Ello my friennn

Goode marningks.

I get you a frayshe cup of coffee, ahn?

I know how you like eet. [kisses your cheek with mustached face]

I be right back, you stay ‘erre.

'Ello Baybees

My Associate, he will breeng you zuh pastries, ahn?

Zuh Associate

Karen M., nice mooonnnkehs.



  1. Wincey says:

    Loves me the minkies!! Thanks for giving us some primates this week 😀

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    *gasp* EWOK monkees?

  3. In Awwwe says:

    whew…. for a minute there … I thought I was the only one basking in the cuteness of these lil guys … safety in numbers me thinks … Or their cuteness will overload thee brain!

  4. Monkey coffee?!?! Meg. Really.

  5. KarenAnn says:

    Ok, monkeys generally freak me out, but that little guy is adorable! 🙂

  6. uncdevil says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re tamarins. Maybe that’s why you’re not freaked out.

  7. Get a load of the fingernails!!

  8. SarahP says:

    Surely you get coffee from a Capuchin monkey, and not from a … a … errr.. from *this* type of monkey?

  9. nutmeg says:

    I want to be kissed by a mustached face! I WANT TO!

  10. O M G

    *ded from cute*

  11. heidilynn says:

    I’m with you, KarenAnn–monkey’s usually freak me out, too. These guys, though, are cute–maybe it’s the fuzziness of the facial hair or something.

  12. Laurie C says:

    The associate is hilarious.

  13. GuuaaAAAAHHHGH!!
    [eyes bug out, Roger Rabbit style]

    Instant classic. Holy $#!%.

  14. Actually they really don’t look like monkeys. They look like they came from the movie Gremlins. Can anybody say Gizmo!

  15. Theresa says:

    The leetle one is obviously an intern. 😉

  16. OMG! those are the cutest monkeys i’ve ever seen EVER!!!!
    OMG so fricken cute!! my cheeks are sore from smiling!

  17. these monkeys are so bright-eyed and jauntily whiskered that i’m ALMOST not afraid of them!

  18. I am tewtelly in lurve with these little dewds. My research says they’re Emperor Tamarins, which are “characterized by their long moustache and occasional beard. They’re called ‘Emperor’ because when they were discovered (in the early 1900s) their long moustaches resembled the moustache of German Emperor Wilhelm II.”


  19. OMG these are the cutest monkies ever!
    The tiny one has the most “i’m so sweet and I wanna be your FRIEND” face I’ve ever seen!
    Yes, mister Mc Monkeyson, I do wanna be your friend!

  20. I usually can’t stand primates as well (too close to humans), but these guys ……

    they make me “squee!” ;D

  21. shutek says:

    The first one looks like Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol.2

  22. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh I so want to open a coffee shop now, just to give Messrs. Monkehs here gainful employment. Someone’s got to keep them in bananas.

  23. SaraP, I think you’re correct on that but the association was too much to pass up!

  24. scarth says:

    the second one is much cuter

  25. fawn lust says:

    squeeee! what madness is this?! adorable monkeys?! that is absurd.

    omg, these guys are TOO MOISHE.

  26. fawn lust says:

    heh, everyone seems to agree that monkeys are generally scary and not-cute. these two though, i swear, i could totally hug them without freaking out!

  27. lol, he DOES look like Pai Mei! He should stroke his beard and cackle and make the little one eat rice off the table if she’s too tired to use chopsticks.

    Wow, I still can’t get over these two..

  28. How do people get these wonderful pictures, I ask you??? I lurv them! The eyes are so sweet…..especially the little fella! Makes me want ta snorgle!

  29. DumBunny says:

    I get kissed by a mustached face every day, it’s great until they have had something cold to drink, then Brrrrr.

  30. kittymomma333 says:

    *head asplodes*

  31. Lioness says:

    Ahhhh…I wanna tweek the stash!

  32. Cricket says:

    I don’t know… I love monkeys… I think they’re all just cute… especially baby monkeys… And tamarins, oh how I love thee!

