really “Bonnieandclydeplotting” but I couldn’t resist adding the groaner.

  9. Summers down here often have heat indexes above 100 degrees. When I was little we had bunnehs and would freeze old coke bottles full of water for the buns to lay next to so they didn’t overheat (which they do quite easily). So if it’s warm enough, I don’t see how bathing a bun could be harmful, unless you didn’t dry them thoroughly.

  10. bathing bunny beauties!!!

  11. ezreader says:

    Have not commented in a while but I have been here, still loving it, basking in the Qte and enjoying the wit…thanks Theo, Meg and everyone. Were these hot cross buns?

  12. I love the waves! Even the little bunny waves around them are cute.

  13. LOL ezreader!

  14. i did not know that buns would tolerate the water,
    you would think that these two have done this before!

  15. Floofy bunnies-no-pants! Someone put some pants on those buns!

    Really, Meg, so obscene. Bare buns in bath-tubs…


  16. I’m squeezin’ my eyes shut just lookin’ at this.

  17. Bwahahahahahahaha

    …poor bunnies. Can’t stop laughing though.

  18. As a public service, I went an’ checked on bunny bathing. After reviewing several bunny bathing blurbs which all agree, I submit this info for your edification:

    The buns in this pic are beeyootiful, tho.

  19. Yep, those look like severely stressed out buns – not!The whispering one even has a paw up in classic “I shall groom myself now” mode – something a bun doesn’t do when freaking out.

  20. They don’t look like they’re really having a bath. They’re acting more as if they’ve just encountered a large but shallow puddle on their afternoon jaunt.

  21. onionpencil musashi says:

    yes prolly most buns don’t NEED baths often if properly maintained. however… we dunno why these guys are getting a bath. they’re clearly not being held in the water. a rinse or dip is unlikely to harm them if they are calm. if too warm they may even need it. rabbits are somewhat prone to overheating as i recall. you need to watch chilling and aspiration of course but this is true of all small critters and even many large ones (including ppls) and yes regular poopcrete prolly means the vet should be involved but let’s face it we all get tummy trouble sometimes, and if we had fur we’d prolly hafta watch for poopcrete. so yes, DO know what you are doing before you bath them, but just be sensible. i agree that possibly ignorant folks need to know not to fling their pets into water (god help us.. they prolly don’t read the comments anyway tho we can hope) but since we dunno what the story is, for all we know the wabbits hopped in a shallow basin on their own. i’m prone to nuffing too but i do try to remember not to be insulting to the poster when i dunno what the whole story is. eNUFF from me i guess lol

  22. These lil’ guys might have messy bums – if so, here’s the lowdown on how to clean ’em up (no full baths, please!):

    ( )
    ” ”

  23. OK, look – they don’t *need* to be bathed, and buns can become stressed by bathing to the point of heaving heart attacks – and dying. It does happen.

    But these lil’ guys are teh Qte, fer shure.

  24. AliceTanzer says:

    Did anyone think that maybe they are training for the bunny olympics!? 😮
    They’re practicing their bun-stroke! 😮

  25. R. Moore says:

    I’m going to tell my paranoid friend her rabbit is planning this now. Mua ha ha.

  26. Oh, I forgot about the bun olympics! That was hilarious!

  27. thedistractor says:

    Theo- I happen to enjoy a good groaning.

    …wait, that didn’t come out quite right.

  28. thedistractor: came out perfectly 😉

  29. Weird. I wash my buns every day *cough

  30. Starry says:

    I have bathed my bunny once when he had a skin condition and I had to use medicated shampoo. He loved it!!
    He started cleaning his ears and pottered about in the water for ages, he could have got out if he wanted to (and he’s not the kind of bunny to put up with anything he doesn’t like) but he really was enjoying it.

