Quick, stuff these down your shirt

Don’t THINK about it—just DO IT!

QUICK!!! There isn’t a moment to looooose!

Quick! Stuff us down yer shirt!

Hurry! Hurry, Katie P.!



  1. The eyes! the eyes! And the little wiggling footsies!

  2. nope. Nuthin’ with that many pointies is goin’ down my shirt, no matter HOW cute it is!

  3. SarahP says:

    They look a mite scratchy for shirt-stuffage, but for such cuteness, I’m prepared to take the risk.

  4. No need to think about it. I lurf them. I was *this* close to adopting a kitteh last night, but she was only 5 weeks old and not available yet. Besides my fiance is allergic to kittehs and wouldn’t have been too thrilled had I brought her home. (He “said” she was just ok, but I know he lurfed her too)

  5. Farhibide says:


  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    …and the look in their eyes says “No! Not the shirt! Anything but that!”

    Such sweet bebbehs! ]]]huff[[[

  7. I’ve been waiting for something that cute to stuff down my shirt for a while. And then I shall smuggle them out of the country!

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    TOO LATE – I have snatched them up and they are cuddled (and slightly ouchy) inside my shirt as we speak. I shall pull them out for a quick snorgle now & then at work.
    PS they could be my Yitzy’s twinners (or would that be triplets?)

  9. OMG, OMG! The feets! The feets! and the Eyes!!! and the nosies!!! Oh, to smoosh them…….

  10. SeaBreeze says:

    Suuuuure they’re goin’ down my shirt. These two look more like they got caught red-handed … er… pointy-clawed … doin’ somethin’ uh mischievous … like climbin’ ups my pants! Whiles I was wearin’ ’em, no less! Mreow! =)

  11. i wear big shirts. got more?

  12. Oh noes, kittehs! Stranger Danger! I think you’re about to get kitnapped.

  13. Juniper Jupiter says:


  14. fatkittymomma says:

    HA! Got ’em! *runs away with the kitttehs* MINE MINE MINE…. just adoredable, lurf them

  15. Ouch! Looks like the one on the right already has its claws in!

  16. Theresa says:

    Tuxies rool! All my cats have been tuxies. Just worked out that way.

  17. heidilynn says:

    I grew up in the country, and we had 1 indoor cat, which just wasn’t enough. I’d go and visit neighbors, and chase their half-wild barnyard cats all day. Of course, catching them was always a mixed blessing–the claws!! I remember trying to stash a little kitten–black and white, just like these guys–in the car, but my dad heard it mewing and made me let it out.


    RackGard™ fleshhook resistant over-the-shoulder boulder holders! Designed for indoor nature photographers and crazy cat ladies the world over. Now you can stuff tiny predators down your shirt with confidence and in safety!

    Available now in Kevlar, Spectra and our exclusive Unobtanium™.

    Also try our fire-resistant KamiKimonos™! (If you have to ask, you can’t afford one.)

  19. (and they call us WEIRD)

  20. Laurie C says:

    All the better for a cats ‘n’ racks photo.

  21. Mmmf … can’t … pull … collar…

  22. Theo- Boulder holders? What if you only have a snack rack?
    Then what?

    Redzilla-LOL stranger danger…

    I think wif all the peeps who want these kittehs we are going to have to divvy them up Solomon style. So the ques-chon is, tocks or tops? Which will you choose Weaver?

  23. *stuffed*
    Ok *giggles* now *snort* act *tee-hee* natural!
    Kittens? What *snort* kittens? Cute *whoooheee* black & white twinsies? *giggle* Scrumptious looking pinke noseses & paw pads? *whahaaahaahee* Nope never saw ’em. *whahaaaahahhahahahah*

  24. Claire says:

    cutebaby, I will take the toesies. Num.

  25. OH!!! they have the exact markings of my very 1st pet!!!! Mandy was my grandma’s cat that i got to take when my gran passed.

    Awwwwwwwwwwe! good memories….good memories…sigh….

  26. Actually, CBF, I have no sort of rack at all. 😉

    (well… besides this sort: http://www.squidgrid.com/images/misc/cat_in_rack.jpg )

  27. OMG! Handfuls of delight! With super-mischievous smiley faces, no less!

    I’ll take two, please.