    But, I can see the reasoning behind being slightly skittish around the monkeys, they’re ::looks around cautiously:: smart…

  33. Tewtally kewt mustachioed monkehs. Though I’d be afraid they’d poop in my coffee or throw it at me rather than bringing it. Jr. looks like he’s thinking, “Someday. Someday I will have such mustachioed glories as my dad…”

  34. OMG monkeys are totally awesome and very cute! And yes, this is an emperor tamarin, my professor used to study these in the wild. They’re one of a very few primate species to practice polyandry, where each female usually has two male partners who take care of the twin babies while she finds enough food to support her pregnant self. Capuchins are awesome too, I’m going to Costa Rica in three weeks to study white-faced capuchins, and I have 3G worth of memory cards to fill with pictures of them, so I’ll pick the cutest and submit it 🙂

  35. eikoleigh says:

    omg, these are the cutest little monkeys! I love it.

  36. I’m in ur jungle
    makin an x rtd moovy


    our names is earl

  37. OMG! Darling! The older guy kinda reminds me of the Lorax from Seuss.

    Want to pet! Those lil faces make me heart happy.

  38. Sunday96 says:

    Holy crap! That’s almost a Rule 7!

  39. girlnextdoortn says:


  40. Holy crap!!! So, so, so cute!

  41. This has *got* to be one of the cutest…omg…I can’t even muster the words…just…so…cute. Puking rainbows now.

  42. omg too cute. check out the little one’s hands – they’re bigger than his head!

    lol great captions

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    OO la la, oui, monsieur, je voudrais une cafe au lait et sucre. Merci beaucoup. Vous et tres, tres chic, et votre moustache est formidable.

  44. I haven’t been consistent on CO for many months…so I have a question.

    Why are commentors names not linked anymore? Makes it hard to find the one you want to respond to (besides doing a search). I noticed thinkie’s is still linked…

  45. Hee! Give that first feller a beret and he’d be Jamie Hyneman monkey!

    Myth BUSTED!

  46. Jaypo — TypePad recently made the change to showing only TypeKey IDs with live links. Non-TypeKey peeps have their emails hidden now.


  47. warrior rabbit says:

    Generally, I love zee Frawnsh accent, but in this case I think Chinese might have been better. At least for the top guy; he totally looks like some ancient Chinese zen master or something. (It’s the whiskers!) I guess Frawnsh is easier for those of us who grew up on Pepe Le Pew.

  48. Wincey says:

    Yes, tamarins are the cutest monkeys, mostly. New World monkeys are cuter than Old World monkeys mostly, I think, because their faces are flatter and their noses are smaller, so they look more like kitties (maybe?) compared with those big-nosed Old World guys, who look more like US.

  49. Lurkingsmith beat me to it! They are Ewok monkeys! Especially the baby one. The mustacho’d monkey reminds me of a zen master or something.

  50. Sifu monkey and young grasshoppa’!

  51. Eastie says:

    shutek – You’re absolutely right saying that first monkey looks like Pai Mei!

    These are some awesome monkeys.

  52. Amanda says:

    Wow folks – we have old man Monkey Disapproval on top, and sweet Babeh Monkey Approval on the bottom…

    I wanna kiss both der little moufs – that’s about the only mustache I’d ever wanna be kissed by!

  53. AuntieMame says:

    I have to send these pictures to my sister, the total monkey freak!

    I’m thinking the guy on top should be shilling KFC rather than coffee, though.

  54. thanks, teho!

    I love that bebe’s little face! Can’t stop looking at it, it makes me happy!

  55. Marvelous Mustachioed Monkeys! HOORAY!!!

  56. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    I completely luv zee associate’s teenee nosistrils and his smiley mouf. Can I be a foster parent for one of these guys?

  57. Can u believe that lil monkeys like these you can actually keep as pets!? I wanted to get one once but realised I wouldn’t have space for a verrry big cage!