    Looked pretty cute too

    I wouldn’t do it again unless I had to though. Bunnies clean themselves and I don’t like the idea of washing off all their natural oils

  31. Spleesh Splayshe *Splode*

  32. onionpencil musashi says:

    ok i can’t seem to shut up today.. while most nuffs are generally only concerned with the animal’s welfare, let’s do try to remember most of the posters here are also animal lovers and do have reasonable IQs. few sane ppl will bathe an unwilling pet many times just for the fun of it. there are better ways to get scratched and bitten >XD

  33. hehe, “poopcrete”… what a funny word, love it!

  34. Holy Cuteness! I am *lovin* your blog… (:

  35. I had to bathe my bunny once because he spilled a whole glass of orange juice on himself. He didn’t freak out, but he sure didn’t enjoy it. Another bun had a squishy bottom that needed cleaning and he didn’t mind.

  36. My rabbit was fascinated with water when he was a baby…he used to hop up on the edge of the bath whenever he could. When it would get really hot in the summer, I’d put ice cubes and a bit of water in a dish, and he would lie next to it with his ear dipped in the water. Very cute.

  37. Chris B. says:

    My first bunny, SnowFlake a very large white New Zealand, not only loved to take a bath but would go swimming in her own swimming pool during the summer, as long as it was warm enough. She loved the water. As a current owner of nine, yes nine, bunnies mine do get baths when they need it or if they seem it enjoy it. I have two 10 week old ones that even try to swim in their water bowl, as they love to be in water. However it does take a while to get them completely dry but them seem to enjoy the toweling as mush as playing in the water….

  38. See, it’s a before and after shot. The one on the left is BEFORE the shower and the one on the right is AFTER.


  39. I think this is cute picture, i submited picture of my beagle you can see on you think i could be on cute overload ?

  40. Chris B. says:

    I agree with onionpencil musashi. As the slave, oops I mean Owner, to quite a few pets I only bathe them when necessary or if they enjoy it. In fact one of my dogs has not had a bath in almost two years, she has not needed it. Anyone with some common sense, as put earlier, would know better to bath an unwilling animals unless it was an emergency.

  41. oaklandcat says:

    starry, your bun-in-bath pic is ADORABLE.

  42. “Anyone with some common sense, as put earlier, would know better to bath an unwilling animals unless it was an emergency.”

    I wish this worked in practice like it does in theory, but… a lot of people bathe bunnies simply because they see bottles of “bunny shampoo” in pet stores.

  43. snorgler says:

    My bun Pebbles luurved her baths, which were given to remove poopcrete. She’d float around in the sink like a mermaid. And ahe loved being cuddled in a towel after. In fact, except for the occasional tummy rub, these were the only times she didn’t disapprove of the world.

  44. You can lead a bun to water but you can’t make him bink.


    (so it’s really “horticulture” yeah I know it’s Friday and I have teh dumb)

  46. (hands T. a bowl of puddin)

    Here. It’s brain food.

  47. Eww???

  48. Aubrey says:

    Oh, c’mon. Brulee for the brain. Sweets for the cerebellum.

    Oh, well. It’s 6:30P and I’m still at work. What am I doing here?

  49. Suda Nim says:


    Not working, obvy.

  50. Aubrey says:

    Suda, not at all. Long gone, long finished, long forgotten. Time for a frosty Miller Lite and CO.

    But I’m home now – at leisure to enjoy buns bathing their buns.

  51. Aubrey:You can lead a bun to water but you can’t make him bink …

    a slight refinement: You can lead a bun to water but you can’t make him bonk …

    you know, cold water on a member etc …

  52. Hmmm I think bunnies bonk no matter what!

  53. Christine H says:

    The bunnies are so cute…and when you think that they are PLOTTING, they only get cuter!

    (By the way, I’m really happy that we don’t have our email addresses shown in the comments anymore. I’ve never gotten unsolicited emails from C.O. people, but it’s always good to be safe.)