  28. Sally-Anne says:

    Aw, look at dem baby blues!!

  29. Natalie says:

    LOL. The looks on their faces are HILARIOUS.

  30. MamaDawn says:

    Funny you should suggest kits down the neckline… I just had 2 4-week olds in my cleavage (they came by the radio station with the rescue lady)… fun fun fun but now how do I explain the scratches to the mister?

  31. Gimmegimmegimme! AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa*splode*

    MamaD: Don’t ‘splain. Make him wonder…;)

  32. Yikes, I’m on my way to a dr appt 200+ miles away with rain falling and kind of skeerd…then I thought I gotta git may cute on. So I go to the QteO and see this! Guffaw! Much better about it now. Sos I printed the picture out and will take it with me…in my shirt? Don’t think about it, just do it. hehehehe. Thanks! If I put the picutr in me shirt will they turn into real kittehs? Kim

  33. Rachel says:

    This is why we wears cargo pantses – a kitteh fits nicely into the pawkets and the clawses can’t poke thru the fabric.

  34. KarenAnn says:

    Oh my freaking GOD.
    These kittens just made my LIFE!

  35. “Come play with us, Danny.”


  36. ThreeCatNight says:

    Not down my shirt, but I wouldn’t mind grabbing those two beauties and snorgling deeply — one on each shoulder. Ahh! Nothing like the delicious baby- smell of little kittehs early in the morning!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Here’s what you need to carry your kittens in:


  38. Karen in Toronto says:

    Daaaa, dada dada daaa-da, dada dada daaa-da, dada dada DADADADADADA…weez dancin fast as we can, but the music keeps getting faster! We can-can-can’t keep up!

  39. save the kittehs…

    save the rack.

  40. Jessica says:

    Hehehe, sweet kittens. They look very energetic. For lo! They do the Toe Splay of Put Me Down This Instant!

  41. BenPanced says:


  42. Nice rack, Theo.
    And AuntieMame- I’ll take two of him!

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    WOO-EE, AuntieMame, I need to be rescued STAT!

  44. Is it me or do those kittens look really freaked out by the impending “rackage stuffing?”

  45. Nicolletta says:

    The feets. THE FEETS!!! *dies*

  46. They are TOOOOOOO cute!!! OMGPONIES!11!! I would SO stuff these guys under mah shirt and sneak away. Well, if their flailing feetsies didn’t keel me first!

  47. they be bad’asses, i just know it. It’s in their eyes. But i wuv them.

  48. Cara N. says:

    They look a tad uncomfortable.

    No matter. Want ’em just the same. 😉

  49. good old whatshername says:

    jellybean toes! jellybean toes! jellybean toes!

    what flavor are they, I wonder?


    They look exactly like my TK’s brother did.

    (For those not following the TuxKit saga lately, my little cute kitten now weighs 11 pounds! And he’s only 10 months old.)

  51. Snowpea says:

    OOoooooooo ze adorableness… I feel faint…


  52. GOWHN — sadly, probably just *box* flavor.

  53. Jeezuz, Lurk! TK’s almost as big as Mr. Bounce!
    HRT needs to bulk up. Does your local Y offer Kitboxing?

  54. dewd. TK and Mr. Bounce are both lightweights. (well, just Mr. Bounce; TK is still a-growing kitten). Steve weighs 15 pounds. *
    he hasn’t put on any more weight in the last 3 months, so we are hoping he’s finished growing.

    NUFFER NOTE: no, Steve is not fat. is all muscle. he’s just a laaarge fellow

  55. CatFreak says:

    Awww …!! Tuxie-wuxxies!

    They are too cute, especially with the crazy eyes.

    BTW, I posted a few months back about my three-week-old crazy-eyed foundling tuxxy, Xena, and her Nanny, young adult shelter rescue cat, Prudence.

    Xena is now a beautiful strapping eight-month-old — and a total juvenile delinquent! I have had many, many cats during my lifetime, and Xena is, at the same time, the most charming *and* the worst-behaved.