  58. tesstricks (and others who are wary of monkeys) – i’m feeling you about most monkeys being a little to human to be cute in the same way other furry mammals are.

    but i’ve kind of changed my tume since this one time when i was at the zoo, and we were going into the monkey house, and i was all freaked out about the monkeys and the smell and everything, and whining at my husband for making me go in (i realize this may seem odd from someone who voluntarily kisses rats…), when we approached the gorrilla cage, and this female gorilla-child looked looked over and made eye contact with me, and i thought, “oh my god, i have to wipe this ickified expression off my face… i don’t want to make her feel bad!” then she started swinging around and stuff kept looking at us like, “hey, look what i can do!” it was really sweet and i my mood was quite softened. i guess there are really a lot of different kinds of cute.

    oh, and if you want to see a more “conventionally” cute primate, check out the mouse lemur:


  59. Michelle says:

    I love monkeys and I always have. I couldn’t figure it out until I ran across a photo of my dad and me playing with a monkey puppet when I was about 3. So THAT’S where it started. I’m hoping that it ends with the one monkey tattoo though, I can see myself monkeyed from earlobes to toes.

  60. these monkeys bear striking resemblances to my Uncle Burt…

  61. That isnt a monkey, its a Lorax, it speaks for the trees!

  62. Candis says:

    ITS A EWOK!!!

  63. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh, leetle monsieur associate monkey with ze leetle adorable face, how do I love thee? Kiss kiss kiss. Snorgle. Pet pet. Squee. Kiss.

  64. I don’t know why, but the voice that came into my head was more along the lines of Antonio Banderas as the bee in that nasal spray ad. Not French, but Latin-lovah-ish…

  65. El Aww says:

    Look at the hugeosity of the little monkeys hands.

  66. ThreeCatNight says:

    Head Monkey’d: “Bon jour, mes amies. Welcome to Cafe Capuchin. Our specialite du jour is Bananas Flambe, but eet can be a bit – how you say – messy wiz a mustache! He, he! Wait, let me call your waiter. Oh, Jacques, do swing by and take this ordeer!”
    Jacques: “Yes, madame et monsieur. What can I get for you? A mango aperitif, pear-haps, or a hot chocolat before your main deesh. I am at your ser-vees.”

    (These adorable monkeys bring to mind the painting by Henri Rousseau, “The Merry Jesters”. Rousseau was a porter who never really left Paris, but he must have seen the same breed in the Parisian zoo. I’ve always loved those faces; such character!)

  67. That’s so prosh I may just die.

  68. The link in my name goes to a picture of an emperor tamarin with a juvenile in the same picture. Too cute!

  69. BunnyHero13 says:

    EEEEEKKKSSS!!!!!!! Holy monkerel!!! The cuteness maximus….I am overloaded…short-circuits~~

  70. Peeps, you *MUST* click on Mario’s name, you will DIE!!! It’s tewtally rule 7.
    (And I think cutie junior’s giant hands are a wee bit scary.)

  71. Ah, M. Tamarin, [giggle] your moooostache, eet ees teeckling me.

    Okay, is it just me, or does he look a little like Pai Mei in Kill Bill? If he’d just flick his little mustache/beard combe?

  72. Xtineebee says:

    Eeek! Normally, I am not liking the mon-kees at *all* (not as scary as clowns, but so very close). However, if a mustachioed mon-kee brings me coffee, I think I may reconsider.

    But never with the clowns. And a mon-kee dressed as a clown?? *Iz Ded*

  73. zeldapie says:



  74. Mario – way to go! ^5!

    These little guys are sooooo prosh!! I too would be enchanted if they brought me a cafe au lait and a croissant! Je les aime !

  75. snusnu says:

    Go now to Google. Enter in emperor tamarin and hit images. The squees will be deafening.

  76. maymee says:

    I don’t have a pastry monkey.


  77. I haven’t commented in a while but these guys are so so cute OMG PONIES!!@!!

  78. Do they work at Cute Overload HQ? Do they come around with a little cart and snap the linen serviettes and make a little lilting head bow when they pour your “warmer”? Oh, please say they do! Please?

  79. catherine says:

    Loraxes live.

  80. Sabella says:

    The leetle one has teddy-bear like ears! I lurve teddy-bear like ears!

    ..Teddy-bear like ears for everyone!

  81. Yeeees, can I ged a latte and a doughnut wid dat? Skeem meelk pleeze?

  82. Alice Shortcake says:

    These pics make me feel proud to be a primate.

  83. So we was at the zoo, and looking at some monkees, and my observant 8 yr. old notices that a couple of them have paint on them, obviously so the vets know who is on meds or whatever, and he states: that’s what I want to be when I grow up, The Monkee Painter.