  54. Last time I had to wash my bunnies bottoms, they called their lawyer and got a restraining order to prevent any further water time. Yes, I do work for them 🙂

  55. Reminds me of those pix of you bathing as a tot that you are soooooo embarrassed by when you are about 12 or so and someone decides it is a good idea to share the photo album with your new buddies or squeeze-in-waiting….The buns may have something to say to Rebecca in a couple years ’bout that!

  56. Actually Bebe also gets his bath once a month. Weather is humid and his coat gets a bit funny…he simply lies down on the bath floor while my dad rubs his back. *I should take a pic.*

    On the other hand, 1 of my buns who passed away a long time ago…Momo, she has her own bath tub and she rest her head on 1 edge of the bath tub while my dad scrubbed her back.


  57. I was describing this pic to someone and realized that it is absolutely IMPOSSBLE to say the phrase ¨wet white rabbit¨ correctly. Go ahead, try it. 3 times fast.

  58. kit kat says:

    Question: is it safe to bathe an agitated nuff?

  59. Well they don’t NEED to be bathed… but it’s so much *fun*

  60. Kit Kat, You should only bath them if they have poopcrete on their bottoms. Everyone knows that Nuffs have a very delicate system that could be tramatized by a bath and due to their thick hides they take a long time to dry out after a bath leading to a sever case of the shivers and shakes.

  61. Shannon Johnson says:

    OH NO! Bunnies are taking OVER! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. SeaBreeze says:

    “Ok, you distract them and I’ll pull the drain plug. It is *past* time for us to get outta this tub and back into eating mass quantities of the yummy green stuff!”

  63. Rebecca says:

    The bunnies weren’t traumatized, or dirty, or dying of heat. We do these with some water to help soften their nails so they *aren’t* stressed when we trim them.

    While they don’t love baths, they don’t hate them and usually end up spending most of the time grooming themselves.

    We love our bunnies, and wouldn’t hurt them. If wild bunnies aren’t hurt by water's_rabbit then our little ones definately have no problem with shallow baths.

  64. Well Bunny and clyde sure look like they are having a great time.

  65. Allison S. says:

    Can someone please tell me how to post a photo on cuz my dog is rediculously cute and needs to be SEEN.

  66. Allison S., email it to see the link above on the right side of your screen under the cute caps post where it says got cute and above the tip jar place.

  67. T’know, I think this is the 1st time I’ve ever been referred to as a “Nuff.” Interesting, 😉

    I posted the link to Dana Krempels’ article on baths/rabbits ( ) because it’s well-balanced and has great directions for spot bathing (wet and dry baths). /for more information on rabbit care, check out (the US House Rabbit Society’s site).

    I know people whose rabbits have died from the stress of being bathed – that’s why I’m posting the links to articles on health and care.

    e to the c

  68. a great site for bun health info:

  69. Ask a certain Jimmy Carter about wet Buns. The rabbit kind, get yer mind out of the gutter.

  70. you are right. totally cute. weird to see bunnies in water though…

  71. Erm … do the conspiring bunbuns even KNOW they’re in water? 😛

  72. I *DID* see this and had the exact same reaction, musicch2…LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! especially the drama of the rehab *music swells to a dramatic crescendo* LOL

  73. Hannarrr says:

    Update much? plz kthx.

  74. OMG I love it. That is so awesome. I too especially love the crecendo of the music and the bunny going into the xray machine. THe bunny in the rehab pool swiming like an olympian. This is,,, I am speachless…. Thanks

  75. Christine H says:

    Oh my gosh. That commercial is AWESOME!

  76. stringcheese says:
  77. Hannarr -This is Meg’s site, a personal blog actually, and both she and her caped crusader assistant Theo both have full time REAL jobs and families and such. So sometimes adding a picture of a puppy to the site isn’t the biggest priority in life. If that troubles you there are plenty of other cute sites out there on the interwebs. Why don’t you go have a cheezburger or sumfin while you wait.

  78. Uf! Early on when we had Cinnamon she had some…”digestive issues” which we later learned came from her eating alfalfa pellets–frequent baths were needed to keep her from being a Stanky Bunny.

