Let’s check in on Moses and Cheeps

Last time we saw Moses and Cheeps, they were trying to find each other in the yard.

Is this photo 110% Pixar or what?

Moses: [unbelievably anerable tongue showing] Where could he be…
Cheeps: HERE I AM! [nips Moses’ ‘tocks]

Look behind you, Moses...

Moses: w00t! Glad I finally found you. Our tree-climbing lesson can begin…
Cheeps: Follow moi!

Oh, for crying out loud, this is redonk



Whomevah in teh Comments suggested a t.v. show called ‘Hamster and Finch" was spot on! Hee! Let’s do it, Hannah W.!



  1. Courtney says:

    This is… I don’t understand… this picture must be from the same place as that Puppy Heaven pic because I can’t believe this was taken on Earth. 🙂

  2. Lunch Lady says:

    I love the 2nd pic. Is Hammy lickin his chops?

  3. Ohh these guys are just way so cute I love it

  4. Regina says:

    He’s sticking his tongue out at the camera…

    “HEY, don’t just take pictures, HELP ME!” 🙂


  5. omg this is too much. yes, they need a show about their adventures!! these two are redonk!! great pics

  6. I theeenk we need a C.O.X.C.U. of the hammie tongue!

  7. Magnolia says:


    I have been talking about these two for days because I was so in lurve with them and now they are back!! I am so hex-cited!

  8. or, if not a show, a series of children’s books would be great! wish i was in publishing.

  9. zeldapie says:


  10. AWWWWWW! i love the tongue!


    And as for Pic #3….well now, i’ve seen it all! =0)

  11. lezlee says:

    If I had a pet hamster and a pet finch, it would never even occur to me to let either one of them outside, let alone both at once. I’m glad it occurred to the submitter, though!

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Are these the same two friends we saw a few days ago?
    What a wonderful interspecies bond.

  13. The tongue – it keels me.

    And yes, the first pic is directly out of Pixar.

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The hamster has such a personality. The little tongue is just sooooo cute.

  15. chunkstyle says:

    Could the Hamster and Finch show be a mismatched cop buddy show?? Pleeeeeease? They could get cats out of trees…or maybe not.

  16. Teeny tiny tongage! I am keeled by the Qte!

  17. vanguard says:

    I thought it was ‘cheeps’ not ‘peeps.’

  18. eikoleigh says:

    These guys are so adorable? And that little tongue….eeeeeeeeeeeee!

  19. How do you get them back in the house???? Yikes.

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey, that was ME!
    I think they could be detectives, solving neighborhood crimes like…

    Who stole all the birdseed?
    Where did the fish in the koi pond go?
    Missing puppy cases?
    It would have to include lots of chase scenes and edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers.

    Heck, I’d watch it. Beats most of what’s on the tube now.

  21. oh – meg/theo – is it “cheeps” or “peeps”?

  22. Eastie says:

    I really hope we keep getting updates from these two. I love them!

  23. Mikeyfur says:

    Can this be real!!! This is fantastic!!!

  24. Cute li’l critters playing in the tall grass, that takes me back to the time my brother
    & I got the bright idea to make a corral for our multitude of baby bun-buns
    in the backyard. We’d be a lyin there enjoying the frolicking, & one of them
    would find a weak spot in our “fence” (household items scrounged for this purpose),
    and soon it was bunny-chasin time. We’d get one back, collapse in exhaustion and out
    another would go. They had a lot of fun making us big folk run around in circles.
    (shh don’t tell ‘em, but we had fun too)
    I think at one point we had all 8 of them leading us on a merry chase at once.
    Good times, good times.

  25. Law & Order – Cute Intent!

    These little guys are the detectives, and the Chicken Police are the enforcers!

    They could have teeny little badges pinned to their teeny little birdseed-proof vests!

    They can start by busting these guys: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/07/debauchery_frid.html

    We’re comin’ after YOU, fuzzypants!

  26. The Guy Over There says:

    I wish I had a lumberjack hamster I could let loose to go on Hamtaro-like adventures with his birdy buddy.

    Rodents and birds… anyone else feeling a bit of that Brian Jacques storytelling going on?

  27. Nicolo – I am so not worthy before you.

  28. Jen — looks like “Cheeps” is the finch’s name. Otherwise…

    [ohh… now I see what you mean. OK, title & name fixed.]

  29. Jorden says:

    Why why WHY must they be so CUTE?????

  30. Moses tongue is stickin out cuz Cheeps is pokin him in the butt-ocks with his pointy lil beak!
    how cute is that!

  31. Jackie says:

    This is soo cute! Look at them with the dandis in the yard. I love it.

  32. Judy B says:

    Who do these cuties belong too and where can we find out more about them?
    I need the background story!!!

    I have one syrian hamster and two zebra finches but I don’t think they could ever be friends like these two seem to be.

  33. OMG!!! I love the adventures!! I need more adventures!! How does Cheeps not escape? I am overwhelmed by the cute and the questions!

  34. Totally awesome. Interspecies snorgling is my favorite category.

  35. That hamster toungue is the best!!!

  36. I’m also wondering what keeps Cheeps from flying away? Other than the knowledge that he would miss his bff, Moses?

    More adventures of Hamster and Finch, please! 🙂

  37. rnwen2750 says:

    Sooo… Can I move into your backyard? XD

  38. In that close-up Moses is all “Um, Cheeeps, are you SURE hammies are supposed to climb trees? Isn’t this high enough?” But Cheeps, looking knowingly off into the distance assures him “High enough? My leetle friend, until you have soars amoung the clouds you can never be high enough.”

  39. Tooooo. Qte.

    HOW do they get them both to come back after the frolickingks?

    I guess that will be answered on the first episode of the show.

  40. fish eye no miko says:

    Nicolo: “They could have teeny little badges pinned to their teeny little birdseed-proof vests!”

