Grass gets me every time…

People, images of pups in grass get me every time. I swears.

Please check out thees ‘Papillon’ pup Willow…


Bon, Caren B. BON!

Real_papillonP.S. REAL Papillon "Guiseppe" sez: "Wot am I? Chopped lee-vares?" (As sent in by Lindze 😉



  1. Hmmm. it must be the first day of spring! butterfly dogs are everywhere.

  2. And that would be a Bleeen! Hehehe!

  3. The puppy, he glows!

    The puppyfly, he ees anerable!

  4. stupid stupid stupid!

    I turned down a chance to go to a butterfly garden, because I thought it would be boring! Did not know butterflies were so adorable.

  5. ThreeCatNight says:

    Since it’s Guiseppe, I’ll give him an Italian accent:
    “Ey,che fai! Watta you think I am? You dressa me dis way! Me! Che disgrazia!”

  6. haha they better be careful when they cut the grass, I have a miniature schnoodle who has a white belly and when my father cut the grass, she ran outside and when she was done she was green!

  7. If you disregard the rest of the body, the head looks so much like a ‘ittle teency border collie!

  8. makiono says:

    gah!!! that first puppy is so fresh-grass-baroolicious!!! *melts*
    and that doggiefly is too cute! XD
    …time to find a butterfly suit for my cat
    *snicker* X3

  9. Makiono, you can get your cat into a butterfly suit? Mine would turn my arms into shreds. Not to mention the looks of Kitty disapproval.

  10. oooh, I want a puppyfly!

    😀 he looks as if he just sighs and humors his owner…

  11. ceejoe says:

    I love pupeeez!
    and I love doggehs that will let their silly owners dress them up. They are so sweet and patient!

    I’m volunteering tomorrow at a 30-hour adopt-a-thon for the county animal shelter.
    pupeez and kittehs all day long!
    eet will be ‘eaven!

  12. Dustbuffalo says:

    Awwwww! Willow has a beauty mark! She’ll grow up to be a hot, sassy model!

  13. beautiful, vivid colors! i can smell the grass and puppeh breath from here! sigh.


    I want to snorgle him.

  15. The pic of Willow looks like it could be in a 2008 Puppies calendar.

  16. Sam Handwich says:

    PUPPILLON!!! Not “‘Papillon” pup”!!! How could you miss that one?

    I’m not mad at you, Meg, Just disappointed. So very disappointed. 😉

  17. “Sam Handwich” is an AWESOME screen name for CO. Here’s a ham handwich, Sam…
    (oh, and I fixed the “pupillon” label too)

  18. Are such dogs attracted to grass? If so, I shall plant grass gardens to call in the butterfly dog and equally as cute butterfly dog larve!

  19. candice says:

    i recently discovered this site, and i am sufficiently obsessed. ive had a couple bumpy weeks, and every time i come to this site, i’m able to forget everything for a little while and just melt away in the cuteness! i am just so grateful for what you do.

  20. I wanna gentle hold on that puppy’s tail to straighten it out. Just to see it curl up again.

  21. weensicka says:

    Ahh…le papillon; they are the cutest. I had not seen pup before now.

    Does anyone remember the Pap that one the Westminster (I think) a few years back? It was the most amazing thing. He was all, “Yeah, I’m awesome. Cuteness? I OWN it.” The little guy actually fit in the trophy cup. Ahn!

  22. Persephone says:

    of COURSE peeps remember that li’l guy! He was the first show dog I’ve ever seen who really seemed to think it was a big deal that he won.

  23. AH! This pups looks a lot like mine when she was a baby!

  24. BeeCee says:

    oooo, willow has a lil cindy crawford mole on his (her?) muzzlepuff…or is that molepuff?


  25. R. Moore says:

    Wow. I want a papillion puppy–I mean Pupillon–even more.

  26. Willow is muy adorables! I like thees pic of her best of alls:

  27. Awww, black & white pupster looks like my childhood doggy, Mitsy. I still miss her all these years later.

  28. Michelle says:

    Awww! Burrrflies!

    Guiseppe looks a bit like Rufus, and I thought for a moment I was gonna get my long-overdue Roofie fix. <3

  29. Guiseppe is the sweetest looking burrfly evarrr!!

  30. fish eye no miko says:

    I know I’m late replying, but, man, that’s a pretty doggy!

  31. You should see cute picture of my beagle i posted on my blog lol

    Check it out if you get time .

    I adore dogs cute dogs like this one and mine

  32. Gary Fixler says:
  33. LOOOOVE the *pupperfly*! So funny!

  34. Gary F. — is trezyur. YOU CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER!

  35. Good LORDY that’s a cute-ass puppy! Dayam!

  36. Shannon Johnson says:

    Very Nice i love both pictures

  37. weensicka and Persephone:
    I looked it up, and it was in 1999 that Ch. Loteki Supernatural Being, a.k.a. “Kirby” the Papillion, who won B.I.S. at Westminster.
    I also came across the sad news that he passed away this past February, at the ripe old age of 16. 😦

  38. Alyssa F. says:

    You realize, of course, that now we need a Papillon in butterfly wings. Just to make this perfect.

  39. Heeeee! Butterpups and green grass! Spring is here!

  40. fiipinoako24 says:

    that dog on the top is so cute!

  41. Yitzysmommie says:

    Willow is most prosh. Same colors as Yitzy, in canine version.

  42. That must be the cutest puppy ever =)

  43. luckycliff says:

    kinda reminds me of Danny the world’s most famous Lemon Beagle! 🙂

  44. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. adorable. Join me by going to all the pics u like and in ur message rite this 🙂 its cute. By the way wats the breed? Anyway. How do u post cute pics?

    This was

  45. lil_cutey says:

    yea, I totally agree with Milly! How da heck do we post cute pics? Coz I have some great ones! If I find out how I’ll post a pic of my dog and some others 2. So plz help us!!!!!!!!!!