    I have yet to meet a bunny that approves of bath time. It got ugly.

  79. nutmeg says:

    When I rescued Mickey Blue Eyes, his tummy and bum were completely urine-stained because the other bunny he was living with at the shelter was riciculously messy and refused to use a litter box. It took like three separate baths to get him clean. While I was met by serious bun dissaproval, it’s hard for me to imagine that it would ever cause a bun to go into shock as long as you do it right and have respect for the fact that the bunny doesn’t really understand what’s going on. If you move slowly, use warm water, only wet the areas that need to be wet, and stroke your bunny’s head through the whole thing, I’m sure most bunnies will be fine. These scare tactics of “Your bun will die like the Wicked Witch of the West if you give him a bath” are probably just to deter people from throwing an unsuspecting bun in a cold bucket of water. Hey, I wouldn’t like that much either!

    That being said, every owner knows his or her own bunny. If you start the bath and your bunny flips out, don’t continue. If your bunny plops facefirst in his water bowl, he’d probably enjoy a quick dip! Just pay attention to what your bun is telling you.

  80. pookiepuff says:

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for bunny pictures!!! More bunnies!!! YAY!

  81. *slowly drags self across floor* need….cute….so..deprived……… the bunnies plotted the no-posting!!!!! evil little ruffin raffing mumble jumble……..

  82. nutmeg – I think you did a great job of spot-bathing, and of being very careful to make certain that Mickey Blue Eyes was as comfortable as possible.

    As for what you’re saying are “scare tactics,” that’s *not* where I’m coming from – nor is Dana Krempels, for that matter. Longtime rabbit rescue people (which she is) see really horrible things on a daily basis. Sadly, I know of more than one bunny that’s died from either being bathed or jumping into a pool of water (unsupervised). We humans are weird, and we do a lot of dumb things at times – me, too. And pet supply companies make a hell of a lot of money selling basically useless and/or unhealthy things “for small animals.” (All those “bunny treats” and bad, full-o-junk “fancy” rabbit foods, for example.)

    Anyone interested in rabbit care and health would do well to check out

    And the buns in the tub are very cute. 😉

  83. Article on dry/wet baths for buns with messy butts:

  84. Another Angela says:

    Sorry to nuff that “lucky rabbits foot reattachment” ad, but I hope you folks don’t think it is real. The very good rabbit rescue group Save A Bunny encourages the protest of this ad.
    Having been the caretaker of an elderly disabled rabbit, I can assure you that reattachment operations are not an option.

    and e.collison is right, full bathing of a rabbit can be stressful to the point of shock. Many disabled rabbit owners do give “butt baths” though, to clean buns who can’t do it themselves anymore.

  85. Christine H says:

    Oh, I don’t think the reattachment thing is real, I just think the ad is hilarious :).

  86. haha, that insurance ad was hilarious 😛

    as far, i don’t know why so many people fail to understand the meaning of comedy and satire. =/

  87. ¨You knock the nozzle free, and I´ll grabbit!¨

  88. lil_cutey says:

    those bunnies r soooo cute!!!

  89. It’s the sequel to Watership Down.

  90. you guys r silly says:

    e. collison, i know u iz NOT a Nuff!

  91. YGRS – thanks! I needed that.

  92. warrior rabbit says:

    I’ve had indoor bunnies for over 15 years. Bathing is sometimes inevitable, and generally speaking they like it about as much as your dog does (well, my dogs have never liked baths). Make sure they’re dry later, though, and it’s no harm, no foul.

    I’d also like to point out that the House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit (by the House Rabbit Society founder) talks about how some bunnies like to go for swims, etc. Water + rabbits can go together just fine.

    Lastly, as a bunny mom, I find the insurance ad hilarious.

  93. The white one is like dewd, dija pee in the pool? I did.

  94. i thought it was bad to get rabbits that wet

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