    She gets into everything. Just half an hour ago, she climbed up on the bureau (where she knows she is not supposed to be, and from which she has been consistently and firmly removed from the first day she ever went up there) and upset a large vase full of icky water and bird-of-paradise flowers.

    Thanks, Xeen …

    Just had to investigate, I guess.

    She has gotten into more trouble than all my other cats put together. When I correct her verbally (usually a simple, firm, loud “GET DOWN!”) she talks back (“MrrOOOWrrrrEEP!”) stalks off, waits until my back is turned, and tries the “trick” again.

    She and Prudence are dear friends now, with much leecking and mutual protection, especially since Prudence learned to clout her a good one across the chops now and then. It has put them on a more equal footing. Perhaps I ought to adopt this same technique?

    And Xena has taught sweet biddable generally obedient Prudence how to break into cupboards. Isn’t that sweet? The two of them are also apparently working on developing opposable thumbs, and then they’ll probably start a safe-cracking business together.

    My hands are full with Xena, but … when she lies gently, purring, on my shoulders like a warm vibrating fur collar, as I walk around the house or garden, it’s all worth it.

    She is my first Shoulder Cat.

    What a personality! If Xena were a human teen, I’m sure she’d be a rowdy little Gothette with black lipstick … and a secretly very warm heart.

  56. Catfreak, sounds like she is part siamese. Now mind you, I have had lots of cats some really cool and smart but I have to say my Mom’s Siamese that just came to live with me acts just like your Xena…. And may I say what a perfect name for this Warrior Princess Cat.

  57. I make it a practice to not place sharp pointy animals in my clothes. However, I will most certainly snuggle and play with these kits until they pass out from exhaustion.

  58. CatFreak says:

    Xena doesn’t *look* Siamese — she looks just like *these* two bebehs — but she does have the verbal ability, and defiant aggressive personality alternating with extravagant affection, that I’ve heard Siamese have.

    I sometimes suspect that Tuxxies are a special alien race, slated to inherit the planet after we humans kill ourselves off …

    Oh. Yeah. Xena’s telepathic, too. She can tell when my husband is about to take out the laser pointer (her very favorite chasey-toy) even when he hasn’t yet moved his hand in the direction of his pocket.

    Some friends have suggested that I created her personality by naming her “Xena”, but no … I could tell she had that Royal Attitude from the very first second I picked her up.

  59. KitKat says:

    I’m the “picture taker”. I couldn’t resist commenting on the siamese thing. . .as it’s interesting that you say your Tux acts like a Siamese–

    These two have a sister who’s siamese (I’m taking her home: MINE MINE MINE :-)). My mom’s going to take the little kitten in the pic on the left. I’m anxious to see who’s more of a rebel rouser. Must be one of those genetic things I just really am not intelligent enough to ‘splain? Mom’s all black-Who knows who their daddy(ies) was(were)!


  60. They and/or Xena could very well be part Siamese.

    Regardless of what they are, this is exactly what I would like for my next cat but a grown one. Those pink jelly beans are hard to resist though.

  61. These two are adorable, but those needle sharp kitten claws tend to dissuade me from stuffing them down my shirt.

    I think tux kitties in general are more feisty, at least the ones I know are. My sister used to have one; you could only pet her a few times before she turned around and chomped your hand. Then there’s one who lives in my building (and looks very much like my cat) who I’ve seen asserting her dominance over other neighborhood cats. Then there’s my Julie, who was rather assertive with my parents’ cats when I visited them, even though they weren’t aggressive with her. But they figured out after a while that she was all talk and no show. Besides, they have a good five pounds on her.

  62. CatViccER says:


  63. These little Kittehs faces say it all….T-R-O-U- double B-L-E. Right there in River City.
    Always have, are and will be. Beeewwaaarrrrrreeeee tuxie trouble!!11!

  64. ooooh they look like my Roland when he was a tiny boy 6 years ago when he was found on the side of a highway! He has black tattoos, just on his left side, on his front and back paws. He weighs about 13.5 pounds now.


    ::dissolves in tuxedo cat bliss::

  65. R. Moore says:

    My supervisor where I volunteered as a teen smuggled her pet lizard onto a plane once. Que many bug-eyed teens, mouth agape.

