I love the guy bottom right, he’s all: "I am dee-fayns-lays against dee pile!"


Calgon take moi Awaaaaaaaaaaay!

Stephanie F. saw this "Gynormous pile" of hams at a street fair in Paris; "snorgling like crazy" hee!



  1. freetomato says:

    I want to bury my face in there!

  2. That’s just too cute! I love how half of them are in ridiculous positions; and there’s plenty of bread lying around in case someone wakes up for a midnight snack.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    It’s a hammy orgy!

  4. firefinch says:

    There’s ham, and bread, all we need now is some cheese. Swiss would be good. Or maybe Wensleydale.

  5. I’m glad everyone else in my office is at lunch. I’m laughing like a fool over here. 🙂

  6. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Mon dieu, all zis for a piece of baguette! I do weesh some of my fellow ‘amsters would bathe more often, no?”

  7. Oh man. SO CUTE.They look sooo soft and cuddly…

  8. LOL firefinch!

  9. Oh so cute I Love how they made the bread into their nest. And that little guy on the right is belly up getting some air conditioning. Eet is too hot for moi, Mon ami!

  10. Matthew Robinson says:

    Reminds me of my old ham hams.

    R.I.P. Snuggles I & II

  11. KLMNOP says:

    I actually find this creepy and disturbing. Like a squirming pile of nasty rats. Eww.

    They probably eat them!

  13. Awww, KLMNOP, they’re not squirming; they’re just snorgling amidst the honk-shus.

  14. cripe, this is like general admission to a stones concert.

    this is what happens when one tosses a piece of fromage on one side of the cage.

    tres, tres cute. flock o’ hams ici!

  15. shosho says:

    i hope that hammy isn’t dead…

  16. Kritter says:

    Wonder what kind of bread–ham on rye?

    And Liz–yes, they probably do eat them–roasted, whole, pop it in the mouth. Tres bon!

  17. awww I lurve eet. Look at them. Crazy lil guys in a big ole pile of burnt bread.

    I’ll win them all in a game of hoop n toss. Just you wait!

  18. Aaaahhh the redenkulousness.

  19. I was thinking the same thing. I hope it’s not dead either. 😦 otherwise it’s cute as hell!

  20. OMG!!!! This is so hilarious, I don’t know if I can take the cuteness!

  21. this is what happens when your puter freezes up. Teh intranest gets a blockage and teh tubes clog and you have to call geek squad to fix teh ham blocker.
    This is what it looks like on the other end:

  22. Tiffany says:

    For some reason, this picture gives me the creeps. =(

  23. HelloKnitty says:


  24. KaitouJuliet says:

    French hammies! So for once, zee outrageous french accents would be absolument á propos!

  25. *SPLODE*

  26. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is so funny! I wish I were one of the little ham-hams

  27. Pat Trenner says:

    Watch out, peeps! That pile is about to achieve CRITICAL MASS!

  28. indigoreiki says:

    Big cheesey grin 😀
    My first hammie came from a pile just like this in Schweggman’s Giant Supermarket.

  29. God! I love when hams are out for the count with their little buck teefs in the air!

  30. chacha says:

    I love the way they can roll themselves up into such tight little perfect furballz. Hamballz?

  31. darkshines says:

    Don’t like the close up on the dead ham, but the pile is cute!

  32. Wee guy on the right looks a bit…dead- if u don’t mind me saying. Could it be because he’s trapped under a pile of his loving siblings??

  33. on a stick, right Kritter?
    liz 🙂

  34. That dead looking one is just creeping me out. If this was a picture of someone’s own stockpile of ham hams, I’d believe that one was just sleeping. But a lot of pet shops are kinda shady…

  35. Kritter says:

    Yeah, Liz, with a delicious dipping sauce.

  36. Chris B. says:

    Snorgle Snorgle Snorgle. My baby bunnies do the same thing. They a have room to run around in and always end up in one big pile. The hammie on the right isn’t dead, just realllyyy comfortable. My hammie would lay on her back and stick all four feet out. I could never resist poking her in the belly, no matter how may times she bit me for it 🙂

  37. Single Malt says:

    I think his fingers and mouth and nose look too pink for him to be dead. Just sleeping.

  38. Onna stick? Does Mr. Dibbler know?

  39. Janieeeeee says:

    D: Yeah, that one little guy looks kind of… dead. This picture is a little creepy; they remind me of rats like this.

  40. Snorga says:

    It seems like people either love rodents or hate them…I TEWTALLY LURVE THE TEENY LIL HAM-HAMS! SQUEEEEEE!

    Anyway, no way he’s dead. Hammies sleep like that all the time.

  41. LOL! It’s a Hammy Bacchanalia!

  42. Cathy G. says:

    This is like “Kitten Mosh-Pit” posted a few months ago!

  43. it’s a ham tower 😀 VERY CUTE but kinda like a horror movie I saw about rats

  44. CatFreak says:

    On the “rodents — anerable or icky?” question:

    I was once leaving an appointment in an office building right on the edge of the Potomac, on the Virginia side near the Key Bridge.

    My car was parked on the first level of the underground parking lot, by an exit to an alley, right near a dumpster used by a Chinese restaurant.

    Just as I started to pull away, I looked at the dumpster, and noticed that the contents seemed to be … moving, seething, almost. I drove a little closer, and realized that I was looking at a “dogpile” of maybe 200 or 300 *rats*, nestling and piling and playing and cavorting, throwing chow mein noodles in the air, chasing each other, having fun.

    There were entire litters of tiny babies; there were sleekly plump young Mommies and big muscly Daddies and little old grayfurs, all the fattest happiest shiny-furred jolliest looking rats you could ever hope to see (apparently all the oil in that chow mein was *really* good for them.)

    Looking at it, I realized it was like those “wiggle picture” kids’ toys where, you turn it slightly and the picture changes.

    If I looked at it from one perspective, it was the most horrid, filthy, disgusting *RAT PILE* in history, like something out of a horror movie or a nightmare.

    If I looked at it from a slightly different perspective, it was a convention of extremely happy boisterous healthy downright adorable wild animals, playing, eating, grooming, making … er … love, celebrating the bounty of freshly-discarded delicious day-old chow mein.

    They were partying so hard, I half expected a few of them to be playing violins or guitars, or passing out tiny mugs of beer. You could almost hear the singing! ;->

    Same sight, slightly different attitude toward it. I could even “flick” back and forth between Revulsion and Awe (or “Awwwww!)

    So — rats can be *both* icky and anerable. It’s just all in how you look at it.

  45. college_kate says:

    CatFreak, normally anerable animals become icky when they take you by surprise. I had gerbils as a child, but when a mouse ran over my foot in the basement of my building… I jumped. Mice in fields or as pets? Fluffy and cute. Mice under my laundry washer, meaning there are also bugs there? ICK!

    Same problem with neighbor’s lizard, which he did not warn me was ON HIM, prompting me to squeal when his ‘necklace’ ran across his back.

  46. The Crapture says:


  47. Ham one and Ham two cuddle and snooze.
    Ham three and Ham four join on the floor.
    Ham five and Ham six join in the mix.
    Ham seven and Ham eight make the pile great.
    Ham nine and Ham ten snuggle right in.

    They slept in that pile all the long day. snoozing and snorring being quite boring. Until it was time to come out and play and then the ham pile went romping away.