    LOL! Oh, lord that is too cute.
    CSI: The Back Yard

  41. I am SO glad a zebra finch made C.O…. I had a pet one that lived to be (I kid you not) nine years old. I got him in 3rd grade and he died my freshman year of college. He was the best pet ever:) I named him Frederick Ferdinand Finch the First. (Give me a break here, I was 8.) They’re great little pets!! So adorable!

  42. Doesn’t anybody else hear the theme song to “CHiPs” now? Pochinello and whats-his-face laughing it up on their awesome rides? Now we just need to ask Ralph from Mouse and the motorcycle for his bike, and git a little side car for CHeePs and they can go bust speeders and then pick up chicks down at the station.

  43. Cutebaby – I’m trying to remembe the CHiPs tune but only come up with ‘Dallas’. Yeah, thanks for THAT earworm.

    Fantastic pics! I want to play, too! But I’ll just wait for the show…

  44. Andrea|Nash says:

    tesstricks – I think interspecies snogling is the best because it brings us all closer together – no matter how different we are, we share the same feelings – it’s just the communicating that’s tough – thanks, Meg, for giving us a forum…

  45. Andrea|Nash says:

    OK – snorgling…

  46. I hope there’s a safety net under the last picture! ^_^

    As for the first picture .. I <3 dandelions.

  47. how is this possible?!!? they must really love you to not run/fly away…amazing.

  48. yes, I want to know how they get let out in the yard without running away far away, or flying off.

    These are great stories and the sender-in needs to come here and splain things to us.

  49. Threadjack–from the Humane Society.


    Today President Bush signed the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act into law. This is the culmination of an almost six-year campaign by The Humane Society of the United States and our allies to enact meaningful federal penalties for animal fighting.

    The law takes effect immediately. It provides felony penalties for interstate commerce, import and export related to animal fighting activities, including commerce in cockfighting weapons. It will make it much harder for criminals who engage in dogfighting and cockfighting to continue their operations. Each violation of the federal law may bring up to three years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine for perpetrators.

    Woo hoo!!!

  50. Andrea – I think what I like best about the interspecies thing is seeing different animals getting along that I normally think would attack, avoid, or ignore each other. Like cat/dog, gorilla/kitteh, mouse/dog, cat/ferret.. this hamster/finch one is pretty sweet, too. ;D

  51. *blinks* That birdie is real? He looked almost like a prop in the last one.

    That little tongue though, just kills me.

  52. I envy their green grass. My yard is a dust bowl – dang drought.

  53. yeah, my grammer good, what?

  54. Shannon Johnson says:

    So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I agree, Meg, this is Pixar. VINTAGE Pixar. (Thpppp at “Cars”.)

    Lof Moses sticking his tongue out at the camera! And I have to point out that the last photo is simply fabulous.

  56. Andrea|Nash says:

    tess – you are so right – sort of like Muslim/Christian – humans can’t communicate without naming things – but then those things have been labeled – I wonder if animals have “prejudice by scent” – and whether that prejudice is innate or enate…

  57. harrier says:

    I accidoinkly typed in cuteoverlord.com trying to get here today. I think it means something.

  58. matamoros says:

    stupid! to put a hamster on a tree like that.

    if the little guy scampers up the bark, that’s the last the submitter’s ever gonna see of him.

  59. Is he having fun?

  60. ceejoe says:

    omg, they are *adorables*
    I cannot *believe* someone is brave enough to take them outside.
    I am way too protective to let my babies out…
    someone suggested to me that I take my guinea piggies out and let them run around on the cement driveway to wear their toenails down, rather than trimming them, and I was like, Are you **nuts**?

  61. V1ctorya says:

    I can’t beleive no one is singing the Fox and Hound song!

    When you’re the best of friends
    Having so much fun together
    You’re not even aware
    You’re such a funny pair
    You’re the best of friends. . .

  62. Somewhere
    out there
    someone’s saying a prayer…
    that we’ll find one another,
    in that big somewhere out there…

  63. My cutebabydaddy thinks the birdie is a prop. because the head is never turned. I smacked him for harshing the cute.

  64. Amazingly cute! Just, wow.

  65. Helene says:

    I love that tongue in the second pic!

    You know… one who would be thus enclined *might* see something else in that pic… Interspecies “snorgling” indeed… Ahem.

  66. Helene, I totally get it! The tongue might make it even more believable.

  67. Helene says:


  68. Ok, that pic of Moses and his ton-goo is too much! He’s like, “Ehn, ehn, ehhhn!” struggling to get through the tall grass!

    llism – YES! Thanks for the update! It’s about time! Who in their right minds would want to watch animals hurt each other!?!?! For sport, no less?! Damn idiots!

  69. It’s apparent no cats are in the vicinity.

    It’s also apparent these folks have quite a problem with weeds/dandelions.

    This owner should post some live action of these two on Youtube!

  70. The Tongue!!!! Maybe we should have a Tongue/Probosci metacategory above “I shall leeck you”…I mean, why limit the nature of the t/p action?

  71. makes me think of the upcoming “Ratatouille” movie!

  72. I just watched Stewart Little 2. This is so stewart little with the ears and everything. And the Bird action going on.

  73. Matt W says:

    Does Hannah W. know Trevi J?

  74. Matt W says:

    Does Hannah W. know Trevi J?

  75. HAMMY TONGUE! I used to have a hammy that looked like that. Her name was Meemo : ) BirBir lubbs joo little hammy and finch : D

  76. Genevieve says:

    Hamster & The Finch are now my wallpaper (the one of the the little guy sticking his tongue out). So how do they not run/fly away when you let me them outside?

  77. Timothy says:

    Oh my god! How did you get the finch so tamed?! Mine always jump all over the place!