  66. weasel_tea_party says:

    I agree with Aunty-G: trouble. If there’s something going down, it’s going to be these two behind it.

  67. Snorgle Pup says:

    I ustahava black N white kittah named Oreo. She was the sweetest. When my girls were little they would dress her in doll clothes, complete with bonnet. She loved the lovin.

  68. What kind of facial expression is that? ‘I’m being squeezed too tightly?’ ‘I’m permanently shocked by everything I see?’

  69. Look at the footsies! Just look! Want to snorgle those toes.

  70. Shannon Johnson says:

    That is funny. Can i have a kitteh?

  71. Look everyone rare siamese twin kitties. They are connected from the shoulder to the tummy.

  72. These two kitties have been reading too many Sandra Boynton books. Same look:

  73. “Fistful of Kittens”, anyone?

  74. Hand ’em to me. I’ll do it.

  75. oaklandcat says:

    Very interestingk! I also have a tuxie girl who has a split personality. She mrrrhowls like a Siamese and when she was a kitten, she loved to sit on my shoulder. (Alas, she’s too big for that now. But not fat! I swear, nuffers!)

  76. Hehe…CatFreak, what is it with kitties and laser pointers? My ex’s housemate had an airsoft gun with a laser sight on it and his cats used to go nuts chasing the little red dot round the room. It was so funny ^_^

  77. acelightning says:

    I love their facial expressions, especially the one on the right. They look very startled. And disapproving. Itty Bitty Kitties disapprove almost as well as rabbits…

  78. Jill – That is what I was thinking about by beloved Josh (passed away last Dec at age 17). All I thought was, “AAhhhhh, baby Joshes!”

  79. Gotta Love Em says:

    They DO look so disapproving – much as bunnies do. Hilarious. My sister has a fat marmalade with a wicked evil personality. she is so hateful. you just walk by her and she’ll hiss at you. try to pick her up and you’ll draw back a nub. try to pet her and she’ll jerk around fast as lightening and claw you one. sheesh.

  80. ShelleyTambo says:

    These two look a lot like one of my foster babies right now–whom I also think, just from the constant whining, might be part some sort of Oriental breed. Or maybe he’s just got a Napoleon complex (he’s the smallest of the four–and the loudest and the messiest). I THOUGHT he was making good progress on using the litterbox, but this morning he left me a load on the living room carpet just as I was off for work. So glad they’re ready for adoption as of Sunday.

  81. Does someone else have a penchant for random movie quotes? Cuz I think I recognize a line from HOME ALONE there…

  82. Alice Shortcake says:

    Kittylifting? It just doesn’t work. The “heaving bosom” effect gives you away every time.

  83. CatFreak says:

    kk3, sorry to hear about your dear old Josh.

    Our adored Amber, the tortie wonder, was PTS last September, at age 17 1/2. She’d had CRF (kidney failure) for 4 1/2 years, and did quite well until her very last month.

    Kittens are adorable, but a sweet mellow old cat, who just “fits” in all the rhythms of the life of the household, is the best. It really hurts to say goodbye to such a great friend.

    Meg? Can we ever have some pics of sweet old animals, too? A dog or kitty doesn’t *have* to be young to be cute! Some of the oldsters have personality for days … or years.

  84. mjrchapin says:

    Tuxedos are also known as “Jellicles” as in Cats by TS Eliot. He described them perfectly (and they’re the opening song”– “black and white…rather small…merry and bright” etc,
    It’s worth reading/listening to

  85. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Moxie, my tux boy, approves of these kittens. So do I. *stuffs ’em down shirt, walks away stifling small noises of pain*

  86. These are just way, Way, WAY too cute. Even their kitten eyes look squirmy.

  87. rubber duck says:

    omg lol these two should be in mycathatesyou.com! Such a MISCHIEVOUS look they have! 😀

  88. aww aww aww

  89. aww… look at their eyes.. sooo cute!! and it looks like they’re smiling a little… even cuter!

  90. kitteh on the right: you should do it.
    Kitteh on the left :you can totally trust him