  84. LOL I want to be a monkee painter too!

  85. Kat – you shouldn’t keep any monkeys as pets, most of them are severely endangered and should not be taken from the wild for any reason. And it’s not a cage issue, definitely not, because primates become neurotic very quickly when kept in cages. They are not pets, not unless you want to devote the same amount of time and attention to them as you would to a human infant. They are too smart and social to make good pets, and if they get left alone for more than a few hours too often they’ll become extremely destructive.

  86. I want a baby monkeh to bring me my morning sweet! I want to live in a world like that.

  87. Hello, all!

    This is my first post, and I wanted to let you know that I am the one responsible for these photos of the Emperor Tamarin – so glad you likey!

    I love monkeys – especially little tamarins and lemurs.

    Welcome to the cuter side of primates 🙂

  88. I’m not a monkey fan either (I’m especially terrified of langurs) but I don’t mind baby monkeys or small monkeys. These little guys are cute!

  89. i’m not usually that keen on monkeys, but i am just captivated by that guy! he totally looks like he’s talking right to me! i don’t care about the coffee, but i *really* want him to kiss my cheek, kplsthx.

  90. I can’t read those captions without laughing. Seriously. I also can’t help actually reading it out loud.

    PERFECT caption and accent!!!!

  91. GAAAAAH!!! TOO CUTE!!! *melts* Loving the caption too!! ahha!

  92. Heather Bear says:

    This may be the cutest Tamarin EVER! I thought golden lion Tamarins were the bomb, but these Emperor tamarins take the cake! and looks like the cleaned their mustaches after too:)

  93. book_monstercats says:

    I am now about to tour every restaurant and coffee shop IN THE WORLD, until I find these guys and have my coffee and pastries served by them. I am also going to have my e-mail address hidden, because I have not mastered typekey (blushes)

  94. turtled28 says:

    I agree with so many of you, I can’t name you all!
    I had to read zee captions aloud as well! (thank god I’m alone in the office!!) and I Lurve the teddy bear ears! I can’t wait to get home to snorgle my kitty moufs; they will hold me over since I can’t kiss ziss sweet monkee mouf.
    Meg, the captions are brilliant.

  95. my head just esploded into candy!

  96. hey-helen says:

    First, I’m so happy that I can comment here now without my email address being displayed for the world to see.

    Second, Meg, that is the best. caption. EVER.

  97. My daughter watches cartoons incessantly, and one of them had a monkey on there that looked JUST like the older one! I thought it was playing on a moustache theme, not that he actually grew one!
    Love, love, love this site! I use some pics as wallpaper to make my coworkers (mostly male) gag on the absolute sweetness of the photos. Too much fun for meeeeeee!

  98. R. Moore says:

    Heh heh heh. My sister is terrified of monkeys.


  99. momcat says:

    La-dees an’ gentilmens, I beed you welcoome, bienvenu to ze gran’ openeeng of our bran’ new Dayspa extraordinaire –LeChateau Tamarin. I aim pleezed to br at your servais! Allow me to recomaind for les gents our special treatments for les moustaches et beards. For ze loovely la-dees, may I present Mademoiselle Tammy, our manicurist par excellence. While enjoying your beautee treatments, we offaire a loovely selection of fraiche exotic fruits for your plaisir. Zees are personally seelecteed by moi, picked from our beauteeful fruit trees groweeng right heere on ze Dayspa groun’s. Enzhoy your day of pampereeng at LeChateau Tamarin!

  100. Waiter, there ees a 10 inch long wiry white hair in my coffee. What? A keess pour moi? Oh, there’s no problem at all.

  101. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That li’l guy has some serious growing to do to match those hands of his!

  102. Love these little guys, not just for their moustaches (and excellent coffee) but also for their social habits. Here’s what wikipedia says about their mating practices:

    “The Emperor Tamarin lives a polyandrous life, i.e. the mature female mates with all of the males of her harem. All the males, father or not, help with the birth, care, and support the young, carrying them and bringing them to the mother to nurse.”

    As a pregnant woman married to just one man, this sounds pretty sweet.

  103. ok if anyone has read larry niven… doesn’t it look like a motie ??? anyway, it’s adorable!

  104. Genevieve says:

    Brilliant! Brilliant design of a monkey!